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Thread: grunt + raider counter

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    grunt + raider counter

    I have some serious problems against Orcs when they
    go Grunt + demolisher + raider. how should I stop this shit , they also often spice it with towers and it gets worse when they do that !
    plz help , and some replays would also be appriciated,

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    This would be the standard grunapult but with some raiders to spice is up...focus fire I know hurts alot and is gonna be your key in beating this. Search the forums for counters. Theres alot of threads of NE vs Orc gruntapult.

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    there are a million counters to gruntapult. just use the search button and look for one of the other fifty topics where people bit.. er.. ask for help.

    just remember that huntresses have "fast" class move speed, and archers can get 700 range.
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    yeah , but I dont think its just another gruntapult cuz, everything is alright as long as they dont have those raiders, but since they bring raiders and SH + those nasty wards, everything goes wrong

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    Watch this replay:

    I tryed out a strat i've read about here somewhere on the got me 3 victories against orc on Turtle rock 1 and 2 on gnoll works only on tavern maps so just try to read some strat guides here on the forum for non-tavern maps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystic001
    Search the forums for counters. Theres alot of threads of NE vs Orc gruntapult.

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