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Thread: creeping vs orc as undead

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    creeping vs orc as undead

    I know this is like the most generic undead question ever (or maybe thats hwo do I beat orc?) but I seriously find that its like impossible to creep my heroes beyond like 3/1/1 against an orc who knows what hes doing (ESPECIALLY on gay maps like EI...ughh). Any tips for not getting raped by BM all game? Seems like he scouts you once and then just can keep tabs on you all game and kick you every time you try and creep

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    you are expected to win with 3/1/1 heros vs orc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gahh. View Post
    you are expected to win with 3/1/1 heros vs orc.
    sadly, this...
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    Watch replays, it's not impossible to get a lvl2 Lich for your push if you're a good player. Find out your mistakes and fix them. If you post a replay, people will be able to give you more specific feedback too.
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    Especially on EI, its ''rediculously easy'' to get 3-2 DK Lich by the time you hit t3. Creep safe and scout well. Assuming you play with fiends, pull creeps into good posis

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