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  1. Snowi
    It is uncommon here. You need 3 years of practical experience to become a full attorney with all rights etc. In other words, I cannot start or become shareholder of an office until after these 3 years. I just got lucky that one of the partners is going to retire and I got one of the best attorneys in the country as a boss.
  2. CraZyKoKeNo
    that makes sense :P i am slowly getting into higher end clothing/accessories. for my internship i got some better shoes, pants, and a few shirts. and in the last couple weeks i have "gotten into" bags...

    very cool that you can be partner so young (< 30). is that commonplace? how does that work in law in your area? for architecture it would be exceedingly rare for a person to be a principal (an owner) under 30, unless you started your own office of course.
  3. Snowi
    Ever since I got married I kinda cut back on my spending :) Saving etc. for a house. We are currently renting an apartment. Hopefully I will be partner in three years. Small firm, but enough turnover.
  4. CraZyKoKeNo
    thanks brohan :)

    as you may have guessed i am now getting into expensive man bags. when i saw that thing i couldn't resist...

    what are you up to lately?
  5. Snowi
    I'd go for navy :)
  6. CraZyKoKeNo
    hey another question

    which color do you like? navy/tan/black
  7. Snowi
    Looks good mate. Skagen is pretty OK. I believe it's basically Swatch rebranded.
  8. CraZyKoKeNo
    yo bro,

    is this watch any good? :D also how's the law/marriage these days? we haven't kept up - i'm in NYC now for another arch. internship.
  9. CraZyKoKeNo
    hmm bro, i like the mechanical movement, but the design of that one is a bit dated to me. would Swatch be your main recommendation for a more...contemporary aesthetic?
  10. Snowi
    Bra, you should take a look here:

    Seiko 5 with a leather strap is pretty much win at like 60 USD. It will look like a 1000 USD watch easily. Plus it will have a genuine automatic mechanism, as opposed to quartz.

    If you like the more gimmicky watches, I personally like Swatch. They are gimmicky, but done tasteful. More or less like your link, but I liked Swatch's collection more :)
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