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4K Goes Korea

September 16, Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen, Sebastian "FuRy" Pesic and Ivica "Zeus[19]" Markovic move to Korea to represent 4 Kings along with WCB_FoV, Spirit_Moon and WCB_Rainbow. "We are all very excited about this," says Grubby.


Rumours about 4 Kings players moving to Korea have been out there for a while now. While the players have tried to keep the rumours in check, work has been going on in the background to piece everything together. One of the key persons in this process has been FreeStyle, known from 64AMD.OverSea and ArmaTeam.

"Grubby was interested in going to Korea and had made some contacts in that direction when I heard he was interested. After some discussion, we came to the conclusion that to meet his desires, it was best to look into forming our own team," says FreeStyle.

He has been a friend and advisor of FoV, who has been shot to stardom through several online tournament victories and of course, his win in the ESWC 2004. His three month long ArmaTeam contract is fulfilled, and the Undead player will now hunt for more victories along with 4 Kings.

FoV joins 4 Kings as an official member on August 1. So does Moon, who plays Night Elf, and the Human player Rainbow. And when Grubby, FuRy and Zeus leave for Korea, they will continue to belong to the international squad of 4 Kings, instead of being separated into a Korean division.

4 Kings will provide salary and lodging for the players. The Korean based players will participate in the APM weg league, and if they qualify also in the MBC 1v1 league. In addition, the plan is to continue playing both in the WC3L Series and in the WC3 Masters tournaments.

Some may find it a tad ironic that 4 Kings, who were strongly against Koreans in the WC3L due to various issues including lag, will have a lineup that consists of mostly Korean based players. Grubby points out though that his main issue was the involvement of the players.

"If you haven't met someone, it is very hard to ensure that you won't hire a clanhopper, or someone who does not really see himself as a 4 Kings player. The biggest issue for me, was that we would be unsure as to how involved the players were," he says.

Team spirit is important for 4 Kings. The agreement with the three Korean players came together much because of Grubby's personal knowledge and friendship with them.

"We have a lot of faith in 4K as one of the best teams in terms of organisation, and we have an excellent relationship with Grubby. A lot of this deal comes down to that relationship," FreeStyle confirms.

Grubby, FuRy and Zeus are planning to stay in Korea for three to four months at first. Whether they stay longer or not will depend largely on results. "Results equals faith equals sponsorship equals possibility," Grubby explains.

The goal is for the team to make the top four in the APM weg league, where each clan war consists of three best out of three matches; two 1v1 and one 2v2. In other words, maximum four out of the six players will get to play in each clan war. Still, the plan is to let everyone play. "Certainly. I told the guys it has a lot to do with matchups, not names," FreeStyle says.

He has heard concerns that FuRy may not measure up to the top Korean Undead players, but he is not worried whatsoever. "FuRy is an excellent team player and he has a lot of potential to make a strong solo player," he points out.

Grubby is also happy that his Undead teammate will join him. "Remember that FoV was considered the same a short while ago. I believe in FuRy for one, and that is enough," he says.

Personally, he hopes to qualify for the MBC league and to finish in the top 16 there. Grubby knows that it will be hard though. "I don't expect to win a lot the first three weeks," he admits.

Around a year ago, MaDFroG, HeMaN, Insomnia and DominatoR from Schroet Kommando went to Korea. Since then, all of them have returned home, and in spite of getting new offers, the players will most likely stay in Europe. Grubby does not think this will be a problem for 4 Kings.

"Remember, this plan is our brainchild. SK was more or less invited. Also take into account how they adapted, or not so. FroG ate pizza or Burger King every single day after a while. I appreciate Korean food, and FuRy and I are interested in taking Korean language lessons while we are there," Grubby explains.

The 18-year-old Dutchman will get plenty of responsibility for this new team. They do not have a Korean manager, so Grubby will have to take on that role. Still, he doesn't feel any pressure at all.

"FreeStyle has done most of the work, and now he has thrown me out of the nest. I have no choice but to learn to fly, or bad luxury will befall me. I let gravity take me, or resist," Grubby says.

  1. 4K fighting~

    Gonna be such fun to see them play in Korea :)


  3. "FoV joins 4 Kings as an official member on August 1. So does Moon, who plays Night Elf, and the Human player Rainbow. And when Grubby, FuRy and Zeus leave for Korea, they will continue to belong to the international squad of 4 Kings, instead of being separated into a Korean division. " 4K will not lose now.

  4. wooh!!! we got that and Wizard leaving mTW..indeed lots have been going on

  5. GL guys

  6. Once again, wonderful article KidArctica. Your writing shows time, thoughtfulness and your training as a journalist is self evident. Here's looking to your next article. ::Cheers::

  7. lag this might be a little bit annoying for us wc3l fans :(

  8. omg blaze is teh sh33p!!! anyhoo, wonder how fury will be after he finishes with korea :o madfrog 2 anyone?

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  10. love grubby's last line..."I let gravity take me, or resist" ______________________ undeadguardian - lvl 14 @ Azeroth

  11. GL to you guys!

  12. woah, suprises, i hope this doesnt flop, gg gl hf, LOX!

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  14. FoV, Grubby, Moon, Rainbow, Zeus and Fury on the same team?!?! IMBA!!!

  15. Grubby a player or a poet?

  16. I like Grubbys and the rest of the guys attitude about Korea. It is a big plus if you are interesting in the culture and not only warcraft 3 when you are there, or it will probably get tiredsome quickly. They will probably do better than the SK guys and perhaps they will even stay longer than the Frog.

  17. Wyverngod: maybe both? :). 4Kings gogo :).. I hope there will be lots of information about how its going for them once they're down in Korea, that would be highly appreciated, at least from me, and I'm sure lots of other people agree with me :)

  18. Well in the latest year we have got more koreans into the community that can actually speak english so we should get decent enough information. A pity though that you can't see the games free on Internet anymore from Korea. TT

  19. dam i want a sheep avater that looks cool sk still the great clan i think now the only good player in 4k is fov

  20. 사케이 화아팅!!~ 4K Fighting!!~!

  21. Any luxury is better than no luxury. Grubby is spot-on about adapting to the culture. Such is the way of the Tao and the Fountain. Kudos for drinking deeply of experience.

  22. gl grubby finally you got a decent chance to show your skills GL!

  23. haha grubby sounded like tank in that last line. ^_^ somehow although it is nice that they are getting korean players i dont think it will last, there is so much clan hopping going on now in the pro leagues it seems like its just the tag that matters not the team mechanics and relationships

  24. Wow thats pretty cool. Although, if the SK squad couldn't hack it there, the 4K one, whose European players are far weaker will really struggle. Having said that fov, moon and grubby will be a formidable combination. I just think fury and zeus will be out of their league. I also think anyone that expects Grubby to go there and dominate will be in for a big surprise, he's a superb player but I don't think he'll do any better than madfrog did, perhaps a little worse.

  25. i dont think zeus is out of his league because in most korean leagues if u tower rush an elf its against the law, thats why u always see korean elves teching w/o tier 1 and owning with t3 cuz in korea u cant rush them i heard one time somebody tower rushed an elf and was thrown out of the korean league

  26. Thrown out of league.....rofl. Tower rushing is just frowned upon, not illegal xD

  27. shut up blaze, your out of league

  28. Why is it frowned upon, thats dumb. Anyways, gl to Grubby; looking forward to many great Grubby / Dayfly games!!!

  29. Hey the_tao_of_ne, i was on your azeroth account, as i'm sure many others were. Did you see the friendlist!?

    that was hilarious shit eh! :D


  31. what..? i thought wc3 warcraft was old...

  32. Might get old when world of warcraft comes out

  33. Best of luck to you all. Bring it home grub, fury, junior. And get me that damn late while your at it! : )

  34. This should be interesting, I'm looking forward to some good Grubby/Dayfly games :). Not sure how Fury and Zeus will do, but Grubby seems pretty confident about the success of the team. I don't think Grubby himself will have any problem in the Korean leagues, he has more than proven he is a match for the best.

  35. FuRy is going in now just like MaDFroG did when he went to Korea....there were high hopes, and the both of them were at around the same skill level. MaDFroG had a little more expected of him, and he obviously showed what he was made of. I think that all we need is to give FuRy some time, and he'll be up there with the rest of em.

    As for Zeus, he can tango with the best of em, but he hasn't really had a chance to compete against top Koreans lag-free, or very much at all for that matter.

    Grubby.....well, he's Grubby. No more host problems and whatnot, so after he smashed the European scene, it's gonna be interesting to see if he really does compare to the top Korean progamers.

  36. i sense a disruption in the force , or was that fury ?

  37. gogo 4k ;)) have fun in korea. and no, towering isnt illegal.


  39. :( does this mean Grubby won't be shoutcasting anymore? He seriously was the best shoutcaster other than bunny and kida

  40. FINALLY WE'LL GET SOME SPIRIT_MOON REPLAYS!!!!! even though i hate the curs ed night elves, he's just that sexy!!

  41. kk now i wanna see apm week VODS ^^ lan tourneys. then i wanna see how grubby goes #1 kalimdor :)

  42. Fantastic. I was starting to get tired of paying attention to the progaming circuit but this renews my interest. Grubby annihilate dayfly's ass again and again and again so everyone will have to admit that you are the best.

  43. This is why it's great to have this site not go down. Good work. :)

  44. what about 4k lawn ??

  45. all the euro 4K had the oppurtunity, some simply did not wish to go..

  46. O_O wow, lucky 4k, unlucky everyone else.

  47. gl Grub!!

  48. Sorry blaze but you're wrong about the madfrog/fury comparison. Madfrog went to korea off the back of a 2nd place finish at eswc and was widely regarded as one of the best 3 players in europe, i doubt anyone rates fury that highly. I think a stint in korea will improve fury, but I seriously doubt he'll ever be as good as madfrog. Zeus I think will also struggle, he's good but not good enough to compete with the top koreans imo. If heman and insomnia (who are both better than fury and zeus and i'd personally rate heman the same as grubby) struggled to make an impact there then I doubt fury and zeus will set the korean world alight. It'll be interesting to see how grubby does however, although I think he's quite overrated by his army of devoted fans he definitely has skills. I think the people predicting him to dominate the korean scene are going to be in for an unpleasant surprise though.

  49. I'd completely forgotten about my first post when I posted my last one and as such have repeated myself a lot, so I guess you can ignore most of the above :P

  50. Good luck 4K.

  51. Where do u people get results of the korean league's that go on there?

  52. man I hope this will finally break up 4K for good... cant w8 to see them fail! :)

  53. Results and coverage of the Prime League which is the most pretigious 1v1 War3 tournament in Korea at the moment after OGN seems to have failed to get a sponsor for their Sonokong 1v1 League. The site is all in Korean but the results are pretty easy to figure out. So far the usual top players are dominating (Reign, DayFly, Swain, etc.), but there are a few new faces who are doing well too (Zacard, Sarang).

  54. So this Moon Guy finally surfaced and is starting to get known once again. Let the ball roll

  55. sends a shiver down my spine just saying that name. IMHO, I believe he's the greatest Night Elf player. good luck to the rest of you (not like you will need the luck!) 4K FIGHTING~

  56. good god, 4k got moon now, whos left? thier lineup is nearly impossible to crack, just add some of the SK players (HeMaN, MadFroG (Etc)), GG

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  61. it seems that next clan final is 4k vs sk. Personally im a bit sad, that all good players a concentrated on 2 clans. although a fight between those 2 should be very exciting. now 4k has at least one good player for each race: grubby orc, fov ud, moon ne, rainbow hu thats quite a sick matchup. but also sk completed their matchup with wizard as ne player, although they are lacking of a good orc player.

  62. 4k got the best NE player over.

  63. Good luck guys, allthough it will be tough since the level of play is so high in korea. But us duchies have allways been good at adapting quickly to other cultures, so I'm sure you'll find your way grubster. GRUBBY FIGHTING!

  64. I predicted this all! Half of my prediction was right and wrong, the wrong part was, members from clan pooh might join 4k, but I was wrong on that.

  65. thats life right there.. too bad wc3 days are done

  66. nice artickel good job gogo grubby poetry ;) gl luck to 4k however its goiong to be tuff for them in the korean leauge

  67. [quete]He has heard concerns that FuRy may not measure up to the top Korean Undead players, but he is not worried whatsoever. "FuRy is an excellent team player and he has a lot of potential to make a strong solo player," he points out.[/quete] Thats why grubby and fury has trained 2v2 double undead teams to own in korea apm weg cup...

  68. Why isnt the TILLERMAN going?!?!?!

  69. GL guys and very nice article Kida

  70. smells like team spirit

  71. GL on thoses tournies and most of all you're there to have fun, so have fun for me too while you're at it !

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  74. Geeze, this is a jump from the days of playing over 28.8 modems and working out those damn settings in the early games to play headtohead without the internet. I dunno about u, but at 18 there was no way i had 3-4 months to go to another country for games :P But then again...

  75. Smart Move by 4K to adept so Korea, for the way the SK boys lived there seemed pathetically awful.

  76. Wow, Grubby wants to get into Korean culture, I guess 4K will be growing their hair really long and putting in gold streaks, true Korean style

  77. GL in Korea wont be hard for grubby as fellow countrymen from Guus Hiddink, i heard they kinda like him in Korea. But GL to 4K. Greetz CoacH.BooNe

  78. Very cool for Gruibby and the rest of the four kings... Wil FoV be on contract again like he was with aT?

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  80. Yeah Grubby will be the new Hiddink! xD I wish them the best of luck, may they dominate all the Koreans! 4K-Moon, 4K-Rainbow and 4K_FoV... who's next? 4K.Deadman?

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  82. Deadman wil never join 4k as long as grubby is there -_-

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  84. As much as I wish it were true, are we really going to be getting more Spirit_Moon replays? Aren't they all those damn VOD's? Mmmmmmm Moon reps mmmmmmmmmmmmm

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  86. check[pooh] 4k

  87. Grubby's English is so nice !!! Just like this whole thing! Plz grubby make us at home (holland) proud and be the second Hiddink xD

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  90. This will be so good for 4kings. After playing in Korea how imbalance is Grubby going to become? Everyone saw how much MadFrog changed...

  91. For 4 kings fortified foreplay before 4 minutes to 4 is fortunately fortuitous.

  92. hmmm I wonder why 95% of people here say GO GRUBBY, there are many other great ORC players that can do good, or even better in Korea but they just dont get chance to go there

  93. grubby will u marry me

  94. animo what kind of joke is that? there is no orc player in europe/america/anywere except maybe korea thats better then him

  95. while the news is incredible... i wouldn't get my hopes up. the one rep i've seen grubby vs dayfly, dayfly beat grub senseless (it really wasn't close). I've never seen a rep of Spirit_Moon, although i'll take your word that he is the best NE around. It does seem to be sK vs 4k now, so let the games begin!

  96. Separate 4K.kor section with replays and coverage plz :)

  97. u should came across some Calcium reps few patches ago, thats spirit_moon

  98. Grubby is teh pwn GO GO GRUB

  99. "all your korean chicks belong to me"! nice one GRubby. make us proud.

  100. Gaming Royality... G_G

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  102. Very cool

  103. Why is Grubby trash talking MaDFroG so much? First he says he will do horrible in ESWC and now he comments on MadFrog "not adapting" to Korea. Whats his problem?

  104. best in every race in 4k now.. apart from human.. 4k.FaTC maybe?

  105. why doesnt 4K^Lawn go with them ( at least he is FuRys ally)

  106. ROFL, Grubby would NEVER allow Deadman to join 4K

  107. Rofl Tank.Jnr is just teh fun xD

  108. Chaotic_One

    Why is Grubby trash talking MaDFroG so much? First he says he will do horrible in ESWC (tg) and now he comments on MadFrog "not adapting" to Korea. Whats his problem?
    FroG ate pizza or Burger King every single day after a while.
    Where is the spanish inquisition! Such blasphemy on the pope's - i mean frog's name!

  109. I wanna give you a hug grubby

  110. Grubby takes over Korea :D

  111. I'm excited to see what Fury makes of himself. Zeus as well.

  112. Keep WCR informed on your results and you better post lots of replays :D

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  118. why everyone goes to korea to improve skill ? cant they do the same things here in europe ? why not to organise more leagues, and practise here at home ?

  119. OK GL 4k in korea. only one thing for 4k.grubby. ( i know u wont even answer me but.. ) i see on BNet Kalimdor ladders two AT partners rule the ladder in RT . ( Phoenix_remind & Phoenix_soju ) got amazing stats 53-0 . wow. and when see next time those ladders and their stats i wanna see 1 loose. when i see that loose i know who did it :D 4k.Grubby & 4k.FoV :D gogo 4k have fun in korea

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  123. I love the fact FoV joined 4 kings, the way i see it 4 kings now has the best undead player and best orc player in ANY realm. GL 4k i hope you guys win.

  124. I've played the_TAO_of_Ne before, this is just the first time i've seen you on this site! oh by the way i got owned by him..

  125. what clan could outplay that line up? Considering FoV is the best player in korea and grubby the best in europe, aT-YoanM or Rainbow as they now call him is probably top 5 human players in the world. This line up is much better then the SK one just because of the diversity 3 of the players in SK were humans

  126. Fov has yet to prove he's the best in Korea. He's simply one of the best.

  127. i wanna be as gosu as grubby..has he ever lost?

  128. no. Grubby has never lost. In his 10,000 + games of Warcraft he has never lost. Well, there was ONE loss, techically, but it doesnt count, because a bannana induced spasm made his cat leap onto his keyboard just as lightning struck his computer.... and.. umm... Ok, Its just easier to call you stupid.

  129. I am an undead player, but i think grubby is the best player in the wolrd and surely the most funny...etc.

  130. Really Good Luck to grubby, i belive this is what was missing to grubby to prove his supeior playing skill, grubby talk with me. This is my msn

  131. gl grub, gl 4K .

  132. GL Grubby & all other 4K members .. hope u have great fun there =]

  133. Ehhh? Moon best NE? If it's true that Moon was Calcium on Lodaeron awhile back, I'd think Showtime is still better. There were two replays back in 1.15 where Showtime plays Calcium, and Showtime beats him both times rather decisively.

  134. wanna bet Showtime win Moon ?

  135. Showtime is to Moon like cadx2 is to Grubby

  136. Clan hopping is sad, get somewhere and stay there plz. Thnx ....No pride.... @_@

  137. Well, I am just speaking from the facts right now, and the fact stands that Showtime beat Calcium (whom is said to be Moon) twice in 1.15, NE vs NE, with decisiveness. Until something shockingly disturbing happens (such as Moon easily defeating everyone from now on that he plays), then I'll stand that Showtime is a better NE player than Moon is. Also remember that Showtime has beaten Grubby pretty irrevocably, and Grubby is quite the powerhouse.

  138. strong team indeed, but grubby, are you a peot or something? i find it hard even to understand your english. (not from an english speeking country btw). gl in korea. let me know when you find a good way to beat undead.

  139. peot = poet

  140. Great article good luck 4 Kings. Gee Gee

  141. gl f***ers maybe i do have the same chance some day as u have now =) hf

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  143. to rich87 yoanM is just using the WCB_Rainbow account on northrend.He is not the real WCB_Rainbow of korea who 4K recruited.WCB_Rainbow=Sentimental and many other akas.On another note GL 4K.And GL to Grubby.Own it up.

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  151. So anyways etc...

  152. Moon lost to Check[Pooh] quite recently. But he is still the best Elf.

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  157. pwnage in korea!

  158. i cant wait till i c grubby own in the korean ladder so he can finnally prove that he is the best in the world

  159. if there consider the best, how come they only hope to just finish in top 16, who are all these other gosu players? ive jsut heard of a few not many...

  160. Grubby I love you!!! Why dont you e-mail me? I have some secrets things that really scares gosus etc... One estrat i make is juz unvencible :D

  161. FroG ate pizza or Burger King every single day after a while. I appreciate Korean food ..... Haha, because that's so relevant. I love that line.

  162. solo playa in the world...dont talk back he is ok

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