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Thread: New app to help with wc3 build orders

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    New app to help with wc3 build orders

    There is a new app for overwolf that can be used to learn and practice build orders for Warcraft 3. You can watch pro commentary VoDs, read analysis, and learn about variations on the strategies. It displays build orders with a running timer, audio alerts, and timing cues.

    Whether you are new to warcraft or an old school player, it can be used to sharpen up your builds until it's second nature. Also, with more specific data points on build orders, it can also be used to theorycraft weaknesses for improvements or exploitation.

    The dev is also looking for people willing to test and report any bugs and make suggestions if anyone is interested.

    Edit: If you are interested in trying it out, let me know and I will get you a download link.
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