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Thread: Trying to improve my game.

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    Trying to improve my game.

    Here is a replay of me vs a lvl 22 human. Didnt seem he was that good but i think i played extremely well. Its hard to critique ur own play so i would like u guys to pick me apart and tell me everything i did wrong this game.

    I hope i uploaded it the right way. Sry to the moderators if i didnt. Ill change it if i did in fact do it wrong.
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    ^^ wouldn't you like to know

    well you did upload it wrong, it supposed to be submitted to wcreplays member replays and then post the link to it. but nevertheless, il watch it and try to help.

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    You played well ...... a few suggestion...

    1. I myself don't like going after human in early t2.... a good human with bolt focus and a fast sorc can often screw you.... although wating for the MK to get higher lvl might be a even worse idea.... I personally preferr till when I could acturally counter his water elemental and casters with shaman/pults before engaging.... (but i guess in that game it didn't matter much since you were arleady owning him)

    2. I think it's a rather bad idea to charge in with a mass lusted army in the end like that.... IF he had 3 breaker you would have lost because now you face a army of lusted rifleman with shaman that have little mana left to purge/LS .... obviously you were already beating him bad though so he only had 1 breaker... but still... if he was able to get a couple more you were in serious danger of facing a lusted human army.....

    But nice game overall.. you really outmicroed him on every corner (though I think he gave up the chase on those grunts too early quiet a few times or probably could have gotten at least 1 to 2 more grunts....... )
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