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WCR Chess Group

Group Created by ex0duz

Post your official votes, discuss your moves and overall strategies here. I re-opened the forum so new players can play anytime. Please do vote and discuss strategies, otherwise it's just boring and pointless. I don't get anything out of it, i want to see you guys being more active in participating.. :(


To make a valid vote, YOU MUST TYPE "I vote <move number>.<space><yourmovehere>". Just typing 1. c5 etc will not be valid

New Forum For Analysis/Discussion - http://www.wcreplays.com/forums/group.php?groupid=73

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  1. ex0duz
    12-20-2009 04:12 AM
    Gonna have a little break for awhile, until after new yrs, merry xmas and happy new yr everyone!

    I will play Nh5 as sealed move when i start again
  2. TekPike
    12-19-2009 06:44 AM
    Changing vote to 14. Nh5.
  3. ex0duz
    12-19-2009 02:29 AM
    I will play Nh5 if nothing happens by like tomorow-ish
  4. TekPike
    12-18-2009 10:25 PM
    If you're voting Nh5 (or anything -_-) please put a reason/line in the other thread.
  5. CrYz-
    12-18-2009 01:54 PM
    I vote 14. Nh5
  6. ex0duz
    12-18-2009 10:17 AM
    Wow, it's been like 6 votes, and every single vote has been different so far haaha!
    Someone change their vote plz, or convince someone else to change theirs.. T_T

    I think you guys are gonna be going down very fast after this move. The team unity is gone(or too small mnow, dunno if splitting the disussion into two separate threads was such a good idea. How are things coming along over there anyway? If it worked out, properly it should be me vs you guys since you guys should all be voting the same.
  7. Banedon
    12-18-2009 01:49 AM
    I vote Nc5.
  8. xan
    12-17-2009 02:59 PM
    we closed it too much with that castle imo,

    i vote nf5
  9. ex0duz
    12-17-2009 07:46 AM
    Yeah, i was going to anyway. Let's make it like 5 days a move then, at least till after new years.

    Still waiting for a tie breaker. I'll enact the new time limit after this move.

    Also, this is quite a critical juncture in the game, so please discuss and come up with a move that everyone can agree on. You don't want to do some shitty move now, so take your time and agree on a move. I won't do the move just because one more person voted for one of your guys move, i'll leave it and let TekPike or Lustre or something come and post the agreed move to me, unless a lot of people vote. I'll make it a minimum of 3 votes needed this round to make a move, and this is so that the next person to vote can't just jack the move by himself. Cmon guys, work it out and get back to me.
  10. mylord
    12-17-2009 06:25 AM
    make it a few more days per move please?... it's christmas time and people are a little bit busy lol

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