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Since there's a new Warcraft site coming, one of the interviewers there asked if I would write a few words for the site. I did not mind, and asked what he wanted me to write about. "Yourself, Warcraft and your gaming career," he answered, and I got right too it.

My name is Yoan M., I am 18 years old and I live in Arles, next to Marseille in the south of France. The first time I tried a computer was 6 years ago, I played Command and Conquer and Red Alert. I fell at once in love with real time strategy games, and after a while I started with Starcraft: Brood War (I had not played Starcraft before that), then some Counter-Strike, and finally, one month after the official release, Warcraft III.

When I started playing Warcraft III, I mostly played 2v2 Random Team. I was a team player, and only played 2v2. After a while I tested solo, but I got owned by everybody - all the races and all the strategies. Especially the Night Elf tactic "mass hunts and demon hunter" and the Undeads that massed Necromancers (I had yet to know of Wand of Negation). Fortunately enough, I got better the more I played, and by practicing with the best French players and in ladder, I became quite good. I realized I was good enough to compete when I joined the clan ArmaTeam.

It took me quite a while to get to join that clan. Clan ArmaTeam got sponsored by Intel, so they wanted to recruit all the best French players. They arranged a tournament in Paris. I worked the time before the tournament, so I didn't have time to play any Warcraft, so I did very badly. But I really wanted to join, so I harassed them, nagged them about letting me join while practicing a lot. After about a month they gave up and invited me to the clan. During that time I developed a lot as a player, and thought myself able to compete with the best Europeans.

In Warcraft I have always used Humans, because I used Terran in Brood War. I reckoned Humans would be the same as Terran, and a friend of mine told me Slayerboxer used Humans, so I started with that race. I got owned so much at times, before I realized that it was a very powerful race. I've always been playing Human in serious games, but when 1.13 came out, it got really difficult for Human in my opinion, so I switched to Undead for a while. I played both races for some time, but lately I have played really well with Human, like getting rank #1 on east and lvl 38 rank #6 on northrend, so I guess my Undead period is over.

I love attending major tournaments, and I find that a major part of Warcraft. I was at CPL Cannes where I finished 11th, then I won the French ESWC qualifier, finished 4th in ESWC International, 17th in CPL Denmark, and top 30 at CXG (but I blame that on the fact that I met two of my team-mates quite early). I think the ESWC qualifier was a major tournament because all best French players were there, like InToX and Blatty.

After the ESWC international, many players in aT went on holidays, and I was feeling like they would never play WC3 again. For me the clan was dead; CS team died, UT2k3 team left, so me and Nuke found an arrangement for me and FaTC to join clan SK. That was a really big step for me, considering how big, famous and well-organized SK is, with tons of great players in many games. I got a bit more attention from the community, and I like how the clan leaders took care of everybody. They make sure that all the players get to participate in various tournaments and such. SK.Nuke is the chief for, and SK.Koenna leads SK.Germany.

Looking at my future in SK, I wouldn't mind going to Korea if the right proposition came my way. Gaming is so much bigger there, so why not? It is nice travelling, and not having to pay for anything (the sponsors of SK take care of that). Especially Las Vegas was great, despite the fact that only two of the eight tournaments were finished, and the organization was awful.

I went one day before the tournament started, when we arrived in Las Vegas we went to a beautiful hotel, and the weather was great. I got seeded #15, I was hoping for a better number, but it was ok. I got a bye first round, but the second round I faced SK.SeaWeed (Smurphet) and lost 1-2. Then in the loser brackets I won vs rS.PiLLaGe before I met yet another clanmate; SK.Insomnia. He was way too good for me, and even though I got a lightning shield in both games, while he got crappy items, he won.

The last day I went around Las Vegas, I went to the movies with FaTC, where we met Bjarke and Grubby. We also tried the Rollercoaster of the "NewYorkNewYork" hotel, which was awesome. One day later, I finally got home. It was really nice to meet all the different players; everybody was very nice, as usual. It was particularly nice to meet Ghostridah, because he is one of the guys I have most fun with on I was very happy to finally meet him in real life.

Looking at the state of the game right now, I can say I like it a lot. It is very balanced, despite the fact that some matchups are harder than others. Luck is still a good part of the game too. Orc vs UD should be fixed, because Fiends and Statues are so hard to kill. I do not know what I want for patch 1.15 balance wise, but I know that I want the maps Tirisfal Glades and Glacial Thaw out of the game, and I would want to see the return of Tranquil Paths.

I have some good tactics that I like to use. On Lost Temple or Plunder Isle particularly (depends on matchups and positions) I like to fast expand. Then I like Gryphons and Siege Engines vs. Undead, Gryphons and Dragonhawk Riders vs. Orcs, and mass Knights and Spellbreakers vs. Night Elf. I mostly use the Archmage, I think he is safe to use almost anytime. Creep and get Mountain King or Naga Sea Witch vs. Night Elf. Try to pump out Riflemen and Sorceresses.

I like to creep; I tend to get to level 3, and then go push my opponent, especially vs. Undead or Orc, though it's harder against Night Elf. Human vs. Human is a totally different matchup, I like to go with the Blood Mage as my second hero, with two Arcane Towers.

Finally, I would like to give a big shoutout to everybody in clan xDxD, and on east; Shore, Ghostridah, Chemi, Fury, Mykk. Shout out to my mates Inso, FaTC, NuKe, SuRv, pLaGue, Mightyx, Miou, sTorM, DominatoR, Koenna, Coldcut, and a BIG THANKS to SK for their great sponsoring. I hope people will enjoy this, and give lots of feedback, so maybe I will do a guest audio commentary or two.


Editors Note: You can get lessons and training from all the excellent SK players, just follow this link.

SK.ToD Replays:

YoanM (HU) vs WaRRiOr_AzTeCa (OR)
YoanM (HU) vs CADX2-Craft (OR)
SK.ToD (HU) vs aT-GeNThO (UD)
YoanM (HU) vs Ophelia (NE)

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