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Thread: Ladder Team/Clan Rookies

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    Ladder Team/Clan Rookies

    Hi, I am looking to create a clan of players who are playing ladder. I'm not looking for the best team, of pros, because I myself am not a pro. I'm looking for a group of people interested in playing and improving their ladder abilities, active players at an average skill-level that will enjoy playing team in-houses in-clan AT's. Basically I'm looking to bring together players of similar skill level who want to play competitively without worrying about the steep learning curve. Hopefully those interested are familiar with the game, i.e. can recognize the units, knows how to play/move, and can hold his or her own but brand new players are welcome.

    If you're interested, please send me a message or post in this forum. It's hard trying to find a good group of active players who want to play, yet improve.


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    Hey I have been trying to find a group of players for awhile now. What realm and where can I found you. I am usually on everyday.

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    I'm in! How can I get in touch with you? You can PM me here.

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    800 Point Level The-Noobinator's Avatar
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    Jul 2008

    Count Me In .

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    Out of here! Sacred Reich's Avatar
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    Feb 2011

    Count me in, SacredReich on North and East.

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    Im in too, add me please.
    Im Aapelus at Northrend

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    I'm down, add me on east. Name is Completelynaked

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    Ok, I'm on Azeroth I will add all of you. I will be on tonight if you guys see this, and we can all get together and figure this out. If you're not on Azeroth, would Azeroth work for you?

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    For those of you whose account names I don't know, mine is Nittany so give me an add!

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    azeroth is down atm, everyone is on west right now

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    If you guys are still online, im on west. account name: Nittany

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    Replay Submitter iggydash's Avatar
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    Atlanta, GA

    anyone else on west?

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    I'm currently on now. If you're on and go afk, join channel WCR and wait there so we can all try to meet.

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    I'm going to be on tonight at 10:20 PM and will probably stay on till past 1 AM eastern time. If you are interested and on tonight, please whisper me, Nittany is my account name. I have a couple people not from the forums interested, so if we can get the people on the forums to get one with us then we should definitely have enough for the clan.

    To go into further detail of what I'd like to do:

    I'm hoping to have a good group of active players at an average skill level who are looking to improve their game and become better.

    I also am interested in getting a sort of team league started, it may not be the focus of the clan but it can be something that the members could do together. Each team could figure out their own matchups with other teams, and we could keep statistics on a website or something along with the replays of each match, so other players can go back and learn some new tricks and even get an eye out on the competition.

    But most importantly, we need active players that fit the criteria and genuinely are interested in playing before I get ahead of myself with the league and stuff. So if you're interested and read this message before tonight, please log on and whisper me, or post your account name here.

    Acc Name: Nittany

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    for a little more on the team league, we could do 2s or 3s and if we have enough people get a 4s started, and it could be a lot of fun if everyone is willing to work together and put in some time.

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    Out of here! Sacred Reich's Avatar
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    Feb 2011

    Are you online right now?

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    yeah im in channel wcr

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    Are you still recruiting? Count me in


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    if any of you guys are still interested, get on at 8 PM tonight US EAST

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    go to channel wcr

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