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    (3)River Delta

    When I started this map I wanted to create it asymmetrical but still symmetrical. Which probably didn't turn out completely right.

    Somehow I used to be able to tilt the view when using "view entire map" but now I can't get it to work any more which annoys me quite a bit.

    There are a few features of this map for which I'm not sure if they are bad for gameplay or just don't really add anything.

    1)A while a go someone suggested in a thread more triggered artefacts to be used like in starcraft maps. I wanted to try that so I added a weaker version of roar to the entrance of the middle. (those green things)

    2)The three shops are blocked of by weak destructible doodads. (I wanted to decrease the early shopping but I am not sure if that puts certain races on the back foot.)
    Also the shop lies on a cliff which overlooks the expansions. I did that too encourage sieging. But I made sure there is enough room to build town halls etc. out of range. That is another reason why I blocked of those cliffs, even though I'm not sure it is entirely necessary.

    3)I added a watcher rune to the centre creep spot, but that might give the one getting that item too much of an advantage.

    I also wanted to add that I tinkered with the item drops a bit to make them less random. For instance the expansion items are either a periapt of vitality or a pendant of energy.
    The creeps at the shops only drop stat items of the same level (robe of the magi etc.) and the two red spots at the outer mines only drop aura's of the same level.

    I hope you all enjoy it and I'll be waiting for points to improve upon.
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