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    .I am bronze still but I get bronze silver gold platimun and daimond opponents.
    Is that weird?I am also rank 5 in my division so i think I am so close to getting promoted

    Here is another question.what is the piont of the placement match you get at the end of every season?

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    im not sure why youre getting plat and diamond opponents. The occasional gold means you're doing pretty well I think. The placement matches determine what leauge youll be placed in at the beginning of each new season. Someone correct me if im wrong o_o

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    My question is this:

    Where is the best place to get SC2 replays?
    Is there a wcreplays equivalent out there? Or is wcreplays the best place?

    I have been desperately trying to find replays of the recent Europe Finals, especially Grubby vs Nerchio, but I can't seem to find a good site.
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    Edit - Wrong forum XD

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    Is there a way to estimate what % of players at any given time are terran, protoss, and zerg? If not, what would be the effect of losing on purpose to determine it? E.g. I join and then lose 10 games in a row, count the % of terran and protoss and zerg players, then go back to playing normally?

    Secondly, does anybody know exactly how the matchmaking system works or can provide an insightful TL thread on the subject? In particular, I wonder if it's 1/3 terran, 1/3 protoss, and 1/3 zerg players then how often is it going to evenly distribute your opponents? For example if there are 33 terran, 33 zerg, and 33 protoss players and you play all day would it be typical to get 66 protoss opponents, 32 zerg, and 1 terran opponents? I ask because often wc3 matchmaking feels really lopsided, like I'll get 4 humans in a row one day and then it'll be elf player every other game the next.
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