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For the past few weeks, the World eSports Games committee has been in a bit of a quandary. This prestigious competition, which was originally supposed to be held on April 8-30, was delayed and rumored to be postponed indefinitely. This not only put the organizers extreme stress, but the players as well. It did not bode well for them since most of them flew halfway around the world for this competition, only to be met by the news that the event will not take place as scheduled.

Questions were asked and tempers flared, but all of them knew that getting angry over the situation won't do any of them good. It was suggested that the event was moved to Korea, since a lot of the players invested a lot of time to attend this event and didn't want to waste their trip. WEG implied that it was impossible to change the venue in such short notice, leaving the players without much of a choice but to make the most out of the time they spend in Hangzhou, visiting some of the sights as well as having some fun going out at night.

A couple of days later after the postponement was proclaimed, it was revealed that the WEG committee was in discussion with the local Hangzhou government. They were trying to settle for a compromise so that the event might still be held. After the flurry of bad news, things started to pick up and it was announced that WEG will be taking place! The only drawback is that the event will be shortened to roughly 2 weeks from the original one full month. This was better than no tournament at all, which brought a lot of excitement from the community! The event will now run from April 22 till May 3rd -- in Zhejiang University in Hangzhou.

Official Event Title: WEG Masters with CLI Expo 2006

Hosts: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Hangzhou Sub-council WEG Committee

Organizers: Hangzhou International Conference & Exhibition Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Sports and Economics Association. World eSports Games, Inc.

Venue: Hangzhou Zhejiang Arts Center

Schedule: April 21, 2006 (Friday) ~ May 3, 2006 (Wednesday)


Media Partners: Arirang TV, G TV, GIGA TV,,,, GotFrag,,,

Official Games: Half-Life : Counter-Strike™ v1.6, WarCraft3 : The Frozen Throne™

Total Prize: US$ 152,000.00

Participating Teams and Players:

Counter-Strike: 4Kings, Catch Gamer, CompLexity, project_kr, SK.Swe, Team NoA,,
Warcraft III: 4K^Grubby, 4K^ToD, NiP-Gostop, SK^Zacard, MYM]Moon, WE.IGE.Sky, WE.IGE.Sweet, wNv.xiaOt


Many people are surprised why the event is being held in China when it has always been in Korea. While it's astonishing at first, it became obvious that China was the place to hold such an event with the incredible amount of Warcraft III fans present in the country. The players were met with such warm hospitality and local fans are all excited that such an event was being held in their city.

Hangzhou is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Zhejiang province, making it an ideal spot to hold WEG Masters. The weather is cool but not too cold, and there are many scenic spots around to explore -- more notably the breathtaking West Lake. The event is being held at Zhejiang University Yongqian Center of Hangzhou, which is considered the best academic institution in Zhejiang province.

Warcraft III Players

Group A


Name: Xiaofeng Li
Country: China

1st Place - WCG 2005
1st Place - ACON 5


Name: Tae Min Hwang
Country: South Korea

2nd Place - WEG 2005 Season 1
2nd Place - WCG 2004


Name: Manuel Schenkhuizen
Country: Netherlands

1st place - Blizzcon 2005
1st Place - ESWC 2005
1st Place - WCG 2004


Name: Chun Jung Hee Country: South Korea

1st Place - WEG 2005 Season 3
1st Place - BWI 2006

Group B

Night Elf

Name: Jae Ho Jang
Country: South Korea

1st Place - WEG 2005 Season 1
1st Place - WEG 2005 Season 2
1st Place - CKCG 2005


Name: Yoan Merlo Country: France

1st Place - CPL 2005 Summer


Name: Kim Dong Moon
South Korea

2nd Place - WEG 2005 Season 2
2nd Place - WEG 2005 Season 3


Name: Liwei Sun

Sponsor Invited


1. What did you feel about WEG Masters prior to the competition?

Sky: I always had a good impression about WEG, especially that this year it is being held in China. I really wanted to join the tournament.

xiaOt: I've participated in WEG four times already. I think this shows that I like WEG very much.

ToD: I was really looking forward to it. I took part in the two first seasons which were held in South Korea, losing twice in the first groupstage. This WEG Masters is being held in China, so this is like a whole new opportunity to prove myself.

Grubby: Mostly I didn't have great hopes for the WEG Masters because I've been very
skeptical about WEG ever since they started for certain reasons which later turned out to be true (first I thought prize money would never arrive, then it came but still very late). Also I had serious doubts about the Best of One system with maps chosen by the WEG Committee in season I, II and III. As most people know, I prefer the Best of Three format.

I must admit that the fact that WEG was BO3 this time didn't play a part in my joining. I didn't know about that yet (it would turn out to be a happy surprise later). I had nothing better to do in April so I accepted the invitation. Getting to know the prize money & which other players were participating, I knew it would be one of the greater challenges in my

Now that I'm here I will testify that some people could consider it boring, yes, but despite of some problems WEG is doing everything they can to accommodate everyone and I must say I feel quite comfortable here and am enjoying myself. I'm glad that I came and hope to win :)

Zacard: I am very happy to have the chance to participate in WEG Masters especially since only few players were selected to play. I am also happy that I can prepare and make plans for the tournament.

GoStop: Many players want to participate in WEG Masters, so it makes me feel good and proud that I am part of the competition.

Sweet: I feel great to be able to join WEG Masters. I think it is an honor to be part of this tournament.

2. What was your reaction on the postponement of WEG Masters when it was announced?

Sky: I was very shocked and surprised. But on the other hand, I felt happy and relieved when i found out it was postponed because I have more time to train.

xiaOt: It was understandable, since arranging gaming competitions in China is very troublesome.

ToD: I was extremely disappointed. I thought somebody was making a joke at first, as i was told about it just after arriving in Hangzhou. Luckily the tournament wasn't completely canceled.

Grubby: Relief, disappointment, boredom - in that order. Relief because I heard of the postponement one day prior to my departure and the reason for relief was two-fold. One: I hadn't stepped on the plane yet so wouldn't be marooned in China. Two: I had been ill and had some other tournaments and generally had the feeling that I didn't have enough practice for a tournament of this calibre (usually I'd prefer full ladder/cg for a month, now I only had like 10 days).

Disappointment because both me and the fans probably had been anticipating this tournament and I must admit I didn't think I would be able to play WEG anymore if the delay would be 2+ weeks. Boredom because I suddenly didn't know what to do with the time I had. When I heard WEG was continuing just a week later, I felt very weird because I had made a lot of plans to do stuff in April such as going to some bdays, a big techno party and some theatre.

Zacard: This was very sad news for me, but at least it gave me more time to practice.

GoStop: I don't think I have prepared enough for WEG Masters, so the postponement was able to give me more time and help me practice.

Sweet: I felt more relaxed since MIL was playnig during the original WEG Masters, but I'm very happy that WEG will commence again.

3. How have you prepared for your matches?

Sky: I just played a lot of ladder games on prior to arriving to Hangzhou.

xiaOt: By practicing against the races of the opponents that I am going to face.

ToD: Just practice, the internet here is pretty slow which makes online practice pretty hard, so I have to practice with others WEG players.

Grubby: Ladder in europe, then when I arrived in China I saw the ping was too poor so only CG's here.

Zacard: The internet here is not so good so it makes me hard to practice well. I try to practice with Koreans as much as possible. I also practice with some Chinese players and ToD here.

GoStop: With other Korean players as well as participants from the other WEG Masters group.

Sweet: I have two very good Orc players in my group and will be playing them in two continuous matches. So I have been practicing very hard against Orc.

4. How do you feel about the tournament in terms of accomodations, group setup as well as the given map pool?

Sky: I am not so satisfied with their arrangement this time around. The training room was not available for quite a long period of time. Map pools and groupings are nice, and in total I still think WEG is a world class tournament.

xiaOt: The maps were chosen by the players, so I think they are well-balanced. But I'm not too sure about the groupings.

ToD: Both groups are just as difficult in my opinion.. and the map pool seem to be the most balanced one we could have hoped for, so im pretty satisfied.

Grubby: The groups are good, I'm glad that I'm not with Moon because if you want to be good vs NE as an ORC, you need like 1 month full concentration on this match-up and that means you can't practice anything else, making u worse vs ORC, HU and UD. Other match-ups are trainable in a week which is why I appreciate the fact that I got the other 3 match-ups (it's interesting to play a variety with practice in between). I think the reason I just gave is a very important one to explain why some ORCs seem to be NE killers for a week or so and then suddenly swing back to losing to almost every good NE once more. The nuances and subtleties of their strategy are suddenly known to the world and they can't keep up the rigourous training so the NE's don't have much problems adapting.

I think this is the worst mappool the ORC race has ever seen, and am very disappointed in WCG's decision to take the same maps. ORC has no good match-up on TR, ORC is only good vs human on TM, ORC is only good vs UD on EI perhaps and is only good vs NE on ... afk. I must say I don't know too much about TS but it seems much more abusable by NE & HU than ORC. I don't think it's a good map. There was a map vote by all the players and these maps came out. None of the ORC's choices (mael, LT and GW) were taken into serious consideration. The majority vote fucked over Orc because HU/NE/UD all like the same maps vs orc. Anyway, it doesn't matter that much. At least they're very known maps and not new maps with like hidden imbalances where it would only much later turn out how good/bad they are for a particular race.

Zacard: I don't really care about the other players and the maps, I just try to do my best.

GoStop: I thought it would be easy for progress for me when I saw that I only had one Orc opponent in my group. However, when I saw the maps, I think its difficult for me to get into the semi-finals.

Sweet: I think these is a big possibility that I might be able to reach the semi-finals. I think every match is tough!

5. What matches and which player are you most anticipating to compete against and why?

Sky: Each and every one. They are all world-class players.

xiaOt: All... because all of them are outstanding competitors.

ToD: Against Moon and GoStop, because they have beaten me few times before and so i have I, but I find it always enjoyable to face them in a tournament.

Grubby: I am anticipating my first match vs Sky the most because he is the player I want to beat the most. I know I can do it because I defeated him 2-0 in the first Stars War. Orc vs Human is also one of the most fun match-ups for me to practice usually - every strategy has a counter unlike some other match-ups where there aren't really counters to certain stuff.

Zacard: The three other players in my group - Sweet, Sky and Grubby are all very strong opponents. I will pray to heaven to beat my opponents.

GoStop: I think every match will be difficult, but Moon would probably be the toughest matchup for me. We know each other very well and he is doing very good. There would be many things to think about and consider.

Sweet: Playing versus Orc will be the toughest match and Grubby is the toughest opponent. I have a match against Zacard first, and I am afraid that Grubby might have an advantage seeing how I play against Zacard.

6. What are your expectations for yourself in this tournament?

Sky: I hope that I can win the championship this time around, but that is not my main goal. My goal is simply to play the best than I can!

xiaOt: Get into the Top 3.

ToD: As always, I just hope I can go as far as I can. I dont like to aim too high or I'll be very disappointed if I lose. I'm just going to prepare for my games one by one without thinking about the rest.

Grubby: I don't have any expectations except not to finish 0-3 (0-6). I don't think
anyone of the WEG players can realistically say they expect to win.

Zacard: I find joining WEG Masters very difficult, and by God's help I was able to join. And for God's sake hope I do my best on my matches and results.

GoStop: The bracket is good for me so I hope I can get to the finals one more time.

Sweet: If I am able to reach the semi-finals, then I think I'll be in the finals as well.

** Unfortunately, Moon was unavailable for interview.

Event Calendar

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
16 17 18 19 20 21 22

CS Group 1

Group 1
Group 2

23 24 25 26 27 28 29

CS Group
2 & 3

Warcraft Group 3

CS Group 4

Group 4

CS Group 5

Group 5


Group 6

CS Group 6

30 1 2 3
CS Group Semi Finals
CS 3rd Place
Grand Finals

3rd Place
Grand Finals

** Times are in +8 GMT
(Singapore, Shanghai, Hangzhou)


Warcraft Schedule and Results

Match 1/2 - April 22th

Group A
4K^Grubby [1:2] WE.IGE.Sky
Echo Isles
Twisted Meadows
Turtle Rock
Group B
MYM]Moon [2:0] NiP-GoStop
Terenas Stand
Echo Isles
Turtle Rock

Group A
SK.Zacard [1:2] WE.IGE.Sweet
Echo Isles
Turtle Rock
Twisted Meadows
Group B
4K^ToD [2:1] wNv.xiaOt
Twisted Meadows
Echo Isles
Turtle Rock

Match Day 3 - April 24th

Group A
WE.IGE.Sky [2:1] SK.Zacard
Terenas Stand
Echo Isles
Turtle Rock
Group B
NiP-GoStop [2:1] 4K^ToD
Terenas Stand
Turtle Rock
Echo Isles

Match Day 4 - April 26th

Group A
WE.IGE.Sweet [1:2] 4K^Grubby
Turtle Rock
Terenas Stand
Twisted Meadows
Group B
wNv.xiaOt [0:2] MYM]Moon
Echo Isles
Twisted Meadows
Terenas Stand

Match Day 5 - April 28th

Group A
WE.IGE.Sweet [1:2] WE.IGE.Sky
Echo Isles
Turtle Rock
Terenas Stand
Group B

4K^ToD [0:2] MYM]Moon

Turtle Rock
Terenas Stand
Twisted Meadows

Match Day 6 - April 29th

Group A
4K^Grubby [2:0] SK.Zacard
Terenas Stand
Twisted Meadows
Echo Isles
Group B
NiP-GoStop [1:2] wNv.xiaOt
Twisted Meadows
Echo Isles
Turtle Rock

Semi Finals - May 1st

1st Match
WE.IGE.Sky [0:3] 4K^ToD
2nd Match
MYM]Moon [1:3] 4K^Grubby

Finals - May 3rd

3rd Place
WE.IGE.Sky [3:2] MYM]Moon
4K^ToD [3:1] 4K^Grubby


Group A


Group B


Group B Tie-breaker

4K^ToD (advances to semis)

Live Coverage Links will be providing coverage for the event and updating this page as much as possible during the duration of WEG Masters 2006. Recaps and battlereports of match will be provided as well and photo galleries of the events, inside and out! JacziE will be doing the shoutcasting along with The-Hyper-Frog for all Warcraft III matches!

Video streaming will be available during the event located at! VODs will also be available for those who miss it during the live telecast!

Live updates will be available at for up to the minute updates or news about the event! Be sure to check this site out from time to time! JacziE will also be ranting and raving about her experiences in China at her blog on! If you crave insider stories or just plain bored and want to read something before the matches start, you can head over to the URL and read up on what's been happening to her during the past few weeks in China! Pictures will be posted up as soon as she gets around doing it in between casts!

Game Recaps

Match Day 1/2

Match Day 3

Match Day 4

  • Sweet vs Grubby
  • xiaOt vs Moon

Match Day 5

  • Sweet vs Sky
  • ToD vs Moon

Match Day 6

  • Grubby vs Zacard
  • GoStop vs xiaOt

Match Day 1/2 - April 22th

Grubby vs Sky (Echo Isles, Twisted Meadows, Turtle Rock)

This series was a great one, with Sky winning 2-1 against Grubby. Sky's gameplay was predictable, but it doesn't mean that it was any less of a challenge for Grubby.

GAME 1 - Echo Isles
Sky does his modified build with an early Lumber mill for an earlier tech while Grubby takes the Blademaster as his first hero against Sky's Archmage. The Blademaster was very effective in harassing earlier on, and was able to take down the Archmage at level 2.

At tier 2, Grubby takes the Tauren Chieftain as his second hero with dual Beastiaries for Wind Riders; while Sky gets the Mountain King and gets dual Sanctums. Sky attempts to do his infamous tower push at Tier 2 with casters, but Grubby seemed prepared for that strategy and countered by going Wyverns then attacking Sky's base while Sky was pushing Grubby's. This proved to be effective since Grubby was able to take down Sky's Keep, and he had an expansion up at his natural. Sky retreated to save his base since he can't afford to lose his buildings since Grubby will be able to take the human buildings down faster. Sky left his towers to finish off Grubby's Stronghold, but Grubby portals in just in time to take the towers down.

Sky decides to go back to Grubby's base to finish it off, and Grubby does the same and goes straight to Sky's base to finish off some more buildings. Sky manages to take down Grubby's expansion as well, but Sky was down to only farms and 2 other structures. Sky goes to confront Grubby's army, and Grubby was unable to win the final battle and says GG after the Mountain King was able to take down Grub's Blademaster.

GAME 2 - Twisted Meadows
both players start off with similar builds from the first game and gets the same first and second heroes -- Archmage with Mountain King and Blademaster with Tauren Chieftain. Sky doesn't creep the Goblin Laboratory like most Humans do in this map, intent on keeping his wood resources high for his quick tech.

Sky again sets up for a mid-game tower push, but Grubby was doing hit and runs on Sky's main; forcing Sky to TP more often than he'd like, delaying his strategy. At this point, Grubby was also able to set up an expansion which Sky wouldn't discover till much later.

Sky finally decides to do his strategy and sets up towers, but again Grubby was able to force him to TP, and Sky then makes towers at his main base to stop Grubby from his hit and runs. Sky tries to be on the offensive, but realized that he is on the losing end when it comes to base race, since Grubby deals more damage to buildings than his casters could ever do. At this point, Sky is at a serious disadvantage in terms of resources, losing a lot of peasants and having to repair his almost dead Town Hall, and Grubby has an expansion up and running as well.

Sky had his army split unintentionally when he met Grubby's army, giving the advantage to Grubby in terms of positioning. Sky managed to pull back from it however, and Grubby decides to TP despite having higher food count since his heroes don't have any more mana to take down the casters. At this point, Sky discovers Grubby's expansion and tries to take it down; but Grubby is right there to reinforce it. Blademaster goes down early in the battle at level 3, but the TC stayed on to fight the Archmage and Mountain King both at level 5. The TC was able to survive focus fire with the help of a greater healing potion and reaches level 6 after he was able to take down most of Sky's army and it was game over.

GAME 3 - Turtle Rock
This game was basically the same as the first two early game. Unfortunately, Sky hit Grubby pretty early, and Grubby didn't have much units (3-4 Wind Riders + Grunts) when Sky pushed his base with towers and casters. Despite this, Grubby was still able to take down some towers and casters using Lightning Shield on his Blademaster. But this really hurt Grubby a lot and at one point he had no units and 2 low HP heroes. Sky stayed at Grubby's base, and at one point the game almost turned around when Grubby literally killed all of Sky's casters with just two heroes. Unfortunately, too much damage was already done against Grubby and Sky takes the match.

Post-game comments:
Sky did the exact same strategy for all three games, and it was expected by everyone that he was going to do his trademark tower push. It was evident that Grubby was preparing for this exceptionally strong strat versus Orc, since Orc greatly relies on their strong tier 2 and Sky hits early Tier 2 and utilizes the strength of Human casters against Orc. Grubby had a good counter of doing hit and runs on Sky's base to force him to TP back and stop the tower push, but Sky proved to be a strong player and was able to win despite Grubby's best efforts.

Moon vs GoStop (Terenas Stand, Echo Isles, Turtle Rock)

This was a pretty interesting game despite Moon winning 2-0 against GoStop. GoStop put up a good fight, but Moon emerged unscathed and victorious in this matchup.

GAME 1 - Terenas Stand
Moon started off with a Demon Hunter and tried to do a mercenary rush, pulling creeps with a wisp then buying a Murloc Huntsman and Assassin at both camps. Moon utilizes his mercs with ensnare and poison arrow pretty well, but GoStop was impressive in pulling off a hero surround even if Moon's DH had Boots of Speed, forcing Moon to TP at level 1, leaving him free to creep with his DK and ghouls.

DH is back to harass again, but GoStop is just too fast and Moon's hero gets surrounded again and killed by GoStop's army. Naga Sea Witch is Moon's second hero, and he puts up two Ancient of Lores for mass Dryads and some Bears; while GoStop gets a Lich and does dual crypt Gargoyles. Later in the game, GoStop adds Abominations and Destroyers to his army.

GoStop was able to win numerous battles against Moon, and forcing Moon to TP back when Moon's heroes were dying. Both have expansions up and running at their natural, but while GoStop was creeping after winning one battle, Moon quickly went to GoStop's expansion and took it down and GoStop was unable to go there and save it on time. This became his demise, since GoStop was unable to take down Moon's expansion and Moon kept building Tree of Lives at the corner expansion spots. Mines on the main bases run out, so GoStop didn't have a choice but to attack Moon. GoStop tried to take down the Demon Hunter with UD nukes, but was unable to, costing him the battle and the game.

GAME 2 - Echo Isles
Moon gets the Beastmaster with Archers and GoStop gets the Death Knight and Ghouls, while switching to Fiends later in the game. GoStop takes an expansion just as Moon gets one himself, so both are equal when it comes to having dual incomes.

Moon gets the Naga Sea Witch as his second hero, and a Panda later on as well as getting Druids of the Claws. GoStop on the other hand, makes Fiends and Obsidian Statues. Moon exhibits incredible control on this game, splitting his army in two -- Beastmaster, Panda, archers on GoStop's expansion and Naga with Bears on main base. This gave GoStop a really hard time, since he could not separate his army like Moon, and has to defend one base at a time. Moon though, having enough resouces, simply buys a TP for both his Naga Sea Witch and Beastmaster, and TPing out just as GoStop goes in and defends his base. Moon is totally unrelentless, and even builds 7 Ancient Protectors outside GoStop's base outside and GoStop eventually concedes, unable to go against Moon's army.

Post-game Comments:
GoStop really impressed a lot of the spectators in the first game with his quick hero surround manuevers on the first game, and great microing during mid-game. What lost it for GoStop was the lack of resources more than anything else, seconded by the fact that he tried really hard to take down a level 5 Demon Hunter but was unable to. Second game was simply flawless play by Moon, the split attack was so effective that it just baffled GoStop too much to be able to put up a decent fight. Moon was able to kill GoStop's gold mine at his main base, as well as take down a good number of acolytes. This slowed down GoStop's resources, giving Moon a huge advantage.

Sweet vs Zacard (Echo Isles, Turtle Rock, Twisted Meadows)

This match would chill Undead players to the bone, with Sweet losing the first game after a flawless game from Zacard; then Sweet coming back on top with a totally unusual strategy that made spectators go wild.

GAME 1 - Echo Isles
Sweet decides to go for a Fiend build, while Zacard does a fast tech -- getting a Blademaster with an early Voodoo Lounge, then a later Barracks. Sweet techs late with his build, only getting Halls of the Dead way after Zacard already had his second hero out. Sweet goes creeping with his Death Knight and Fiends, and the Blademaster simply always at Sweet's heels most of the game. This allowed Zacard to level up his Tauren Chieftain without a hitch, as well as build up an expansion.

Sweet tries to creep as much as possible, but with the Blademaster always around, the Orc army was able to creepjack him a couple of times that he was always forced to TP out. Zacard totally had the map, he was always doing hit and runs on Sweet's base, killing a couple of buildings in the process. Sweet couldn't get out of his base, and Zacard kept his expansion and finally won the game.

GAME 2 - Turtle Rock
This is one of the most controversial games on the first match date. Zacard goes Farseer as his first hero, while Sweet takes the... Beastmaster! Sweet goes creeping with the help of his Fiends, while Zacard tries to harass with his hero and Grunts. Even if Sweet doesn't have any form of early game healing for his Fiends without Death Coil, his summons and Beastmaster was able to tank for his Fiends, and Zacard had a hard time actually killing any of them early on.

Sweet then takes the Firelord as his second hero, amassing summons which helped him creep bigger creep camps and was able to outlevel Zacard who was creeping as well. Zacard seemed to have never encountered this strategy, and was less aggressive than he was on the first game.

Sweet adds Banshees to his army as well for Anti-Magic Shell, to stop the Tauren Chieftain from dealing too much damage to his units. Sweet goes for an attack, leaving Zacard baffled on what he has to do. At this point, Zacard doesn't want a battle against Sweet army (fiends, banshees, destroyers) with his grunts, raiders and some kodos. A lot of his units are back at his base as well, so Zacard was simply running around the map, trying to buy time because he does have an expansion. However, Sweet was really aggressive in this game, and was able to kill a lot of units of Zacard lagging behind, and forcing the TC to TP out when it got low on HP. Eventually, Sweet just pushed Zacard's base and Zacard just couldn't do anything about it, especially with a level 6 Beastmaster, and a level 6 Firelord as well.

GAME 3 - Twisted Meadows
Zacard uses the same build that he did on the first game, getting an early Voodoo Lounge for the Blademaster for harassment, teching to tier 2 before getting a later Barracks. Sweet still goes fiends, with a Death Knight now, and creeps early on the game till his hero gets level 2.

Things go downhill for Zacard as soon as Sweet decided to hit his base, since it was a very vulnerable time for Zacard since he doesn't have much units as he has just hit tier 2. His beastiary was building up when Sweet came, and Sweet was able to take it down. Zacard was back at his base to defend, Sweet backs off a bit and gets the Naga as his second hero. Sweet knows that he has the unit advantage at this point, having a good amount of fiends against Zacard who only had a couple of grunts and raiders.

Sweet hits again, taking down some burrows which hurt Zacard a lot since from this point on, he was unable to rebuild his army to go against Sweet. Sweet just kept on the pressure, eventually winning the game.

Post-game Comments:
Zacard had a great strategy that worked flawlessly on the first game. He was able to take Sweet down as he had an early tech, and was able to get his Tier 2 units fast coupled with an expansion and hit and runs. However, once that Sweet found out his weak spot of being vulnerable at early tier 2 while he had a good army of Fiends... he knew that he could attack at that point and delay Zacard's unit production by killing his Beastiary and take down some burrows. This proved detrimental to Zacard's strategy, leaving Sweet to take home the win. The second game... well, that was a whole different story!

ToD vs xiaOt (Echo Isles, Turtle Rock, Twisted Meadows)

ToD, being one of the current top Human players, was heavily favored to win this matchup against the underdog xiaOt. But as much as ToD took home the win, xiaOt was able to put up a hell of a fight.

GAME 1 - Terenas Stand
ToD spawns at the 2 o'clock position while xiaOt spawns at 7. Both players do their respective build orders, with ToD getting the Archmage as his first hero and the Farseer for xiaOt. ToD changes his peasants to militia to creep the nearby Goblin Laboratory, and gets the Scourge Bone Chimes for his item and leveling up his hero to level 2. xiaOt's Farseer arrives, but didn't do as much damage as he could have hoped for and was forced back. xiaOt decided to creep himself but is attacked by ToD as soon as his Archmage reached level 3, forcing him to TP back since ToD was taking down his burrows.

At Tier 2, xiaOt starts building a Spirit Lodge while ToD opts to go dual Sanctums. Both players add a second hero to their army -- the Mountain King for ToD and the Tauren Chieftain for xiaOt. ToD techs to tier 3 and puts down Aviaries to make Gryphon Riders, while xiaOt decides to make dual Beastiaries for an army of Grunts, Kodos and Raiders. Another battle would ensue just outside xiaOt's base but ToD was forced to TP out as his army took quite a bit of damage. xiaOt decides to creep but ToD is right back at his heels and a lot of back and forth battles ensue mid game. ToD takes the advantage when he was able to take down xiaOt's burrows. ToD's delaying hit and run tactics took its toll against xiaOt since ToD was able to build a good number of Gryphons with Inner Fire and eventually xiaOt was unable to take ToD down.

GAME 2 - Echo Isles
xiaOt spawns on the left while ToD spawns on the right side. ToD starts the game off with the Archmage while xiaOt takes the Blademaster for this game. ToD creeps the nearby camps with xiaOt's Blademaster goes straight to try and harass ToD creeping. xiaOt unrelentlessly attacks the Archmage to try to get an early kill but a smart TP from ToD and a farm block on ToD's base prevents xiaOt from getting the kill, leaving xiaOt stuck inside the Human base and xiaOt decides to let his hero die.

As soon as the Blademaster is revived, he again goes hunting for the Archmage. ToD on the other hand, goes creeping on the nearby Mercenary Camp with his Militia while setting up two Arcane Sanctums and getting a Beastmaster as his second hero at the tavern. xiaOt gets a Shadow Hunter as his second hero and adds Raiders which he uses to trap and surround the Beastmaster, getting the kill. Still being on the offensive, he again uses his army to attack ToD's base, and was able to take down the Archmage.

xiaOt was forced back as ToD has used his militia to stop xiaOt's attack. But after healing, xiaOt again returns to take ToD down and was able to creep jack ToD, leaving ToD again losing his Beastmaster. ToD again was creepjacked at the Goblin Merchant, leaving ToD's army scrambling when xiaOt suffered only minimal losses, leaving ToD to say GG.

GAME 3 - Turtle Rock
ToD spawns on the 4 o' clock position and xiaOt spawns at 11. xiaOt again opts to take the Blademaster as his first hero as he was successful with it last game, while ToD still takes the Archmage. xiaOt tries to steal the creeps from ToD but ToD was able to deny the Blademaster the free kills and quickly gets level 2.

At Tier 2, xiaOt throws down two Beastiaries and gets Wind Riders instead of Raiders, while ToD gets dual Arcane Sanctums and does mass casters. xiaOt skips a 2nd hero and fast techs to tier 3 while massing Wind Riders. Both players try to harass each other at this point just as a Mountain King is out for ToD. In an overzealous attempt by xiaOt, he loses is Blademaster at the red Ogre Lord camp with his air army! Bad luck for xiaOt as ToD decides to hit xiaOt's base just as he was reviving his hero and was able to take the Altar down.

A lot of Flying Machines are being added to ToD's army, and he brings in a couple of militia to tower xiaOt's base. Bad Riders are added in to counter the Flying Machines, and the Wind Riders were able to take ToD's towers down. ToD sets up an expansion at the lower left Ogre Camp and puts towers on them, but the Blademaster who has just reached level 6 went directly at that area and casted Bladestorm to kill some peasants and towers. At this point in time. xiaOt is simply trying to secure an expansion but building a lot of towers at expansion points, along with the towers having fortified armor upgrade. ToD tries to take down the towers a couple at a time, with his Archmage retraining from Water Elemental to Blizzard and adds some Mortar Teams to his army. With xiaOt investing so much in towers and Tiny Town Halls, he lacks the resources to build up an army and only has a solo Blademaster and a couple of Raiders trying to stop ToD's whole army. When ToD's Archmage reaches level 6 and the Mountain King at 5, xiaOt's one man army just isn't enough to go against ToD, thus ending the game.

Post-game Comments:
ToD seems to know this matchup pretty well, and was able to take down xiaOt on the first and third game, only to lose the second map after xiaOt's great control in taking down ToD's heroes. On the second game, ToD's Beastmaster never even had a chance to level up, while xiaOt was racking in the experience in taking up hero kills. xiaOt was also able to creepjack ToD in that game pretty effectively, thus taking the map point. On the third game, xiaOt still takes the Blademaster as it was pretty effective from the last game, however, ToD was more than ready to face xiaOt's strategy and xiaOt was unable to overcome ToD's human army.

Match Day 3 - April 24th

ToD vs GoStop (Terenas Stand, Turtle Rock, Echo Isles)

These two players have faced each other before in the WC3L, so despite the advantage of Undead against Human, ToD seemed to be in favor of winning against GoStop since he has already beaten him before. However, it was evident that GoStop has been getting ready for this tournament and has excellently displayed his playing skills in his games, and he was able to take down ToD 2:1.

GAME 1 - Terenas Stand
GoStop starts off with the standard build of going Altar then a Crypt, and then later adding a ziggurat while ToD fast creeps the nearest camps with his militia. He then decides to delay his tech by opting to creep out his expansion while GoStop's Death Knight hits level 3 by creeping out his line of creeps including the Goblin Merchant. A Ghoul that scouts quickly reveals ToD's plan to Gostop who grabs a Staff of Tteleportation and rushes to take out the ailing army of ToD. Both players hit level 3 quickly on their first heros. ToD tries to chase the Death Knight out of his base along with his footmen. GoStop suddenly goes on the offensive and tries to take the weak Archmage down by coiling and hitting him. ToD runs his hero back to the base and in an excellent move teleports out at the last moment and blocks the lone entrance to his base with a farm.

GoStop gets his Death Knight trapped and seeing no further damage possible, uses the staff to get back to his base. Good harass at the start puts GoStop up in the race and he is able to tech much faster than ToD in reaching Tier 3. Two slaughterhouses go up for the Undead, while a Mountain King is added to the Human army. ToD decides to harass GoStop's base but is quickly forced back as frenzied ghouls and quick destroyers join GoStop's army. Towers, a Workshop and an Aviary goes up for ToD while Gostop makes his deadly Destroyer army. With half the size of the undead army and losing his Mountain King by a close surround set backs ToD by a large amount and the game almost seems over with destroyers from GoStop. ToD however, defends his base very well and manages to get out Gyrocopters to his army. Seeing the copter army, Fiends are added to GoStop who is constantly harassing the Archmage with his heros. Knights are added for ground support and the Gyrocopters do a good job on harassing the gold mine of GoStop.

However, once the expansion does go up for Gostop the fight seems a losing one for ToD who tries to pit his Knight/Gyro/Gryphon/Trihero army against Gostop's army of Fiends/Destroyers/Abominations/dual hero combo. Losing out on the terrifying undead army which takes down his expansion and his Paladin, ToD calls gg and GoStop wins the game.

GAME 2 - Turtle Rock
The two players now battle it out on the second map with ToD spawning at the lower right corner, while Gostop takes the top left. The build remains more or less standard for both players with ToD quickly creeping the green camp in front of his base while GoStop grabs a Rod of Necromancy and tries to steal creeps with his Death Coil. ToD however goes on the offensive and constantly harasses his opponent, and opts for a quick Tier 3 upgrade to mass Flying machines while dual Slaughter houses are thrown down for GoStop. ToD, getting out his MK, again harasses the Undead base but is quickly drawn back after failing to break through the towers and mass ghoul army.

He then proceeds to quickly creep the upper right gold mine with his footmen army while his Tier 3 was just about done. GoStop quickly adds in 5 destroyers and tries to hit ToD's base but is droven back by the towers and the tri hero force of ToD. GoStop decides to level up his heros and creep an orange camp but is fatally jacked by ToD who proceeds to push the whole Destroyer army to low health. This results in burning a TP scroll by ToD but an offensive push by ToD's mechanical air army kills off the Destroyers leaving GoStop at a severe disadvantage. In a desperate attempt to set up an expo, Gostop is creep jacked once again and losing his Lich calls out GG and ends game 2.

GAME 3 - Echo Isles
The last and deciding game between the two players takes place on Echo Isles. Both of them do standard builds, similar to the first two games. Both decide to creep first, but GoStop takes Unholy Aura as his first skill knowing that he will be able to get level 2 asap for Death Coil. His Death Knight then runs over to the Human base and tries to harass while creeping with his ghouls.

As he hit level 2, he was able to steal a lot of kills at the natural expansion of ToD. Unluckily for ToD, the creep camp ensnares his footmen which GoStop makes quick work off ToD's units and also was able to steal a Tome of Experiece which leveled up his Death Knight. Teching real fast to Tier 3, GoStop throws down a Slaughterhouse while ToD sets up towers both at his base and at his natural expo. ToD tries to creep once the Mountain King joins his army, but GoStop is always at his heels. The expo goes up for ToD while the Destroyers and Fiend army gather for GoStop. A counter expo is set up by the Undead player who also grabs a Dark Ranger as his third hero.

Gostop rushes to ToD's base and at this point an absolutely amazing fight occurs which display's GoStop's astoundingly flawless micro.. He dishes out a lot of damage using his units and was able to take down ToD's Archmage. At Tier 3 ToD adds Dragon Hawks to his army, the Paladin, Knights and Gyrocopters against GoStop's army of Aboms/Fiends/and the Tri-hero combo. A last and deciding battle takes place at ToD's base. ToD was severly outnumbered and loses his heros to nukes, so he eventually submits with a GG.

Post-game comments:
ToD has been beating Undead left and right prior to WEG, and he was highly favored to win this matchup. However, GoStop seemed to be ready for anything that ToD threw at him, and was able to counter everything that ToD decided to do. Flying Machines coupled with Knights is considered one of the best unit mixes for Human against Undead going Fiends with Destroyers, but in a lot of the games, we see that GoStop would decide to stop producing Destroyers and simply going Abominations instead. With ToD going 2 Workshops to mass produce Flying Machines, he wasn't able to produce Gryphons as fast as he would have preferred to counter the Aboms built by GoStop. GoStop was smart to switch strategies and not simply stick to the cookie-cutter mass Destroyers that is known to be the death of all Human players.


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  156. this is not from you Jaz, but does WEG have the worst coverage ever for wc3? I can't get anything to run right.... no replays... no shoutcasting... no whaaggtv :(

  157. SK.Zacard 1:2 WE.IGE.Sweet 4K^Grubby 1:2 WE.IGE.Sky NiP-GoStop 0:2 mYm]Moon

  158. for video cast go to or

  159. Grubby: " I don't think anyone of the WEG players can realistically say they expect to win." So true (tho Moon can at least say "I've got a good chance..") ^_^

  160. Tod play versus xia0t right now !!!!! Bunny scream Good comentaror

  161. ToD 2:1 XiaoT. very horrible mistake by XiaoT middle-late game. GG

  162. Damn The Comentaror is not bunny its jaczie BTW TOD 2 - 1 Xia0t

  163. cGerman, this is not from you Jaz, but does WEG have the worst coverage ever for wc3? I can't get anything to run right.... no replays... no shoutcasting... no whaaggtv :( Maybe because of video streams doing all those :)

  164. ToD 2:1 xiaOt

  165. really I hate this type of coverage. All these big events like WEG and WCG dont ever have good coverage... Always insist in crappy video stream from a website which buffers every 3 seconds instead of waaaghtv + replays + some shoutcast

  166. t _ T when I click 'Calendar & Standings' at the WEG webpage I seem to be directed to some pornsite.. hacked or serious mistake?

  167. i heard is 2-1 for xiaot not 4 tod, wtf

  168. ToD won 2:1.

  169. I rofled when he lost blademaster to creeps xD GO TOD !!!

  170. nice updates

  171. bm_o u r Wrong, ToD 2:1 xiaOt !!! Check

  172. Great coverage gogogo SK.Zacard

  173. Great coverage gogogo SK.Zacard

  174. pp player
    Yeah, this is working for me too. Install it, forward ports 8050 (UDP) and 8249 (TCP) to your IP for best results. Then after it has downloaded the channel list look under Channels, Plays, 2006-WEG-Master

  175. Awesome amount of work put into this and that wcr logo looks swish!

  176. omg every orc losing, wtf? even to undead

  177. lol... all the orcs lost XD

  178. sky will beat zad, tod will beat gostop, grubby will beat sweet (not too sure though), moon will beat xiaOt (this time really sure ^^), sky vs sweet - dunno, moon should be able to take down tod, grubby will beat zacard, and i really hope for poor xiaOt that he will be able to take down gostop.... so the ones that make it past the group stages should be: A sky,grubby & B moon and ToD.

  179. Funny how Grubby and Zacard have to play on TR in all of their matchups except in their mirror. This map pool is definately pretty stacked against orc.

  180. wtf the coverage of WEG sucks hard.. those streams are not working and no replays avalible .. comeon i wanna see the matches, espacially after ziE said that sky vs. grubby was the best thing she has seen!

  181. andigro the coverage sucks only because you cant see it? it worked perfectly here, its just a matter of searching and not whining on forums

  182. oh...plzzzzzzzzzzz. oh. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. update this coverage, article or this whatchamacallit.... :)

  183. Great series between Sky n Grubby, as expected they played great, too bad GoStop lost 2:0, good thing Sweet won, Gogo Sweet im sure u can win this! Grubby said: "ORC is only good vs UD on EI perhaps". SCP said: "Grubby will speak their mind on the issue at hand. It's not immaturity, it's not whinning", it's BS!, completely ridiculous, im not a Grubby hater at all, but im losing respect to him for he's been whinning so very much lately, specially after the lost to Moon, right after that he kept on saying that dott's were too imba, then Moon plays without dott's n now the whole Nelf is imba. Even ToD has a possitive view on this event n the map pool, n nobody is gonna say that ToD doesnt speak his mind or that he didnt use to whine, but now i guess the title is of whiner is being taken away from ToD.

  184. oh...plzzzzzzzzzzz. oh. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. update this coverage, article or this whatchamacallit.... :)

  185. I want Replays =(.

  186. If I knew there would be no replays or waaaghtvh, I would have not bothered from the beginning. I don't even care who wins now because WEG simply sucks for not submitting replays. The whole tournament can go to hell as far as I'm concerned.

  187. If I knew there would be no replays or waaaghtvh, I would have not bothered from the beginning. I don't even care who wins now because WEG simply sucks for not submitting replays. The whole tournament can go to hell as far as I'm concerned.
    Agreed. Same opinion here.

  188. If I knew there would be no replays or waaaghtvh, I would have not bothered from the beginning. I don't even care who wins now because WEG simply sucks for not submitting replays. The whole tournament can go to hell as far as I'm concerned.

  189. grubby fanboys ... this tournement is good , too bad there is no replay :'(


  191. Grubby is pretty pissed about the maps

  192. omg all the orcs lost...

  193. lol all orcs losing in 1st day. how gay


  195. Of course you have nothing to complain about when your race never has to worry about any matchup(and for you slow ones, im talking about NE).

  196. F**k i realy wanted the replays :'( WEG lost all my respect :@

  197. no replays of wegs, only vods..

  198. god damn that girl in the shoutcast has a f***ing annoying voice.. such annoying high voice that cant get out of her words jezus christ + everything she says is just crap. We alrdy dont get any replays and then u let someone like that shoutcast ?? goddamn Fuck WEG

  199. All 3 Orcs defeated on the first day O.O ... Nooo....

  200. Is it possible to download the videos of the games?!

  201. I mean if they were streamed then someone must have saved them somehow? It would be a lot easier to download those games.

  202. Match Day 6 - April 20th Match Day 5 - April 28th Guess thats wrong.. ;)

  203. looking forward to this! huge prize such a great motivation to win, i hope we get to see some exciting games here ! good luck to everyone.

  204. I hope there will be VOD

  205. @PaTo: the article is very nice but i want to see the damn replays .. i was searching for some streams today and i couldnt find any, maybe im just to dumb tho :P .. well anyways such a tournament without replays sucks :)

  206. omg stop complaining about replays...these kind of tournaments have never let out replays...they have the VOD's. Or if you care so much watch them live, jaczie gave the links and the times so stop your whining if you want to watch them they are there and to the retard complaining about her voice, hit mute. WEG is an awesome tournament that brought with out a doubt the top 5 warcraft 3 players together with huge prizes. The 2 sets of games i watched (sky vs grub and moon vs gostop) were really sweet games, especially moon vs gostop on Echo Isle...moon is crazy o.O Awesome tournament, good games, fair coverage, stop complaining about replays and get vods or watch streams.

  207. And where can we get those VoDs you're talking about?

  208. grubby talks alot.

  209. these kind of tournaments have never let out replays...they have the VOD's.
    Vods* ... and even WCG has replays

  210. If they(WEG) release replays, the value of VODs becomes nothing. Furthermore, if replays are supposed to be released, hardly anybody do not watch such a low quality live stream, but, you know, exposing as many people to the live stream and VODs(natually advertisement, company logo, etc...) is one of the main goals of the sponsors who put the MONEY in this tournament. Simplay they CAN'T.

  211. WCG does not release replays officially, either. Maybe some players(or some relative admin) can release a few of them unofficially. WEG and WCG, in fact, stem from the identical system, Korean broadcasting system. But, of course, the system based on TV broadcasting and VODs are much more mature in Korea. WEG and WCG are just on the way to the better shape.

  212. Go Grubby!

  213. noooo! Grubby lose to sky....HMs are pwning Orcs these days :(

  214. WCG releases replays on their own website. How much more official can it get?

  215. man sky is so awesome

  216. anyone else thinks JacziE's cast was pretty good ?

  217. orcs lost every matchup day 1

  218. Nice job on the coverage and the casting JacziE & others!! Efforts are much appreciated.

  219. The cast was much better than previous seasons, but mb jacze should talk a bit less? She talks much much more than the other guy, I'd prefer if it was more balanced... Also her voice takes some getting used to in this low quality stream :)

  220. GoGo ToD! And Sky ! ^^

  221. human 4tw

  222. Well, where can we download the VODs? I don't want to stream the videos (I've tried the pptv or whatever it is and failed). Can someone shed some light here please?

  223. U can find some VOD of yesterdays matches @ I can say one thing use no sound because the girl that is the "expert commentator" have the most annoying voice i ever heard. But sweets massummonstrat was =)!!

  224. LOL anyone saw GoStop's surname? it's "Moon" lol, what a shame he lost 0-2 to that fak0r ^^

  225. ngc6720, WEG do not stream VODs from what I know, they show the matches live on Korean television. WCG have always released replays from their tournaments, maybe you just haven't been able to find them on their site.

  226. LuriFax : that website of yours is not loading...

  227. oh wait, it loaded, it's just too slow : PS : FUCK NO VOD FOR GRUBBY VS SKY SHIT

  228. WEG SUXXX

  229. Yeah the site is kinda slow today probl because it has the vod of weg. just use "save target as" and be patient. I noticed that there are some gaps in the vods but hey its WEG what can u expect ;)

  230. lol the files don't exist on the server wtf? i even used "Saved target as" but it downloads a 1 Kbit non working video file

  231. @Goblin_Tinker his surname isn't moon , its kim Kim Dong Moon when written in korean/chinese style Dong Moon Kim when in english (first name , last name)

  232. any 1 having problem downloading the vods? i can't start me DL

  233. gogo sweet fighting~

  234. Any1 know what time in GMT the zacard v sky game is? I think its 6pm 2nite according to the time converter ^^

  235. Yeah i downloaded 4 games but now it seems like it dosnt work anymore.

  236. 3 orcs play...3 orcs lose, one to a undead 2 to a human.

  237. u can got vod from, but its vip only and tis chinese website

  238. Well the 3 orcs lost, lol. All I gotta say after watching the games is, Orcs burrows are the biggest joke, they die in 5 secs of focus fire. Anyway, now I seriously doubt Grub or Zad can win, GO MOON AND TOD.

  239. i can only download moon vs gostop and game 1 between sweet and zacard, which starts right in the middle of the game somehow o_O. at the other ones it says that the dl is running under the same IP or sumthin and that i should try again later, similiar thing at the tod vs xiaot 1&2

  240. No Replays FOR THE LOSE.

  241. GL ToD, and I will be praying for Zacard, AMEN BRO!

  242. Lolz! all orcs crying that their race lost on play day1, i mean, weren't u guys expecting a lose from Grubby having in mind he wud face Sky, same thing with Zad facing Sweet n ToD vs Xiaot, Sky is great against orc, so is Sweet n ToD is way better than Xiaot, so i dun c any surprise here, weird how abt 6 months ago all humans wud cry abt it, now it seems its the time for orcs. sry orc pals but in a way its true.

  243. Alright, here is how you download the VODs!!! 1. Goto 2. Signup/register on the forum 3. Activate using link in your email address 4. The replays are in WEG Masters forum I just downloaded Moon's second game vs GoStop (105 MB) Not as good as replay, quality is fair at best, but it's worth it! Awaiting Gruibby's VODs to be available! :) Thanks to all who told about the link.

  244. Good coverage... Thanks~~

  245. All Orcs lost O.o

  246. Stud learn some grammar and someone might take you seriously.

  247. To all of you that thinks moon is going to win all group games I just say watch when ToD takes him down with a 2-1 score, he will win temple and some more neutral map wit his amazing fast expansions.

  248. no he wont because LT isnt in the map pool

  249. moon will rip tod apart on LAN...

  250. Thank you for this excellent coverage!

  251. After watching Moon walk over Gostop like he was pretty much the shittiest UD player alive, I dont think anyone in this thing is gonna stop him.

  252. ^ sky will beat him. only player on that list that can do so...

  253. When start match between Sky and Zad

  254. Moon didn't walk all over GoStop game, hell I want Moon or Tod to win (now I see any orc having 0 chance). Did you see how well GoStop played 1st game?. He got so many surrounds. But then his surrounds weren't impressive anymore, because of boring staff solves. Anyway great move by Moon with those Ancients GoStops base, that was Gosu!.

  255. Sorry for my post missing words. my wireless keyboard's batteries are dying.

  256. y dont they fuking post the bloody replays!!!!!!!!

  257. Jaczie PLEASE use the alt button TTTTT

  258. I don't think they will be replays. But i think they'll be releasing VoD's in a couple of days/weeks. What ever that is (-_-)" Anyways GG SKY FIGHTING!!

  259. Dance with me, you never dance with me. Ooh, it seems that i can move, I'm close to you, close as i can get. Yet there's no reply at all, There's no reply at all.

  260. Match between Zad and Sky is coming on esport

  261. This is intresting, only 1 NE :O

  262. @RaVinG ToD won a bo3 vs Moon during a LAN event (CIG).

  263. Zacard won first game

  264. @ ooooo yea he did, my mistake. heh

  265. come onn zad, u can do it

  266. Sky 2-1 Zacard

  267. Zacard lost nice game by sky :D happy birthday SKY :P seems that all orcs will lose i hope that Tod moon or sky will win :P

  268. gostop vs ToD Gl ToD :) UDvsHu should be interesting

  269. I was impressed by the way sky acted after his win against zacard. He asked him to light his cake and acted very respectable to the fans other players, seems like a cool kid. Its taking a really long time for the tod vs Gostop games to start, i wonder what the holdup is? They should mention how long the break is seeing as how its 5am here =[

  270. Tod´s game begun yeat?

  271. omg , so cool . Could any one show me how to see WEG online ? thank u .

  272. Yeah plzz i don´t get octo to work! I don´t get pplive to work and i dont understand chinese. How do i see weg 2006 live???????

  273. Gostop vs Tod just finished with gostop winning 2-1. Pretty intresting matchs, consisting of of alot of turn around strats. In the first 2 games Gostop rushed to fast destros only to have then lost to tod's gyros and then having to switch to fiends/aboms while tod switch to gryph/knights. Gostops higher level heros and nuke power end up winning the 1st and 3rd game for him easly enough. Id have to say tod probably could have played better game 3. He build 2 avarys, 2 barracks and 2 workshops and bearrly made any units out of all of them. I think if he had massed alittle bit more earrlyer he coulda had the game going on longer but its hard to say cause gostop had a huge hero advantage.

  274. If your wondering how to watch the games you need to go here Your only able to watch the games Live as the VOD's have yet to be made. If your intrested in watching the live games later they are playing again on wednesday and friday at 4am PST or 7am EST (dont know CET). Just go to the link i provided and click on the "low quality" button for the player (i got windows media player, hopefully its the same for you). If your like me it will tell you that you need to download Octoshape and will provide a link for the exe on the player. Just download that and it should run. It will only run if they are steaming at that time so expect it to only be on around the set time that the matchs start (4am pst). The quality is allright and the commentators are pretty good (although i dont agree with hypers reasonings). Good luck.

  275. Yeah . Thax alots . I've downloaded the Ortho player , and i've seen GoStop vs TOD . Thx . ^^

  276. I'm not the one controlling the feed :( I use alt a lot, but the guy who controls it doesn't I guess -_-

  277. LS in the first game of TOD is horrible, T_T

  278. we want pictures! any eta? :(

  279. hihi, marle from chronotrigger avvy 3 gj on the review and great blog u got jaczie ^^

  280. ya i think moon will take this one.. it seems hes in very good shape, as said above i think the only one that could take moon down is sky :)

  281. The Reporter had just found that ZARCARD was weeping in the loo... “Zacard,My brother!fighting~ i trust you!You will be the best!” SKY

  282. Seems like Tod is not in his best shape.. But he will win vs Moon, cuz when Moon plays vs Tod, he has placed himself for the semi's already

  283. thx for the awesome replays! this event rules YEAH!!!

  284. I dno if toD will beat moon....i wud like him to and i'm behind him 100% but will be difficult especially as the 3ed map is TM which is hard for hum......GOGO TOD 2-0 TEH ELF FTW!!!

  285. tod is in shape, it's just tough without gay LT abuse.. ahaha

  286. where can u find replays?

  287. much 3 for Jackzie for bringing the coverage this is shaping out to be great :D

  288. ToD lost ! I am SO disappointed :(

  289. That was a crutial loss vs gostop for ToD, I think Gostop + Moon will advance now. Think we might see a Sky vs Moon at this rate.

  290. dott imba - ne imba - hu imba - orc sucks!!

  291. wow nice coverage jaczie! Keep up the good work

  292. stupid map pools no f***in orc can do a shit zacard grubby well xiaot havs no chance anyways but omg orcs cant do anthing no LT no Maelstrom..... i hope to see replays anyways

  293. Orc isnt weak thier players are weak

  294. Grubby can still advance if he beats Sweet and Zacard (and preferably Sky beats Sweet too, else it'll go to map score). It all depends on the Sweet/Grub game on the morrow. Sky is a lock already.

  295. damm Tod lost to go-stop

  296. Group A : IMO, The most feasible scenario is Sky, Sweet, and Grubby : 2W 1L Zad : 3L I don't think Sky can beat Sweet, and Grubby can beat Sweet, Zad. Group B : Moon 3W, Gostop 2W 1L, Tod 1W 2L, Xiaot 3L At this point, This scenario is most probalble.

  297. orcs should be hoping grubby and zacard lose all their remaining games so that blizzard will finally take notice of the huge imbalance of the game for orcs and fix it!!!. these two players, only a year or two ago were two of the top three (along with moon) players in the world. unfortunately, their micro and ability just isnt enough to make up for the crappiness of the orc race any more.

  298. Wolfcub "Orc isnt weak thier players are weak" So Grubby and Zacard are crap orc players?

  299. noobs and the imba comment every single time..

  300. now it's not just imba dotts.. or imba bears/dryads + staff + moon wells and everything about ne.. now it's orc burrow sucks to orc race sucks overall because grubby and zacard lost close game 2:1.. according to your theory.. we should keep buffin orc until grubby wins every single game he plays except to moon.

  301. I see Sky/Sweet and Moon/Gostop advancing, sadly. And then, Sweet is amazing in mirror and UD NE. I see Sweet or Sky taking this. Especially since sky has a winning record vs moon.. who really knows though.

  302. forget orc............ they complain to much

  303. "stupid map pools no f***in orc can do a shit zacard grubby well xiaot havs no chance anyways but omg orcs cant do anthing no LT no Maelstrom..... i hope to see replays anyways" ur saying orcs are on can't do anything on any map that they aren't imba on?

  304. orc as a race is fine, just face it that the players playing orc just arn't as good as sweet/sky/moon

  305. Tod and grubby lose = WHINE GL

  306. One and only one thing to say: Go Sweet!! ^^

  307. Sky has a pattern. He won all the matchups in Echo Isles Turtle Rock but lost the rest.

  308. Damn i found WEG Replays on

  309. The Replays were from WEG 2005 :(

  310. LOL @ Wolfclub.. "Grubby and Zacard are weak players"

  311. no...just weaker than sky moon and sweet. dont take things out of context fool

  312. is it just me or do all the links on the weg site lead to worst coverage ever

  313. Again something against orcs, sorry, but this is getting annoying, What were the changes for orcs in the last patches?, did they nerf that race or buff them?, the changes made compared to what the orc race was about a year ago aren't huge but little ones, and those changes aren't berfs but buffs for orcs, SO, what's the problem?, this is excatly what happened about a year ago, all humans whining and crying imba, until a genius named Sky came into scene and brought new strategies (Storm did his part too with his "Mass Gold strat"), now orcs say that human is imba, ROFL, HU has always been the weakest race (except for the patches 1.12-1-14b), I guess wolfcub is right, orc players aren't as strong innovative and skilled as Sky/Sweet/Spirit_Moon, Zacard could be if he is in his best shape, Grubby is very talented but not as skilled as any of the players named above. Anyways, Go Sweet, take this one!!

  314. I don't thnk Sky is better than Grubby. In star wars I, it was all mass casters same strat for sky, but but towers. Grubby beat Sky with pure micro in 4 out of the 6 games they played, or was it 5-1? I gotta check that. Sweet better than Grubby? Also don't think so. Moon? that's a different story.

  315. I dont take things out of context.. Look at your first comment: "Orc isnt weak thier players are weak" -- But np, i just dont agree with that

  316. I meant, "but no towers".

  317. SCP - pure grubby fanboy detected. Sky got a lot better since then. Only because Grubby beat hin in a tourney, that doent mean he beat him forever, or is better than him forever. Sweet showed that he obviously can beat grubby. And i think, by saying Moon is a different story, you mean nelf imbalance ? Moon onws grub with mass talons - everybody whining He owns him without a single talon - everybody whining. You simply cant say who is the "better" player on this level. PS: Im NOT nelf :P

  318. Yeah but grubby and zacard obviously arn't weak players, i just meant weakER than sky sweet moon.

  319. Nelf Imba Human Imba Moon Imba Sky Imba STOP WITH THESE BULSHITS

  320. 3 orc players still no orc win. Go grubby!

  321. map imba

  322. Racist WEG, not even a single orc map, but shitload of NE (EI, TR, TM, TS) HU (EI, TR) and UD (TR, TM) where's the balance people, i want to see sumthing like LT, MS, SV, GW, keep the balance or sumthin as it seems, no orc is going to make it to the finals -_-;;;;;;

  323. Today should be the day that the first ORC win comes true, FINALLY Grubby!!!!!!!

  324. LT is terrible...worst ballanced map... but I like MS, where many interesting games were played, even though it's TOO ORCISH!!! IMO LT will be dispeared from the main map pool soon.

  325. who cares. These retards of WEG forbid for posting the VOD -_-

  326. Buzz N Frog don't assume bull****. By saying Moon is a different story, I meant Moon has consistently beatem Grubby, and while Nelf is imba, I don't believe Grubby is above Moon's level, so your "assumption is that an ASSumption. And then you go and say "just bla bla bla grubby beat sky in the past, or sweet" or whatever, SAME LOGIC CAN BE APPLIED NOW. Just bcause Sweet and Sky (more like Sky) have beaten Grubby NOW, doesn't mean they are better than him, so they same logic you are using to debunk my argument can be used unto yours. New push strategies are beating orc, in a while Grubby will find a different strat and can beat Sky and Sweet cause he's more than capable and has shown it.

  327. Oh and realize that by me saying "I don't think they are better than Grubby" I'm refering to Stud's post saying "Grubby is not as skilled as them" which is pure bull and it's like he magically forgets about Grubby's accomplishments". Grubby is just as skilled and has in numerous occations beaten these players. I'm not saying Grubby owns these GUYS, OMG GRUBBY IS THE BEST GG NO RE. Learn to read before calling a fanboy.

  328. Oh and WEG sucks ass, their coverage is absolutely terrible. I can't believe they screw the fans like this, what are they thinking. Not only did they take like 4 hours to start a match when it was supposed to be started, exactly, 4 hours earlier.

  329. I really want to see the game where Moon splits up his army against GoStop, and the Sweet vs. Zacard Games 2 and 3... Keep up the good work jaczie ^_^

  330. SCP, bro it's good to know that you're not a Grubby fan boy, well I'm not a Grubby hater either, but I honestly think that Sweet and Sky are more skilled than Grubby, I would even dare to say that Zacard is more skilled than Grubby, which many people have been able to notice, even taking into consideration all his accomplishments, which are a great back up for him (Grubby) but to me what's so great about him and ToD is their consistency, but about skills I personally haven't seen any european being as skilled as Spirit_Moon, Sweet and Sky (Having MaD]Q[FroG as an exception), anyways it's just my opinion

  331. Oh and talking about consistency and skills it's something I discussed about with a friend about 6 months ago, and it's exactly what I think it's happening lately, that consistency used to be a huge factor, but nowadays the players that are more skilled will shine up, and that's probably what's happening to Grubby (being ToD the huge exception), but maybe I'm just wrong and Grubby will win this tourney, which is very possible, altho he would have to beat Sweet and Zacard, a real hard thing to do.

  332. Grubby is not as good as these korean superstars, any accomplishments he has he did not have to bea them to get it.

  333. so many 2-1s that means these players are all at around the same skill level :)

  334. craaaap grubby lost first matchup. but at least sweet won that was some gosu shiat right there.

  335. How can you say Zad is better than Grubby? How many times has Grubby beaten Zad in LAN!. Come on now. Zad is awesome, he has excellent micro, maybe grubs understanding of the game and macro is a iittle bit better (on more occations at leasr) than zad's. Keep in mind that Zad is NEVER easy for Grubby, and the games in Blizzcon were absolutely ridiculous (as in goooooood), and it could have gone either way. Zad also beat Grubby recently in WC3L, but again how many tims has Grub beaten Zad. I'm only going by what I see. Anyway, I got nothing but respect for Sky and Sweet.

  336. don't worry you GRUBBY fanboys, on the next world rankings. Grubby will still be the No.1 player in the world, even if he doesn't win a single match in this tourney.

  337. don't worry you GRUBBY fanboys, on the next world rankings. Grubby will still be the No.1 player in the world, even if he doesn't win a single match in this tourney.

  338. zad is better micro than grubby, the blizzcon finals, grubby only won coz of his expansions...grubby does hav better(much better) knowledge of the game and better macro than zad. IMO they are at the same level.

  339. heh i know im gonna get flamed for my last comment since half this site is gurbby fanboy , but hey , just my opinion.

  340. Raving. Your comments are not flammable. But just one question. A guy that consistently beats the other guy much more times than the other guy beats him, shouldn't he be at least a lilttle bit better than him? And we are talking about mirror, perfectly balanced (having an expo is part of the game, I mean, now you are gonna tell me Moon sucks and wins cause he masses expo alot? come on). What else does someone have to do to prove his better than someone else, other than BEAT HIM. Come on now, cut grubby some slack, not even if Grubby beats Zad 10 times more will you say Grub is better.

  341. Grubby is better than Zad but that gap is rather small. Grubby comes out on top most of the time (~70% of the time) if only barely (2-1).

  342. SCP u said "Just bcause Sweet and Sky (more like Sky) have beaten Grubby NOW, doesn't mean they are better than him" in a previous statement but u now just said "What else does someone have to do to prove his better than someone else, other than BEAT HIM"....u say 2 different things. stop mixing things up to defend grubby, nd im only stating my opinion which is Zad is on the same level as grubby.

  343. I think what he meant was that Sky and Sweet hasn't beaten Grubby a ton of games for one to say that the two are definitely better than Grubby. Zacard on the other hand has been beaten a lot of times in LAN (according to SCP) by Grubby. I don't really care heh, they're all good! Moon ftw tho ^^ Crazy player

  344. I think we all should support our European players Grubby and Tod. Its gonna be too boring if all gosu players would be Korean or Chinese. Grubby and Tod are the only guys that can compete with the Korean gosus

  345. Mixing what up? Grubby has beaten Sky and Sweet more times than Zad has beaten Grubby. Grubby almost always beats Zad (and by almost always I mean damn near every time). It's like Moon always beating Grubby, and that's NE vs Orc, this mirror. Mixing WHAT up to defend grubby. I have pulled for Zad so many times because I wanted him yo win against grubby for once. Stop trying to ALWAYS come to the conclusion that one is a blind fanboy of anyone one tries to defend.

  346. In history, who are the only players that have really competed against the Koreans? I'm guessing Grubby, Tod, Inso and Frog? who else.

  347. U guys are acting like grubby got pooned or smthn. He lost one match vs sky 2-1 and suddenly all have lost faith. Sky's hu v orc MU is amazing....We'll see how he does...i dno why he didnt use that t3 walker-tauren-cata strat he did vs toD that seemed 2 work q well (even tho i was cheering for sky the whole way :) neways HMN FTW i hope toD can beat moon or xiaot beat gostop so we can have 2hus in the semis :D

  348. quizzms its not suddenly. grubby has been losing a lot in the past few months. zacard has been losing for a LOT longer than that. orc have always been the weakest race but the formerly the superior micro of grubby and zacard "masked" this weakness from coming to blizzard's attention. the fact is orc units are too slow and have too large collisions sizes, burrows are too weak, and orc have too great a weakness against spells and summons. night elf and human players can go on denying the obvious but it will have one result - orc players will gradually give up playing warcraft (as is already the case - orc players are quiting the game by the droves) - this will lead to a chain reaction resulting in the death of warcraft and eventual heath death of the professional rts gaming universe as we know it. a big bang (starcraft ii); is now required to reverse this.

  349. I cant open

  350. Me neither i cant get any of these feeds to work. And grubby v sweet game is about to

  351. SUPER INFO PROVIDED BY IMBA ODEYUKEN : To Watch the Stream, type 'octoshape:WEG.main450' in your browser (just like you would enter a normal URL) (you have to install Octoshape first) NP guys.

  352. WTF??? I wanna watch Sweet!!!! -- Why is it false???? OMG!!!

  353. Odeyuken plz help me! What should i make? I installed Octoshape already. I could watch toD vs. Xiaot and other games but today i can't watch my favorite player!!! Plz help me! THX

  354. At everyone who thinks Grubby whines too much: All Orcs lost every matchup, didnt they? And Grubby said the mappool was bad for Orc, didnt he? So he was right, wasnt he? So its not whining, its just stating another fact why the WEG is a crappy tourney. And it IS a crappy tourney: crappy organization, crappy coverage (no waaagh, no reps) and a crappy mapselection. The players are good and fun to watch, but thats all really.

  355. Does anyone now how a tie is broken? such as if 3 players all have 2-1 in the same group.

  356. Grubby won 2-1 vs Sweet olé olé

  357. 2-1 for Grubby ^^ Good day for orcs. See, they're all good.

  358. scp: heman and deadman

  359. Grubby just take down Sweet with2:1. In the interview after game he talked about his piano history^^

  360. gl for xiaot

  361. Moon vs Xiaot was no fun to watch

  362. is there anyway to view the old matches, like any vod links?

  363. I jope tod will win versus moon.

  364. xiaot's micro is impressive, but....moon is undefeatable.

  365. second game moon vs xiaot was wierd cause xiaot owned at the start by taking moons heroes all the time and still lost, not a boring game at all, a lot of action

  366. someone here knows a site of the WEG rulez? i want to know the tie system, and at the finals, heard of being a bo5, but we have only 4 maps in the mappool. thx and Steo i agree with u. for those who thinks there is no imbalance in wc3, watch orc-ne matches and see how orcs raise heroes and kill more units in the beginning than ne, but when lore/wind is up there is no way to win

  367. try

  368. the normal source for live stream didn't work for a while today there is another chinese source wich u can use but u won't understand what they say and it will probably buff sometimes, but better than nothing anyway.. here's the direkt link

  369. Playday 5. Can't wait.

  370. How about giving us a link to the WEG 2006 VOD's that works?? doesn't work at all -.- .It would be really nice if you could put the links onto this website! is that possible? thx in advance, nice game summary's makes me wanna seem them all, especially Sweet with BM and Firelord that sounds nice!

  371. SCP, I didn't say Zacrad was better than Grubby, I said that in my opinion Zacard is more skilled, taking into consideration his micro and better decisions while he plays, about europeans that have competed against koreans, well I would have to add HeMaN, damn I wish so bad that he will drop WoW and come back to this game. About orcs saying that they own hard elves at the beginning of the game, guys, do you know this game???, of course orcs own at the beginning, NElf power stands on his tier2/3 units, or you want an elf to own the orc with hero and few archers, against grunts??, it's completely the same thing an undead does, I am UD and it's what I do, UD power relies on his tier3 units, that's why we go hero harrassing and try to survive until we hit tier3.

  372. I have been using PPTV to watch the matches, but they are on at 3am for me and when i have to work all day thats a no go. i just want to know how to access the older matches so i can watch what i missed

  373. I live in the Netherlands and the matches starts at 12:00 my time. For those who cannot play the VoD, just link to "octoshape:WEG.main450".

  374. u need octoshape tho

  375. i hate the human beings who decided not to release replays or (working) vods for me. it's so booooooooooooooooooooooring without..

  376. I find it funny how these people call Grubby a whiner yet you always see nightelves whine when orc choose LT. Yet Turtle rock is like a free win for nightelf against orc.

  377. ok, if doesn't work, wich it seems to not do so for me either, there is another way. install octoshape, then open windows media player and press Ctr+U, then write in this: hope it works for u =)

  378. Moon is the only one 2-0'in everyone -_-;; Damn Moon..

  379. Is there still hope that WEG will somehow release those replays? The description even makes me want to see how the battle goes. Wcreplay staffs please do something about it. At least easy VOD download. Thanks.

  380. SWEET = PWN = Second game = BM + FL

  381. Comments of people complaining about the "lack" of replays/VODs/coverage should be deleted... They're useless and/or pointless and/or repetitive... What I see now in the tournament is Moon owning everything that moves (won 2 games and haven't lost a single map...) and Sky doin' pretty good too. The rest is just not at the same level. Imo gostop and sweet will advance to the semis cause you have to have 4 players to play semis ^^ but the true final will be the match between Moon and Sky.

  382. It's not safe to say that this early though. ToD is a hard adversary for Moon. Tod can and has beaten Moon, along with all the others in this tournament (yes even xiaOt, don't bully the guy -_- he's good). Luck plays a lot in some games, and Lady Luck usually sides with Moon. If he beats ToD 2-0 that'll be really bad coz a lot of people might say Moon imba instead of NE imba -_-;

  383. I don't mind Moon being imba, he prolly is to be in such imba competitions all the time. But NE in his hands just ... owns everything ... So please, not ToD ! ToD is my hero ;)

  384. Tod will win

  385. 2 best player right now is moon vs sky a must see matchup!

  386. btw they all look sad in those pics.

  387. Big day for ho0manz 2moro i wud be happy if just one of them won their match : )

  388. Go go Grubby !! You are the last our hopes !!!!

  389. Nice to see orcs are 1-5 so far this tourny...coincidence?

  390. Omg whats so difficult about uploading pictures -_-

  391. gogog grubby, cheering up for orcs (just Grubby now) , it will be magical if an orc wins WEG anyone knows if they will release replays after the tournament?

  392. Really great, much effort put down to this :D

  393. do orcs always whine so much? what about when grubby won blizzcon? what did they say then?

  394. they said grubby was a good player.

  395. Moon and Gruby rulez

  396. Btw guys

    ToD vs xiaOt (Echo Isles, Turtle Rock, Twisted Meadows)

    This match would chill Undead players to the bone, with Sweet losing the first game after a flawless game from Zacard; then Sweet coming back on top with a totally unusual strategy that made spectators go wild.

  397. And this too:

    ToD vs GoStop (Terenas Stand, Turtle Rock, Echo Isles)

    This series was a great one, with Sky winning 2-1 against Grubby. Sky's gameplay was predictable, but it doesn't mean that it was any less of a challenge for Grubby.

  398. Very good work JackziE, you really good at coverage and shoutcast ! Keep up providing stuff :)

  399. We want the replays!!

  400. sweet lost to sky... very disapointing... sweet is in bad shape


  402. sky2:1sweet nice game

  403. sky has 3:0 now! undefeated i think moon will win against tod so it will probably be moon vs sky in the finals

  404. I cant hear anything! What about voice now?

  405. When is ToD vs Moon????? It should be starting now

  406. yeh, they seem to be starting late with the game.. it just keeps showing the gigabyte commercial

  407. The stream working for anyone else?

  408. Now we could know any "Jet Lee light" so start the game!!! OMG

  409. joe and jaczie are flirting

  410. They are playing now.

  411. it works very badly! octoshape turns off all the time, donno why... really bad streaming service, china net so good

  412. moon just won the first map

  413. 1-0 Moon :/ toD played well except for battle at moon's base which was pretty retarded what with half his force focusing the illusions while the rest of his forces are cut down by dryads. Gogo tod on TS!!!


  415. LOL those games were a joke, is there no end to NE's imbaness

  416. omg i missed the whole second game becouse of the damn octoshape not working! this live stream sucks

  417. ROFL. Moon pwned ToD so hard. ToDdidn't even try to fight in the 2nd game xD Now waiting for his whines (Imba merc camp, imba dh, imba NE blah blah blah...^^). What's even more funny are the predictions of Mr.Nuke and Mr.Chris0 xD Gogo Moon, still no map dropped xD

  418. Moon went Mercs against Tod who was anticipating it, but he couldn't do much to prevent moon from getting them. Tod said gg early in the game....

  419. Ensnare at t1 is so ridiculous. That game was a joke. 2 free Dryads and 2 free Raiders at t1 = balance. lol?

  420. which patch did they patch it such that humans can't buy mercs?

  421. hope no 1 is retarded enuff not to see that i was being sarcastic.

  422. pretty harsh rlly i hope they fix the merc abuse, altho i think tod cud have won game 1 if he had microed better in that fight

  423. which patch did they patch it such that humans can't buy mercs?
    The patch where Wisps were implemented

  424. guys u r so f***in gay. everything moon does is IMBA!! he and his brain and his skills are imba. to call mercs (that everyone can buy!!!) imba is really retarted. he pwned tod on tr without mercs and on ts with mercs. he is a innovative player and on his lvl is just sky. grubby and tod are a lvl lower.. :P

  425. Moon imba :( LoL Actually, NE is only really scary if Moon uses them. I've seen some other NE players and they're not as scary (No degradation meant to other top NE players :( ) I really was hoping for a 2-1 win for either of them. Must be ToD's bad day or something

  426. lol samson&delilah and which patch was that? don't give me a stupid reply if you don't have the answer. it just shows how slow you are. and make sure it is a PATCH.

  427. seriously moon wins becouse he is the best, saying that all he does is imba is stupid cause then everyone who play NE would win, but they don't cause they aren't as good as he is, pure skills... and if you really think that NE is a race which you can win with becouse of imballance then play with it and don't whine

  428. @quizzms i saw this "merc-abuse" for first time so dont see a reason why they should fix it. oh sry i forgott, tod is far better then moon but mercs solve. and ye tod cud have won first game if he had (JUST!!!) microed better and moon had slept..

  429. lol samson&delilah and which patch was that? don't give me a stupid reply if you don't have the answer. it just shows how slow you are. and make sure it is a PATCH.
    RoC beta 1.00

  430. ok, that's a really dumb reply there. you lived to my expectations, well done!

  431. Im not denying that moon is the best player in the world when i call NE imba. Moon being good doesnt make NE not imba though, im sure moon is going to pwn sky just as badley who is on his level because of racial adv.

  432. On TS moon will win all against non-NE because of 2 free Dryad and 2 free Raiders

  433. LuvStyLe just said "Tod is better than Moon" LAUGH AT HIM ! laguht at him ! ahahahahha :D :) kekekeke hihihiihihhi MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhohohoohhohohohohoho omg hahahahah omfg hahahahahah BBBWAHAHAHAHAHH XD LOL!

  434. YesNoMaybeDunno how dumb are u? if you aren't older then ten than it's ok, but if you are you should learn what being sarcastic means.

  435. yesnomaybetrue gratz for pwning urself rofl

  436. he actually is exactly 10

  437. This merc strat wasn't new at all it was used months ago by Creo, and ToD already knew before the game that if Moon would use this strat he wouldn't have any chance to win the game.

  438. moon and tod-kicking ass

  439. The only way i can think of to counter it is either: 1) get the mercs b4 NE does or 2) early lumber mill & a tower...but even then he cant rlly creep 2 gd. Imba? perhaps.....

  440. wrong race icons for group b :P

  441. lol u just copy races from group a to group b

  442. "tod cud have won first game if he had (JUST!!!) microed better and moon had slept.." good one duh, anyways it's funny how so many people were wrong about putting in the same level of skills/micro/macro and talent between Spirit_Moon and ToD, now they call merc imba, lolz! everybody can buy mercs, Sky did it before against ToD, ANYbody can do it, it's not new, and please stop whining so freaking much, it's annoying. Another thing is that if Zacard beats Grubby 2-0 then Zacard goes to the next phase with better map score than Sweet and Grubby, but if he beats Grubby 2-1 it will be a tie 1-2 and a 4-5 map score, also if Grubby wins then Grubby advances, a nice deciding MU.

  443. Ok yer every1 can get mercs on that map but its way easier for elf cuz of their aggressive style of play and mobility of wisps. Didnt say it was imba, just makes it tuff to beat i think tod had the rite idea tryin 2 get the mercs b4 moon did. Also i do think tod mite have won the 1st game, it was very even until that fight at moons base, where toD wasnt focusing anything and much of his force was attacking the illusions. From where i was sitting he had a bigger force and couldve won but hey GG wp moon sum1 take him down plz :D

  444. Oh Sweet :( I pray for you that Zacard beats Grubby 2-1 so you'd still have a chance to process to next round.

  445. Moon Tod 2v1 oO Moon is just gosu !

  446. *2 : 0 "aggressive style of play and mobility of wisps." Miltia's speed = Wisp's speed k ?

  447. the Results of the sweet vs sky game are wrong!! Sweet won game 2 on turtle rock, so its 2:1 not 2:0

  448. i mean it should be Sweet 1:2 Sky

  449. ^ Sweet4Present, i hope Zacard 2:0 Grubby, so that only Sweet vs Zacard will be needed to advance with Sky, they count by points. Of course, most likely 2:1 Either way

  450. has anyone realized how well sky is playin?

  451. which patch did they patch it such that humans can't buy mercs? The patch where Wisps were implemented

    lol samson&delilah and which patch was that? don't give me a stupid reply if you don't have the answer. it just shows how slow you are. and make sure it is a PATCH. RoC beta 1.00

    ok, that's a really dumb reply there. you lived to my expectations, well done!

    mitsibushi you miss his point ... night elves who think every races can buy mercs just dont get it do they? WISPS are the key to merc buying. any merc map gives night elf an advantage because wisps allow them to abuse mercs in a way other races cant. funny that while you're first comment was sarcastic, you didnt seem to get his sarcasm when he talked about the patch they implemented wisps. learn how to not be hypocritical

  452. Sky and Moon are sharing the same style. Both use unpredictable strategies which give them alote of advantage, unlike the rest, who use cookie-cutter predictable strategy and the same timing. Moon and Sky will surely meet in the final and it will be the best game of the WEG. So yes, Sky is playing seriously good.

  453. huh? sky uses the same strategy every game

  454. Sky -Sweet : 2-1

  455. Moon hasn't dropped a map yet, he is EASILY the best WC3 player in the world on LAN when hes in shape. The only person I've ever seen take him down consistantly is FoV. I don't think there is any question of whether or not Moon will win this, Sky might be able to take 1 map at best IMO.

  456. You always see an army of towers from Sky :(

  457. @ ghoul_rusher. apparently you missed my intended meaning by a mile or two too. i won't pursue this lame matter any further.

  458. Grubby against Zacard is coming on esport

  459. they start late again ! wtf

  460. Grubby take 1 game Poor Zacard he is going to 0:3

  461. 0:3 for zacard

  462. grubby pwned zacard wich 2:0, now grubby will be pwned by moon in semi

  463. @alpha_aka You must be a complete noob. Moon and Sky didn't use new strategies at all. Sky's imba towerrush is known for ages and Moon's merc strat wasn't new at all either. The problem wasn't that Grubby and ToD were being surprised, they expected this strats, but they just haven't found the right counter for this strats yet.

  464. Plz if you don't know anything of the wc3 scene and then you see Moon taking some mercs and you think: OMG THAT'S NEW and you see Sky using his tier 2 towerpush and you think: WOOWW I'VE NEVER SEEN THIS then PLZ dont post on this forum!!!

  465. xiaot vs gostop is starting now

  466. Gostop 1-0 Xiaot he played an absolutely UD player atm??

  467. How gostop - xiaot going?

  468. OMG GoStop LOST!!!!

  469. Unbelievable. Xiaot defies all predictions and beats Gostop 2-1. ToD must be laughing as that was the only result that didn't eliminate him, as it is he makes the tie-breaks.

  470. Nice Ensnare + expand usage? I dont think so -_-

  471. if xiaot would've won 2:0 ToD wouldn't be eliminated either

  472. Xiaot won because when his FS hit lvl2 he came to Gostops base and managed to kill 4 Acos with wolves+cl+speed scroll, forcing Gostop to cancel tech. Xiaot used the extra time wisely and quickly expanded, and in the end that extra income allowed Xiaot to outmass and win.

  473. Morgoth05 : If you thing so, I'm going to argue with an idiot like you cuz it's pointless. Just look at moon vs xioat and Sky vs Sweet and you'll see what I mean.

  474. if xiaot would've won 2:0 ToD wouldn't be eliminated either
    If Xiaot won 2-0 he would have had a game rec of 4-4 to ToDs 3-5 and gone through because of that.

  475. I mean 3-4 obviously.

  476. sky and moon the final game

  477. ......and then 8 bats came flying in -----*JUSTIFY DA MEAAAAANZZ* gg dessies WP Xiaot + GO TOD in the playoffs!

  478. @alpha_aka I didn't mean that they are bad players but you said Moon and Sky used "unpredictable" strats which is definitely not true. Unless you've never seen a night elf using bears vs orcs and never seen a gyrocopter raping a destroyer of course...

  479. gj tod vs gostop, so now grub vs moon and tod vs sky, u know who will win dont u?

  480. What an incredible game between ToD and GoStop. The most exciting game of WEG 2006 yet. GoStop stealing the staff was fantastic and ToD actually managing to pull out a win when all he had that could hit Dests was his AM was even better. Congrats ToD that was an awesome performance.

  481. incredible? it was abvios that tod will win at the end

  482. Its gonna be a 4kings final

  483. Can't wait to see Moon vs Sky in the finals :p And about all the hype about the mercs on TS : I didn't know only NE can buy mercs?! -.-

  484. Its only effective with nightelf

  485. "only effective for NE" -- either that NE is imba somehow again, or it works for any races but slow players just can't get them.

  486. Go ToD go Grub go 4k go EUROPE !

  487. The reason it is effective for NE is they dont build an AOW so they can afford to get the mercs. if they did happen to not get them a solo DH can hold for a human army long enough to throw down a few AOW for Defence. If human tried to go no barax and failed to get the creeps it is over for them. then again if the the NE gets he creeps its over even if human has a rax.

  488. Man, humans can buy mercs and do the barrack at the same time.

  489. incredible? it was abvios that tod will win at the end
    If the cooldown for Divine Shield hadn't stopped in time for the Pally to save himself with 15hp GoStop would have won. It took a lvl3 HL and a lvl3 Bolt to finish off the DK, without the HL the DK would have survived while the Pally would have been dead for good and game over.

  490. hu can also buy mercs and survive wo a rax cuz of their militia. the only race with this problems would be ud(cant buy mercs). stop discussion!!!!!!!!!! moon is the real gosu-- he is better then grubby or tod a few times. he wins grubby with or without imbaness. it must be really funny for him to own this guys with every strat and then to see them whining about imbaness. and their fanboys are that naiv and believe them... omg ur so fanboiys tod and grubby are just noobs for him lol rofl moon 2-0 grubby sky 2-0tod moon 3-1 sky

  491. Go Europe! Forgot Grubby has beaten Moon when they switched races? Its so clear Ne is imba. Moon had some major hero-saves with his staff against Tod. Tod played very well against Moon. And the Merc-strat is only effective for Ne. I dont say Moon is a bad player. He probably is the best player in the world, but i say Ne is a bit imbalanced.

  492. only noobs like you can think that switching race that you never practiced with matters to decide which player is better. If they could play any race to their full ability.. grubby would've chose NE to go against Moon every time.

  493. Man, humans can buy mercs and do the barrack at the same time.
    oh yeah, i forgot humans have an infinite supply of gold

  494. by the way, no one is denying that moon is the best player in the world. no one denies that he THOROUGHLY deserves his wins against tod and grubby. however, it is possible to accept both these facts and also point out the FACT that night elf is general is imbalanced (particularly against orc) and against other races on maps in which they can abuse mercs. mercs and taverns are generally a racial advantage to night elf - AS NIGHT ELF HAS THE ABILITY TO BEST (AB)USE THEM. yes other races can use neutral heroes and creeps, but they cannot get the same advantage out of them that night elf is able to.

  495. remember noob elves - blizzard has settled this matter before - maps which had taverns for night elves to merrily abuse (twisted meadows / gnoll wood) were altered so as to try and reduce the "free win" factor for night elves. night elves should stop complaining and enjoy their imbaness while they still can. (nerf coming soon)

  496. night elves aren't the ones complaining ... only orcs do. human imba, undead imba, NE imba, all imba except for poor orcs. When orcs win, excellent micro/macro/knowledge of the orc player. Against all odds they win.

  497. Tod 1:2 moon @@

  498. moonfanboy - or maybe, just maybe - orcs are REALLY a weaker race?

    if there's smoke coming out of the chimney - there's sure to be a fire. if EVERY orc is getting frustrated with the game, and if grubby is the only orc left who (occasionally) wins at the highest level, maybe, just maybe, orcs are actually a weaker race? if a room full of somalians were telling you how hungry they were, would you think well, maybe they are actually hungry, or just say "stop whining about imba" ??????

  499. I'm calling Moon Sky Grubby Tod I'm quite surprised both Grubby and Tod advanced, I figured Gostop and Sweet.

  500. Sorry, there should be greater than symbols in there... with moon being first and Tod last... stupid thingy ^^

  501. You have to admit, night elves aren't complaining as you said. I have to agree though, burrows kinda suck. Anyway, orcs are kinda savages in the warcraft world so maybe they're supposed to suck :p jk ^^ Blizzard isn't blind anyway, they'll fix stuff if they see the need for it. Whining all the time won't get orcs anywhere, just make more people irritated.

  502. i'm so happy tod made it to the semi finals! however he is gonna face sky i guess so he's gonna have a quit hard time.

  503. You have to admit, night elves aren't complaining as you said. I have to agree though, burrows kinda suck. Anyway, orcs are kinda savages in the warcraft world so maybe they're supposed to suck :p jk ^^ Blizzard isn't blind anyway, they'll fix stuff if they see the need for it. Whining all the time won't get orcs anywhere, just make more people irritated.
    agreed ... except it can be pretty hard not to whine after losing to mass dotts for the umpteenth time :P


  505. The merc strat DOES NOT WORK for human lol ... how many f***ing militia you gotta have to handle those ? 3 ? They turn into peasants so fast ! Wisps don't ... wisps are faster than everything, and they can harvest lumber @ any tree in the map...

  506. And tbh i'm not surprised by ToD and Grubby, they are so godlike : /

  507. I fully agree with Odeyuken. The four best players are left. And yes, Ne is a bit imbalanced, but i dont say Moon is a bad player. If Ne was a bit more balanced the matches would be more exciting. Probably Moon would still win if Ne was more balanced, but who doesnt want close semi-finals.. I hope the semi's gonna be close. 2-1 2-1. Moon, Sky, Grubby and Tod deserve all credits. I think weve said enough about the downs of the tournament, so lets talk a lil bit more about the good performances.

  508. awesome coverage ;D

  509. good that tod qualified, hes really strong

  510. Wow, both Euros qualified O.o Rocky road ahead of Grubby though, facing Moon in the semis. Tod has traditionally lost to Sky, let's see if he can turn the tables (perhaps Inso taught him a thing or two ;)). Sky and Moon really deserved it though, they played incredibly. I was actually surprised that Xiaot beat Gostop, I was already thinking we'd have all 4 races in the semis.

  511. where does one get replays of these games?? anyone please

  512. @ WhatisUDgoodfor = if semis are close, then it will be 3-2 or 2-3 : ) BO5 fighting ^^

  513. Who will be the 1st place:MOON OR SKY??????I think Moon but not clearly sure

  514. I didn't really see that many orc pro gamers complain except for grubby.. Even if there was some orc players who whine about everything from every single unit/mix/racial advantage for ne to maps/mercs to their weaknesses for their own race like grubby.. i bet they are not the top players and probably a european gamer.

  515. lol the reason that you don't see any pro orc players except for grubby whining about weakness of their race except for grubby is that there are almost no pro orc players left... just look at the MBC league...

  516. and you whine about so many pro gamers being NE because of imbaness.. I only see 1 NE in this tournament compared to 3 orcs. You are telling me the listed gamers are not the top players in the world?

  517. I'm Orc and it made me sad to see GoStop lose. Xiaot lost units to creeps and missed stomps and lost grunts at start. However, I think GoStop didn't play aggressively enouh. Had he build more fiends and pushed Xiaots base he would have won, Orc just can't lose grunts like that and expect to win. GoStop was just to passive.

  518. Only 2 top orcs. Zacard and Grubby (and zad is doing crappy). Xiaot is not at that level. Just look at MBC league, only one orc, and mass UD and NE. GO WE.IGE.FOCUS!!

  519. Not to say that Xiaot is not good. He's very good, but like I said not at that elite level yet.

  520. so why only 1 NE in this tournament?

  521. Cant wait for Grubby vs Moon

  522. i think the finals will be sky vs. moon..

  523. grubby vs tod !!

  524. "so why only 1 NE in this tournament?" maybe because there was only 2 human and 1 orc in the 18 man tourny that is just finishing.

  525. I am hoping for a sky verse moon I have never seen them play before, would be awesome to.

  526. It would be a surprise if grub were to advance to the grand finals. He had never won any matchup vs moon. Sky vs tod would be exciting to watch but the one i cannot wait for is Sky vs Moon. i dont think i have ever watched it x)

  527. Sorry for double post but who here realise how huge zacard's hands are???????

  528. Getting tough for that Sky-Moon match-up, 2-0 for ToD right now =x

  529. OMG!!! ToD PWNED SKY!!!!! 3:0 !!!!

  530. yeah, really nice games by TOD :) gogogo TOD

  531. wow 3-0 for tod i was not expecting that. sky was very disappointed after that. gg to both players much luck to both of them in the future.

  532. Yeah, I don't think anybody even ToD expected a 3-0 win =/ If we see a 3-0 Grubby win later something must be wrong in the universe today LoL

  533. ha-ha great! Tod owned tower retard sky! GG

  534. sky kept on going for t2 omg and tod has fought sky's t2 alot of times already no doubt t2 wont work for sky anymore o well. I was hoping a micro war vs sky and moon sigh another boring matchup tod vs someone.

  535. gg gogogogo TOD #1 HUM player in the world no body can say he is not

  536. OMG 3 : 0??? was hoping for some close games.

  537. tod did well to prepare for sky's strat this time. will be interested to see if sky will bounce back next time they meet. it is very close between those two

  538. OMGGGGG I am so stuned! ToD won! and 3:0! :D Yaay! GG 4K... now it's up to Grubby to win vs Moon...

  539. like tod said grubby fighting

  540. 1-0 Grubby, he played really well. Game 2 in progress :)

  541. yep. goddamn LoL I hope I didn't jinx Moon and he ends up 0-3 too x_x

  542. 1-1 now

  543. Grubby 2-1 Moon

  544. Demo imba! jk :p Looking bad for moon, Lady Luck is smiling on Grubby

  545. wtf is wrong today, sky lose to ToD and Moon is losing to Grubby! wtf!! I am disturbed by the thought of Grubby winning this...

  546. Grubby must win on EI

  547. hahahahaha so lol grubby 3:1

  548. Grubby win yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  549. 3-1 Grubby!!! All 4k finals, gogo Grubby!

  550. this is unbelievable, moon lost!! this is bullshit wtf, moon is suddenly very bad

  551. Pretty unexpected results for both games. GG ToD Grubby :D

  552. moon was probably being payed to lose this game

  553. After 2:1 for grubby moon was very depressed and he play very bad but this is part of the game

  554. Yeah, Moon used his best strategy on his best map in the best matchup for his race against an opponent he has beaten so many times and he somehow got dominated. I think he was shocked and not mentally ready for the fight at Echo Isle and thus it's probably no wonder that Grubby totally own him.

  555. OMG IT’S A FUCKING FUNTASTIC!!!! Who expected that Grubby will win Moon on the most prestigious LAN in the world 3-1 !??!!?! GREAT DAY

  556. Haha.....Grubby won. Actually I`m Moon-Fan, but i think Grubby really deserves that one. A europe-final would be so nice...such an ownage für Korea/Asia ^^ This Tournament just shows that the Imba everyone wants to see doens`t exist. Sky had to kick Sweet and he did.....Grubby had to kick Moon and he did... I think Blizzard won`t ever release a new Patch after this tournament ^^


  558. But can someone tell me which time the matches started? I live in the Netherlands..

  559. As I told you, it's Grubby VS ToD. Because they are the best, and know more than 1 single strat. GO them !

  560. wow finally grubby wins moon in a series.. wd grubby, work harder moon.. u win some u lose some

  561. Oh yeah, And why the f*** did the 2nd match been played already ? ~~

  562. Great! finally, grubby managed to beat moon. now all will have what they wanted - Sky vs Moon (for third place - who would ve thought) and Grubby most problably the champion. Good luck to Tod

  563. 4K ToD gogogo!!!

  564. ToD CAN win for sure ! Will be so tough !

  565. I think Grubby knows ToD too much to lose.

  566. But ToD knows Grubby aswell :) And I think China is a real perfect environement for ToD, he's got mass fans there I think

  567. Omg they got the time wrong for the 2nd game on this site -.-

  568. w8, have tod and grubby already played the final?? wtf, it says wednesday!

  569. Damn, I hope they got replays of these games.

  570. Why 3:1 for Grubby in the Finals vs ToD, when it's on the 3rd of May?

  571. amazing that grubby beat moon, despite the maps which were at the advantage of the elf.

  572. THere wont be any replays only VOD's......

  573. As long as i can see Sky vs Moon I'm happy =) Gj by grubby & tod

  574. just goes to show how unpredictable war3 can be :)

  575. Are the player colors a prediction for the final results ? ^^

  576. How come only some of the VODs are posted on the site?

  577. GRUBBY PWNED MOON REAL HARDCORE !!! I love to say that, at once! :p Quizzms, how do you know there won't be any replays and only vods?I mean in WCG they releash they replays after, didn't they?

  578. In previous WEG's they have never released any replays ive only been able to see games thro VODs. and btw GO TOD in finals :D cant believe this result wanna see the grubby v moon games!!!!!!111

  579. Are the finals already been played?? can someone tell me? And if they still must be played, which time would they start on wednesday? plz someone tell me

  580. Well done, grubby! Fighting~@~Grubby~@~Fighting

  581. Where are the f***in replays?

  582. the 3rd place game between moon & sky and grand final between tod vs grubby is on wednesday. when it starts for u depends on where u live, i live in sweden and it starts 07.00 in the morning for me

  583. WTF happened? Grubby 3-1ing Moon and Tod 3-0ing Sky O.o

  584. I cant wait for them to get the vods up. I wonder what strats grub used. all i can say is, in your face EVERY SINGLE ORC PLAYER WHO JUST SAT HERE AND BITCHED ABOUT HOW MUCH ORC SUCKS.

  585. I'd like to see a HU player win this. Go ToD.

  586. Where are the VODs downloadable, btw? I just find the stream on the esport-site.

  587. By the way, if they ever release replay packs, check out the Terenas Stand game of Grubby vs. Moon (Game 3, I think), which Grubby won. It is one of the most exciting games of Warcraft III I've ever seen.

  588. thats the map moon won

  589. I meant Turtle Rock (sorry)!

  590. will they release replays after the tournament? i think we should get some link to the weg organization email or something and flood them. this is the worst coverage of all, lets do something to get those replays, grubby owning moon must be seen by replays, vods sux a lot

  591. Cant bellieve that moon has lost 1:3 and easily win for tod-great job europe

  592. Holy crap, those were like the most unbelivable results of 2006, i havent seen the games but i guess great job for Grubby and ToD, it has been so freaking long since european players dominated asians, actually since the times of MaD]Q[FroG and HeMaN, on the other hand, it's so good to see and orc shuting up other orc players with their whining about imba and shit, although Grubby kinda whined too, anyways, both players seem to be completely on fire, therefore i'm so not missing this final game, no way!

  593. y u n i l e e @ t h e w e g . n e t this is the weg organization email i sent an email regarding the bad coverage and asking for replays and some other stuff, if a large number of ppl send too i think they could do something. lets try this guys

  594. lol.. is zacard religious? keeps talking about god in the interviews.. congratulations to 4k for creating such an amazing turn over. well done grubby, well done tod. even if i dont approve of their manners and opinions, their play is undeniably good. well done

  595. rofl wtf i cant beleve that .. grubby and tod in finals .. i must be dreaming .. omg i need some replays now!! :D

  596. andigro so help with the email thing =)

  597. yea its worth a shot but i dont think they will publish replays very soon .. i hope for some vods :D

  598. I just sent an email to the address as well requesting replays of the WEG games. I hope they do publish them eventually.

  599. moon went easy on grubby, cuz winning him everything is boring ^^

  600. Watch live or watch VODs of past games -

  601. (Confuses) I agree totally with your post. it seems to me that the cover of an event of that magnitude is terribly bad

  602. I cant wait for them to get the vods up. I wonder what strats grub used. all i can say is, in your face EVERY SINGLE ORC PLAYER WHO JUST SAT HERE AND BITCHED ABOUT HOW MUCH ORC SUCKS

    except, why does it come as such a surpise to everyone that an orc won? ... if not that orc suck. why is it such a sensational result ... if not that orc are a disabled race. why is it that this is the ONE result where orc has won in a very long time ... how can you make a judgement based on just one series ... the truth is, next series, moon will not have an off day again and he will win again. i am sure if you ask grubby "does this mean orc and night elf is not imba and all your complaining before was wrong" he will reply "no, today i just outplayed moon and beat him DESPITE the imba".

  603. i just knew this was comming....TOD&GRUBBY FTW!

  604. Of all the events Grubby could've defeated his "nemesis", Moon, (on Turtle Rock even!) it had to be in the only tournament that doesn't release replays. SON OF A...

  605. I just wanted to say that while I enjoy the shoutcasting in the VoD's, it can get annoying when things are constantly mispronounced. One example that jumps to mind is "Puh-lah-din". Its not "Puh-lad-in" its "Pal-ah-din". Hopefully you'll be able to correct yourself for the finals if we see that hero pop up, JacziE

  606. What is the esports site?! It only seems to be picking random games to show us and i have no idea what time the final will be on live?! I live in the UK so if someone could tell me a time when the final is showing it would be nice. Bad organisation!

  607. yea same here except i live in autria :) .. so if anyone could tell me at what time the finals are played i would be really thankful! :) i think the correct name of the timezone is GMT +01:00, also where can i find those livestreams, i checked @ a few times but it looked like the site was damaged :P

  608. According to this site its at 6:00am UK time so GMT+1 wud be 7:00am. So early :S

  609. Based on how bad the coverage of this event has been, I hope it is *never* in China again. If it had been in the United States, the web sites would be up to date, the VODs would at least have been continually available, even if replay packs were not released (I still have hope, but it's looking bad). The WEG website doesn't even show the results of the semifinals yet, which was 36 hours ago. So pathetic. China---what a shitty country to host. These guys don't know what the f*** they're doing.

  610. rofl @ gemini :P .. yea ur right the coverage suxx really hard, well i guess we cant do anything about it. thx for the help with the timezones :P, whats the date of the finals ? :P

  611. The 3rd/4th place match is Sky vs. Moon tonight (May 2) at 10 pm Pacific Standard Time (I think 10 pm is right, but please correct me somebody if this is wrong). The finals match (1st/2nd place) is between 4K^Grubby and 4K^ToD and is 5 hours later, which is 3 am (+1 day: May 3) on the U.S. West Coast. Again, I'm not 100% sure about the times due to the conversion, but I think I've got it right. Check out the VODs real-time at Only "low quality" works, FYI.

  612. thx gemini.. now i have to figure out what time that is at central europe :PP

  613. If it had been in the United States, half of the players would be missing because of visa problems.


  615. Orc has always been at the "top" (or near it). The question is whether ToD actually stands a chance vs. Grubby tomorrow to finally put HU at the top!!!

  616. except, why does it come as such a surpise to everyone that an orc won? ... if not that orc suck. why is it such a sensational result ... if not that orc are a disabled race. why is it that this is the ONE result where orc has won in a very long time ... how can you make a judgement based on just one series ... the truth is, next series, moon will not have an off day again and he will win again. i am sure if you ask grubby "does this mean orc and night elf is not imba and all your complaining before was wrong" he will reply "no, today i just outplayed moon and beat him DESPITE the imba".
    If orc suck so badly why do you people all play them? maybe its because they dont suck. orc is a very good race. ensnare and hex = no micro, no chanel spells. you cant even potion or tp out when hexed. the orc caster has over 600 hp, and does 20 damage. all the other casters have around 300 hp and do 10-15 damage. their are many things the orc race has going for it. and you people need to either shut up with the constant complaining, or change races if u think its really that bad

  617. word! :D

  618. @andigro: your last message doesn't make sense. :(

  619. lol geminikiller, if it was in the states, SKY could not enter due to VISA, they wouldnt pay out (CXG anyone?), almost no fans at all at the events, and nobody will care about the games

  620. Really? I though the Blizzcon in Anaheim was fairly well attended.

  621. hehe gemini: im basicly saying all those f***ing whining orcs should stfu ^^ .. i admit there are some minor imbalances but i dont think there will be a verison where everything is balanced.. in the end the player makes the difference not the race.. :P

  622. well @ that thing with WEG in US: i think genarally there is nothing wrong with this season of WEG, its just that they screw it all up with the replay, vod and stream coverage :P .. when i heard about this years WEG i was like: omg this is going to be the best thing ever, but it turns out as a big blow :P

  623. amazing grubby beat moon

  624. I agree with Postaljester, Those orcs have godly hp units. just look at the kodo : 1000 hp ? how the f*** can you kill this thing? if u use melee, they eat them; if u use ranged, they get raped by ensnare + critical strike.

  625. Is anyone else unable to view "4k^Grubby vs. WE.Sweet 3rd Map" on If anyone has a stream that works, I'd really love to see it.

  626. Sky dominated Moon in game 1. 1-0 Sky so far.

  627. well postaljester - actually i HAVE changed race. i enjoy playing human now (it is very fun to play, more fun than orc i think) and ALSO, it is much easier to win with them than with orc. however, if you really want to deny the obvious imbalances in the game - such as orc v ne and orc v hu you can - just remember that there wont be orc players around for a whole lot longer ...

  628. Wow, game 2 goes to Sky as well. His tower power (forgive the rhyme) is proving way too much for Moon. Nice try by Moon to fend off the towers, but Sky's not gonna let him stop it. 2-0 Sky at this point.

  629. Game3 goes to moon (Twisted Meadows). That Firelord/Panda combo was deadly, very nicely played by Moon. 2-1 Sky at this stage.

  630. haha, they showed how to do the merc tactic...

  631. omg its 2:2 now!!

  632. Wow, going to 5 games! Great merc abuse by Moon o.O, nothing Sky could do. Terenas Stand is Moon's map, hands down. 2-2, game 5 coming up!

  633. Moon loses!!

  634. yeh, i knew moon would lose this

  635. Grats to Sky, once again his towering proves too much. Amazing third place battle from both players :)

  636. sky beats moon 3-2.

  637. tt human imbalance.

  638. HU imba = BS. It's not like Moon *had* to hard tech to Bears. Dryads to match Sky's food count worked vs. ToD. I do admit the Turtle Rock close spawn is imba for HU, though. But Moon got his Terenas Stand abuse with mercs; so, they're even on that one. This match was decided by the Echo Isle games, one of which Moon should have had a good chance to win.

  639. lol cmore like ne is just better..sorry moon fans..

  640. FYI, the finals featuring 4K.Grubby vs. 4K.ToD will be shown in about 15 minutes at, for those of you who are on: that's midnight on the U.S. West Coast. I was wrong in my previous post because the schedule at the WEG site was wrong.

  641. 1-0 for tod...nice merc use by grubby but tod played really well

  642. YES!!! GO TOD!!!

  643. 2-0 for TOD, really well played....grubby looks like hes about to cry lol

  644. 2-0 Tod, very gg's by tod so far.

  645. Wow, the crowd is rediculous... Grubby about to creepjack and steal both Exp and Item, and the crowd cheers and makes ToD use dust of appearance... Hopefully they learn to shut their mouths next time.

  646. Whew, Grubby wins game 3... Close though O.O 2-1 ToD, match 4 coming up.

  647. 2-1 now

  648. why grubby, why??

  649. He probably would have used dust anyways. We'll never know now, but it would have made sense for him to use dust of appearance before he killed the troll.

  650. hey, i am trying to watch it with pplive right now, which groupipng is the channel under?? channel-- ??? - ???

  651. Go to and use "Low" quality; "High" doesn't work.

  652. yeah, i can watch with low quality, but i want to full screen the video thats why i wanna watch it with pplive instead

  653. Wow, Grubby played pathetic... Grats to ToD I guess...

  654. YES!! TOD WINS!!

  655. ToD takes Game 4 and the WEG Championship: 3-1 ToD. Go ToD!!!

  656. Excellent timing by Tod on game 4... perfectly executed. Gratz Tod!!

  657. congrats tod, 3-1 beating grubby

  658. gg tod, well played


  660. TOD IS AWESOME!!!! gg!

  661. it is a wierd thought, if xiaot would've lost to gostop tod wouldn't even make it to the semi and wouldn't have the chance to win, a detail like that decided so much

  662. Congrats to Tod (winner) and Grubby. Congrats to 4k. Congrats to Europe.

  663. ToD!

  664. Ya, gg ToD. Only the first three games were good, though. Grubby got owned in Game 4. HU seems to do really well on Echo Isles these days...

  665. Tod played really nice, congrats to him. Grubby made the harder step (beat moon) but the easier one he didnt somehow. strange - human is once again on the TOP of wc3.

  666. Eh, it's just 1 tournament. Grubby has won more on average. But this confirms what a lot of people have been noticing recently: ToD's play has improved a lot in the past six months. He's mixing it up more in terms of strats and actually innovating, which helps. Very fun to watch---kind of like Moon.

  667. Congrats to top 4 me now he ranks top3 World Wide Defenetly Best HUM but i think grubby could have playd better but gg any way

  668. yea congratz to ToD and Gubby :P .. for gods sake i want some replays!! sky beating moon - i have to see that

  669. "tt human imbalance" :P

  670. Human imba ftw!!

  671. wow wouldnt have thought tod could take down grubby 3-1, really surprising. he admitted himself that grubby & tod are the 2 best players of the world and not him... gj all! pretty sad moon lost

  672. I thought that Grubby would win game one, that he knew that t3 gryphons are ToD's strategy and that he was going to tower push him just as he hits t3 but guess he was about a minute late.

  673. Simply unbelieveable to see tod win this tournament. He held on by the skin of his TEETH to get to the finals and eventually win. If xioat didnt beat gostop and for the 3 way tie that tod won he would have never even made it to the semi finals. Very intresting ending considering tod actually lost too gostop 1-2, moon 0-2, and still came out and won in the finals. I think he just started playing way better then normal after he got to the semi's.

  674. This sounds like it was an amzing tournament...Tod being pwned the first few games, grubby beating moon, sky beating moon AND Tod beating Grubby! WTF?! Btw thanks for posting the times to watch the games live gemini. There should be replays everywhere of such a big tounrement with huge prize money but sadly it's been like listening to radio porn...Shoot the organisers...

  675. No More Sunshine For Moon

  676. ToD is ... awesome simply.

  677. And I'll be looking forward to seeing wc3l finals :O

  678. I wouldn't really say ToD is innovative. He just uses strategies that have been around and uses them effectively. He doesn't really create his own strats. He does own though. Gj.

  679. i agree, it's seems wierd that tod won after loosing to moon and gostop, but that always happens in a tournement of 8 players only

  680. French ftw! -_-

  681. thats so much money its not funny =[

  682. WOW, ToD really managed to do it. Damn, I must say im impressed.

  683. where is moon? stop propagating him!!! just read what grubby says. he's ridicilus... gogogogogo Moon

  684. 4K rapes....and with or without his mass abuse, Moon is still no good.

  685. Well Done ToD u animal! Great to see 4K in the top 2, getting the results they deserve

  686. Just for all of you who wanted replays, I'm not sure when (or even if) replays will be released from WEG. However, you can download all the VoDs from here: Enjoy =).

  687. gj to tod for winning. Grubby also did well to beat moon, but I don't think he played that great in finals.

  688. REPLAYS?

  689. GJ 4k...Just teh best :) keep on raping :D

  690. WEG bo3 win ratios. @to the ... who said this mu is the most balance mu : [100% : 5] HU vs ORC [0 : 0%]. This mu is retarded, the abuser (ToD) won not the better player. I feel sad for Grubby even i know he maybe will be, as he did it vs mass dotts, find a descent counter to this towerimbapus. Well i hope...

  691. 2 upsets

  692. SixxHole I pity you. Saying Moon is no good is like saying you don't deserve to live. Don't say such irresponsible things. They all played great, and they're all top caliber even xiaOt. Don't you people talk like you're all better than any of them _

  693. Where the hell is all the replays!?

  694. GRUBBY, the orc hero. Finally owned MOON. Thank heavens.

  695. Should I know why Tower Rush is abuse : /

  696. And no replays btw

  697. aT.Faucheur pls shut up

  698. STFU SixxHole plz, U love Grubby replays!!!! I see all your comments, U R a Grubby and 4kings Hater! , so I know u r so SAD and start to make ToD and Grubby bad in other eyes in anyway . ToD and Grubby are the best Human and orc player and the top 2 player in All sides of warcraft , Sky had so many wins coz of his skill in tier2 rush but how long he can Beat someone like ToD ! I think Moon lose to sky coz of maps only , why 2 times EI !! all the 4Kings Haters plz stfu and plz dont say U love ToD and Grubby , 4Kings Fightiingggg!!!! WC3L is for us , just 4Kings , (I love Luci ,Deadman, NilknarfLP

  699. 4k ftw

  700. dis is funny moon stomps tod on all games and yet tod wins champs hehe :-D

  701. im not a orc player but i love grubby congrats on beating moon

  702. H v O is balanced ToD's just more skilled

  703. btw does anyone know the prize for 2nd and 3rd place?

  704. 2nd = 7k, 3rd = 2k

  705. i think

  706. 1- 30000$ 2-7000$ 3-2000$ 4-1000$ 5-8 500$

  707. The underdogs ruined the day!

  708. since its pretty ovious weg got lazy and wont even release all the vods. does anyone know what strat grubby used to beat moon?

  709. A big surprise to me that ToD won the WEG Masters. Congratulations man!

  710. ToD best hu in the world cuz he uses different strats ! Sky only sticks to his perfect t2 push -.-

  711. Grubby used sw/raiders, then again in game 2 but lost, then catas in game 3, then i don't know :O

  712. lol did u see the vod? when all the fans ran on stage and celebrated him? i think u are not a nerd when u say that this was one of your lifes best moments. Congraz to ToD, althogh he was a bit lucky in the group stage he really deservs it because he beat sky and grubby :)

  713. lol why is my post deleted, dont they bear a little flame vs god grubby...

  714. i had a feeling he used demos. i dunno why i dont see them very much they do a bunch o damage.

  715. The KOD VOD's site is not working. Where can we get VOD? We need VODs

  716. Congratz to ToD and Grubby. I always knew they are the best^^ - no seriously I'm so glad that ToD finally won a big tournament. He deserves this so much. Grubby defeating Moon in this imba mu is the other great news. Did he switch to NE or what? It's so hard to get the vods. I really hope they release some replays. Wouldn't that be a good promotion? Maybe somebody should tell the sponsors. But I guess they don't release replays for a reason? Really stupid though imo.

  717. Tod won, it's not a surprise for me. But why is he still so underrated ? i think he's as good as grubby and moon, and is a bit better than sky...

  718. @ Postaljester he only used demos because moon managed to cancel his bestiary 4 or 5 times. so grubby switched to grunts, sw, catas and hh (moon got some fairies), then towerpushed and won

  719. They will publish replays? or definitively we must forget them? Please somebody can answer my doubt.

  720. i think they released replays last year so there probably will be replays but i thinks things aren't sure yet :(

  721. they didn't release replays last year...and i'm pretty sure they won't do it this year either :(

  722. good event, wish there was reps tho :(

  723. Wow, the games between Grubby and Moon were AWESOME and INTENSE!!! (Saw the vods just now, had to dl from 2 different places). I wonder what grubby meant by his saying, "special new tactic" as i didnt see much difference between what he usually tries... (cept the one instance of towers and head hunters in 1 of 4 games)

  724. OMG OMG the crowd went WIIILLLDD lol

  725. go Grubby and ToD!!

  726. Good tourny.. but shudda been... Grubby Tod Fov Moon Sweet Sky Luci Apm70/Zacard

  727. oh and wc3l finals.. if Moon doesn't get Grubby, and Luci dont get Tod then 4K will gg them.. especially if grub tod as dual NE

  728. WAHOOO~! EUROPE ASIA damn i luv u 4ktod and 4kgrubby u pwn all dem azn nerds e.g moon, luci etc.

  729. grubby's the best gogogogogogo grubby

  730. GOGO Grubby ...STOP, TOD!

  731. who the f***a is Xiot.......?!

  732. go grubby..... grubby's the best

  733. lol grubby with his long story's