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The second edition of the Stars War is set to take place in a few days (January 21-22), and as such, proper coverage is needed. The event looks to be one of the most challenging of all times, with 15 of the best players in the world heading to Shanghai, China for some intense action. The format for the tournament itself has changed since we last saw it in action, but it looks to be (aside from slightly confusing) rather promising.

However, before we go into the logistics of the event, we shall take a gander at the 3 teams of players taking part in the tournament. These combatants will be playing not only for a nice cash prize, but national (and international) pride, as the teams have been divided into Team Europe, Team Korea, and Team China. Here are the lineups:

Team Europe

Team Korea

Team China



As stated previously, the format of the event will be much different from the first Stars War. It's a little difficult to explain, however, thanks to none other than 4K^Grubby, he managed to explain it quite well in a forum post on the 4Kings forums.
    Each team (Europe, Korea, and China) has 5 players. The teams will play against each other once. The first team to get 5 points, wins the match. A point is gained by winning a match. One match will be played at a time. The five players are put in the line-up on "Spot 1", "Spot 2", "Spot 3", "Spot 4" and "Spot 5", meeting the player from the other team on the same spot. Players will not know what maps will be picked for each spot until the lineups are revealed.

    The maps are decided by the team which isn't playing; i.e. Team Europe will choose the map order for China vs. Korea. The available maps are Lost Temple RoC, Turtle Rock, Echo Isles, Gnoll Wood and Twisted Meadows.

    Spot 1 will be played first, Spot 2 as second, and so on. There are only 2 PC's on a majestic stage, so turns are taken to play.

    The losers from the matches are defeated, resulting in a point for the opponent. The first winner from a team will play on Spot 6 against the first winner (if any) from the other team. Whereas the first 5 matches were "WC3L style" [meaning that each player plays their matches regardless of outcome], Match 6 to potentially Match 9 will be "King of the Hill style", as the winner stands and challenges the next winner from the other team. When all 5 players are defeated from a team, they lose.

    The most recent rule to be added is that once an entire team has been defeated, the fans have the opportunity to pick one player from the defeated team to come back and play one more time, giving their team one last chance to win.


    Team A vs Team B

    Spot 1 A < Spot 1 B
    Spot 2 A > Spot 2 B
    Spot 3 A > Spot 3 B
    Spot 4 A > Spot 4 B
    Spot 5 A < Spot 5 B

    Spot 2 A > Spot 1 B
    Spot 2 A < Spot 5 B
    Spot 3 A < Spot 5 B
    Spot 4 A < Spot 5 B

    Team A Player Chosen By Fans < Spot 5 B

    Team B wins with 6:4 score.
A little confusing, we know. But, this was the format chosen, and it should prove for a very interesting tournament. Now that we've finally got the format right, it's time to move on to the matches themselves, along with lineups. These were released on January 18, 3 days before the event itself, meaning the players have lots of time to prepare for battle. A few players have already made their way to Shanghai for a little 'bootcamping' before the event begins. At any rate, here are the lineups:


Team Korea [6:3] Team Europe
    WE.IGE.Sweet [0:1] 4K^Grubby (Turtle Rock)
    Replays: Game 1

    SK.Zacard [0:1] SK.Insomnia (Gnoll Wood)
    Replays: Game 1

    T.MH]Lucifer [1:0] mouz.SaSe (Echo Isles)

    4K^FoV [1:0] 4K^ToD (Twisted Meadows)

    Spirit_Moon [1:0] SK.HoT (Lost Temple RoC)
    Replays: Game 1

    T.MH]Lucifer [0:1] 4K^Grubby (Echo Isles)
    Replays: Game 1

    4K^FoV [1:0] SK.Insomnia (Echo Isles)
    Replays: Game 1

    Spirit_Moon [1:0] 4K^Grubby (Echo Isles)
    Replays: Game 1

    4K^FoV [1:0] 4K^Grubby (Turtle Rock)
    Replays: Game 1


Team Korea [6:0] Team China

    WE.IGE.Sweet [1:0] WE.IGE.Sky (Echo Isles)

    SK.Zacard [1:0] QcH[ATi]Gstar (Twisted Meadows)

    T.MH]Lucifer [1:0] WE.IGE.suhO (Lost Temple RoC)

    4K^FoV [1:0] E-homE.Guangmo (Gnoll Wood)
    Replays: Game 1

    Spirit_Moon [1:0] wNv.xiaOt (Turtle Rock)

    WE.IGE.Sweet [1:0] wNv.xiaOt (Turtle Rock)
    Replays: Game 1


Team Europe [5:6] Team China

    4K^ToD [1:0] WE.IGE.suhO (Lost Temple RoC)
    Replays: Game 1

    SK.HoT [0:1] E-homE.Guangmo (Echo Isles)

    4K^Grubby [1:0] wNv.xiaOt (Turtle Rock)

    mouz.SaSe [0:1] QcH[ATi]Gstar (Twisted Meadows)

    SK.Insomnia [1:0] WE.IGE.Sky (Gnoll Wood)

    4K^ToD [1:0] E-homE.Guangmo (Echo Isles)
    Replays: Game 1

    4K^Grubby [1:0] QcH[ATi]Gstar (Echo Isles)
    Replays: Game 1

    SK.Insomnia [0:1] WE.IGE.Sky (Twisted Meadows)

    4K^ToD [0:1] WE.IGE.Sky (Echo Isles)

    4K.Grubby [0:1] WE.IGE.Sky (Echo Isles)
    Replays: Game 1

    4K.Grubby [0:1] WE.IGE.Sky (Echo Isles)
    Replays: Game 2

So, there you have it. Make sure to check in on the 22nd for updated scores of the event, as this one promises to be a doozy. Good luck to all players, and may the force be with you (I'm sorry, it had to be said).


Well, what an event it has been. With a talent pool as large as the one present at this event, it's no wonder how exciting this tournament came to be. We saw some huge upsets pulled off (thanks to WE.Sky), some total domination (thanks to the entire Korean squad), and we even saw Spirit_Moon play 4K^Grubby on LAN, which is quite a spectacle in and of itself. All in all, the event turned out to be a huge success. At any rate, what's done is done, and the only thing to do now is wait for Stars War III :)

  1. Good luck to all players, and may the force be with you.
    lol, that actually made me laugh :D

    really nice coverage Jordan <3

  2. go grubby and europe =_+

  3. I actually like the format a lot. Pretty interesting, it's like a league play but in order for your team to win you HAVE to beat each of their players(I think this well help China the most having Sky, and Europe to a lesser extent with Grubby). Still, based on lineups, Korea looks to be a big favorite for first and Europe a big favorite for second, but I guess we'll see.

  4. Oh, just to clarify I didn't mean that Sky is better than Grubby, I just meant that I think the China team is slightly weaker and the other team having to beat EVERYONE will help China more.


  6. Actually, I think the format helps Korea the most because Spirit_Moon will be tough to take down.

  7. I see Korea taking this....I want to see the sweet vs grubby on TR...i hope sweet wins...also interested to see how GStar fairs in this...GStar vs. Zad should be fun to watch...also the Inso vs. Sky mirror could be cool! Also are the matches best of 3?? or best of 1?

  8. don't think not many people out of korea can come close to beating moon though =(

  9. Sorry to double, but not to mention FoV as well on the Korean team, so between Moon and Fov, I think korea can easily stay afloat from this format. My predictions, Korea easily does the best overall.

  10. intersting format, i think the Europe vs Korea lineup favors Korea a ton

  11. Yeah Korea will take this FoV and Moon on the same team is imba but lets see how this goes.

  12. amazing tour

  13. still confused by the format, but as long as I know who vs who and who wins, i'm content ^^. cant wait for SW 2! go grubby!!

  14. Korea "greater than" Europe...Just because if (going on the games) Grubby manages to get FoV or Luci down, playing the imba matchup, he will lose to Moon playing the other imba matchup.. :D Anyways Lucifer always against elves and FoV against humans...I mean...I would have seen better Fov against night elves (because he usually rapes theme with high class style) or against orcs...Just to see if there is a solution in that matchup T_T

  15. Oh, i forgot...What kind of dope are the tournament admins addicted to? WTF is this format? Last thing...i just HATE all those bo1 tournament...It just suck for a player having to move to China when there is a chance he will play just 2 games....


  17. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Gstar plays UD.

  18. completely agree with vash's above comment, but still, it will prove to be an interesting/exciting format...i think, on paper, the korean lineup is sooooo strong compared to all others. moov/fov/zakard alone would be tough, add in sweet and luci :S also, 5 humans 4 elves 3 uds (all from korea :O) 3 orcs its fairly evenly dispersed race-wise

  19. lol tod vs fov!! totally wanna see that

  20. QcH[ATi]Gstar is an Undead player. Fix it plz. Great coverage^^

  21. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Gstar plays UD.
    I was unsure what his race was, as I hadn't seen him in any lineup in a while, and for whatever reason, I thought that he was NE. Anyways, fixing.

  22. Europekorea Koreachina EuropeChina Europe FTW and Grubby or Zad or xiaOt to win =) MY LIFE FOR THE HORDE!!!!

  23. Euro lineup would be better with Deadman included. Hopefully Hot/SaSe can step up for imba NE :)

  24. Blaze if you're interested in clan tags to fully complete your news its E-homE.Guangmo and as mentioned above QcH[ATi]Gstar. =] very gj on coverage. This tournament will be especially nice since I think replays will also be released!

  25. This looks just too goddamn sweet. Too bad all the games will be in the middle of the night *CRY*

  26. Gl 2 team Europe go grubby!

  27. go go KOREA!!!

  28. Anyone else disappointed there is no Team Americas? No Canadian, American, or Brazilian players. Granted there aren't many top level players from North and South America, but there are enough to put together a team that would probably not win the event but still put on a good show. I like the format though and it should be a cool event.

  29. ToD vs Fov will be good, I can gurantee it, also zacard vs insomnia

  30. suhO is Ne is he not ?

  31. Praying for 1st person vods~

  32. wow all three teams pack a punch there


  34. Nice layout should be a sweet tournament

  35. I think it will be Korea beating Europe beating China, but who knows.

  36. GO TEAM KOREA!!!

  37. man looks really good!

  38. I think having team America would be nice too no ? It's not like there's no players that couldn't atleast give these players a run.

  39. I hope Grubby gets in a car accident and gets his arms and legs crushed so he can't play and that will make him upset and I will RofL x10.

  40. was there a joke hidden in that car crash fantasy of yours?

  41. Sorry, but the american team would be a joke. The only contender it would have is Shortround. The sad thing is, I'm American, but I'm willing to admit we got shit on the other countries.

  42. come on xiaot!! beat moon!!

  43. incin, nilknarf, pato, hunter, short would do decent

  44. Man, they didn't want to match up Spirit_Moon with Grubby and then have a million threads on imbalance for either side! But it's cool with me. :D

  45. Please notice: no team america, and Im kinda glad to see that. Good luck to all!!

  46. I don't understand, why Team China & Team Korea must vs the entire europe players, not really fair.

  47. GG.BNET what was the need for that post, america is just as much in the wc3 gaming scene as any other nation.... except for korea, but thats a given... anyways, back on topic, i think team europe would look much better if they had deadman in their line-up instead of inso, but they still look good, GO EUROPE!!

  48. Go Go Korea! Good luck to all the competitors. There are some great matches and I can't wait to see them. KOREA FIGHTING! \"\0_o/"/

  49. LoL notice theres no human players for Korea... GL all players, but gogo 4K

  50. Grubby always gets to fight an ud

  51. Where's Team Australia?

  52. GL vs Zacard Inso ... you're gonna need it on this map

  53. You forgot to mention the prizes to be won :)

  54. Team korea is lol..... completely unbeatable... only grubby might win his game vs sweet.. i love grubby... but sweet aint lost for so long

  55. and omgg Sweet vs Sky will be wicked... WEg vs WCG champs :P

  56. but.... also what i was gonna say... grubby may 5-0 the entire team so it wont necessarily be how they have layed itout...

  57. Ah man, ToD got FoV and Sky got Sweet - not looking good for the humans

  58. Format leaves the thing open for one player to really shine. I like it!

  59. Go europe, gl all players

  60. I don't get the last rule...I mean...according to the exemple made above...if the team A player chosen by fans manages to beat player 5 from team b...well the score is 5-5....and then what happens? They shot each others until there's only one alive? ^^

  61. games with fov sweet and luci are gonna be imba imo!!!! ud FTW!!!!

  62. @zte777 Yeah that's weird ... I guess it can be 5:5 then, but then there's no winner :s But Grubby says:

    the fans have the opportunity to pick one player from the defeated team to come back and play one more time, giving their team one last chance to win.
    Chance to WIN. So maybe if the returning player wins that match his team wins? Hm confusing, I understand the rest of it though, not that hard.

  63. yeh...the semaining stuff it's not hard to understand...but this point is really strange..mmhh..maybe we should ask grubby^^

  64. the format is really nice it allows alot more matches to b played and a lot more action to take place :D this will b huge gogo !!!!!

  65. i think maybe its if team say loses alll 5 players, then they call back a player. and then he knocks out the 5 from the other team. THEN, the OTHER team, also get to call up a player for their last show down. so its effectively a tie break to take it to 6 - 5 for either side

  66. Ah yes ofcourse, the other team can also send one player back :) thanks now it's clear.

  67. Bo1 is the best kind of series. Yes its annoying, but the benifit is that you have 1 shot and it can make or break your teams position. Thus meaning you are going to get less mistakes (or hope) and have a better game.

  68. i get it... if europe vs korea.. and grubby wins but koreans beat all other europeans.. then gruby will have to beat all other koreans for europeans to win

  69. Europe vs Korea will be the decider imo, and due to the format and lineup, Grub will prolly begin the KOTH, and with all those UD, he shall get it, maybe luci can pull him out... But then fans will choose hime for sure, grub is so popular out there! :)

  70. Wow, Three Nice teams ! Gogogogo Europa ! But i have to admit that Korea is reaaaal good ! Soon, the match Europa vs Korea will provide us many marvellous replays i guess :)

  71. inso really has a challenge in front of him. zac, the human dominator and the WCG winner... wow. GLHF to all, this should be a great treat for the fans

  72. t's not that confusing, its the same format used in CB NationsCup

  73. ALL i am asking is will grubby play moon? willgruby be playing against sky?

  74. Dam grubby got hella lucky in getting sweet and xiaot as opponents. orcud grubbyxiaot (xiaot is pretty good too but not on grubby/zacard level) I think Grubby, Sase, Luci, got the easiest match ups in this tourny, but then since its a bo 1 sweet can still beat him. The humans got shitty opponents too, feel sorry for them Tod and sky are vs top Ud players in Fov and Sweet Hey I just realized if Fov was eruopean, this could turn into a preview of 4k vs WE. 4k members present:Grubby, Fov, Tod WE members present: Sky,Sweet,Suho Tod and Suho being the weakest link for both teams.

  75. Also vs korea Grubby should do well in the later parts of the tourney since Korea is 3 UD and 1 Ne and 1 Orc Only moon has garuantee win and Grubby Zacard game being too close to tell w/ grubby having edge vs zacard. Vs China team, Sky can beat Grubby but rest of china team not really up to par unless Suho can take him out. I really wish Check and Remind were in this tourney. But as i mentioned Grubby got hella lucky in the players chosen for team korea and the first two match ups he has is vs ud and a inferior orc in xiaot

  76. poor china team :(

  77. Let's start with the pools guys!! SweetGrubby ZacInso LuciSase FovTod MoonHot ZacGrubby LuciGrubby FovGrubby MoonGrubby Fan's match: MoonGrubby 6-4 kor....That's what I think..but I hope europe wins

  78. WTF happened to my post?? anyway I was predicting wins for: 1Grub 2Zad 3Luci 4Fov 5Moon 6Grub 7Grub 8Grub 9Moon 10Moon

  79. 1- 4k^Grubby 2- 4k^FoV 3-spirit-Moon or 4k^ToD 5- WE.IGE.sweet or sky (up to the match ) Europe WIN this tourny

  80. Korea will own this, grubby can take any ud , but won't handle moon, and the rest of the europeen players aren't good enough to win anybody on the korean lineup..:(

  81. may the force be with you

  82. No waaaghtv here I suppose...or?

  83. dont be so quick to count out china, also dont be so quick to say grubby wins all but moon -_- these are all world class players and anything could happen

  84. The map choices for Europe vs Korea favour Korea ==.

    Chinese/Korean conspiracy =.=

  85. im really looking forward to sweet V grubby

  86. gl hf!

  87. My predictions: Korea 4:1 Europe

    Korea 4:1 China

    Europe 4:1 China


  88. I believe u need 5 points to win the match neo, so scores can be anywheres from 5-0 to 5-4.

  89. inso vs skyy will be a very interesting game!

  90. hey can you guys post the replays in some way that we can download them WITHOUT seeing the actually results? especially for the knockouts - if we see who played them when we download them then we will know who won :(

  91. This is going to be a really nice tournament ^_^

  92. Hot might actually have a shot vs. Moon as Moon's weakest MU is NE vs NE.

  93. Good job Blaze. Why no madfrog?

  94. Team China got their worst matchup I must say.

  95. nurf Korea

  96. I got the match format but what about the tournament? Which team is going to win the tournament? What if there is a 3-way tie?

  97. @Elealar Er i think ure mistaken there. Moon's worst matchup is vs UD. See his loss to Gostop in WEG3 amd to FoV in WCG qualifiers. His NE mirror isnt too bad, but LT is his best map i think. Though NE mirrors are always gambles, but id still take moon for the win.

  98. china is looking good this year... but i want europe to win!!

  99. Go europe go1!!!!oneone!1!!1111!


  101. europe will have to win this!!

  102. wtf! this is a shocker. Gstar beat sase and gaungmo beat hot. This means that the underdogs might very well take this series. Look at it this way. If ToD, the best hu in europe got raped by Sky in wcg ( i mean raped I watched the matches live, and i got the feeling he was very frustrated with the way things were going. ) So how can we expect inso to beat sky ? O_O

  103. is there any live coverage?

  104. Insomnia beat sky :)

  105. HMMMM, so, GStar beat Sase? Inso beat sky. So, ToD play guanmgo (i think ToD Lose), but than guanmo play grubby?( Grubby win) I think? Im confused what happens after, like, does ToD play first, or does what? Also hopefully grubby vs moon do some lan games while there for enjoyment of other players.

  106. lol at last post :)

  107. Wow inso beat sky? Woot! Cool thanks for the update

  108. Tod beat Guangmo, now grubby vs gstar, think so anyway :)

  109. looking good for grubby!

  110. Grubby beats gstar.

  111. Cant wait to see all the repz..

  112. How could it be Grubby vs Gstar? Tod is 1st winner for europe, Guangmo is 1st winner for China. So it's tod vs guangmo. Tod won isn't it? So tod has to stay in and challenge Gstar who is second winner for china...correct me if Im wrong

  113. Sky beat Tod on Echo Isles with AM+DR+mass casters strat. gj.

  114. I'm just DYING to see Fov vs Tod as well as Hot vs Moon. And I really think Hot can handle this one.

  115. Sky beat tod? I guess sky was the player chosen by fans true? No surprise about that...anyway what's the score?

  116. Hi, where do u download replays?

  117. aaaaaaaaa! Sky beat Grubby. Just superb play from the WCG 2005 winner-

  118. Its 5-5 overall score.

  119. Team Europe has revived Grubby so its again Grubby vs Sky on Echo Isles for the deciding point of the match.

  120. No it's 5-4 europe. Europe wins: tod grub inso in round 1 and tod tod in round 2 China wins: guangmo gstar in round1 and sky sky in round 2

  121. it's 5-5 if sky has beaten insomnia

  122. No its 5-5. Sky beat Inso, Tod and Grubby.

  123. But sky beats inso in round 1 or 2?

  124. Sky beat grubby twice after beating insomnia and tod and won it for china.

  125. They played twice. Inso won the first game, but lost one on that second stage. Seems that Grubby lost again to Sky. So its basically EuropeChina, but SkyEurope.

  126. It's over..Sky beats grubby for second time. China wins....what a surprise!!! Gj sky!

  127. wow sky is a hero!!!!! terrific format (aside to those who criticised it earlier saying single match was bad) - this isnt about one on one mathcups - format was for team play, and this format has really captured a "team spirit" to what is essentially a single player game. terrific!!

  128. I didn't expect anything like that to happen.

    Good job to Sky! He showed that he didn't become the WCG champ by accident. :)

  129. another guy and me are doing a small coverage if it interests u.


    China vs Europe coverage


  132. Europe 5:6 China Round 1 4K^ToD 1:0 WE.IGE.suhO Lost Temple Round 2 SK.HoT 0:1 ehome.Guangmo Echo Isles Round 3 4K^Grubby 1:0 wNv_xiaOt Turtle Rock Round 4 Mouz.Sase 0:1 QCH[aTi].Gstar Twisted Meadows Round 5 SK.Insomnia 1:0 WE.IGE.Sky Gnoll Wood Round 6 4K^ToD 1:0 ehome.Guangmo Echo Isles Round 7 4K^Grubby 1:0 QCH[aTi].Gstar Echo Isles Round 8 SK.Insomnia 0:1 WE.IGE.Sky Echo Isles Round 9 4K^ToD 0:1 WE.IGE.Sky Echo Isles Round 9 4K^Grubby 0:1 WE.IGE.Sky Echo Isles Round 9 4K^Grubby 0:1 WE.IGE.Sky Echo Isles It was sky beat team Europe......

  133. Eww. I liked the format, but just about every single one of the last games on echo? That's not cool.

  134. hey men, need help. where can i download maps/replays?

  135. The remaining games will be played tomorrow....see u guys.

  136. I can't watch rep too. I put (4)LostTemple.w3m in "Download" folder, but it doesn't work. is it a special map ? help plz.

  137. Wow.. Sky kicked their asses!

  138. sweet,zacard,lucifer,fov,moon ... it's gg. but GL to europe gogo grubby kick asses !!! my prediction for europe vs korea is 3:2 for korea, but i really dont know whether sase is actually really able to win against lucifer. ranking will be #1 korea, #2 europe, #3 china. though china's line-up looks pretty strong, too

  139. I dun believe this. Sky beat Grub twice but lost to inso and sweet? Wtf! how can this be? The imba grub has fallen T_T and ppl like inso and sweet beat him? Im amazed at sweet. Cant wait to see my 2 idols grub adn sweet face off.

  140. WTF Echo Isles!! ..why both of the games (Grubby and Sky) in round 9 is in that f***y map!!!! .. F*** stars war with this selection of maps!! so imba for imba for sky and his playing style...grubby ftw...GJ sweet ..GJ E-homE.Guangmo ..GJ sk.insomnia

  141. Updates plz ....

  142. u can beat in (50% mode) a insane(100%) in 11 minutes ...if u are HUMAN in Echo Isles why !!! gj Korea 3-0 ... GL to 4k^FoV and Spirit_Moon ..may B 5-0 Korea against China ...Good LUCk E-homE.Guangmo :P

  143. GO EUROPE YEE YEEE, just out of curiosity, who are the top korean HU players?

  144. Last i checked the maps should be chosen by the observer team, aka team korea right? So quit whinning.

  145. sky=INCREDIBLE. arman, shut up plz. wow sky pretty much beating europe by himself. wow

  146. Stars War deside this..Team Korea want to china win this match B cuz they beat China easly but they have some problems with europe...why they didnt want to china wins!? ...THAT is SO CLEAR. it isnt sure that in 1.21 patch Human cant buy 3 tower in tier 2 with alittle gold and lumber...

  147. lol arman your grubby fanboyishness is imbalanced also

  148. lol, what's up with this map selection... All the Euro-China games besides Inso-Sky were played on Echo Isles, WTF

  149. LoL...I remember u guys after wcg2004 and eswc2005 ..on that time Grubby was Hero for Sky win and u change ur position...I am Not just Grubby's Fan...I love Moon and lucifer and Grubby and FoV and Sweet and so many players that have some intelligence in their games...and I enjoy watching them..not important that who play...but I have some problem with HUMAN TOWER tier one!! lumber mill ...nothing else...

  150. wow, china beat europe..... didnt see that coming, well played by sky though

  151. sky kickin ass...

  152. Umm i dont understand why didnt europe win? They were up 3:2 after the first 5 games and then were winning 5:2 after two more games doesnt that mean that they win and the other 4 games arent needed to be played?

  153. Hm that's pretty retarded.

  154. mh why did grubby loose 2 times vs sky while sky lost vs inso and sweet? i think there is a simple explanation: Sky has mastered the matchup vs orc and nelf but in hu mirror everything is possible at this skill level. Generally in mirrors the strategy isn't as important as in other matchups Ud at this time has a little edge over hu that's why sweet won... equal skill level but little imba= ud win... Well and grubby i can't say but i thought this strat on EI with the fast expo and mass katas was too easy to counter while it was still wp by both players... imho hu has a little advantage vs orc in that little time that it takes orc to make a 2nd hero and to get a counter to slow but overall this matchup is balanced... so SkY Grubby at least today :)

  155. Yeah im confussed... Okay Grubby said that the first team to have all players defeated losses... Sky lost his opening game vs Insomnia, how come he was allowed to play again? All China players were beaten before Skys reintroduction with a score of 5-2 and i think in right in saying that if Grubbys rules are correct then ToD should have played Gstar as he beat Guangmo!!! I guess seeing as CHina are holding the tornament it would look bad if they got dicked, maybe they cheating to make themselves look better! Dont really care anyway, wanna see Sky desimate Team Europe event though he shouldnt have been reintroduced in the first place!

  156. wow Sky pretty much won it going 4-0 to win it all for China. After Europe had raped them 5-1

  157. Montague, read it all the way through before accusing them of cheating. Grubby said that ONE PLAYER CHOSEN BY THE FANS will be reintroduced at the end. They picked Sky, who ended up winning it for China ;) So yea, Sky is a decent player :P

  158. Wasn't Grubby PICKED BY THE AUDIENCE too in the deciding match?

  159. LOL how stupid is that, i mean really! That rule was not there when i read through the rules befrore therefore it appeared that they were clearly cheating! Of course cheating wouldnt be allowed on such a large event, therefore a new rule was introduced... Personally i think its a friging stupid rule! Damn Chinese always cheating!

  160. Double post sorry, i still dont understand why ToD didnt play Gstar after he beat Guangmo. The rules above are not correct thats for sure!

  161. 10 bucks on korea -.-

  162. Lol sky pwning the whole europian team wtf

  163. He is right..WHY ToD didnt play with QcH[ATi]Gstar !!!..some mistake ..or some entertaining !!! lol...the person who design these rules is stupid ...hahaha...BuG

  164. stupid... reread the rulea and the example...

  165. in second round the first winer of group A keep playing untill he lose!!..but after ToD win he was out..! and play with sky after insominia...but no problem with it...Gj china....there is no good UD in europe :D...GJ sky ..he improved himself from 1 years ago...and now he can beat Grubby ...I want to see apm70 in stars war :(( ...

  166. boy Sky is the Grubby Tod killer.

  167. and it looks like korea could beat China 6-0, theyve got this event in the bag.

  168. wow MONTAGUE is a MORON!!! buddy, that rule was always there - just because you did not have the iq / persistence or whatever to read the rules through FULLY the first time you read them doesnt mean that fan-come-back rule was not always present - WHICH IT WAS. ....

  169. and people who dont have the intelligence to understand the format stop criticising it - it has created great drama and i think is making for a terrific tournment. also, dont count europe out yet. they will be hoping to beat korea and if korea beats china could be a 3 - way tie. (however, i think they have a lot of work to do if they want to beat moon!!)

  170. SKY IN FIRE!!!

  171. the reason why there is no team america is because no one likes america because they are bullies. and they have no decent players

  172. I love seeing Sky own, and i do like the rules, cuz it makes you see m,ore games of the best player. These settings are p[erfect for china, because they have 1 TOP player and a bunch of decent ones. Europe has a overall strong team and korea has an amazing team, but China can take full profit out of the setup, by just having one big star. now i wanna see the replays ^^

  173. sky = china team

  174. wowza sky!

  175. I think that bo1 kills creativity a bit coz in bo3 players can experiment. It's bad that the players are divided into groups so there won't be a winner (the whole team will win, not a player) and we also won't see some very interesting matches between the players from the same country.


  177. Why the hell is Hot playing? Just tell me.....he is horrible and deaad weight.

  178. Sky Europe rofl

  179. Wow @ Arman. I couldn't help but see your post since you wrote it all all bold, but seriously, did you even watch the games between Grubby and Sky? Sure, in Game 2 it may have been the final backup Sky needed to win against Grubby in the end, but it really had little relevance to the entire match. Like in Game 1, his tower attempt only forced Grubby's hand into massing Demos, which ended up being what he needed to counter mass casters. The tower attempt in Game 1 barely did anything to Grubby.

  180. how come sky plays grubby twice in the king of the hill?

  181. @sookoll Yeah Grub was resurrected after he got killed by sky the 1st time. Abyone here who wants a clearer picture, go to the 4k webby. They have the latest updates there and the format there is less confusing cuz they explain who gets resurrected when etc.

  182. 3

  183. Sky is feeling it.

  184. team China 0:5 team Korea ......

  185. pretty intense format, looking at the china vs europe results --;;

  186. lol now Korea vs China is at 5-0 so sad - just saw fov vs guangmo and lol if u watched it... at the end both his AM and Beastmaster (tried tower rush) gets nuked... his lich dk and ghouls came from 2 sides around the trees and just nuked the hell out of the AM (god i hate it when an archmage dies, f*** that sound). Also, the 'best' human in the world (Sky) lost to Sweet... i didn't see the game but i am not really surprised because of the state of balance. Reminds me why 99% of players are NE.

  187. Damn, Grubby keep loosing to Sky these days, Sky must have spent his whole year studying Grubby's strategy after his lost in SW I @.@

  188. wow korea dominated china

  189. aph Korea wins 6-0 as Sweet beats the fan-chosen wNv.xiaOt. For those who think the UD-Orc matchup is broken should really take a look at this game. Sure Sweet is a much better player but there are many things u can do to tip the game in your favour, like hitting burrows/expo, using banshees with anti-magic spell + fiends and destros, Dk + pitlord. Amazingly ownage game.

  190. Sky Grubby/ToD

  191. Anyone knows how the tourney outcome will be determined? If Europe manages to beat korea the scores will be Europe 1:1 Korea 1:1 China 1:1 Then what? do they replay everything or smthing?

  192. to be fair, korea has 3 of the world's best undeads and undead is very painful for humans to face.

  193. those fans who voted xiaot back seem to pretty knowledgeable about the game. natural temptation would have been to vote back sky after what he did for them against europe, but they got the orc back as he had the best chance against korea's 3 uds.

  194. hah euro up 2-0 on korea as of now __-

  195. 2-1 for now. Luci Sase.

  196. 2-1 Now ^^

  197. Opps 2-2 now.

  198. oO 2-2

  199. Gj korea...SK.HoT can u beat moon!! LoL...Lee-volution I know ..but Grubby spent many time to destroy them and take many damage from skys unit..and lost raider and lost 200 hitpoint of TC for last tower..I know that Grubby have some mistakes in his macro..i think he must get lvl 3 chain kill small units with shockwave and it..haha.J K.Grubby know what he must to do..dispel magic by sky is beautiful...wolves do anything and only give 60 exp to sky...

  200. ok how the hell do i see these games live people?????

  201. those fans who voted xiaot back seem to pretty knowledgeable about the game. natural temptation would have been to vote back sky after what he did for them against europe, but they got the orc back as he had the best chance against korea's 3 uds.
    im guessing chinese wc3 fans are way more knowlegeable than us north american fans. but then again xiaot hasn't done well vs gosu undeads in tournaments past so meh

  202. grubbys a noob

  203. on that 2 Games against Sky I think so...I think orc towers is for defence not for tower rush...why grubby didnt use tower in his main..orc borrows are so weak with heavy armor...Grubby must make some new strategies vs Hu .. he is alittle noob vs Hu u grubby...changrs he was the best orc...and now he is the best orc in mirror and vs UD..I think Farseer is the best orc now against NE..none orc vs Hu did well

  204. Moon took the game but HoT did quite well esp. in the beginning. Later on the game his macro and map control just can't match Moon's level. Very interesting game though. Massive air action and ultimate (PotM+KotG for Moon vs Warden for HoT).

  205. GJ Korea ..Congratz.

  206. I remember Lucifer in Echo Isles that beat Grubby in incup and win that season...Lucifer is the best UD against orc..he can sometimes beat Grubby , no UD can do it Like him. THAT must be a NICE game ...Inso vas FoV.nice...Moon and ToD or sase..The icon show Hu..ToD can Beat any NE now days....revenge

  207. Lucifer is insanely good, best UD in the world.

  208. while lucifer is an insanely good ud player, I'd have to put Sweet and Fov a bit above him

  209. I am from China~ I can see the live. I wish Europe team win!! You can try (an on-net tv channel Gamestv to watch the match)

  210. Fov vs Inso Now. And no matter who win this game,Grubby will meet Moon as I know. Wish I'm correct.

  211. lol @ sky taking out europe

  212. Insomnia was pretty much raped.

  213. @wushikezuo. Actually, grub isnt gauranteed to meet moon. If FoV beats inso, then he will play grub. , so grub has to beat fov 1st to play moon. If inso wins, then Grub will get to play moon next rnd.

  214. Fov win Inso Moon vs Grubby Now!!

  215. Hm! interesting. If inso was raped by FoV, Grub has to play FoV next and maybe will play moon 2 or 3 times :D Cuz after he beats fov he will have to p;ay moon. Shuld he get knocked out he will be voted in again. Shuld moon lose, he will be voted back, so at least 2 games.

  216. i hope grubby wins for a more exciting finale ^^

  217. honestly what a crap coverage (no offense, just critique) ..or hang on, OFFENSE! (to all the replay sites i frequently visit) not all replays, no latest replays, no maps (LT)... etc it seems to me that the event is dead and i'm not there! :(

  218. LuciferAdept I'm right. Unless the player win or lose.It will change to another one! Grubby vs Moon now!

  219. grubby vs. moon just started

  220. Sorry "Unless" Correct is "inspite"

  221. Nice Game. Grubby GG Moon win again...55555......

  222. Moon won as expected. Pretty fun game though, multi-frontal actions lol.

  223. Grubby vs FOv Now....

  224. More replays plz :S

  225. So if Grub beats FoV he has to play moon again?

  226. zomg I want to see it there a way?

  227. Fov win Grubby....5555555555..........Fov....

  228. FoV did it. Korea wins!

  229. aw man... grubby's not havin a good weekend X.X

  230. LuciferAdept:You are right..But chance...

  231. O_O nice rivalry between fov and grub. 1st he beats grub in ESWC 2005 then he loses to grub in the knockout rounds as well as in wcg 2005, Now he beats grub in star wars 2. Looking at this, id say itd be tough to call the winner of next weeks season 3 finals. Maybe grub will play fov there again.

  232. GL Grubby...Now Im sure Grubby is the UD matter Who play vs him...BUT GJ lucifer for nice Play...He is the most clever player around..100% grubby win against foV...FoV cant play better than lucifer against orc..

  233. Er Arman ure too late :D FoV alrdy beat Grub

  234. maybe Grubby should play Fov after he beat Lucifer? (and Inso wait until Grubby lose?) I think something is wrong there.

  235. I DL 2 replays ...that FoV and Moon Beat Grubby...but there is no update ..PLZ update to see the chart...I think the war is over Korea win this tourny....I think...I said I think..:P..LuciferAdept thank u.

  236. if you want replays try they have most of em there

  237. UPdate plz...Blaze!! I think something is wrong up there! LoL, where is Grubby vs FoV and vs Moon! .. is stars warII over?

  238. i dont get it : Europe beats china 5 : 2 in the begining so it should be over! I though first team with 5 loss loses. Explain! Why was china allowed to play 4 other matches ? why only sky played them ? wtf?

  239. Korea was favorite, but China to win of Europe it was surprised GJ SKY

  240. wow korea totally owned china

  241. i dont get it : Europe beats china 5 : 2 in the begining so it should be over! I though first team with 5 loss loses. Explain! Why was china allowed to play 4 other matches ? why only sky played them ? wtf?
    i dont get how some ppl can write such comments before reading through the format of the tourney (which is explained on top)

  242. They can't post the replays until they get them themselves ffs.

  243. ok coverage fov beaten inso, moon beaten grubby, grubby revived but lost to fov. stars war 2 is over, korea 1st place, china 2nd, europe last.

  244. oops forgot... they all went on stage, got their trophies, took some pics together (all 15 players), then it was over.

  245. GJ the first I think Europe can do better ..but european players like sase and HoT cant do anything against best UD players and Hu players of the world even china...and Grubby their best player isnt in his shape.. Grubby lost to FoV whom was defeted many times vs him..its Over..Grubby must practice more ,like FoV Sweet Sky and back to his shape..GJ blaze.for Updates :D

  246. thank u ShootMe..everyone can DL replays from to search section and search 1on1 sort by 3 or 4 pages u can see the replays of first and second day...

  247. i found some :D

  248. Very nice coverage

  249. thanks for all the updates ! now, where's grubby vs fov replay? :E

  250. Geez... Sky went on a rampage in the Europe vs. China matches O.o

  251. Yeah korea is still the best owning china 6-0 and 6-3 to europe not even close =/

  252. The entire Korea vs China bracket has no replays. How lame. =(

  253. Yeah! the event was pretty interesting, the coverage very good. GG

  254. Thought this was quite interesting Europe v China Human 7 - 6 of which 4 are mirrors, essentially 7 - 2 vs other races. Orc 2 - 3 of which 1 was mirror, essentially 2 - 2 vs other races Night Elf 0 - 2 None were mirrors Undead 1 - 1 Korea v China Human 0 - 2 No Mirrors Orc 1 - 2 No Mirrors Night Elf 1 - 1 No Mirrors Undead 4 - 0 No Mirrors Europe v Korea Human 1 - 2 Orc 2 - 3 Night Elf 2 - 2 One Mirror, Essentially 2 - 1 vs Other Races Undead 4 - 2 Therefore overall Human was 8 - 10 or 44% win record Orc was 5 - 8 or 38.5% win record Night Elf was 3 - 5 or 37.5% win record Undead was 9 - 3 or 75% win record

  255. yeah bufF ne&orc!~ (j/k...) but seriously a nice event. Though the whole map chosing thing is beyond me. How can you have human play echo 4 times :s you'd say they would restrict the use of one map over and over again = =

  256. great event for china. their war3 fans had an awsome show to entertain themselves with

  257. wow dude korea just destoryed everything

  258. Wtf bloody Sky with the 3 times echo isles!!!! thats just unfair

  259. Europe would have been 2nd if it wasnt of bloody 3X echo isles and sky

  260. follow this logic: people say you cannot claim moon is clearly better than grubby as ne orc (even tho grubby has only beaten moon in a single game - ALL the others they have played, moon has won). however orc ud - therefore, according to the same logic, grubby should similarly dominate fov as he is dominated by moon. this is not the case. fov beats grubby regularly, and has even beaten grubby in a series. this leads to one of only two possible conclusions - 1. moon and fov are superior players to grubby 2. orc is on net a weaker race than ud or ne (and remember the human orc match up has now swung in favour of human as well) - therefore the question arises - especially for the grubby fans who will deny grubby is a weaker player than moon, fov or sky - (top night elf, undead, human) - if you insist grubby is equal to those three players, then you must ask is orc now the WEAKEST RACE ???!!!!???

  261. by the way ghoul_rusher orc won to human.....

  262. team Korea is imba ffs !!! T_T !!!

  263. well i cant believe that europe got last..... now time for a north and south america team =D

  264. ghoul_rusher, stop basing conclusions on the last tournament that happened. My god is that annoying. Grubby has beaten FoV just as much if not more than lost to him. This was a best of one for Christ's sake.

  265. UD's are owning.


  267. bologni - you know whats annoying ? people who are dense - like you. did you even read my post properly? one - i was speaking about a TREND - the exact opposite of what you say when you talk about "one tournment" - ie. if you have been following the scene in the past 2 or 3 times fov has met grubby he has done a lot better than before. 2. did i say fov was beating grubby all the time??? no again you are too dense to understand my point - i said that while in the imba ne v orc matchup grubby CAN NOT seem to beat moon, in the imba orc v ud match up fov is still able to beat grubby about 40% of the time. then i dont come to a "conclusion" - as you are again too dense to understand. i say these FACTS raise QUESTIONS which then lead to TWO possible conclusions. so keep your mouth shut if you cant post intelligently thank you.

  268. wow korea owned the other teams

  269. rofl bologni. you sound like an idiot.

  270. Wooooow Sky... awesome ;-D

  271. Hot and sase didnt win any games either of em :(

  272. w/e korea owns it nothign new koreans own at video games europe dont stand chance grubby sucks now...what else

  273. europe suxors. its settled, asians are better in wc=]

  274. man feels like this starwars really isn't that many "stars", imo there shouldn't be qualifications to make up teams, but just tod and grub from euro, xiaot and sky from china, and the rest koreans.

  275. i don't get it. korea woon 6:3 vs europe and 6:0 vs china but china won 6:5 vs euro :(((

  276. What happened with Team Korea vs Team China? No luck in those mathups? t.t

  277. Now I am convinced that indeed the best UDs in the world are Korean. The previous event Race Wars would have been much more exciting if only they had included Korean players, so that we could see the real power of UD. Look at the player compositions. Europe, no UD. China has all race and 2 of them are HU. Korean, no HU and 3 UDs, and they are winning even against the best players such as Grubby and Sky.

  278. "i don't get it. korea woon 6:3 vs europe and 6:0 vs china but china won 6:5 vs euro :(((" that's like if neorc and orcud and udhuman, then ne should own humans with 50% handicap right? some things in warcraft you cant be quantitative about - there are factors like korea having strong ud and china with human, also luck plays its part.

  279. w/e korea owns it nothign new koreans own at video games
    whoops seems you forget that koreans hardly play anything but blizzard games, and didn't take into consideration the biggest gaming scene out there; the FPS scene. :P

  280. team korea is imba no wait korea is imba.....

  281. team korea is imba no wait korea is imba.....

  282. Korea could have set up more 1 or competitive teams for Stars War They were left out several other gosus as Check, Remind, GoStop, Susiria, Storm, Soju... Korea OVER :o

  283. corea all

  284. Europe would have been 2nd if it wasnt of sky and echo isles !!!!!!!!!! y did korea choise ECHO ISLES 3 times in a row thats just stupid!

  285. what happened to china's fans to call back a player for korea v china???

  286. btw asians might be good at video games but they suck at making tournament formats LMFAO, so racist against europe these asians are it isnt even funny, echo isles vs grubs 3 times? obviously in favor of their oriental friend sky.

  287. insomnia playing well these days. heeeee's baaaaack!

  288. wow, team eurpoe finishes 3rd with zero wins. team america could have done much better. team america for stars war III plz -_-

  289. asdf go china

  290. China called back xiaot for the Korean/China match and he lost again... hence why Korea won 6:0 instead of 5:0

  291. i love how korea has no human player :|

  292. Europe is the best if it wasn`t that Echo Ises and Sky China was down. Inso is the best, he can beat anyone these days :P



  295. This wasnt europes top lineup in my humble opinion. No deadman and no UD (either winner,fury or frog) , not the very best lineup

  296. 6:0 .... K vs. C I don't know what to say.

  297. there wasn't a team america you dumbass -_- but that is such a good movie xD

  298. and sky owned europe tt

  299. i couldnt believe china won against europe....


  301. Dynasty of Korea lives on~ ^^

  302. No Deadman = GG Europe

  303. i think lunatic hai is second place at the moment thePTSin world ranking so yea i dont think u keep up witht he fps scene of gaming rofl

  304. someone..being able to analyze the game..and knowing what to do.. and practising to make your play perfect is what you call GOSU (aka korean word meaning expert) Being able to realize which is better race if it's so IMBA is also a skill, so for all who thinks human & orc NE & UD.. it's because non korean players don't have this skill. I highly doubt there is much's just that players haven't figured out the right strategies to beat certain strategies. If it's so IMBA then why don't they change the race and play.. then show that it is IMBA.. because they don't have the ability to.

  305. with the elemination of Inso , nobody can stop Sky....