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Thread: How much APM matters??

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    How much APM matters??

    Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on ones persective) I found a program that measures my apm...and I found out that on a normal game it is about 60 or so. Then I look at the replays of the really good players...Grubby, Fov and what not, and they are well into the 200's in many cases. I was just wondering how much apm really matters and what a good apm would be to be a really good player. I would also like to get some insight into what these players are doing to get there apm so high. Any ideas on how to improve my apm will also be much appreciated

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    OK, even though people have been bitching at me for making posts telling members to search, with this topic, it comes up everyday without fail. Please search through this forum and read all the 8000 other threads dealing with APM.

    APM doesn't matter. As long as you're over 75, you're fine. Anything below 40 and you need improvement. As for tips to improve, or hints for spamming waypoints, there's hundreds of other threads on APM.

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