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09-11-2004, 05:48 PM
College, Some people say that the day you start is the first day of the rest of your life. But if more work, less free time, and douche bag old teachers is what the first day of the rest of my life is going to be, then I say: ‘’Why can’t it be the fourth? I turn 18 go bunji jumping and the college starts, ok?’’ Nah. Maybe that is not a good example but I would like some other way than to spend the first day of the rest of my life, having some nut bag with a cane stand over me and make me read pages 28-56 in my english book, and answer all the questions.
In short terms, I was not really amped at school start. Besides seeing all my friends who have been to Greece, China, Italy, Spain, England and the moon is not really fun the first two to three days. All they ever do is ‘’You know what happened to me in France...?’’ I bet you had a great holiday with some over grown shark you saw in a movie come to life and you are going to tell me about it now just so I start believing you and then you get satisfied with the idea that I am walking around my bathroom hopping that sharkman doesn’t pop out of my toilet and say ‘’BOO!’’. No I have no idea what happened in France, go tell someone else. Listening to bullshit like that from people, like school, did not really enlighten me.
Though if it was one special person I would not care if she told me aliens took her to a tea party. This is where it started. Well maybe not this place, I mean a good start would be the day I was born. But I will keep all my philosophy about fate and future to myself and stay in terms of normal people can understand without having to read the same two lines over and over till it is burned into their mind. You still with me? Ok. Like I said, first day of collage would be a good day to start. It was the first day I laid eyes on her. What? Her name? What you some sick pervo looking for a... Oh right I am telling a story without giving any names. Lets start at mine. William, William Gryphon. I will be referring to myself as Willis mostly so don’t get mixed up. She? Her name is Lara Shaque.
As I was saying. I would sit and listen to her for any amount of hours, just to sit with her, and listen to any nonsense humanity has ever created. I would even nod and agree if need be. She’s beautiful. God If you could see her through my eyes you would want her for your self and not the rest of the world to look at. Not that I am some barbarian. It’s just that... I... want ever single part of beauty that shines from her. The only problem is she wont look my way no matter what I do, and three milkshakes spilt on my head in the canteen created a ruckus. I did not care about anyone else’s eyes. But hers was not one of those looking at me.
She has made it very much clear that she does not want guys hanging about her. How much? She beat a guy with a stick, not very hard she is not crazy or anything, just because he tried to kiss her. Needless to say her influence doesn’t really pull out the good in me. I mean my grades are probably going to average a 3 or 4. But day dream is about her is all I can do in class now. Not that I did anything different before. But now more than all.
Give me a chance to show myself of in front of her and I would take it before you could say... Wait, that particular phrase is so bad I am not even going to finish it. I would blush if I said that in public. Maybe I would say it if she wanted me to but... Right now that is not the danger. She has not even glanced at me since entering my class. She came in late. From Canada. Nice country. I like Vancouver in particular.
What? Time for me to stop chatting about the past and get in to present day? You wish! Or... shit, I forgot I was telling a story. If it helps to keep you here then I will talk about the most recent events. Nah, school is not really much fun. Right now I am sitting in maths. Lovely subject isen’t it? NOT! Skip this and teach us how to rap! Times ticking, 12:09. One more minute and I would be walking down the hallway to the canteen. Trying to get a glimpse of Lara in the middle of her band of girls. I can almost hear the seconds ticking in my head. Louder and louder as it reaches the 30 mark. Louder yet as it continues. It is overwhelming. I can’t hear thing but the ticking! DRRRIIIIINNNNGGGGg. School bell! Five seconds and my stuff is packed. Five more and I am out of the class shouting a ‘’Catch Ya lata!’’ to the math teacher Mr, Ronald.

Got stuck there. Dunno if I wanna continue.

09-11-2004, 07:18 PM
Interesting start. As confusing and all over the place like most of our minds were at that age, so it sounds like a diary thing.

09-11-2004, 10:36 PM
it was good, hope to see more