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Thread: always running low on gold (NE)

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    always running low on gold (NE)

    Hi i was wondering if someone could look at my replay and elighten me as to why i never seem to have enough gold.

    I feel like i time things pretty well (i know im not great but im getting there) and now that I am able to keep my macro under control (building units and buildings at the right time) i am always resource starved.

    In a lot of higher level replays that I watch people dont expand but i cant figure out why i have no gold and they do (i have looked)

    I attached a replay (in the replay i dont know why the guy left when he did) and any other tips are welcome.
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    if you're going for a specific tech you should avoid any unnecessary units/buildings/upgrades that will delay it, for example, instead of spending on those two hunts, you could've got panda sooner, hunts are only good in large numbers, two don't speed up your creeping or win you a fight. also, you researched improved bows for only three archers, if you don't get enough archers to use them aggressively it's not worth it. and you had 2/1 attack/armor upgrades before you had a single unit out that would benefit from them. and you made an extra moonwell ahead. so, you had bears about 4 min later than most good NE players not because you forgot about producing units/buldings/getting upgrades at any point of the game, but because many of them were not worth it.

    make your spending more efficient and you won't be worried about having enough resources when you need them.

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