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  1. griffer
    I'm sure it's safe, it's just that while I would be willing to dl a file to listen to a band I think for the widest possible appeal you want something that also "just works" in a browser.
  2. WhenPeonsAttack
    Well, it is a very good quality stream, though they are probably behind the times when it comes to streaming, as they could be using something that works in your browser, but there's 0 lag for me and it's high sound quality. The download is also super tiny, 1 kb or less. I can assure you it's safe.
  3. griffer
    Hmm, I don't think downloading an m3u file should be necessary to listen to a livestream... o_0
  4. griffer
    This Oracle lawsuit is going to be with us forever.
  5. griffer
    A certain Jim Irons is back in the Pope's robe and getting shit done! I also never knew you could use a pet monkey as a food taster. :)
  6. griffer
    I'm pretty sure Africa is not the gay capital of the world.
  7. griffer
    The wiki interface sure is making things difficult!
  8. WhenPeonsAttack
    IDK, I like it actually.
  9. griffer
    What do you think of the page on talons? It seems redundant to show both the abilities and also the upgrades...
  10. griffer
    I'm leaning toward not having wiki pages for individual buildings like castle, farm, moonwell, ancient of war, etc. It would make it easier not having to show the ability ensnare + the upgrade ensnare, the ability long rifles + the upgrade long rifles, etc. Plus there aren't any good images available. What do you think?
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