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WCReplays & SK Gaming Warcraft III World Rankings

SK Gaming, together with, have come together in a joint effort to bring to you an amazing feature which will rank all the Warcraft III Gamers around the world. The rankings have been divided into 3 separate categories, based on geographic location – the World, Europe, and Asia.

Every three months, 20 judges, who have been chosen specifically for this feature, will be asked to put in their votes for each ranking. The judges are mainly team leaders and known league admins, but do not include players themselves. This is to minimize any bias created by players towards a specific race or teammate. Each judge ranks 5 players in each of the three categories based on results, game play, and overall skill. The number one ranked player receives 5 points, second ranked picked receiving 4 points, third ranked player receiving 3 points etc. As mentioned previously, rankings will be updated every three months starting from October 2005.

Please remember that neither SK Gaming nor is responsible for the results of the rankings, as they are calculated from all the votes of the judges (a list of judges will be provided later on in the feature). And now, on to the rankings!

World Ranking

1. (new) Spirit_Moon
Name: Jaeho Jang
Race: NightElf
Location: South Korea
Team: N/A

Points: 93

2. (new) 4K.Grubby
Name: Manuel Schenkhuizen
Race: Orc
Location: Netherlands
Team: 4Kings.Intel

Points: 84
3. (new) 4K.FoV
Name: Dae Hee Cho
Race: Undead
Location: South Korea
Team: 4Kings.Intel

Points: 31

4. (new) SK.Deadman
Name: Andrey Sobolev
Race: NightElf
Location: Russia
Team: SK Gaming

Points: 29.5
5. (new) T.MH]Lucifer
Name: JaeWook Ro
Race: Undead
Location: South Korea
Team: mYm.Hanbit

Points: 29

6. (new) mouz.FarSeer
Name: Hong Won Eui
Race: Orc
Location: South Korea
Team: Mousesports.BenQ.GeiL

Points: 7
7-8. (new) mouz.GoStop
Name: Dong Moon
Race: Undead
Location: South Korea
Team: Mousesports.BenQ.GeiL

Points: 6

7-8. (new) SK.Zacard
Name: Tae Min Hwang
Race: Orc
Location: South Korea
Team: SK Gaming

Points: 6
9. (new) 4K.ToD
Name: Yoan Merlo
Race: Human
Location: France
Team: 4Kings.Intel

Points: 4.5

10. (new) WE.ReMiND
Name: Sung Sik Kim
Race: NightElf
Location: South Korea
Team: World Elite

Points: 3

European Ranking

1. (new) 4K.Grubby
Name: Manuel Schenkhuizen
Race: Orc
Location: Netherlands
Team: 4Kings.Intel

Points: 99

2. (new) SK.Deadman
Name: Andrey Sobolev
Race: NightElf
Location: Russia
Team: SK Gaming

Points: 75
3. (new) 4K.ToD
Name: Yoan Merlo
Race: Human
Location: France
Team: 4Kings.Intel

Points: 56

4. (new) SK.ElakeDuck
Name: Björn Ödman
Race: Orc
Location: Sweden
Team: SK Gaming

Points: 25
5. (new) SK.HoT
Name: Mykhaylo Novopashyn
Race: NightElf
Location: Ukraine
Team: SK Gaming

Points: 15

6. (new) mTw-DIDI8
Name: Dimitar Aleksandrov
Race: NightElf
Location: Bulgaria
Team: mTw.ATI

Points: 14
7. (new) mTw-WinneR
Name: Gediminas Rimkus
Race: Undead
Location: Lithuania
Team: mTw.ATI

Points: 7.5

8. (new) 4K.FuRy
Name: Sebastian Pesic
Race: Undead
Location: Sweden
Team: 4Kings.Intel

Points: 4.5
9. (new) fnatic\SaSe
Name: Kim Hammar
Race: NightElf
Location: Sweden
Team: fnatic Team

Points: 4

10. (new) mouz.Spell
Name: Minh Nguyen
Race: Human
Location: Germany
Team: Mousesports.BenQ.GeiL

Points: 1

Asian Ranking

1. (new) Spirit_Moon
Name: Jaeho Jang
Race: NightElf
Location: South Korea
Team: N/A

Points: 100

2. (new) T.MH]Lucifer
Name: JaeWook Ro
Race: Undead
Location: South Korea
Team: mYm.Hanbit

Points: 55
3. (new) 4K.FoV
Name: Dae Hee Cho
Race: Undead
Location: South Korea
Team: 4Kings.Intel

Points: 53

4. (new) mouz.GoStop
Name: Dong Moon
Race: Undead
Location: South Korea
Team: Mousesports.BenQ.GeiL

Points: 24
5. (new) mouz.FarSeer
Name: Hong Won Eui
Race: Orc
Location: South Korea
Team: Mousesports.BenQ.GeiL

Points: 23

6. (new) SK.Zacard
Name: Tae Min Hwang
Race: Orc
Location: South Korea
Team: SK Gaming

Points: 17
7. (new) WE.ReMiND
Name: Sung Sik Kim
Race: NightElf
Location: South Korea
Team: World Elite

Points: 9

8-9. (new) ReiGn[KHAN]
Name: Seo Woo Kang
Race: Undead
Location: South Korea
Team: Samsung KHAN

Points: 5
8-9. (new) WE.Sweet
Name: Jung Hee Chun
Race: Undead
Location: South Korea
Team: World Elite

Points: 5

10-11. (new) WE.Sky
Name: XiaoFeng Li
Race: Human
Location: China
Team: World Elite

Points: 2
10-11. (new) TmG)HomeRunBall
Name: Seok Ho Bong
Race: Human
Location: South Korea
Team: TradeMark Gamers

Points: 2


First and foremost, we would like to thank all of our judges for their input, we know that it is not easy to chose such few players out of so many skilled ones. That being said, here is a list of those that lended their thoughts to us on who they felt was deserving of being ranked.

  • WC3L|Baschi
  • WC3L|Shawn
  • WC3L|blaze
  • 4K.NuKe
  • fnatic\trimbLe
  • GG-Sabian
  • mouz.FrogBender
  • mouz.BlunT
  • mTw-zerogravity
  • Khaldor
  • T.MH]Nordahl
  • T.MH]Mercy
  • T.MH]Army
  • x6.pootie
  • SK.KidArctica
  • SK.Enrique
  • SK.Storch
  • IT-wanzerg
  • u5.bunny
  • play`Providence

  1. fantastic job blaze! <3

  2. Nice rankings!

  3. Neato!

  4. Not sure how the system works but freedom not in top 10 even for the asian ladder is a joke

  5. nice list but a bit too oppinion based for my taste

  6. lol putting moon over grubby = joke more plz. And winner should be 4th right after tod.

  7. Alot of Koreans in World Rankings and 1/10 are human, looking at it something like NE greater Orc greater Undead greater than Human is going on ^^. In Asian rankings 5/10 undead. All these guys are IMBA!

  8. Nice. I'd like to point out a small error: SK.HoT = Undead? : |

  9. Check didn't make the rankings?

  10. Lucifer looks like someone just ran over his cat. Anyway you should make the results available in terms of the breakdown of the categories: results, game play, and overall skill. That in itself would be very interesting. And what's the difference between gameplay and overall skill? Is gameplay micro? macro? both? If both, then what's overall skill supposed to be?

  11. moon over grubby is ok aswell as freedom not in top10...

  12. lol i want to see the next month... where is bjacke?? and sky is not in the top 10 of world ranking...

  13. Oh yes, Mouz.GoStop looks gangsta!

  14. Nice iniative, gj!

  15. shortround!! :(

  16. I wonder why Grubby and Moon are before FoV???He has prooved many times that he is better than them (especially tham Moon and it was very very soon).And where is Insomnia???????

  17. GoStop gets 10 points for being so ugly :P

  18. really cool feature, awesome all around ^^

  19. Looking at the history of wc3, having farseer ranked over Zacard is one of the biggest jokes around.

  20. KK i have one problem how is Lucifer ahead of FoV in asian rankings but not even ON the world rankings? and moon is in Pantech?

  21. I like this feature, I hope it will give a good picture of how well the gosus are performing over time and so make it easier to see which players are "on the up" and so on. Of course, the comments will just be full of arguments about the rankings, despite the fact that these judgements have been made by people (probably) far better informed than they are.

  22. I see lots of flaws in this list :/ Sky is for sure the best human in the world for an example..?

  23. In my opinion, the best way to judge these things is to ask the best players in Asia and Europe, like say the top 25 in each realm, waht their opinion is of who is the best.

  24. IMO: PCheck ReiGn (Haven't seen ReiGn do anything in a year) PSoJu Sweet (Just recently. Sweet sucks now. :() PMiou Spell (Miou/DaviN also own spell too. :P) PAlmost Making It: Paladyn/RotterDaM/Bjarke/DaviN/sAtiiNi/eNvious/Insomnia/MadFrog PDayfly/Bera/Rainbow/Swain/Susiria/suhO

  25. ASDF f***ed up comment.

  26. how can fov be ranked above lucifer in world but below lucifer in asia?

  27. deadman high, tod+zacard+remind low

  28. i'm not sure if you want to do this, wcreplays, this is going to lead to endless whining of "wtf?! % insert favourite player's name in here% isn't in the ranking?!"

  29. btw i noticed madfrog isn't in the rankings and i agree to that becouse i havn't seen or heard anything of him lately. can anybody tell me what he has been up to? did he die in a car accident or something? If u know please PM me

  30. judges - 19 europeans and 1 korean = bullshit rank ?? anyway there should be a poll that counts maybe as 1-5 judges for all fans to type ...

  31. niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice =) this thing is useful

  32. judges - 19 europeans and 1 korean = bullshit rank ?? anyway there should be a poll that counts maybe as 1-5 judges for all fans to type ...
    you should know that no matter the race (or nation), these judges qualify as any korean would. For one they know everything behind the scenes of both asian and euro, and therefore what weighs the decisions would be just as fair as the majority of koreans.

  33. Wow, sweet dyed his hair.

  34. Very well done (except for madfrog who is the best player to ever grace warcraft, along with grubby) but where in the hell is America at?? That just ridiculous. I want an American ranking.

  35. Xiaot should be in top 10

  36. haha really funny ranking xD cant believe this bull... !

  37. Really needs changes:Moon wont play on next WCG cause he was defeated by FoV==FoV is better!And Grubby lost by ToD and many many elfs recently....You didnt include these facts in ranking?And the biggest joke:FoV is after Lucifer in Korea and before him in the world???

  38. Hardcore

  39. lol you can tell these rankings are messed up since fov is ahead of lucifer in world rankings but behin him in asian rankings

  40. Now that's what I call coverage. Nice, really nice. Looking forward to next edition.

  41. Roterdam mouz.spell they should put roterdam insted spell

  42. I dont think remind should be #10 in world ranking he can beat moon and can own any of the rest...

  43. 6/10. Not close from the "real" rankings of the players, but far from as bad as I expected ^_^

  44. nice but i dont think its the "real" ranking sry but...guys like sweet tod or deadman

  45. Asian Ranking Lucifer #2 Fov #3 World Ranking Fov #3 Lucifer #5 ....... LoL ok even if Fov did better in Eswc , it's quite funny :=) I agree With Top 3

  46. sorry to say, but I dont agree with ALOT on these rankings, I mean, get Deadman the f*** out of there ;

  47. This shows too how Moon & Grubby seems far far away from others ( look at the points -__- )

  48. I wasn't aware that bad acne was some how associated with war3 playing!! seems to be a problem with most of the players.. take a bath inbetween games people!!!!!!! lOL

  49. and on second note, we have the EUrope and Asian rankings, the USA or "north america's" don't get any love? or do we just suck..???

  50. NO Soju? Susi? or Check!!!

  51. I guess north america can come back when they got players in the world top ten :) Not much I agree with here...

  52. Man, Grubby Moon !!!!

  53. Grubby better than Moon !!! Moon´s playing like newb last games... p.s.: sorry for double post

  54. Wouldnt it be better if players receive point for getting far in tournies etc (like tennis)? The judges might be good but also subjective in a way.

  55. Personally, and this is just me, I don't really agree at all with these rankings, except for the fact that spirit_moon is rank 1 and grubby is rank 2, that I agree with.

  56. Why are some of you against deadman? He may be a little nerd, but he is a very good player. His micro is outstanding, the only reason he loses games is because of THE WAY he does things in games, his microanyone elses.

  57. Maybe i am wrong, but it feels like some europeans are underrated compared to korean ones. SK.HoT for example, he can make the most crazy strats winning, his micro is top, and he can read the game pretty well. He also did well in incup. Also SaSe is a bit underrated, since he outclassed (hehe, a bit exaggerated, but still...) tod, when they played in wc3l... Probably all those judges are better at this kind of rating than me, so i guess i'm wrong after all.

  58. should make american rankings ^_^

  59. LOL a bunch of (85%+) Euro judges the world. The idea of ranking wc3 players in the world is good though, but needs some fixing

  60. I think ranking by achievements is better, taking the tennis ranking in the world as reference and make something similar, not as complicated, would be nice. Just for example. say 100 pts for WCG/ESWC winners, 10 pts for Incup weekly winners, etc.

  61. nice :)

  62. Not real ranks but very funny so 10x!!!

  63. Please remove this, the judges are obviously idiots. Moon has done nothing internationally, which means he cant compete at an internation level. At least grubby tried korea, and didnt like it. Moon hasnt even achieved anything internationally. Grubby Moon, maybe not directly comparing the two on who would win, but over all grubby is better than moon, and 1000x better accomplishments.

  64. HOLY SHIT!WTF.remind is 10???TOD is 9??bullshit.where is philbot?fov shouldnt be third!!!!!!!!!!where is susiria?

  65. Judges: WC3L|Shawn WC3L|blaze these 2guys know less about the wc3 scene than my grandma

  66. imho, this feature is nothing by definition

  67. I think you need more korean judges... i mean, your asia ranks are based on the opinions of 16 europeans, 3 north americans and 1 korean?

  68. FORGOT 1 THING.WHERE IS INSOMNIA?????????????????????????WHO said fov is better than moon or grubby?

  69. Interesting how fov is better than Lucifer in the world ranking but not in the korean ranking. Interesting indeed.

  70. no phlbot? there goes australia :( drowned deep down in the ocean....and yes where all the other people? kinda bs?

  71. And actually, there are 17 europeans, 2 americans, and 1 korean judges

  72. nice job! strange that spell got into top 10 tho

  73. I don't think narrowly losing 1 best of 3 series to the best UD in the world is enough to knock Moon off the top spot when he's completely dominated every tournament he's entered for the last 9 months. It would've been a joke to put anyone but Moon on top of this list.

  74. I disagree with a lot of minor placements but that is expected. The is list is overall pretty close to mine(I have one up to 50). The only major mistake is not having Check on there. At least on Asia rankings... Other less major issues is sky should be higher and deadman should be lower.

  75. only euro and asian? how botu outiside of those 2 places, like china/north america etc they have good players too

  76. americans are left out!? xD and european 10. Spell??...there should be SK.Fire_de..he was raping him in eps....

  77. Ok, a question: If FoV is ranked 3 WW, and Luci is ranked 5th ww, then why in the korean rankings is FoV 3rd, while Luci is 2nd?

  78. So where did Madfrog go in all this?

  79. reminds me of the KESPA rankings for starcraft... cool

  80. I didn't know Blaze was Canadian! Now I love him even more! ^_^ 6

  81. XD remind gets a grand total of 3 points and 10th place even though he placed first last ladder season?

  82. I cant believe Sky was ranked the same as HRB. A travesty of an injustice!

  83. wow alot of german input. only 1 south korean though which is odd. Still intresting

  84. Moon hardly deserves to be at the top. When he wins something outside of Korea, then you can consider it.

  85. Obviously these rankings are little but speculation, so stop complaining - it's almost impossible to find out who the BEST player is, let alone the top 10.

  86. Lol this whole poll is 1 asskissing charade I mean putting Tod in any top 10 is absurd as it is but putting him @ a top 3 of Europe really made me laugh. I mean let's face it: Where are Freedom, DayFly and more? and some rankings are absurd: elakeDuck 4th of europe ? ROFL !? Sweet is ranked to low HRB to High Where is Check? Didi8 2 high? Where are the american's ? Suho and Soju are where? Remind way 2 high. This is just a joke

  87. Judges please think again. In the world ranking you should consider that Grubby = Moon, if not Grubby Moon. Spirit_moon is a beast for sure, but Grubby is Grubby.

  88. no one likes america :(

  89. ReiGn is 3rd ESWC.

  90. @Waterdrops: Dayfly does not deserve to be in these rankings at all. He didn't achieve anything since his comeback.

  91. where is BARTIGOL??

  92. no American rankings bah! but its good i know people whine cuz fav players arent on but ya know i think its good to see what some of the most knowledgable people think

  93. what a biased piece of shit.

  94. good ranking system, cool.

  95. dont quite get how lucifer is higher in asia but lower in the world than fov

  96. I believe this is more merit based then the fanboys posting above care to realize. If the player got lans done /wc3l matches and other large tournaments im thinking its based on that sort of deal

  97. omg sexy tod

  98. 1 HU player in Wold rankings, 'Nuff said. Go Go ToD, your my hero!

  99. wtf insomnia deserves to be in the euro ranking who the fuq is spell and homerunball screw that gogo sk.insomnia


  101. ---For those people who say the rankings are messed up because of Lucifer being behind FOV in world but ahead in Asian rankings--- Next time read and actually take some thought into the way the players are ranked. The panel of around 20 judges rank 5 players. First place gets 5 points, second place 4, etc. Well now on the World scale, the judges have more variety in their votes and may not have voted for Lucifer because they picked someone from outside of Asia. Now when it comes time for the Asian rankings, these same judges moved their votes from the European players to the Asian players (and by the looks of it, mainly to lucifer.) For example, if 6 judges voted him '1st' on the global scale, that would give him 30 points. Now in the Asian only scale, if 10 judges vote him being '1st', then he would be higher up, right? That is the case here. Also, these comments are a main reason why not everyone gets a say in this...

  102. Funny that moon gets 100 in the asia ladder meaning EVERY judge voted him first for asia, Grubby got 99 for Euro ladder meaning 1 sucker voted him 2nd and the rest him first, so much for unanimous voting :P, about the list i agree with most of it, however i still think its weird that fov can be better then gostop at 1 ladder and the other way around, i understand how it comes (gg.bnet explained it fairly well) but its better if there was just 1 voting instead of 3 votings, just let the judges point out more points each like 10 players going from 10 to 1 points. That way the results near the bottom will be somewhat better because for example sky being on the ladder now is only because 1 judge rated him 4rd or 2 rated him 5th for example.

  103. GGBnet - Of course its not a "mistake" that lucifer got a higher ranking in asia, and lower in world, compared to FOV, but that prooves that some of the judges arnt correct, which is why i think something like this should just be left to opinion, and not tried to be made official.

  104. How about an North America+South America ranking? "the americas"

  105. omg this is nice, but how come there is no usa ranking?

  106. the confusion about fov/lucifer could easily be solved by saying that on a global level, fov, lucifer and deadman is ranked 3-5, and on the korean rankings fov and lucifer is ranked 2-3. there's such a small difference. there's no point in saying that a player is better than another, when the difference is only 2 points. with such small differences, the ranking might look different if one of the judges would have watced, and been impressed by one sigle fov (or lucifer) replay...

  107. I'm having a hard time not laughing my ass of at these bullshit rankings... Spirit 1th, Deadman 4th and ReMinD 10th? KTHX.

  108. Pretty accurate ranking.

  109. I think tod and remind are better than gostop, but thats jut me.

  110. Thats pretty awesome making rankings like that, it reminds me of tennis lol As for all you people complaining that such and such should be on the rankings.. Just be happy they made this thing, cuz it is pretty cool, and one should also consider the fact that the judges are closer to the warcraft scene then you are (probably)

  111. The big joke is ReMinD ranked at the 7th place in Asia..lHe was the ladder Season One and Two Champion in solo...and he 's just ranked 7...gj (goodjoke)

  112. remind has not shown himself to be strong in lan. that is why he's not highly ranked. Moon over grubby is a given -_-

  113. I mostly agree with the rankings to be honest, though I believe Check deserves a spot both in Asia and in World.

  114. The list is pretty accurate imho.... But please, keep the American list/Judges assholes/player x is shit/ect to yourself please. Your all making a fool of yourselfs. I really like this feature, and these people know a lot more then the avarage visitot here.... Thnx Wcreplays!

  115. Feels the same as the old cs rankings, not accurate. But the problem is, it can never be accurate, since many things affect performance, not just skill.

  116. Why in Asia ranking T.MH]Lucifer4k.FoV and in World T.MH]Lucifer4k.Fov and GrubbySpirit_Moon

  117. Cool and props to all who voted Grubby!

  118. thats totally awesome

  119. I think Lucifer is a bit overrated, and i am afraid that the votes have only been based on the very latest things that have happened. For example Lucifer, cuz he didnt do shit besides the last month. I also think that remind is a little better than what u see here. Reign is a little worse and I think the asian list doesnt correspond fairly with the world ranking. Dky should be in that in Tod's place.

  120. what degree? i'm wondering how familiar these judges are with korean scence. reign over hrb is a total joke.

  121. hmmmmm, tod only 4 points come on

  122. If FoV is in third place on World Rankings ahead of Lucifer, then shouldn't he be second on Asian ladder, ie: in front of lucifer?

  123. yeah wtf is freedom lol..

  124. i think grubby shud be rank 1 due to the latest performances of moon, who has lost 2 matches. Also i dont get how in the world ranking fov is ahead of lucifer yet in the asian one lucifer is ahead of fov. They are players, one has to be better then the other, no matter what pool they are taken out of, doesnt make much sense

  125. Yay Fov! :) If HoT keeps up his recent form, hopefully we'll see him move up a few ranks for the next rankings in three months time. I wonder who the 1 judge was that ranked Grubby second in Europe? :D It might be possible to use a Glicko-type rating system to produce some less subjective world rankings, although the lack of (lan) play between Korea and Europe makes true world rankings difficult to calculate. Oh, and last word: Remind was undervalued.

  126. Grubby or xiaOT for top i think and where's SoJu also ReMinD Moon personally I think Moon could own alot more if he were more creative he's still awesome really kudos to the guy and I hope he gets to read this it'd be nice for anyone to see themselves ranked #1. GJ Moon I suppose you deserve it man just you're not my fave :P

  127. no world rank - rank 10-11 in Asia. RIGHT1!

  128. Where is suhO? The man has been on fire...

  129. Thank God there are people that know what they are talking about making these choices and not the general followers...

  130. Ha, that´s funny mouz.Spell with 1 Point :D Judges: mouz.FrogBender, mouz.BlunT and ex-mouz.Khaldor Neither Insomnia nor Bjarke in European Top 10 ? Shame over you judges 8(

  131. Doe's off you who don't understand why moon is at the top should take a deeper look at his rep's,

  132. haha nice rankings! Reminds me of the coaches poll for college football. Now all we need to add is a computer ranking system then we can formulate the w3cs system!

  133. lol remind is ranked too low in the world rankings as well as asian rankings

  134. The judging wasnt bias to all those who cant read, they were given points from winning tournaments etc not suprised that moon is higher than grubby as he wins weg and stuff which grubby doesnt enter.

  135. Moon over grubby is still ok but ToD in 9th =/

  136. While most people doesn't agree with the rankings, i think those 20 judges are more qualified to judge that than us, since they live the scene. So even not agreeing with some of the rankings i am pretty sure it's quite accurate. Good job WCR and SK, keep it up. Just add more asians judging this so it's more accurate on the asian ranking.

  137. Just something about Remind, i agree with his ranking on Asia, the way he plays against undead is dreadful, none of the people in the ranking is so bad in one particular matchup as he is in NE vs UD, i don't think he should be any higher than he is, maybe even lower.

  138. HMMMMMMMMM EVERY1 TAKE A LOOK AT MY POINT OF VIEW, I PLAY RANDOM SO GUESS WHAT, IM NOT GONNA PICK FAVORITES, I'VE WATCHED THEM ALL PLAY MANY TIMES, AND FROM WHAT I'VE OBTAINED OVER THE YEARS OF WATCHIGN THESE ATHELETES(HAHA).. 1.GRUBBY-his replays are apsolutely most entertaining who the f*** else has gone 600-80.. 2.Spirit_moon- ya he's really good, but overall skill, alot of times he just mass expos + scouts well and shit, i dont think he has the ability to keep up an intense micro battle with a player such a grubby. 3.4k.fov-he's a man with a mission, to bad he doenst use elf, or else he'd be better then moon 4.jubae- from the server azeroth... ya ok he sucks, but he gets laid, props of course-u can here more from me at THANK U ENJOY MY POST, IF U WOULD LIKE TO SEND ME FREE MONEY CONTACT ME ON AZEROTH UNDER NOOB114, THANK YOU AND ENJOY UR STAY AT THIS LUXIROUS WEBSITE, BOOBS BOOBS, AND WHERE DID I PUT MY DAMN CRACK PIPE

  139. im not done yet.... grubby vs moon orc vs orc, 5 matches, and grubby vs moon, elf vs elf, 5 matches... after grubby wins 8 of them, tell me who's ranked 1st, thx

  140. gostop is kinda scary looking

  141. wow pretty cool

  142. Recently Moon makes many mistakes and looses....He just cant be 1st or if he is 1st, FoV has to be second cause he won Moon!!!And Grubby....he cant play against elfes and lost from ToD......

  143. We are ment to care what these people think? -_-

    Everyone has their own top ten... You hippys cant just make an article about it and think you can pass these 'judges' opinions off as facts or official rankings.

  144. Yeah what jamesyoxo said... wtf is moon doing as number 1. Fov took moon to school like 2 weeks ago, so that means hes moon idiots.

  145. hes moon idiots. = hes greaterthan moon idiots.

  146. This is a joke right? HomeRunBall in current form is better than ToD ,ReiGn, Sweet etc. .....:s

  147. as usual. stupid comments like X beat Y in tourney so X is better. good listing imo. tho i think we need more judges. players under 20 points dont have enough points to be ranked in any way.

  148. Damn Moon is crazy with the 100 pts @_@

  149. i like these rankings. they seem unbiased and anyone who really knows the scene, will say this list makes sense. of course, noobs who only watch certain replays on certain sites who see one player doing really well when he's really not doing that much overall, will flame saying, "OMG THIS IS BULL!!!" I especially love how they're putting obvioulsy skilled players affected by circumstances in there. reign would EASILY be considered one of the best if not for his contract with samsung not allowing him to join a european clan. good to see hot getting some recognition as well. that guy's just a beast without lag

  150. In the European ranking judges make tod 3rd and dont add Insomnia at all- thats bullshit. A little bit less retarded rankings would be nice.

  151. this would have more credibilty if it was explained how the voting system was structured. based on the distribution of 'points'. it seems that rankings below fourth are basically meaningless... and also the bad ordering of luci/fov shows inconsistent preferences...

  152. In my Opinion is Spell a little bit better than SaSe but all in all are the Rankungs k! GOGO KHALDOR :D

  153. yes, gotta be honest- even tho Grubby's the best, Moon achievements should be valuated with more points cuz of his dominance at korean wc3 scene

  154. sry for double post, but some ppl say: omg how can player X be below player Y?? he would own him!!1111oneone But didnt they evaluate players by how many tours they have won? like in world tennis rankings they just count all the important achievements and see who has more points, because that would be kinda hard and mby even stupid to try to rank them by skill level... i mean, everyone has been speculating about Grubby Vs Moon for decades, how could a site just ''decide'' it? someone explain the system plz?

  155. You can't really decide the 1st amd 2nd world ranking without having moon and grubby playing with each other for at least bo5.

  156. HoT should be ranked higher he has shown great results lately he won clanbase EC and last incup season

  157. actually remind IS VERY UNDERESTIMATED as far as i remember REMIND MOON , REMIND FOV , REMIND LUCI , and i bet my house REMIND GRUBBY

  158. hmm something's wrong with my post many signs didnt show remind pawns all anyways

  159. how is FoV #2 in world but only #3 in Asia?

  160. Grubby should be #1 =(

  161. how is deadman 4th in world wtf?

  162. lol, sholdnt world-rank have some connection with the asian rank? fov vs luci?

  163. .. to you FUCKING RETARDS.. winning 1 Bo3 does not make you better than a person.

  164. and Lucifer probably was higher in Korea because theres *cough* 3 T.MH judges *cough*...

  165. I totally agree with izukeSH, the list seems very accurate, I have no clue what the hell the ignorant newbs who visit this site are whining about, how "blah deserves to be on the list cause he's my hero", these aren't based on personal opinion, it's on fact, all events taken into consideration. The fact Moon totally cleaned up WEG (flawlessly, wasn't it?) vs arguably the most difficult opponents in the world, is testament to his skill, people crying that he can't compete internationally is just sad, I pity those people. Note: Winning a BNet ladder season is nothing compared to a major tournament, remind fanboys.

  166. Providence knows what he's talking about :D I propose a minimum IQ for using this site.

  167. lol tell me that every of judges watch every single game of every single player in these rankings... then i'd believe you can say who's better and why... but since i doubt you do,.. + 16 europeans 1 asian and 3 n.americans.. how is that supposed to be fair? SOO i suppose you made these rankings based on scores of tournaments played and other events,.. but let me point out that some players even they lose, they do in a great way, wit a hard fight, and on the other hand there are wins that are just poor.. - hard to even make rankings based on scores of tours

  168. LOL, Moon better than grubby? and zacard rank 7-8, LOL, u could just put me #1 on the list and give 200 points, acc = whereami btw. Make better rankingnext time plz, this sucks

  169. AND YEA I HAVE ONE MORE THING TO ADD :D watch the photos, ffs, i see only Farseer, Zac, Fury and DiDi smiling in a way, others are looking like ..bleh.. TBH .. SMILES FTW imo ( :

  170. Where is CHECK!?!

  171. This list should be based on scores from two places. 1. Judges (pretty much as it is now) 2. All people where all people can vote (a poll on wcreplays) Then add these two together for a more accurate and fair ranking system. Might even be a good idea to add competitions results into this calculation, from the biggest competitions that is.

  172. mistakes : luci 5th Fov 3rd world ranking, Fov 3rd Luci 2nd asian one. No disrespect but Spell is far from top10 euro. Remind is underrated. If i were you i would have ranked both grubby and moon as n°1, they have more achievment than anyone else but its to hard to tell one of them is better than the other one, particulary since NE's best matchup is orc :/

  173. 1. remind is rather overrated than underrated 2.why is spell far from top10 euro? Oo you just know shit about him, so you think that, which leads me to 3. a rating based on a poll would be the dumbest shit ever. atleast on this site. the community is so dumb and biased, knows nothing about the game, so why should you vote? Oo you know shit about the players, every judge that was in the jury is far more qualified than the average member on this site... sure this ranking is not 100% perfect and objective, but it was never supposed to be... you think this ranking was made for clans, that they buy their players by the ranking-place they get @ this ranking? omg... good job @ all that have done this :)

  174. wow everyone is bitching about moon being #1 cuz he lost to fov bot nobody is talking about grubby losing to tod and then to hot. l-m-a-o

  175. I'd give some constructive criticism (like a North America list, but I'm sure there isn't one with good reason, maybe an "all time" list...) but if I did write anything constructive it'll get lost in all the pitiful stupidity. Realizing that the idiots more often than not aren't the ones reading these comments - but the fact there is an overwhelming number of these dolts drives the more intelligent people away.

    Minimum IQ requirement to post would be nice... :P

    Great feature (some of us, despite our minor disagreements, are loving it)... Can't wait for January

  176. when it comes to paper grubby is better the moon in terms of tournaments won.. although moon wins WEG.. grubby wins all the rest and moon didn't even qualify for WCG 2005 from korea whereas grubby will most likely win it again

  177. also.. what about american rankings? including australia etc.. now that wud be nice to see..

  178. of course theyres goin to be much disagreement over this but i think that spell should not be included, he gets owned quite a bit, but anyway great job gj

  179. Seriously wcreplays, remove this. It's bullshit. There is no way moon can be considered the best player. He can't compete at a international level.

  180. fov is better than lucifer

  181. we hmns r lucky with ToD :)

  182. hmm gj dont agree w/ all of them but it sounds cool that ur gunna update

  183. the list is quite accurate but are these the only players they are tracking? they should have a list more like top 30 or something since that would be around how many top calibur players there are also the european/asia compared to world rankings are differrent... I mean in europe deadman has 70 something and grubby has 100 but in world ranking deadman doesn't even have 30 and grubby has near 90... another thing is for adding points how do they do it? I think they shouldn't do it monthly but instead do it based on how well they do in tournaments and stuff like in golf and tennis... anyways all the biggest players are there even though it could be improved...

  184. honestly, USA is not up to par with the rest of the world in terms of warcraft. GG USA

  185. *grubby wins all the rest and moon didn't even qualify for WCG 2005 from korea whereas grubby will most likely win it again* omg lolz dude ?? are you comapring *all-star* korea to *one-man-show* in netherlands?? get the grip next time please..

  186. @ Brood_Star, ReiGn not doing anything in a year? He finished third in eswc 05. :]

  187. Where is philbot?

  188. wow thats awsome

  189. fear-nothing: "Seriously wcreplays, remove this. It's bullshit. There is no way moon can be considered the best player. He can't compete at a international level. " rofl.

  190. Notice how 7 out of the top 10 world players are korean? What does this tell you about the difficulty of the korean leagues as opposed to the WCG where there are only 2 koreans and the rest are people don't even make it into these rankings? That is why Moon's korean league wins own grubbys WCG wins where grubby plays the best players from belarus, taiwan, lithuania, uzibekistan, etc. The level of competition is simply a lot higher.

  191. sweet :D

  192. Very sexy ranking, altho i dun agree with sum lil things, like HoT not being in the world list?, i mean he has been winning incups lately, beating very good top players, another is check not beig in the lists of asia???, i mean, i dun even need to explain why he SHUD be there, Sweet considered 8-9??, he hasnt won ANYTHING at all lately, dun think that Susiria deserves that place???, deadman b4 farseer n gostop?, come on guys, make deadman play agaist any of em n u wud c the results easily, neways i agree with moon being 1st n grubby 2nd by far.

  193. lol makes no sence fov over luci in world rankings but in asia luci over fov hm

  194. 4k is best

  195. hey,Waterdrop what do you think???what do you know of WCTFT???who made the weakest race(as ppl say)thestrongest???ToD did it(sholdn't forget about you better shut your mouth and watch some those 2 which ToD beated Grubby........

  196. i have read some comments above, i mean you cant fit all good players in top 10. Imo this list is really really good.

  197. what is the point of this seriously? some publicity stunt to make appear to have some sort of f***ing say in whos good and not? f***ing dumb, waste of time. useless, unbased, not needed.

  198. @ YesNoMaybeDunno Well said!, though I think Grubby would be quite a challenge for ReMinD because he's awesome too, but i think that ReMinD deserves Moon's spot also I have seen xiaOT pwn Moon and SoJu pwn xiaOT

  199. Hazeem, you always have been an ass, but I agree with you. WTF are people like Kidarctica and Bunny voting for? Seriously? The only people that should be allowed to vote are the top players themselves. People on bnet are too much of fanboys(generally) to really get an accurate voting, so screw that idea. But these panel of judges is itself a joke as well. Their opinions are that of closed minded losers(if you want to know why I call them closed minded, I will give you ONE SPECIFIC REASON WHY). To say it again, these guys are bad judges, ASK THE BEST PLAYERS WHO THEY THINK THE BEST IS, THATS THE FAIREST WAY TO DO THIS.

  200. XiaOt isnbt top 10........ I DEMAND A RECOUNT!!! Wheres HeMaN? Yeah hes retired, inactive w/e, but hes still top 10 xD

  201. Spell over Insomnia? wtf lol

  202. curious to how grubby isnt number1?? is it because of the racial between moon and grubby and elf is grubbys worst race?? and btw dont go on about "OMG grubby lost to fov" e.g because lets face fact's grubby has won nearly ever major tourny this year fov hasnt so dont make assumptions on ONE game ;D

  203. @YesNoMaybeDunno: I'm totaly agree with you. @TerrorBlade: Man, you 're just IDIOT, cause you're talking about something that you don't just understand. Let's figure something essential about Warcraft today: The pro gamers are shown through 2 diferent scenes. The first one is well known, and very easy to get in touch with, it's the Ladder. The "skill" of a gamer ONLY depend on his stats. If i say that Sky is a Pro, noone would contest it, because the will look up at his profile and admit this. Its a FACT. BUT if i say that ReMinD is better that Sky, people at first would look up at their respective stats and would say, "yes, it's true". ( ReMinD stats :90.96 % of game won, Sky :80.38 %, aka WE.Sky., i didnt consider his other and "first" aka, Home.Sky with its 63.48 % ...)

  204. The second scene is quite diferent but i would say very easy to get in touch with, its the one which is shown through web site, like or its korean homonym...and sometimes in the some tv program (tv ligues etc cf. Moon..), or maybe in press, it's THE GAMING SCENE. This scene include something that the first scene not include, its the EXPOSURE. And i dont say THE GAMING EXPOSURE, cause i think its too narrow. If i say Sky is a Pro , no one would contest it, because everyone know that he has succeed in many tournament, and sometimes get good results in these. BUT if i say, ReMinD is better that Sky, people would not be agree with me, because Sky get some recognitions and congratulations by winnig or getting some good results. Othewise, ReMinD, since some time, didn't appear in theses tournaments, or maybe just failed at the first round etc etc BUT i ask you this question TerrorBlade, and i hope you're even intelligent to understand it : WHAT IS FOR WARCRAFT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO CONSIDER, THE LADDER OR THE EXPOSURE ?

  205. As a player, i personaly answer THE LADDER, because its something which i'm close with. I want to add that this question reflect very well the meaning of the problem here. Yes there are some people who speak as fans, and ITS NORMAL cause ITS A GAME, but there ar also people who try to separate their emotions from their reason, and i disagree with this ranking. Let's take to finish a good example, the player WE.Soju or Phoenix_Soju for the purists. If you look at his results, recently he pawns Xiaot ( who defeat Moon), you will see that its a good player, and he is for me one of the best player in the world, i just look at the replays from ladders games or from big events, etc etc you won't see many looses from him. BUT what does it make him so underestimated ? ITS THE EXPOSURE. What i repect from ReMinD or Soju is their capacity to not always look for exposure...which is not the case for all. I dont say its good or Wrong. I just say it. I dislike something more important that a simple RANIKG its the fact that the people who the kind of ranking, and act in the way of the EXPOSURE, are just killing the game. But its an other problem than this one.

  206. And because i think you're not totally convinced just look up at this : "Many people consider you the best player in the world, especially after beating Moon both in IGE league tournaments and Season 2 Ladder Tournament." Sargera speaking, extract from "WE.ReMinD Interview by Sargera", edited on NOTE : Winning 2 BNET ladders seasons is EVERYTHING compared a major tournament. But its just my opinion and i could easily be wrong....

  207. Sorry for my poor english..

  208. I dont see how ToD can be ranked 10 in the world, when any korean player that doesnt use HU will rape him. Is this shit based off wc3l only or something? very strange list.. if it is based on past accomplishments, where the f*** is madfrog? How do you compare asia vs euro and then come up with a reasonable world ranking? ToD is better than Reign, Sky, Sweet, Remind? are you kidding me? Id rather do a most accomplished players list, or most popular etc, voted for by the fans, than a speculative and biased list by clan members and wc3l on the relative strength of players

  209. Have to agree with ex0duz. This looks more like a fangirl listening than a realistic ranking. Is there ANYone above ReMinD who he didn't rape to pieces last time they met? I know he did it with Moon anyway, and it's funny how they're placed him first and ReMinD tenth. ReMinD deserves a much better top, and I don't see Deadman or ToD in top10. Checking how the points was placed doesn't make one think higher of the rating either.

  210. Spell over Insomnia -NEVER... . Just because you havent seen Insomnia in a shape ? As for the other European ranking Grubby 1st is ok, if you ask me ToD should be below and SK.Hot 4th maybe, mTw-Winner, mTw-DIDI8 and 4K.Fury should be before TOD and Elackeduck .

  211. more korean/chinese judges. tnx

  212. This is bullsh't.. Spirit_Moon has hardly won anything significant in a loong while, he's out of WCG, etc. Yeah he was great when he excelled at his multi expo play, but why keep idolizing him now when he's mediocre? I also miss PhilBot in this ranking, and Remind lower than Moon? Ridicoulus. Next round maybe base your ranking on facts?

  213. This list is the most ridiculous shit i have ever seen, half the players are nowhere near top 10 in the world. Remind ranked too low definately and ToD ranked too high, this looks like a 4k Fanboy listing to me.

  214. One thing is clear beyond a doubt from these rankings: 4K is the most competitive clan worldwide.

  215. Just ont pay attention to these rankings.It looks like that judges havent watched replays since years.(And 1 more thing:@! is right but that means :Grubby shouldnt be first)

  216. grubby moon, he should be the first

  217. whinewhinewhine... come up with a better list yourself instead of complaining.

  218. Why don't skip doing a list in the first place since most of the judges are NOT objective and some of the judges favor some players IRL then others. Obviously, the whole world has agreed that you can't do a "Top 10"-list that actually proves something.. except the Wc3-community. We haven't reached the moden computer-age yet. Pass the bronze-chess please!

  219. SHORTROUND ???????????????? and what about american players?? WIZARD????

  220. What exatly scoring is based on???

  221. I think its a good idea to try and compile rankings. Its not easy to choose a top 10 from sooooo many players, but im sure accuracy will improve in future rankings.

  222. hm this ranking is little stupid coz putting moon first is not fair to grubby or reverse.they r both great players who in the moment bounce from rest!

  223. You can please some people all the time, and you can please all the people some of the time. I tried doing a top 10 with Led Zeppelin songs, so I definitely know what it's like. I for one take this for what it is, cool. Good work guys.

  224. Putting Moon first is not fair to FoV coz he owned him......(and Grubby too FoV has prooved that he is better....)

  225. Deadman is an amazing player... how can anyone say he does not deserve his spot? Correct me if I'm wrong but I think he has been undefeated in wc3l this season and he's created ladder accounts with stats like 300-10... He is undoubtedly top 5 player in the world.

  226. Cool! Nice work. WE.Sweet looks kinda cool for a gamer :D Think it's a bit different to be a gamer in korea than europe ^^

  227. to all the noobs who post that grubby is better than moon: these guys know a lot better than you. moon is bettter. settled. end of story.

  228. Remind is ranked toooooo low he deserves much more,and also ToD,he's been doing awsome lately

  229. :O grubby is "only" second, otherwise so suprise

  230. NO*******

  231. ELAKEDUCK is overrated!!! How did he get on here??? OMG...

  232. I dont believe that spirit_moon is better than 4k.Grubby when grubby is still winning all the tournaments. I want tod to be number 1 because of hu weak units

  233. check shoulda been in top10 tho : |

  234. I think ToD & Grubby r much better than s.moon and deserve higher ranks

  235. Heres my race rankings... Orc*1-Grubby, 2-Far Seer, 3-Zacard, 4-Elakeduck...Night Elf*1-Spirit Moon, 2-FREEDOM 3-Deadman 4-Remind HUMAN...*1-WE.Sky 2-HomerunBall 3-ToD 4-Insomnia...Undead*1-FoV 2-Lucifer 3-Gostop 4-Sweet

  236. It's a pity the ladders don't really show who the best players are

  237. imo Grubby=no.1, but nothing but respect for Moon.

  238. very good ranking but i think that 4k.gruuby should be rank 1 in the world not spirit_moon

  239. grubby or we.remind should be 1st and 2nd place


  241. LOL errr spirit_moon is only better than grubby cause he's elf it shudnt be based on that cus tbh grubby has won alot more major tournys this year than moon, and tbh yeh remind should be ranked lot higher

  242. Grubby or Moon, Moon or Grubby ??? I think Moon because he won WEG two times, which is clearly the hardest tournament in the world and i dont't think that loosing a Bo3 toFov puts him behind Grubby because Grubby did the same, last time he played Fov, but now that in 1.20 Nelf vs Orc is balanced u will get an impression of who is better in their showmatch.

  243. "Cool and props to all who voted Grubby!" ... die you tool

  244. Nice stuff, gj ! Some players who are not participating in european league may be underestimated though (Sky, Remind, Check...). And it would be interesting to have a ranking for each race...

  245. Where is WE.Check? @@...isn't he top too? I've seen many replays of him beating Grubby (but GRUBBY STILL THE BEST)

  246. its pretty stupid to ask for an american ranking hm? i mean, some of the judges would probably not even know 5 american players and just vote for someone they heard of twice.


  248. imo xiaoT is better than sky recently

  249. gotta love the judges:)

  250. 2-3 months ago zacard would've been 3rd overall..... tt

  251. YEa. A lot opinion. i gues i have my own opinion :/. ToD is lower then i thought he'd be in world rankings. Grubby i believe should be #1 not Moon. Just my Opinion

  252. Really nice. :) Insomnia and madrog are out of there as they should be. They are no longer among the gosus. I think FoV's gonna get more points since he won moon at the korean wcg qualifiers. He has won also grubby ^^ I think Check's gonna enter the list too doing so great at incup and stuff :)

  253. And no american ranking plz. They have no gosus. Shortround and wizard are ok but not top.

  254. the showmatch has proved these guys right. (and of course it did - they a lot better than the noob grubby fanboys)

  255. nice to see some humans up theres ^^ WCR/SK Ftw!!!

  256. gostop and deadman way overated

  257. i agree completely :D

  258. zacard looks retarded. sorry to say it but really

  259. farseer is a chubby head no offense

  260. nice pics. nice ranking. good for every WC3 gamer. kinda like a person to look up to. idols and heroes. but i think we ordinary gamers should practice and play more so that someday, the dreams of our own pics posted in rankings will become a reality.

  261. ok some 1 has to answer me ToD's pic here is normal, the pic at blizzcon he hasa big nose...did i miss something here?

  262. Very curious how some say that moon shouldnt be number 1 when he has beaten everyone in that list and keeps doing it without any trouble. He is by far the best there (perhaps not as far as FoV who beat him, but hey...everyone loses once...)

  263. Moon has beaten everyone in the list and lost once to FoV, he is still the best player BY FAR. Stupid grubby groupies xd

  264. no soju or check???

  265. lucifer looks like hes crying

  266. Ahaha, the Lucifer Picture is great...