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Oh, what a year it has been! 2005 was filled with all sorts of big events, big news, and tons of big player moves. It's hard to imagine just how much the community has developed over the past year alone, but I've made it my mission to do my best in showing it all. I'll cover everything right on up to December 31, 2005, all in chronological order, so grab a seat and check out the Year in Review 2005. Celebrates It's First Birthday!

After what was a very, very hectic 2004 for us at, we celebrated our first birthday on January 11th. We were so glad to have made it through our first year with just enough hitches to keep us on our toes, but all in all, it was a very successful year.

WC3L Season VII Begins

The seventh season of the
WC3L started up on January 24th, which brought together 12 of the best teams in the world to compete for eternal glory...or something like that. Team 64AMD were the defending champions, and they had a big season ahead of them to keep their crown. Here is a list of all of the competing teams:
  • 4Kings.Intel
  • Team Ownage
  • DkH.Keyweb
  • Mousesports.BenQ.GeiL
  • mTw.ATI
  • mYm International
  • SK Gaming
  • Team 3wD International
  • Team 64AMD
  • The JuNgLe TeaM
  • United 5
  • rS Gaming
It was their biggest season yet, with more top players then the league had ever seen, and had also brought in talent from places other than Europe, including Brazil, USA, and of course, South Korea.

WEG Season I in Seoul, Korea

January also brought us the start of the very first World e-Sport Games, which began on January 30. This event was the first of it's kind, in which no qualifiers were held, and players were actually invited to participate in this huge event with a $20,000 USD first place prize. Some of Warcraft's biggest names took part in the event, and here they are:

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D


With such stiff competition, it's no wonder that many called this event the most difficult to win out of all the big Warcraft III tournaments.

After a very close Group Stage of the event, 8 players went on to compete in a second Group Stage to determine which players would move on. No big surprises took place in this one, as Moon[One], MagicYang, SK.Zacard and YolinY.Sky made it to the semi-finals. Moon took out MagicYang in one fell swoop with a 3:0 victory to secure his spot in the finals, while Zacard and Sky battled it out all the way to game 5, where Zacard won in the end.

This set up a finals of epic proportions, as the two players competing were looked upon as the two best in the world at the time. The finals took place in March, where Moon and Zacard would face off in one final battle. It was no shock to people when Moon went on to win the finals 3:0, meaning that the star Night Elf player had gone undefeated in every game throughout the whole tournament.

Player Transactions - January

  • Wizard decides not to renew his contract with SK International and signs back on with his old team, mTw.ATI.
  • NuKe, formerly the manager of SK International, takes on the task of managing 4Kings.Intel.
  • May, Sweet, Miou, TaKe and Kookian all join SK International.
  • WinneR joins up with Team 64AMD.
  • Lucifer becomes the third Korean player to join mYm.International.
  • ReMiND and SoJu join Team 3wD International.
  • Check and JusticE join Team 64AMD.
  • Myth and Psion join United 5.

Other Events - January

  • WC3L opens up betting with BetOG (Betting Online Games).
  • Insomnia defeats WinneR in WC3 Masters #21.
  • WC3 Masters effectively ends.
  • 3wD.ReMiND and mYm]Susiria face a 4-Playday ban from the WC3L.
  • Swain[Pooh] comes out of retirement.
  • Blizzard removes the level cap from the Battle.Net ladder.
  • Blizzard launches the Ladder Season 2 Tournament.


CPL Istanbul

CPL Istanbul was the only real major event in February and took place on February 12. This was the first CPL World Tour stop of the year that would feature a Warcraft III event, and many players showed up for what hoped to be a great event. Among these players were 4K.Grubby, 4K.Zeus[19], 3wD.FlasH, SK.HoT, SK.FaTC and mTw-DIDI8.

Two players really stood out in this one, as Grubby and HoT took the stage and took out their opponents with ease. When the two of them met up in the Second Round, HoT took the series 2:0 proving that day that he was a force to be reckoned with on LAN. The finals came down to, once again, HoT taking on Grubby who had battled back from the Loser Bracket. This time it was Grubby's turn to shine, and shine he did as he beat HoT in two consecutive series, 2:0 and 2:0. Thus, 4K.Grubby was crowned the champion of CPL Istanbul!

Player Transactions - February

  • Creolophus signs with Team 64AMD.
  • Romeo is the first Korean to join on with Moussports.BenQ.GeiL.
  • Khaldor steps down from being mouz's Orga, FrogBender takes his place.
  • Wolfy is removed from mYm.International.

Other Events - February

  • MaDFroG announces his retirement from gaming.
  • rS.Shore wins 3Dimension LAN tournament.
  • MCL EuroCup XI begins.

WCR Showmatch #1 - 4K.Grubby vs. rS.PhilBoT

March was another slow month in the Warcraft community, however there was one glint of light during this gloomy month, and that was the first ever WCR Showmatch. We got in touch with two of the best players at the time in 4K.Grubby and rS.PhilBoT and brought them together for a 5-game series for bragging rights. Observer spots were given out to 35 lucky WCReplays members via a trivia contest, and the event went down on March 5. After the dust settled, Grubby took the victory in this one with a 4:1 win over PhilBoT.

Player Transactions - March

  • ReMiND and SoJu removed from Team 3wD International due to internal issues, 3wD orga gh0sT-.
  • Check and JusticE removed from Team 64AMD.
  • Deadman leaves Team 64AMD, joins SK Gaming.
  • RotterdaM, 3Bepb and Star recruited by Team 3wD International.
  • FarSeer joins Team Ownage.
  • Spirit_Moon joins Mousesports.BenQ.GeiL.

Other Events - March

  • 24x7 goes inactive.
  • MBC Prime League Map scandal revealed.
  • DayFly comes out of retirement.
  • Chemi returns.
  • mYm]Susiria defeats mouz.Romeo in ESL/WC3L KotH #10.
  • Only Team Players and Team Ownage leave the MCL.
  • 64AMD.Creolophus wins The Gathering LAN.
  • 4K.ToD wins Gamer's Assembly.
  • 4K.ToD defeats rS.Shore in Exgames Showmatch.
  • MBC Prime League changes name to MWL.
  • IGE holds it's first ever Race Wars.
  • Blizzard releases Patch 1.18.


WC3L Season VII - Regular Season Completed

Twelve Playdays and three months later, the seventh season of the WC3L completed on April 1. It was a very, very close season with many teams being in the playoff running until the very end, but many would say that the finals ended just as everyone had predicted. Here is a look at the final standings:

WC3L Season VII
Regular Season Final Standings
Score Difference
4Kings.Intel 43 11-0-0 93:37
mYm.International 37 8-0-3 85:49
Team 64AMD 36 9-0-2 81:57
Mousesports.BenQ.GeiL 32 7-0-4 76:60
SK Gaming 29 6-0-5 69:61
mTw.ATI 29 6-0-5 68:73
Team Ownage 27 5-0-6 64:73
rS Gaming 25 5-0-6 68:69
United 5 19 3-0-8 56:80
Team 3wD International 18 1-0-10 54:82
DkH.Keyweb 17 3-0-8 49:88
The JuNgLe TeaM 17 2-0-9 51:85

This meant that 4K and mYm were automatically qualified for the offline LAN finals, while 64AMD would play mTw.ATI and SK would play mouz in the online playoff matches to determine who would go to Cologne.

World Elite Revealed

Perhaps the biggest team creation came from Asia this year, as it brought to us one of the most looked forward to teams of all time. Hidden in mystery for a few weeks prior, April 16 was the release date for the roster. The original WE roster was much smaller then what we see today, but was still incredibly powerful when we first saw it. The original players were as follows:
  • WE.Sweet
  • WE.DayFly
  • WE.Swain
  • WE.Check
  • WE.suhO
  • WE.Sky
  • WE.Anas
Later on in the month, WE would add another two star Korean players to their lineup in WE.ReMiND and WE.SoJu. This team, sponsored by IGE and Replays.NET was not yet involved in any big leagues, but as the year progressed, WE was represented in every major tournament out there and was known to be a force to be reckoned with. The one thing they were lacking was a spot in the WC3L, however, due to issues with lag, they did not attempt to earn a spot in the WC3L Season VIII qualifiers.

mYm.International and Hanbit Stars Merge

April 27 marked the day of the second big team change of April, but rather than a new team being created, two teams merged together to create a 'super team' of sorts. The once Danish team mYm.International was one of the first European teams to incorporate Korean players into the lineup, and so it was no surprise when they decided to pick up more. But rather then going after a player or two, they decided to try and bring in an exsisting Korean proteam to their lineup, and achieved this goal when they merged lineups with Hanbit Stars to create Team mYm.Hanbit. With GoStop, Susiria and Lucifer's contracts with mYm about to expire, it was a bold move by mYm to try and keep them with their team, while not voiding their contracts with their Korean proteams. This move didn't come without any loss, however, as GoStop decided to stay with his Korean team (One), meaning he would soon leave the team. But, with all loss comes some gain, and what a gain it was for mYm. This is what their lineup looked like:
  • T.MH]Susiria
  • T.MH]Lucifer
  • T.MH]FarSeer (who left Ownage soon after joining them)
  • T.MH]ShowTime (left Yperano after not making it to the WC3L Season VIII qualifiers)
  • T.MH]EVE
  • T.MH]High
  • T.MH]Bjarke
  • T.MH]Ciara
This was a huge addition to the squad who was preparing for WC3L Season VIII even before Season VII had even ended, and it proved to big a great move for them.

Player Transactions - April

  • NilknarfLP joins United 5 after winning the CAL.
  • Evenstar becomes the newest member of SK Gaming.
  • ShowTime, Lyn, Spider and BerA join Yperano.
  • FaTC leaves SK Gaming, later joins good-game.
  • PhilBoT leaves rS Gaming, joins Mousesports.BenQ.GeiL.

Other Events - April

  • IGE: Europe vs. Korea event held, Europe wins 3:2.
  • 64AMD.Creolophus defeats 64AMD.WinneR in Colloseum KotH.
  • MWL Champions Carnival begins.
  • mYm]Susiria loses to SK.Zacard in ESL/WC3L KotH #11.
  • WC3L announces new match format (4 x 1on1, 1 x 2on2).
  • 64AMD.Creolophus defeats Blatty.olan in Colloseum KotH.
  • mTw-DIDI8 defeats SK.Zacard in ESL/WC3L KotH #12.


WC3L Season VII - Playoffs

May was the month of WC3L event-wise, as two big issues arose this time of the year. First and foremost, the finals for Season VII took place in Cologne, Germany on May 21, and what a great final it was. 4 teams showed up for the finals after the online playoff matches were completed, as 4Kings.Intel and Team mYm.Hanbit automatically qualified by placing first and second respectively in the regular season, while Team 64AMD and SK Gaming qualified by defeating mTw.ATI and Mousesports.BenQ.GeiL. The stage was set for an exciting tournament, and here is how the event went down:

4Kings.Intel [3:2] SK Gaming - Winner Bracket Round 1
Team 64AMD [3:2] Team mYm.Hanbit - Winner Bracket Round 1
SK Gaming [3:2] Team mYm.Hanbit - Loser Bracket Round 1
4Kings.Intel [4:0] Team 64AMD - Winner Bracket Round 2
SK Gaming [1:4] Team 64AMD - Loser Bracket Round 2
4Kings.Intel [4:1] Team 64AMD - Grand Finals

And so, for the second time in three seasons, 4Kings.Intel finished in first place in the WC3L. Many people had predicted this outcome as 4K had been dominant for the entire season, going a perfect 11-0 and not losing a clanwar since the middle of Season VI.

WC3L Season VIII Qualifiers - Cheating Galore

The aftermath of the WC3L Season VII Finals was the birth of Season VIII, and with that, the qualifiers soon began to determine which teams would earn a spot in the season. The teams competing were as follows:
  • a-Losers.MSI (a-L.MSI)
  • Against All Authority (aAa)
  • (AoD)
  • Boomtown Odense (BTo)
  • Check 6 (c6)
  • Team Chile (ChL)
  • DkH.Keyweb (DkH)
  • e-sports4extreme (es4x)
  • EGO.Intel (EGO)
  • elite Team (eT)
  • n!faculty (n!)
  • Fight TO Reign (FTR)
  • Geh aB Clan (GaB)
  • goodgame (GG)
  • Incredible Teamaction (it)
  • LanFan (LFan)
  • plan-B (pB)
  • pro-gaming (pG)
  • Project K2 (K2)
  • Remained in Force (RiF)
  • Storm Games Clan (SGC)
  • Team 3wD (3wD)
  • Team Pentagram (CNN)
  • Team zer0 (tZ)
  • The Elder Gods - 4Glory (TeG-4G)
  • The JuNgLe TeaM (jNg)
  • United 5 (u5)
  • United Forces (UF)
  • Winner Takes All (WTA)
  • xPLICIT Professional Gaming Team (xPL)
The table was set for a great qualifying tournament, however no one knew how much trouble would pass over the next few weeks. The first issue arose in the match between xPL and pG, in which xPL)LuxuryMaster was found to be playing not only for himself, but for xPL)EggMan as well. Thus, xPL was disqualified from the qualifiers. No more than a day later, the German team a-L.MSI was also found to have a player fakenicking on a friend's account. a-L.MSI.Quee was unable to make his match on time, and so a still unknown player was found to be playing on his account. a-L.MSI was also removed from the qualifiers. Finally, two days later, the final incident of cheating took place when BTo.Revael was found to have been playing for BTo.Jacob in their match against aAa. Both Revael and BTo were banned from the WC3L.

It was sad to see such events go down in such a prestigious league, but it was all put in the past and has not happened since.

Player Transactions - May

  • Sweet is removed from SK Gaming due to joining World Elite.
  • Jan and daRk go inactive from Mousesports.BenQ.GeiL.
  • Spirit_Moon leaves Mousesports.BenQ.GeiL.
  • GoStop, Way and Rainbow join Mousesports.BenQ.GeiL.
  • ElakeDuck leaves Team 64AMD, joins SK Gaming.

Other Events - May

  • 4K.FuRy wins Swedish ACON5 qualifiers.
  • T.MH]Ciara wins Danish ACON5 qualifiers.
  • 64AMD.ElakeDuck wins Rixhack.
  • 64AMD.Creolophus defeats 3wD.RotterdaM in Colloseum KotH.
  • 4K.ToD wins French ACON5 qualifiers but cannot go due to WEG, therefore Blatty takes his place.
  • mTw-Wizard wins North American ACON5 Qualifiers.


WEG Season II

After the HUGE success of the first season of the World e-Sports Games, June 3 marked the start of the second season. The second time around also saw all players getting invited the Seoul, Korea, with the exception of a few who essentially earned they way in to the tournament after performing well in season one. Here is a look at the competing players:

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D


The stage was set for another incredibly talented tournament, and a talented tournament it was. The first group stage went by, and very few were surprised over the outcomes of the match. Moon, xiaOt, ElakeDuck and Shortround all went 3-0 in their groups, while the second place finishes in each group was the likes of WinneR, FoV, GoStop and Zacard. These 8 players would move on to the second group stage for another set of round robin matches. Once ElakeDuck and GoStop played their last game to determine which group each player would be in, the 4 players in each stage 2 group were set. Group A consisted of Moon, FoV, GoStop and Zacard, while Group B harboured WinneR, xiaOt, ElakeDuck and Shortround.

The second group stage did not go as most had planned, as we saw Moon losing his first match in 2 WEG seasons lost to GoStop, while Shortround and WinneR overcame ElakeDuck and xiaOt for first and second place in group B. Aside from his one loss to GoStop, Moon still moved on to the semi-finals with a 2-1 record, along with GoStop, Shortround and WinneR.

The semi-finals consisted of two Night Elf vs. Undead matches, as Shortround took on GoStop while Moon faced WinneR. GoStop took his series against Shortround 3-1, and Moon beat WinneR 3-1 (losing his second match in WEG, also to an Undead player). With this, GoStop and Moon were set to face off in the Grand Finals of the event, with GoStop having a little psychological advantage over Moon after knowing his two loses came to Undead, with the first coming from GoStop himself.

However, when finals day came, Moon seemed to have prepared himself for the worst, and it payed off. The two players split the first 4 games of the series, with Moon winning games 1 and 2 while GoStop took games 3 and 4. Going into game 5 with the momentum, GoStop had a legitimate chance of silencing Moon from winning his second consecutive WEG title, but seeing as the map that was played was Turtle Rock (in which GoStop had already lost to Moon on in game 1), Moon took it, thus securing his second WEG championship in as many WEG seasons.

ACON5 Global Finals

This tournament was overshadowed by the fact that both WEG Season II and the upcoming ESWC qualifiers interfered with players from playing in ACON5, but the event still brought together a lot of very talented players from several countries across the globe. Here is a look at the roster:
  • WE.ReMiND
  • WE.Sky
  • SK.Deadman
  • T.MH]Ciara
  • SK.miou
  • Paulyan
  • GG-Blatty
  • RotterdaM
  • rS.eTched
  • XR.PaZ
  • Pentagram.TeRRoR
  • L_CLan_VeNoM
  • Apm.Coconut
  • BoNd
  • Cafone
The tournament was a simple double elimination format, with all matches being best of 1 except for the Winner Bracket Finals, Loser Bracket Finals, and Grand Finals, which were best of 3. Obvious favourites in this event were the two World Elite members in ReMiND and Sky, along with the Russian powerhouse Deadman. And, as expected, those were the 3 to really make an impact at this event. After knocking Sky down to the Loser bracket in Round 3, Deadman moved on to face ReMiND in the Winner Bracket Finals, and ReMiND's superior mirror match skills sent him awaiting the Loser Bracket Champion.

Sky had something to prove in this one after losing to Deadman, but that loss proved to be his last one of the tournament. Sky battled his way up to the Loser Bracket Finals, where once again he met Deadman, this time putting a 2-1 win over the Night Elf player, leaving him in third place. That would mean that Sky would meet his teammate in the Grand Finals, where he would be forced to beat him in 2 best-of-3 series if he wished to win, and beat him he did. Sky mopped the floor with ReMiND 2-0 in both series, and it's no surprise seeing how many Night Elf players he fought during the event. This was Sky's first big international victory, and for those of you that follow the scene, you'll know that it wasn't his last.

Replays.NET Stars War

This was one of the most looked forward events of the year. Sponsored by Replays.NET, this event would bring together a roster of incredibly skilled Asian players, as well as 4K.Grubby who was the sole European invited, to a LAN event in which the fans were the ones to pick which players would play. This would start off with the fans voting on which two players would play first, and then the audience would pick which players would face the winner. Each win in the event would give the player $50, meaning the more games the win, the more money they would earn. However, if they were to lose a game, they would lose all their money as well. Players were allowed to stop playing and take their money whenever they chose. This was one of the most innovative events in Warcraft history, which is why it accrued so much attention. The competing players were as follows:

Fans voted on Replays.NET before the event to determine which two players would go at it in the first match. It was no surprise which two players got the call up, as China's #1 player WE.Sky was the number one vote, followed by none other than 4K.Grubby. These two set it off in game number one, where Grubby took the win, thus moving on. The rest of the matches put each player in at least one game, and here are the results of the whole event:

  • 2:0 WE.Sky
  • 1:0 WE.Sweet
  • 1:0 FreeDom[KHAN]
  • 1:0 WE.SuhO
  • 0:1 T.MH]FarSeer
  • 1:0 ReiGn[KHAN]
  • 1:0 WE.ReMinD
  • 1:0 WE.SoJu
  • 1:0 WE.Anas
  • 1:0 WE.Ducui
  • 1:0 WE.DayFly
  • 1:0 BadPlayer
  • 1:0 QcH[ATI].Syc
  • 0:1 T.MH]ShowTime
  • 0:1 WE.Check
  • 0:1 WE.Swain
Due to only one player officially being eligible for a cash prize, the organizers decided to give out prizes to the 5 players that won their match(es):

  • 4K.Grubby - $350
  • T.MH]FarSeer - $3350
  • T.MH]ShowTime - $50
  • WE.Check - $50
  • WE.Swain - $50

    Team Fnatic is Created

    The big clan move of June comes from Europe, as internal issues and some unified European players moved to what is now one of the best Warcraft III clans out there. After the loss of ElakeDuck and Deadman, Team 64AMD had been severely crippled, and as such, it was only inevitable until the other players moved on to bigger and better things. Combined with the alleged fact that 64AMD players were not satisfied with some promises made by the 64AMD management, all but 2 players had left the team in search of somewhere else to play. This consisted of Creolophus, SaSe, Cara and their orga trimbLe. On top of this, the Human player pB.SunShinE had some issues with his team, and so he was removed from that organization. He would also band with the ex-64AMD players, along with the likes of Rholle, RotterdaM, Vankor and the soon to be ex-T.MH player Bjarke to all move to a new team.

    They found peace in the multi-gaming clan Team Fnatic, which had been harbouring an Unreal Tournament, and most notably PainKiller squad for a while now. The transition to Warcraft was expected, and what a transition it was. The only issue after the move was whether or not they would receive 64AMD's WC3L slot, as WinneR and Crimson were still part of the clan. After much debate, 64AMD decided it would be best if fnatic would have the spot, and so it was set. The lineup going into the eighth WC3L season was as follows:
    • trimbLe (Orga)
    • fnatic.Bjarke
    • fnatic.Creolophus
    • fnatic.Rholle
    • fnatic.RotterdaM
    • fnatic.SaSe
    • fnatic.SunShinE
    • fnatic.Vankor
    • fnatic.Caravaggio

    Player Transactions - June

    • SunShinE is removed from plan-B Sweden.
    • Bjarke leaves Team mYm.Hanbit.
    • Xyligan joins DkH.Keyweb.
    • Zerter leaves Team Ownage.
    • WraLth joins Team mYm.Hanbit.
    • PaTo joins United 5.
    • Suboshi joins rS Gaming.
    • sAtiiNi leaves DkH.Keyweb.

    Other Events - June

    • SK.miou wins EPS Season VI Finals.
    • 4K.Grubby wins Revelcell Masters Challenge.
    • Project K2 booted from WC3L Season VIII Qualifiers due to fakenicking.
    • GG-Wolf wins French ESWC Qualifiers.
    • Ownage)Zerter wins Dutch ESWC Qualifiers.
    • fnatic.Bjarke wins Danish ESWC Qualifiers.
    • u5.SeaWeed and mouz.Shortround qualify for ESWC at North American ESWC Qualifiers.
    • SK.Deadman wins Russian ESWC Qualifiers.
    • Master Clan League (MCL) comes to and end.
    • Hamachi, the 'no-lag' client, is released to the public.
    • Azeroth Clan League (ACL) and Kirin-Tor League (KTL) merge to create the Warcraft Premier League (WPL).
    • Blizzard announces BlizzCon.
    • Battle.Net Ladder Season II Solo and 2v2 Tournament Begins.


    CPL Summer Championships

    July opened up with the CPL Summer Championships in Dallas, Texas, and started on July 7. Unfortunately, this event was overshadowed by ESWC, which took place on the same weekend (more on that next). Still, a solid core of players showed up for the event, and the competition was on. 32 players took the stage, headlined by the likes of mouz.Shortround, 4K.ToD, SK.ElakeDuck and mTw-DIDI8.

    Of course, these were the same players to pretty much run the tournament, joined by rS.Suboshi and mTw-Wizard who rounded out the top 5. The Grand Finals came down to ToD representing the Winner Bracket taking on DIDI8 from the Loser Bracket. DIDI8 took the first series 2:1, but as he came from the Loser Bracket, he had to beat ToD a second time. ToD didn't make the same mistakes twice, as he beat DIDI8 2:1 in the second round of matches, capturing the first place prize.

    ESWC 2005 in Paris, France

    The next major tournament of 2005 kicked off on July 10, as players from all over the world flocked to Paris, France to take part in the annual Electronic Sports World Cup. This is one of the most prestigious events out there, and with winners such as SK.HeMaN and aT-FoV as previous winners. Many players had to chose between taking part in this, ACON5, and CPL USA as dates of qualifiers and the actual events were conflicting, and as this event had the biggest prize pool of all (as well as more glory and honour on the line), many players chose this.

    A little controversy sparked before the event had even began, however. The event was set up as such that players were separated into one of 4 groups - High Seed, Medium Seed, Low Seed, and No Seed. One player from each of the first three groups would be put in each group in the first group stage, while the No-seeders would be spread among them. Most of the seedings were alright, give or take a few players being put into groups they most likely did not belong, other than a few select exceptions. Two players in specific, who should have at the bar minimum be put in the Low-Seed group, were bypassed by the ESWC admins. First off was fnatic.Bjarke, the winner of the Danish ESWC Qualifiers, who is regarded very highly among the elite European players. But the biggest shock was that 4K.Grubby, one who was considered by just about everyone who knows anything as the best European player, had been put in the No-Seed group. This would prove to be a stupid mistake on the part of the admins, but would not stop Grubby from achieving his goal.

    The event went just as all other large events have, with very little surprises and only seeded players (and Grubby) moving on to the Playoff round. The onlu upset was that last year's champion, FoV, had been left behind in the second group stage due to a technicality, even thought he had the same record as players that had moved on in his group. SK.Deadman got his revenge on WE.Sky who had beat him in ACON5, as he took Sky out of the running for first by defeating him 2:1. On the other side of the bracket, Grubby advanced without much trouble, winning his matches against WE.Sweet and ReiGn[KHAN] 2:0. It was then that Grubby and Deadman met in the Grand Finals, where both players had it all on the line, with everything to lose. In typical Grubby fashion, he took the last series 2:0, thus winning the tournament losing only one series (ironically, to FoV, his teammate who had not moved on to the playoffs as stated before). It was there that Grubby had essentially completed the Warcraft III Triple Play, as he had become the reigning WCG, ESWC and WC3L champion all at the same time, a feat that had yet to be accomplished by any single player.

    WC3L Season VIII - Regular Season Begins

    Just like the season before it, this season of the WC3L begged to be it's biggest ever. This season saw 12 teams who were (mostly) on the level with each other competing in what had hoped to be a very close season. The qualifiers had ended with goodgame, Incredible Teamaction, plan-B Sweden and Team Pentagram qualifying (On a side note: all of these teams are no more, as they all split up during or directly after the regular season had ended. Strange, eh?), and they would join 8 other teams from season 7 to compete for the title of champions. The teams competing were:
    • 4Kings.Intel
    • A.S (who took Team Ownage's spot)
    • fnatic Team
    • Incredible Teamaction
    • plan-B Sweden
    • Mousesports.BenQ.GeiL
    • mTw.ATI
    • Team mYm.Hanbit
    • SK Gaming
    • Team Pentagram
    • rS Gaming
    • goodgame

    Player Transactions - July

    • Team Ownage's active roster, eNvious, and Abver go to A.S
    • DaviN and BasH join mTw.ATI.
    • Spider and Lyn join A.S, aNty leaves.
    • Shortround supposedly joins 4Kings.Intel at CPL Summer Championships, however is forced to stay with Mousesports.BenQ.GeiL to finish his contract.
    • FarSeer leaves Team mYm.Hanbit, Storm and BerA join.
    • WinneR joins mTw.ATI.
    • BoO and Fire_de join rS Gaming.
    • sAtiiNi joins goodgame.
    • ToRReN joins plan-B Sweden.
    • Tiger joins World Elite.
    • FarSeer joins Mousesports.BenQ.GeiL.
    • EnDure joins A.S

    Other Events - July

    • mTw-ShoCK, GG-sAtiiNi and SK.miou all miss ESWC for various reasons.
    • SK Gaming creates SK Gaming 06, a squad of young, developing German players.
    • MaDFroG comes out of retirement, stays with SK Gaming.


    MBCGame Warcraft League Season I

    After a lot of controversy over the map scandal, MBC Prime League reopened its Warcraft league under the name MWL. The MWL is perhaps the largest Korean televised league to date, and is considered, aside from WEG, to be the most prestigious of the TV leagues. The MWL brought together 24 Korean players to compete in a tournament with a single group stage which would move right into a single-elimination tournament bracket. Some huge names took place in this event from teams all over the place, including the reigning MBC champion, Spirit_Moon.

    The top two players from each group would move on to the Quarter-finals of the event, where each match would be best-of-3. Group A qualifiers were ReiGn[KHAN] & mouz.Rainbow, Group B was 4K.FoV & play`Lyn, Group C was represented by T.MH]FarSeer & FreeDom[KHAN], and rounding it out in Group D was Spirit_Moon & T.MH]Lucifer. These players all moved on to the tournament bracket, and here are the results:

      ReiGn[KHAN] < play`Lyn
      4K.FoV > mouz.Rainbow
      T.MH]FarSeer > T.MH]Lucifer
      Spirit_Moon > FreeDom[KHAN]


      4K.FoV < play`Lyn
      T.MH]FarSeer < Spirit_Moon

      Grand Finals

      play`Lyn < Spirit_Moon.

    WCR Showmatch #2 - mouz.PhilBoT vs. 4K.ToD

    In what was dubbed by many as a 'grudge match', mouz.PhilBoT returned for his second WCR Showmatch to take on yet another 4K player in 4K.ToD. August 26 was the day of reckoning for these two players who played out 5 games in a highly awaited match. The players split the first two maps, but from there on out it was ToD who would steal the show, taking games 3 and 4 to take the series 3:1. The last game was still played out, and Phil managed to take that one, ending the series at 3:2.

    Player Transactions - August

    • Zerter and Zubie leave A.S to join mTw.ATI.
    • Happy joins Mousesports.BenQ.GeiL.
    • Karma joins Incredible Teamaction.
    • rS Gaming rosters moves to Check 6, also picks up ShoCK from mTw.ATI.
    • Wizard joins Check 6.
    • mTw-Rax goes inactive.
    • Spirit_Moon signs contract with Pantech & Curitel.
    • Fire_de leaves Check 6.
    • Team 3wD creates all-Bulgarian lineup.

    Other Events - August

    • SK.ElakeDuck defeats mTw-DIDI8 in ESL/WC3L KotH #13.
    • mTw-WinneR wins Lithuanian WCG Qualifiers.
    • wNv.xiaOt wins Chinese WCG Qualifiers.
    • PanTech.Moon wins Chinese Korea Cyber Games (CKCG).
    • 4K.Grubby wins Warcraft III Player of the Year in the e-Sports Awards 2005.
    • 4Kings.Intel wins e-Sports Team of the Year in the e-Sports Awards 2005.
    • Team Sweden wins European Nations Cup (ENC).
    • 4K.Zeus[19] wins Croatian WCG Qualifiers.
    • WE.ReMiND defeats 4K.FuRy in Battle.Net Ladder Season 2 Solo Gateway Finals.
    • WE.Check and T.MH]FarSeer defeat WE.ReMiND and WE.SoJu in Battle.Net Ladder Season 2 2v2 Gateway Finals.


    Player Transactions - September

    • Wanzerg joins Incredible Teamaction as their new Orga.
    • eTched leaves Check 6.
    • Darky leaves Team Pentagram.
    • EnDure leaves A.S, sAtiiNi joins.
    • Project K2 roster moves to QPool.
    • Internationally Known rosters moves to Trademark-Gamers.
    • Deco joins Incredible Teamaction.
    • Caravaggio joins Trademark-Gamers.
    • sAtiiNi and eNvious leave A.S
    • SonkiE joins Trademark-Gamers.
    • Fire_de joins SK Gaming.

    Other Events - September

    • SK.ElakeDuck defeats mTw-WinneR in ESL/WC3L KotH #14.
    • SK.Deadman wins Russian WCG Qualifiers.
    • fnatic.Cara found fakenicking for Keepers of Destruction in a WPL match, removed from fnatic (would later joing TmG).
    • WE.Sweet and T.MH]Lucifer win Korean WEG III Qualifiers.
    • verGe.BoO drives from El Paso, Texas to Los Angelas, California, qualifies for WEG III.
    • PanTech.Moon wins World eSports Festival.
    • goodgame drops out of WC3L Season VIII.
    • QcH[ATI]GoHome, WE.Tiger and wNv.xiaOt win Chinese WEG III Qualifiers.
    • IGE Team League Announced.
    • mTw-DaviN wins German WCG Qualifiers.
    • fnatic.Creolophus wins Nordic WCG Qualifiers.
    • WE.Check defeats SK.ElakeDuck in ESL/WC3L KotH #15.
    • SK.HoT wins ClanBase EuroCup Finals.
    • 4K.Grubby and mTw-Zerter win Dutch WCG Qualifiers.
    • 4K.FoV wins Korean WCG Qualifiers.
    • MWL2 Team Battle is announced.
    • mTw-DIDI8, SK.ElakeDuck, fnatic.SaSe & GG-Wolfy win European WEG III Qualifiers.
    • u5.PaTo wins Brazilian WCG Qualifiers.
    • WE.Check defeats WE.Sky in ESL/WC3L KotH #16.
    • MWL2 Team Battle Starts.
    • Blizzard announces Ladder Season III.
    • Blizzard releases Patch 1.19.
    • Blizzard releases Patch 1.20.


    WC3L Season VIII - Regular Season Complete

    This season was, as expected, the most explosive ever. The closest season in WC3L was filled with lots of very intense matches, as well as the arrival (and unfortunate departure) of a lot of great players. The most disappointing news of the season was when the French based clan goodgame decided to drop out of the league due to issues with players. This was a tough loss for the league, but the show still went on to produce a great season.

    It came down in the end to three teams in a tie for first place based on points (36). 4Kings.Intel, for the first time in 3 seasons, had not secured a cushion of points over the other teams, and thus was brought into a tie with Team mYm.Hanbit and SK Gaming. However, due to their perfect 10-0-0 record, they still held the top seed heading into the playoffs.

    WC3L Season VIII
    Regular Season Final Standings
    Score Difference
    4Kings.Intel 36 10-0-0 76:37
    Team mYm.Hanbit 36 8-0-2 79:39
    SK Gaming 36 8-0-2 78:39
    Mousesports.BenQ.GeiL 31 7-0-3 73:53
    A.S 26 5-0-5 61:63
    fnatic Team 25 5-0-5 62:60
    plan-B Sweden 19 3-0-7 47:71
    mTw.ATI 19 2-0-8 50:71
    Incredible Teamaction 18 4-0-6 57:68
    verGe Gaming 18 3-0-7 46:71
    Team Pentagram 7 0-0-10 29:86
    goodgame 0 0-0-0 0:0

    For the first time in WC3L history, the German squad mTw.ATI did not make the playoff round, showing that it looked to finally be the decline of the two time WC3L champions. mYm and SK also showed their strengths this season with big score improvements from last season. However, aside from that, no big surprises really came when the dust settled on the regular season. We'd have to wait for the Finals for that.

    WEG Season III

    Season III of the famed World e-Sports Games began on October 20, which, for the first time, consisted of several players who qualified for the event at regional qualifiers held before the event itself. Players from all over the world were invited to participate in one of 4 qualifiers held in Europe, China, North America and Korea. In the European qualifiers, mTw-DIDI8, SK.ElakeDuck, fnatic.SaSe and GG-Wolfy managed to qualify, while QcH[ATI]GoHome, WE.Tiger and wNv.xiaOt qualified in China. Perhaps the most interesting qualifiers did not actually take place at all, as Carlos 'BoO' Armendariz took a drive from his hometown of El Paso, Texas up to Los Angeles, California in a grueling road trip which would eventually be his ticket to WEG III, as he was the only participant to show up. To wrap it all out, T.MH]Lucifer qualified in Korea to make his first appearance in the WEG circuit, along with WE.Sweet who was making his return to WEG after his disappointing first-round loss in Season I. Here is a full list of players to compete in the event:

    Group A

    Group B

    Group C


    This season of WEG was perhaps the most exciting ever, but for different reasons then most would think. For the first time in his history with WEG, the 2-time defending champion Spirit_Moon was put on the ropes and forced to pull off some big wins early on. No one had expected for Moon to be in trouble in the second group stage, but when the dust settled, Moon sat at 1-2 after taking two loses to - you guessed it - 2 Undead players, GoStop being one of them. Seems that GoStop would end up being Moon's Kryptonite, as Moon was then forced to go into a series of regames with T.MH]Lucifer and fnatic.SaSe who were both at 1-2 to see which of them would move on to the second round. In an incredible 3 rounds of regames, one of the most shocking events in WEG history took place - Moon had finally been beaten; twice by SaSe and once by Lucifer. Lucifer was the one to move on after taking out SaSe and Moon on his third try, but the focus was all on Moon's failure rather than Lucifer's success.

    And so, the tournament went on with everyone knowing that a new champion would finally be crowned, and that the Night Elf giant had been silenced, at least for the rest of the season. The semi-final rounds had been set out, with the three Korean Undead players, GoStop, Lucifer and Sweet taking 3 spots, while the sole Orc player, and sole European was ElakeDuck. GoStop took on Elake in the first semi-final match, and, after winning the first game and dropping the second, GoStop went to move on to the Grand Finals for the second season in a row. Sweet and Lucifer was a little more intense. The two exchanged the first 4 games, with game 5 being played on Bloodhoof, a map in which Lucifer had won earlier on. With the odds somewhat stacked against him, Sweet won game five, solidifying his position in the Grand Finals against GoStop.

    And so the stage was set; literally at that. GoStop and Sweet went head to head in the all-Undead finals for the title of WEG III Champion. Things looked to be going well for GoStop who won the first two games, having only to win one more to finally capture that title which eluded him last season. But Sweet was not about to take it sitting down. In amazing swing of events, Sweet won the last 3 games (including game 5 on Bloodhoof, the same first map he had lost to Lucifer and GoStop on in game one), redeeming himself after his upset in Season I.


    As if the month wasn't exciting enough as it was, October also held host to the first-ever Blizzard Convention - or, BlizzCon. BlizzCon, which took place in Anaheim, California, was to be the first ever games convention held by Blizzard, and would be the stomping grounds of Blizzard gamers all over the world. All of Blizzard's more recent games were represented at BlizzCon, including the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft, and, of course, Warcraft III. Blizzard announced they would hold an invite-only tournament with 8 of the best Warcraft players in the world (doing the same for Starcraft), with each race being represented by two players each. Here is a look at the attending players:


    Name: Manuel Schenkhuizen

    Country: Netherlands

    Race: Orc


    Name: Tae Min Hwang

    Country: Korea



    Name: Yoan Merlo

    Country: France

    Race: Human


    Name: Sebastian Pesic
    Country: Sweden

    Race: Undead


    Name: Zdravko Georgiev

    Country: Bulgaria

    Race: Human


    Name: Fredrik Johansson

    Country: Sweden

    Race: Undead


    Name: Dennis Chan

    Country: USA

    Race: Night Elf


    Name: Matthew Anderson

    Country: USA


    The tournament was to be a simple double-elimination bracket, with as many games as possible to be broadcasted on the big screen at the event, as well as via a videostream provided by the GGL. The shoutcaster for the event was none other than our very own Kim 'bunny' Vothang, who would be participating in her first ever live shoutcasting event.

    The only real problem that presented itself came before the tournament itself. In a tragic turn of events, SK.Insomnia had gotten into a car crash on his way to the airport heading to the event, which caused him to have to stay back and have things attending to (he only suffered a broken leg and some bruising, but other than that came out fit as a fiddle). To replace him, Blizzard got a hold of the closest player to the Anaheim area that they could find, and called up eTched to take his place.

    The tournament itself was a huge success. All of the players put on a great show and everything was very, very exciting to watch. However, two players in particular lit up the big screen at the event. 4K.Grubby and SK.Zacard had both made it to the Grand Finals, and in typical Grubby & Zacard fashion, put on two amazing games for the crowd to watch. It seems that whenever these two meet anywhere (WCG 2004 & WC3L Finals come to mind), they put on a real good show. BlizzCon was no exception, as the crowd was up on their feet for the entire series. Grubby managed to come out on top, thus taking the first place spot, along with the giant sword and fat check that accompanied it.

    NiP Creates WC3 Squad

    The last big player movement of the year came from Korea, and what a move it was. After spending the eighth WC3L season with Mousesports.BenQ.GeiL, almost all of their Korean players (minus Romeo) decided not to renew their contracts, and thus, as of the end of the season, were no longer part of the team. With such huge talent on the market, everyone knew it would only be a matter of time before they were snatched up. However, rather then joining a current WC3L team, the likes of GoStop, Way, Rainbow and FarSeer opted to move to a completely new team - at least, a newcomer to the Warcraft III scene. Ninjas In Pyjamas (NiP) is a very well known team in the CounterStrike scene, and has been for quite some time. Their CS roster is full of some big names, so it's no coincidence that when they decided to make a move on the WC3 scene that they would take on a big team. Along with NangChun and SouthSea, the Korean players took on the new persona of NiP3. A full list of the team can be found here:
    • GoStop
    • Rainbow
    • FarSeer
    • Way
    • NangChun
    • SouthSea
    The team has already made a big impact on the WC3L scene, recently earning a spot in the league via the WC3L Season IX Qualifiers. We can expect some big things from this team full of great talent, and expect them to be one of the top contenders for the WC3L championship this season.

    Player Transactions - October

    • Check 6 roster moves to verGe Gaming.
    • MysT joins Team SomE.
    • Levin joins United 5.
    • LiiLD.C and Tharkas join idle.wc3, rest of plan-B Sweden essentially falls apart.
    • SjoW joins idle.wc3.
    • Keepers of Destruction solo members move to rS Gaming.
    • Phreak (aka Rainman) joins verGe Gaming.
    • DayFly leaves World Elite.
    • MiSS. joins Trademark-Gamers.
    • Paladyn, RouaF, Ange, Sayen and ToRReN join Guardians.wc3.

    Other Events - October

    • fnatic.Bjarke wins Danish WCG Qualifiers.
    • WE.Check defeats mouz.GoStop in ESL/WC3L KotH #17.
    • WE.Korea defeats WE.China by a score of 6:3.
    • mouz.PhilBoT wins Australian WCG Qualifiers.
    • Spirit_Moon defeats 4K.Grubby in WC3L Showmatch 3:2.
    • 4K.FuRy wins Swedish WCG Qualifiers.


    World Cyber Games 2005

    For those of you totally out of tune in regards to the e-Sports scene as a whole, the World Cyber Games is widely accepted as the most prestigious tournament in just about every professional game out there. WCG has become larger an dlarger of the years, and 2005 was no exception. Over 800 gamers from 70+ countries showed up for the event, showing just how big this event is. The Warcraft III portion of the event has been for several years the benchmark of achievement for any and all players, and with past champions such as SK.Insomnia and the 2004 winner 4K.Grubby, it is quite obvious that this event is what makes a player.

    89 Warcraft III gamers took part in the tournament at the event itself, but hundreds world wide took part in qualifying events. Some of the biggest names in War3 showed up to the event, including the Korean juggernauts 4K.FoV, WE.SoJu and TmG)HomeRunBall, the Chinese phenoms WE.suhO, WE.Sky and wNv.xiaOt the star American mouz.Shortround, and of course, the defending champion, 4K.Grubby. With such a talent pool present, no one expected anything less than one of the toughest tournaments ever.

    Players were divided into one of 13 groups, in which, after a round robin, the two top players would move on to a single-elimination, best-of-3 finals bracket. When the dust settled on the first two days of the tournament, there were no big upsets as all of the tops players in each group advanced without much troubles. The big shockers took place once we hit round 2 of the bracket. The top section of the bracket contained 3 of the best Human players out there in ToD, Bjarke and Sky. Bjarke lost to Creolophus in Round 2, but Sky and ToD soon moved on and faced off in one of the most anticipated Human mirror matches ever, as these two were, pound for pound, the top two Human players in the world. Sky managed to edge out ToD, thus advancing to the Grand Finals. In the lower section, FoV, Grubby, Shortround and suhO were the ones to watch, as each made it into Round 3 without any hitches. Grubby and FoV were forced to meet each other in Round 4, and after losing at ESWC, Grubby took the win, advancing to the semi-finals. Shortround and suhO met in what many expected to be a big win for suhO; however, it ended up being just the opposite. Shortround proved once again that he is easily the best American player out there, even one of the best in the world. Shortround had made it this far last year, but lost to Grubby in the same round, so going into his semi-final match, there must have been that loss lingering over his head. Grubby had all the momentum going for him as he was riding out his win at ESWC as well as various wins in the WC3L and inCup tournaments, and so Shortround seemed to be the slight underdog. But, as if to silence all of his critics, Shortround surprised almost everyone when he took down the giant to move on to the Grand Finals where he would meet Sky.

    And so the finals were set, as Sky and Shortround prepared for their final matches. Unfortunately, for anyone who was watching the event live, you would know how anti-climactic it turned out to be. Sky tower-rushed Shortround in the first game in just under 7 minutes. Game two consisted of Shortround bringing the fight to Sky's base early on in an Ancient Protector rush, but it backfires on him and Sky easily takes over, winning in 11 and a half minutes. Despite how he won the event, Sky had still put on a great performance, thus earning him the title of World Cyber Games Champion for 2005.

    WC3L Season VIII - Playoffs

    After what proved to be the best season yet, the WC3L came down to its live finals in Cologne, Germany. Four teams showed up for the event, in 4Kings.Intel, Mousesports.BenQ.GeiL, SK Gaming and Team mYm.Hanbit, all with high hopes of being crowned the Season VIII champions. Right from the start it was knwon that this event was going to be tougher then ever for everyone participating. Each team had found out that they would be down some key players at the event, which meant that everyone would have to buckle up. SK found out early that due to visa problems, their MVP Deadman would be unable to make it to the event, as well as their third hgihest-scoring player in ElakeDuck due to WEG. T.MH would be down their top performer in Lucifer due to WEG as well. Mouz was, up until the day of the event itself, perhaps at the biggest loss, as GoStop, FarSeer, Way and Rainbow had all left the team to join a new all-Korean squad. On top of this, PhilBoT was also unable to show, meaning they were essentially left with all of their backup players from the season itself. But despite all this, the biggest blow came to the defending champions in 4K. Prior to the event it was shaky as to whether or not FoV would be able to join them in Germany due to personal issues. That was a tough enough shot for the Kings, but as if it wasn't enough, FuRy was found on the day of the finals to not be able to show up. This was devastating for 4K, as it now meant that they would have to compete with only 3 players, meaning they would forfeit one series from every match they played. However, 4K perservered, and to everyone's amazing managed to win the Season VIII Finals only losing one match against T.MH. So after all of the pre-gaming fiasco, here is a roundup of all of the scores of the finals:

    4Kings.Intel [3:2] Mousesports.BenQ.GeiL
    SK Gaming [1:4] Team mYm.Hanbit
    Mousesports.BenQ.GeiL [4:1] SK Gaming
    4Kings.Intel [2:3] Team mYm.Hanbit
    4Kings.Intel [4:1] Mousesports.BenQ.GeiL
    4Kings.Intel [3:1] Team mYm.Hanbit
    4Kings.Intel [3:2] Team mYm.Hanbit

    Final Standings

    1. 4Kings.Intel
    2. Team mYm.Hanbit
    3. Mousepsorts.BenQ.GeiL
    4. SK Gaming

    WC3L Season VIII - Player Awards

    Along with the actual final matches being played, the WC3L introduced the first ever Player Awards, in which 5 players in the league were nominated and then voted on by the fans, based on 3 different categories. Winners received, among some snazzy prizes, more pride then they could ever imagine and all the bragging rights in the world. Here is a look at the results of those votings:

    Rookie of the Year
    1. T.MH]Storm 32.3%
    2. mouz.FarSeer 27.7%
    3. plan-B.ToRReN 23.2%
    Most Improved Player
    1. fnatic.SaSe 31.6%
    2. T.MH]Lucifer 24.1%
    3. 4K.FuRy 19.7%
    Most Valuable Player
    1. 4K.Grubby 64.7%
    2. SK.Deadman 16.8%
    3. T.MH]Lucifer 9.2%

    Player Transactions - November

    • plan-B Sweden (what is left of their lineup) moves to LanFan International, along with DaeBu, JoeY, OverDrivE and Space.
    • Zerter and Zubie leave mTw.ATI.
    • DIDI8 leaves mTw.ATI due to their squad wishing to be only German players - WinneR would be released January 1.

    Other Events - November

    • WE.Check defeats play`Lyn in ESL/WC3L KotH #18.
    • Incredible Teamaction Warcraft III squad disbands.
    • ACT-Giacomo wins Dreamhack.


    Player Transactions - December

    • DIDI8 joins Team Fnatic.
    • SelecT joins Trademark-Gamers Warcraft III squad after winning WCG 2005 in Dawn of War.
    • SonkiE joins verGe Gaming.
    • Hanf joins mTw.ATI.
    • Mamoru joins A.S
    • SaSe released from Team Fnatic.

    Other Events - December

    • FreeDom[KHAN] moves to Starcraft.
    • Stars War II Announced.
    • SK.ElakeDuck and SK.Insomnia wins Stars War II European Qualifiers.
    • WE.Check defeats T.MH]Storm in ESL/WC3L #19.
    • Trademark-Gamers removed from WC3L Season IX Qualifiers due to having too many Penalty Points.
    • 4K.FoV wins China Internet Gaming (CIG) 2005.
    • T.MH]Lucifer wins Stars War II Korean Qualifiers.
    • Blizzard announces Audio Commentary Contest.


    So, as I'm sure you have all figured out by now, this has been one hectic year for the Warcraft III scene. So what can we conclude from this? Other than the fact that players bounce from team to team like pinballs, we can ascertain that this was a year full of great competition and huge development in the Warcraft III community. The year provided some of the most memorable games and series to ever be played, as well as a lot of surprises for everyone to watch out for. After all that has happened in the year that was, we can only hope that 2006 will provide us with the same amount of excitement and thrills that 2005 brought.

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