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The third edition of the Stars War is set to take place in a few days (June 17-18), and as such, proper coverage is needed. The event looks to be one of the most challenging of all times, with 15 of the best players in the world heading to Xi'an, China for some intense action.

However, before we go into the logistics of the event, we shall take a gander at the 3 teams of players taking part in the tournament. These combatants will be playing not only for a nice cash prize, but national (and international) pride, as the teams have been divided into Team Europe, Team Korea, and Team China. Here are the lineups:

Team Europe

Team Korea

Team China


    Each team (Europe, Korea, and China) has 5 players. The teams will play against each other once. The first team to get 5 points, wins the match. A point is gained by winning a match. One match will be played at a time. The five players are put in the line-up on "Spot 1", "Spot 2", "Spot 3", "Spot 4" and "Spot 5", meeting the player from the other team on the same spot. Players will not know what maps will be picked for each spot until the lineups are revealed.

    The maps are decided by the team which isn't playing; i.e. Team Europe will choose the map order for China vs. Korea. The available maps are Lost Temple RoC, Turtle Rock, Echo Isles, Gnoll Wood and Twisted Meadows.

    Spot 1 will be played first, Spot 2 as second, and so on. There are only 2 PC's on a majestic stage, so turns are taken to play.

    The losers from the matches are defeated, resulting in a point for the opponent. The first winner from a team will play on Spot 6 against the first winner (if any) from the other team. Whereas the first 5 matches were "WC3L style" [meaning that each player plays their matches regardless of outcome], Match 6 to potentially Match 9 will be "King of the Hill style", as the winner stands and challenges the next winner from the other team. When all 5 players are defeated from a team, they lose.

    The most recent rule to be added is that once an entire team has been defeated, the fans have the opportunity to pick one player from the defeated team to come back and play one more time, giving their team one last chance to win.


    Team A vs Team B

    Spot 1 A < Spot 1 B
    Spot 2 A > Spot 2 B
    Spot 3 A > Spot 3 B
    Spot 4 A > Spot 4 B
    Spot 5 A < Spot 5 B

    Spot 2 A > Spot 1 B
    Spot 2 A < Spot 5 B
    Spot 3 A < Spot 5 B
    Spot 4 A < Spot 5 B

    Team A Player Chosen By Fans < Spot 5 B

To watch the replays of the games, you must download the map pack and follow the instructions found in the ReadMe.

UPDATE: It was announced during the Stars War III event that Sweet has left current WC3L playoff team World Elite. This is why he is currently playing under friendly clan tag WeRRa.


Team Korea [4:6] Team Europe

WE.IGE.Check [0:1] 4K^Grubby
Replay: Echo Isles

Sweet.WeRRa [1:0] fnatic.DIDI8
Replay: Twisted Meadows

Cherry-ReiGn [1:0] SK.Insomnia
Replay: Terenas Stand

NiP-Rainbow [0:1] 4K^Creolophus
Replay: Turtle Rock

Lof.Lyn [0:1] 4K^ToD
Replay: Turtle Rock

Sweet.WeRRa [1:0] 4K^Grubby
Replay: Teranas Stand
Cherry-ReiGn [0:1] 4K^Creolophus
Replay: Echo Isles
Sweet.WeRRa [1:0] 4K^ToD
Replay: Echo Isles

Sweet.WeRRa [0:1] 4K^Creolophus
Replay: Turtle Rock

Lof.Lyn [0:1] 4K^Creolophus
Replay: Twisted Meadows


Team Korea [6:5] Team China

Sweet.WeRRa [1:0] WE.IGE.xTiGer
Replay: Twisted Meadows

Lof.Lyn [0:1] Hacker.Fly
Replay: Turtle Rock

WE.IGE.Check [1:0] WE.IGE.Sky
Replay: Turtle Rock

NiP-Rainbow [1:0] Guangmo
Replay: Lost Temple

Cherry-ReiGn [0:1] WE.IGE.suhO
Replay: Twisted Meadows

Sweet.WeRRa [0:1] Hacker.Fly
Replay: Twisted Meadows

WE.IGE.Check [0:1] WE.IGE.suhO
Replay: Turtle Rock

NiP-Rainbow [0:1] Hacker.Fly
Replay: Terenas Stand

Sweet.WeRRa [1:0] WE.IGE.suhO
Replay: Twisted Meadows

Sweet.WeRRa [1:0] Hacker.Fly
Replay: Twisted Meadows

Sweet.WeRRa [1:0] WE.IGE.Sky
Replay: Terenas Stand


Team Europe [4:6] Team China

4K^Grubby [0:1] Guangmo
Replay: Turtle Rock

4K^Creolophus [0:1] WE.IGE.suhO
Replay: Echo Isles

SK.Insomnia [1:0] Hacker.Fly
Replay: Echo Isles

fnatic.DIDI8 [1:0] WE.IGE.xTiGer
Replay: Terenas Stand

4K^ToD [0:1] WE.IGE.Sky
Replay: Turtle Rock

SK.Insomnia [0:1] Guangmo
Replay: Echo Isles

fnatic.DIDI8 [1:0] WE.IGE.suhO
Replay: Echo Isles

fnatic.DIDI8 [0:1] WE.IGE.Sky
Replay: Terenas Stand

4K^Grubby [1:0] Guangmo
Replay: Terenas Stand

4K^Grubby [0:1] WE.IGE.Sky
Replay: Terenas Stand

  1. looks like team Europe will put up a bigger fight against team Korea than last time around. China has no chance.

  2. China has a few good players. Dont count them out yet. Whatever happens, this is going to be good ^__^

  3. This time won't be hard for Grubby because Korea sends 2 Undeads.

  4. wrong DIDI8 pic in eur vs kor :/

  5. wow sweet left we O_O

  6. why would sweet leave WE? he just plays under werra for fun I think..............

  7. nope he really left we.

  8. Wrong DIDI8 pic again..

  9. Link to stream? I was told they'd be on WTV but I can't see them..

  10. Replays are starting to appear on

  11. wow, star wars 3 that fast!

  12. haha,too bad luck of Sweet's lich^^

  13. how or better where do u watch the games? cant find them in wtv oder ggtv

  14. match between Sweet&creo was just amazing,but creo won.

  15. Wow creo pulled Europe through with 4 wins. Great pickup by 4K.Intel

  16. Is there no way to watch these games except watching the replays?
    Am i the only one having trouble wathcing the replays? It says i have to change the mapname and create a new folder in my maps file and i've done all that but it still doesn't work. Does anyone have a solution?

  17. uve to dl the modified maps

    but i want to watchem live tt.

  18. yeh ive got the same problem

  19. Using the B/W mugshot for the loser and color mugshot for the winner is cool.

  20. Again ud/ne abusing - imba....Go go Team Europe FIGHTING !!!

  21. Creolophus Over O_O

  22. wow i wish sweet was picked as the fan favorite for korea

  23. Whereas the first 5 matches were "WC3L style" [meaning that each player plays their matches regardless of outcome], Match 6 to potentially Match 9 will be "King of the Hill style", as the winner stands and challenges the next winner from the other team.

    not. They still take turns playing. look at europe/korea, sweet winning the 6th match, he didnt play the 7th, instead, reign played.

  24. Why the hell did Sweet leave WE ? Now that makes Wc3l finals a 2 ways between 4k and mYm...
    Nice ToD pic !

  25. nice that creolophus, the newcomer in team europe (all others are like 'rocks' in europe) saved it all for europe =)

  26. creo saves the day... amazing

  27. Amazing play by Creo. Creo 1 - 0 over Lyn, Sweet, ReiGn, Rainbow. Just shows that 4K knows how to pickup the players.

  28. To bad not grub vs hackerfly and inso vs guangmo. Would of been alllll mirror matches.

  29. the fact that european stars can actually win something called ''Team Korea'' makes me feel warm inside

  30. wow Sweet is doing pretty well. So is Creo!

  31. there are rumours which say that sweet joins a new korean pro-team
    if you think about it it makes sense, lyn free/shy free/reign free/dayfly too :P
    source is the german orga of we ^-^

  32. we are going to see some nice games in europe vs china

  33. Wow, Korea did better than seemed possible. Sweet beating Grubby in OrcvsUD was something I totally wasn't expecting, and even less Creo cleaning the house. I guess 4K got it right picking him.

  34. Sweet.WeRRa and 4K^Creolophus ON FIRE!!!!!!!~~~ wow @ sweet beating grubby. UD vs. Orc.

  35. Wow I never expected Creo to be the star that time around, nicely done.

  36. creOwns

  37. CREO ownage!!!

    btw ToDs pic is pretty gay = /

  38. Creo is owning every friggin body

  39. the pictures are rofl , tod's pic is ownage :) same goes for inso!

  40. ToD is Dr.Evil

  41. Pretty cool creo won all his matches, but what was korea thinking reviving Lyn to play against elf =/

  42. Players are revived based on fan votes.

  43. wow.. 4k creo won all his game..

  44. I'm impatient to see Tod vs Sky (best humans fighting each other)

  45. I've seen a comment somewhere about creo not being on fov/grubby/tod's level. heh :)

  46. damn gj to creo. this event has produced some very good games.

  47. Tod vs Sky again will be fun.. but its cool Creo showed why hes in 4K.. with a lot of nice wins

  48. Wow, big win for Creo against Sweet! Nice one Creo!

  49. Surprisingly great play by Creo. Korea would have better chance with Moon and Lucifer, too bad they had to miss the event.

  50. Great Coverage, I like the black.white/color lose/winner effect. However, there is a tyo: Sweet Grubby is says "Teranas Strand"

  51. Moon and luci arnt the only other 2 koreans players.....(remind fov gostop dayfly etc)

  52. WPL|Beljone, your forgetting that when people say creo isnt on FoV/Grubby/ToD(maybe?) level, its in his accomplishments and fanbase.. also i think you forget he plays NE, so he has to play as good as mOOn in his peak to be on the same levels as the other players.. of course his elite pro player who can win anyone on any given day, but consistency is what counts.. and im yet to be satisfied :p

  53. Creo might have won all his games, but lets face it, the only impressive win was against Sweet.

  54. Grubby's picture pawns!

  55. the date of other matches???

  56. sweet, inso, tod and didi8 pics are cool. lolz at china's tteam pics

  57. Wow, this is quite surprising, China is owning Korea so far.

  58. Hacker Fly one crazy mofo!

  59. draw now

  60. Hehe, Creolophus looks like he's about 7 years old in the picture

  61. WE.IGE.Guangmo lololol

  62. wow sweet won it for korea

  63. "Dont count them out yet" Sveet u are right.China leads as a 4-2

  64. creo should replace Wallace(&Gromit) for better pay. lol picture

  65. damn suho surprised me a lot

  66. Omg sweet's saving the dignity of the korean team.GO sweet GO

  67. Wow, who the heck is Guangmo? This time Inso and DIDI winning their matches with Creo and Grubby losing ^^ it's much up to whether Tod can beat Sky. If he can, Euro should have no trouble winning it. If he can't...Inso might be able to, but it'll be mostly up to the revived player.

  68. That's already over, China won this.
    Lol@TurdFerg :)

  69. So wait, China won, Euro came in second and Korea lost? Korea has 1 more loss than Euro and Korea lost their game, so that would put Korea in the last place, correct? Well, didn't see THAT coming.

  70. Creo FTW ;)

  71. chinese 4K fanboys who voted lyn instead of sweet ftw ;)

  72. wow grubby losing so much is really a surprise. he played so badly its funny, watch the rep vs guangmo, he kept peons in burrows for ages, and then kept forgetting to rally point his heros xD, its its also funny how badly he got pwned even though he had peons out to fight the army also lolz

  73. why the map link doesnt work?
    plz help! i want these replays

  74. nice to see btw that pretty much any player in team europe contribute alot to the team- when creo loses, inso and DIDI8 scores

  75. lol tod looks like a sexual predator in his picture

  76. gogogo Europe ftw.ToD will win against Sky

  77. [QUOTE]China has no chance.[/QUOTE]

  78. China #1 Europe #2 Korea #3

  79. @Ssa-Joker The chinesse voted for lyn not the koreans and maybe they voted for lyn because he recently won Moon who is way better than creolophus so maybe they expected him to win anyway.

  80. strange results from EU vs China

  81. haha wow, ToD looks the coolest out of all the players. by miles. :D

  82. this might turn out europe korea china europe

  83. sorry about double post but there are greater than signs inbetween those

  84. go go sweet!!

  85. maps link no working -.- tryed 3 different brousers btw

  86. maps on


  88. idd. panda is such a humankiller.

  89. Very strange on reviving Lyn to play Creo. All the Korean UDs are known to be NE killers (although Creo did surprisingly beat them both). Check is known to have an extremely strong NE mirror match too. Fans voting Lyn to do Orc vs NE is .... well, I would say Korea would have much better chance with Sweet or Check.

  90. so is there a winner in this or wut?

  91. 1-1-1 wtf now what?

  92. China has more points? :)

  93. Look at the first comment XDDDDD

  94. All you need Sky for formats like this.

  95. Congratulations, team China!

  96. China 4tw Sky wasnt the only person that won this time around:D

  97. "China has no chance."

    TurdFerg you're stupid? Don't underestimate.

  98. wow china owned -.-

  99. lol!!!!Hacker Fly !crazy!

  100. so its a tie?

  101. If a stastical tie breaker is used, and again i have no idea if it is or not, then the order would be 1. China 2. Europe 3. Korea. This is because China won 11 games next to both Europe and Koreas 10. Then Europe would pass over korea because they allowed less points to their opponent. But no i have no idea if its a tie or not, i hope it doesnt come down to statistics.

  102. euro lost??!?!?!? they lost there hero 1st round, poor creo!!@

  103. it should be 1. china
    2. Europe
    3. Sweet
    4. Rest of korea

  104. wow, China is pwning

  105. Wow, China lost to Korea but won again Europe which Korea lost to, interesting. As I suspected, Lyn and Rainbow brought down team Korea. If Korea didn't have Sweet, Korea would have lost easily. Korea's lineup should've been Remind, Moon, Zacard, FarSeer, and Sweet. Korea would've easily beat all teams with that lineup, too bad other tournaments got in the way.

    My rankings for Team Korea are:
    1. Sweet (Played excellently, Korea's champion, Korea's trump card, excellent UD vrs. ORC player, will easily find a new clan)
    3. Cherry (Played decently, tied with Check)
    3. Check (Surprisingly, didn't meet to my expectations, tied with Cherry)
    5. Rainbow (Tied at last, Sweet had to cover for them, shouldn't even be in this tourney, played amazingly bad, predicted he wouldn't do so well.)
    5. Lyn (Tied at last, Sweet had to cover for him, shouldn't even be in this tourney, played amazingly bad, predicted he wouldn't do so well.)

  106. Wow, China won. I like Sky and Gaungmo ha ha ha

  107. sweet raping all

  108. Its ReiGn not cherry....

  109. YellowMoon, why comment on how bad a losing team is, instead of commenting on how good a winning team is?
    Try to focus on the positive, not the negative

  110. China has no chance.
    Did they prove you wrong? Hacker.Fly took down 2 names in Korea vs China match, suprised me.

  111. Grubby 2-3... o_O strange after how he pwned in race wars =)

  112. europe owned korea, korea owned china, china owned europe = closed circle ^^

  113. i dont know if id call 6:4 and 6:5 getting owned.....

  114. Grubby have 3/5 wins lol

  115. 2/5 I mean

  116. china played an extra game. Europe only played 20 matches in all, while China and Korea played 21. This is significant since China only won by a point.

  117. Where is team USA?

  118. china played an 'extra' game because they won the right to do so by winning one more game in the match they lost. there is no guarentee to play anymore than 12 games in this format since you play until one team gets 6 points... china should win since they went 11-10, europe went 10-10, korea went 10-11.

  119. i need help. When i tried to open a replay, it says that it cannot open game.dll, what is wrong with my computer?

  120. Grubby....UrR, My NIggA!! I love you drunk :)

  121. That's pretty funny to see some people said "China has no chance", but if you didn't see, Stars Wars is Country(Korea) VS Country(China) VS Continent(Europe)...
    So, can you tell me which countries in Europe are better than China?

  122. It seems you forget one small detail. China has over 1 billion citizens, while the biggest country in Europe has like what, 60 million or so (don't know, just a guess for France/Germany). Ofcourse you can get more pro gamers out of those 1 billion than from 60 million ;) China is actually doing quite bad considering this :p

  123. DaNi think... Kina is poor, Europe is not (so poor as they).

  124. Dani. Russia isn't too small and has a touch over 60 million citizens.

  125. so, how about South Korea, less than 50 million

  126. Dani you are an idiot.

    China hasnt yet utilized most of their population.

    China is a huge untapped talent pool, out of their population only a fractin of it has been utilized.

  127. sweet is a stpid wc3 junkie. he looks and plays like one.
    genius play can be found in guanmo sky reign and grubby moon.
    the rest follow these guys. also tod is a geek. zacard is a *****.
    suho is good also

  128. Geez, China is leading 11-10-10, this is incredibly tight.

  129. "It seems you forget one small detail. China has over 1 billion citizens, while the biggest country in Europe has like what, 60 million or so (don't know, just a guess for France/Germany). Ofcourse you can get more pro gamers out of those 1 billion than from 60 million ;) China is actually doing quite bad considering this :p" so china should have better surfers than the small state of hawaii because they outnumber them in population 10000 to 1? i don't think ur brain works too good...

  130. Koreans Have alot of disiplin i think thats what makes them so good as well as china (americans and europeans ar more in to bitchs and partys) they have less social live than us

  131. holy damn close game.

  132. India also has more than one billion lol
    btw, Germany has more than 80million
    France has 60 million

  133. Canada owns all at hockey, and we have a fraction of any other countries population :D Canadians=pro

  134. North Americans have the least social lives out of anyone in the world. We place the most emphasis on successful careers than anywhere in the world. When you think about Chinese kids doing well in school you are thinking about the small percentile that actualy are in school.

  135. if china has 1 billion it isnt really an advantage. How easy must it be in china to shine in pro-gaming? A low economic country with mass citizens compared to rich europe countries like germany that still has a conciderable population. I would say china is doing very well concidering that.

  136. LOL @ Hentaisan! "I don't think your brain works too good"


  138. looks like sweet was the mvp

  139. sweet looks... sweet lol he looks cool man :D

  140. well make a new file name called Stars War and get a friend to download manually then use wc3 editor to send the replay to document then open my document while wc3 editor still open to new file "Stars War" drag the replays from my document to wc3 editor new file "Stars War" btw must be in maps whisper me at MinM[R2P] @ lordaeron if ur confused or something or need the replays

  141. argh not replay imean MAP sry

  142. ToD :(

  143. 4k boyz weren't @ their best : / GG China

  144. I don't get how china wins.