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  1. QRapture
    Do you use honey before you record your audios? Your voice is so erotic.
  2. ex0duz
    Phreak, i miss you dude. No need to say no homo because i would go homo for you(JK bro, don't get all weird on me now haha :p). AFAIK, you're working for that company that made the DOTA clone yeah.. no time for WCR anymore and it sounds like your life is going good and you currently have like a 'dream job'(correct me if i'm wrong).. i'm jealous. Just wanted to say good luck in whatever future endeavours you may choose to do. O hope you still check this site out once in awhile so you at least get my message :p

    And yeah. I think you're still more 'famous' than me on the boards even though you haven't posted in like 2 years now

    Also, you play or watch SC2? Surely you must.. what do you think about htat and do you play yourself? Ad what level? Or have you given up most recreational games and other 'fun' stuff(like visiting and posting at WCR :( ) all together for your career at the company?

    Like i said, good on you. Don't let us hold you back and reach for the stars dude. I respect you for what you've accomplished so far within the e-sports(war3 especially since i'm not familiar and don't play the other game) scene. Later's bro. Come back and make a thread one day and surprise us and say hello or something! Don'tr be a stranger dude. If you need anything just holla. And incase you were wondering, people still make Phreak references sometime. It's like your infamy is much longer lasting and reaching than my own(which has probably gone up exponentially since you stopped coming :( ) heh. My most valued thing about this site is that i have a + next to your name indicating that we're friends.. :(
  3. QRapture
    hi sexy, im sad i didn't realize the awesomeness of phreak (listening to your homoerotic audios) before you had already moved on. =(
  4. SySShark
    Dreamhack going really well! Props y0
  5. LowKeyLyesmith
    Tell those incompetent morons at Riot to fucking implement a replay system. Seriously how hard is this to do?
  6. aime
    yo homeboy, first time i play league of legends with my cousin and the server is 'busy.' great game >!>@#>!@#!@#
  7. Beljone
    i miss ratty
  8. D-MoNiqueT
    HI phreak can u tell me why i'm a retard ?thx
  9. vhapter
    Hey Phreak, what's up?

    I know you've played wc3 competitively back in the days, so I was wondering if you had/know anyone who had issues with rsi/carpal tunnel? I'm looking for people who could share some light on this issue... it's hard for me not to fuck up my wrists after 2 or 3 weeks of playing mass games, but without much practice you can hardly improve and stay in shape for important matches... "/
  10. Siddhartha
    huge fan. You never failed to tell it as it is and you said whatever was on your mind. Your audio commentaries are entertaining and a pleasure to listen to, to say the least. You have done the WC3 community a service and I thank you :).
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