Friday, March 20th

We kick things off with the foreigner scene. SC2GG and its StarLeague are covered first, followed by the ESL Major Series, NonY vs. F91 in Liquibition, latest news about PGL, WCG Ultimate Gamer stuff, ESWC Asia Masters, Starcraft 2, WeMade FOX loses a Protoss player, KTF MagicNs gain a new Terran player, a lot of Winners League, MSL, and OSL coverage, followed by what we’ll be showing next week.

Friday, March 27th

After a few days away, we’re bringing you this week’s episode a couple days late. First we get into the Starcraft 2 news, followed by the ESWC, ESL, Liquibition, SC2GG StarLeague, Day[9] podcast, WCG Ultimate Gamer show, Ansadi StarLeague, TG Sambo-Intel Classic 3 match, MSL final recap, Winners League recap, OSL recap, recent trades in the past week, followed by the KeSPA Rookie Draft news.

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