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  1. WhenPeonsAttack
    Yeah, it is a thing about chokes and collision. Even in more open terrain, it can be hard to get all your bears in good positioning because they block eachother and bears in the back have trouble reaching their targets given enough food. Also, your bears are getting slowed by nova, frost armor, frost wyrms. Your chims may get slowed too, but they don't have to worry about collision. They occupy no space and can move over anything while doing tons of damage. If the chim is focused, then bears and hippos can easily get into position. If the bears are focused, then the chim just does a ton of damage without being taken out.

    Another way to look at it is by making chims, you are making a hard counter to aboms/wagons. Even if he doesn't get aboms and wagons, possibly because you got chims, means he will be going for fiends and air host likely, which bears and hippos are already good at fighting. Of course, you can't neglect hero levels or your economy (expansion, sometimes multiple) and you probably have to be doing pretty well in the game so far to even get chims to work.

    The splash damage hurting your own bears is unfortunate, but micro helps I guess.
  2. griffer
    I guess I just don't see why you could have "too many" bears. Maybe if it's a choke point they can't all attack? There's also the splash thing (the chim splash hurts your bears which take 2x dmg from magic). I think I'll stick to bear/dryad for now.
  3. WhenPeonsAttack
    Well, what if you already have 2 healing scrolls and more than enough bears? It's kind of like when it becomes an excess thing that when you can afford makes you even more difficult to beat a guess.
  4. griffer
    Yeah but for the cost of 3 chims you can get 2 heal scrolls and 2 bears, which would seem to be more useful in general. The only time I can think when chim would be a good idea is if your opponent went mass abom or necrowagon... what do you mean by "safe" exactly?
  5. WhenPeonsAttack
    Yeah, I've noticed that too. I guess he just feels that with enough of an advantage he can go chims. It may have to do with air superiority. With hippos to counter the UD heavy air/gargs and bears to counter fiends, in a sense chims can be pretty safe. However, without a nice advantage of being up a gold mine and winning some fights/being ahead of the UD in food for whatever reason, chims are risky because they will just get nuked/garged/webbed/focused with everything/etc and die. However, if you have enough hippos to protect the air surrounding your chims and enough bears to protect the ground around your chims (which get webbed by fiends), focusing the chims could but your opponent in a bad position which makes his army take a lot of damage. That, and with rejuv/staff/natural high health, chims have nice longevity.
  6. griffer
    Lol it says your activity is 'Creating Thread'.

    I've been watching a lot of Remind's recent games and he seems to really like going chims these days against undead, even if the undead has no necros, aboms, wagons, or anything like that. What do you think is the reason? I could maybe see chims when they have like 4 wyrms and 3 destroyers (bears die really fast), but why in general?
  7. griffer
    Hah, wow. Here's a lesson in game design for the clueless fucktards at Bioware: When the player finishes a difficult level and a VERY difficult boss, you reward them. You don't make them wander to find the exit, you don't spam them with random encounters while they're trying to get back, and you don't spam them with "Ogre Alpha" boss bullshit that kills your party in 10 seconds.

    Just saying.
  8. griffer
    And in the end, it didn't even maaaaaaaatter!
  9. WhenPeonsAttack
    Damn bro, and you came so far.
  10. griffer
    I guess Dragon Age Origins defeated me. I microed and crafted and massed potions and barely scraped my way past hordes and hordes of monsters... but I'm about 50 hp short of finishing off Zathrian before my party dies. GG
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