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  1. Orange
    Hey hot stuff, you lookin for a good time?
  2. LaughingSkull
    you don't understand man, this is not "hot girls thread" material
    this is GODDESS material :drool:
    and entirely deserves its own thread
  3. ex0duz
    Anyway, back to wall posts.. you got any more videos of that guy cooking, sharing tips and tricks etc on cooking? I like him mainly because of his attitude(in general, as in socially, but of course mainly towards food). When he's only got like common household ingredients(usually rice, + last nights supper or whatever so at the very least, they aren't gonna starve to death :p)..

    I hate when all these use is all these high class ingrediants which you'll nevver have or have probably never even tried yet(like high class french shit, it's like in every iron chef episode i see, they are using truffles and caviar or 10's of thousands of dollars worth of Shark Fin.. while mouth watering, i don't think the m ajority of people will get to eat this shit, or would even order it unless they were rich to begin with and just order something they know will taste good and they are familiar with the tastes.. no one will pay 100's for something they don't know will taste good or not, unless they are rich like i said.. hehe

    You ever been to any of his restaurants? Wherebouts you live(ie what city) if you don't mind me asking? I'm from melb, just wanted to see what the food culture is in your city..

    is there a chinatown, lots of asian/chinese restaurants, or what's the demographic like there and how do they split it(ie 20% chinese, 20% italian, 50% 'modern' asian or mixed of some kind, 30% steakhouses etc etc, yeah i know my maths and adding up to 100 is most likely wrong there, but that's not important if you get the point lol).

    Nice chatting with ya. Didn't know you were so into food, haha. But yeah, it's been ages since i worked in chinese restaurant and cook, but yeah. You remember most of the shit. It's like riding a bike, you don't forget. Just the recipes and stuff you need to remember(mainly sauces and quantity of said ingrediants, or the 'ratio' etc), otherwise all the other shit like prep work(how to roll spring rolls, make gyoza, dumplings and shit etc) and how to use knife and wok etc is still all there..
  4. ex0duz
    You a fan of asian/korean food? Ie the David Chang sig? What's your favourite dishes in general, and do you cook yourself often? Where you from anyway, US? If so, wherebouts if i can ask(like state/city etc, if too personal then state will do). I always thought of you as Canadian for some reason.. hehe

    But yeah. I didn't know about him until i looked him up because of your sig. It seems like he's a cool guy and he cooks nice easy food but tasty shit. That's the kind of stuff i like. I watched some video where he shows how to microwave eggs.. lol.

    But the way he did it turned out ok. My sister does that shit and i'm like "fucken travesty"(she doesn't even beat the eggs.. so it's like a sunny side egg in a soup bowl, with like 20% stuck to the bowl since she doesn't oil it down or whatever, i wouldn't know since i never done that before lol, but i see David how he uses the butter to grease the bowl before he puts the shit in and it just flops out when he turns it over later). So lazy can't even boil or fry an egg.. She eats it with mi goreng(pretty sure you know what that is, it's the dry noodle with the sweet sauce, and some chili powder and oil).. heh -sigh-.

    This is the clip i was referring to above.

    But yeah. He seems like a very nice down to earth guy. You know or can recommend me any cookbooks of his? Like simple stuff ones that you can do with everyday ingrediants, which seems like what he's about in general yeah. Or doesn't even have to be him, but just in general a cookbook for everyday ingredients. Cheers mate.

    Also, do you watch any cooking shows? I used to watch Ramseys(not the in studio one, the UK one where he goes around to diff restaurants.. the US one is pretty shitty imo compared to the original UK one). I also watch Iron Chef.. you watch any cooking shows or can recommend any? I've watched all of them. I want to watch to learn cooking technique and different styles and for inspiration.. not for watching noobs and the reality tv 'drama' etc. Thanks again.
  5. Ciel
    Patrick, I miss talking to you. :(
  6. ReddFoxxofHell
    Dude that was lame, so lame that I almost want to stop trolling because I feel bad for you.
  7. ReddFoxxofHell
    Isn't called a troll when you post the truth and back it up with facts.
  8. ReddFoxxofHell
  9. bluedot
    Meh, it'll give him time to trim the bluegrass around his trailer.
  10. Elven_Lord
    i was only joking lol. I didn't actually think he'd get banned. Poor guy T_T
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