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Thread: when to creep each camp?

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    when to creep each camp?

    Hi i was wondering what the guideline is for creeping the different levels of camps.

    I'm playing lost temple a lot and I just creep the middle (not including the fountain) until i get my 2nd hero then go do all the shops (orange level) then i attack.

    I never really bother with the red creeps. should i?
    I assume the goal is leveling more than getting items. true?
    Also i dont creep the camps where i think my units will mostly end up in the orange health since i have a bad habit of my opponent sneaking up on me then killing me when im weak. Should i be pushing that hard on creeps so that im quite hurt by the end?

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    You need to be more specific. What race vs what race, etc?

    From another thread it seemed like you were elf, so if you're comfortable with AoW creeping (look it up in replays/guides) you could build an AoW on the ramp to the gold mine and use it to tank and creep, allowing for an expo later. If not a good idea is to creep the troll berserker guy for an item with your DH then heal at the edge of the fountain
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    Welll, it is always important to keep in mind you -do not want to get creepjacked-. That is why people fast creep the laberatory with human on EI. That is why people use an Ancient of War on terenas stand. That is why UD use dust at larger creeps.

    Especially with larger/stronger camps; they are worth creeping. But only creep them when you know you can do this save. This is eitherway if you know your opponent is not nearby, or you just won a fight and he was forced to TP.

    Creep spots with your mk + militia only when you see the blade has to little mana to windwalk. Creep a strong spot with your blade and grunts when you force that DH back by dealing damage to him.

    Also; I like to creep goldmine spots. If I feel a long fight is coming up, or I just won a fight, I can simply send over a worker and start an expo. I don't have to spend time on walking my army over, creep it, and then start expo'ing.

    I have little problem with creeping creeps that are somewhat further away from my army. As long as I can do them without taking a lot of damage or taking risc of my base being attacked (afterall, a TP or building to rebuy is some financial damage as well).

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    Information on what to do you can obtain from your opponent, analise his actions and decide whats best for you right now, try to maximise your profits in anyway possible in given situation. Will it be creeping,expanding,harassing,jacking,teching,makin g upgrades or whatever it depends on the info, what you prefer and on what you have currently

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    Really depends on race and situation. You can get away with nearly any orange camp with AM+3 foots+5-6 militia or hero+AOW+2 arch+3 wisp...but if you get creepjacked, it's all for naught. Also, you need to know what you will be getting; often it's worth taking a lot of HP damage for that level 3-4 item if you know you can heal before he comes. Scouting is much a part of creeping as picking which creeps to take.

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