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The Sweet Smell of Death

By nOnAmE

SK.Sweet has taken time off his schedule for an exclusive interview with He has been well-known for quite sometime, most prominently since he was the first person in the world to achieve level 50 status (prior to the "controversial" patch). Among some of his other achievements he has represented Korea at ACON4 and ESWC. He played first in the Korea vs Europe All- star game and took out the dangerous SK.HeMaN, and he is reckoned to be among the top UD players in the world even till today.

nOnAmE: Can you introduce yourself to us?

SK.Sweet: I'm 20 years old, my name is Chun Jung Hee and I go by the ID SK.Sweet.

nOnAmE: How did you come up with a name like Sweet?

SK.Sweet: When I was supposed to make my account name, I was listening to some Korean singer, and I liked the song, the songs name was 'sweet' and so I decided to keep it.

nOnAmE: Can you tell our readers how you got into gaming?

SK.Sweet: I played 1v1 with a friend at a PC bang and I lost, so I bought a War3 and started to play.

nOnAmE: Before ACON4 had started you had said that you wanted to win so that Korea could finally have an international champion. You were on top of your game but you finished third with Wizard finishing first. Tell us what happened.

SK.Sweet: It was my first international tournament and I hadn't studied my opponents enough. Korea hadn't won a single international tournament so I was feeling some pressure.

nOnAmE: You recently played ESWC in France... What was that like, to represent your country?

SK.Sweet: Before, ESWC I competed at Acon4. At Acon4 I went alone, so I felt better at ESWC because I went to with two others. On the other hand, because I had taken third place at Acon4, I really wanted to take first at ESWC.

nOnAmE: You played 4K.FoV in the semi-finals of ESWC. Talk us through that match.

SK.Sweet: All three games were Lich as first hero, fights with Ghouls, battles during the mid game, and only Destroyers in the late game. Nothing really unexpected.

nOnAmE: During ESWC you had injured your leg. What happened? And how did it affect your game play?

SK.Sweet: Well, what actually happened was that I fell in the dark on a big broken glass and I hurt my leg really bad. It scratched my entire leg. I would like to take this chance to thank my countrymen St_Gostop and 4K.FoV, because they helped me move about at ESWC. Those broken pieces made my walking really problematic.

Sweet, HeMaN and FaTC at ESWC

nOnAmE: In the Korean WCG qualifier, you had to forfeit a game versus Lucifer due to prior commitments. Do you feel that you could have won the qualifier? From the looks of it you were heading towards the top. What is you feeling right now?

SK.Sweet: I don't know if I could have won, but I'm pretty confident I could have finished in the top 3.

nOnAmE: So do you feel disappointed?

SK.Sweet: Well, it couldn't be helped; all that's left is to focus 100% on the prime league.

nOnAmE: Can you tell us something about your groupings?

SK.Sweet: Here are my unit groupings; I don't put buildings in groups:
1 - Hero/Ghouls
2 - Statues/Ghouls
3 - Gargoyles

nOnAmE: Is the game balanced? Do you feel it needs more balancing?

SK.Sweet: I think it's almost balanced, a good player wins and a bad player loses.

nOnAmE: Korean players are known to be "art" players, as in they do something different most of the time. What are your thoughts on that? Do you feel that you play art?

SK.Sweet: Rather than strange plays, Korean players practice the standard strategies over and over again to perfection and make it very precise. While I sometimes use special strategies for tournaments I usually use standard strategies.

nOnAmE: Can you tell us a bit about the structure of your clan SK.Asia?

SK.Sweet: We have a division consisting of six players: SK.May, SK.Bestwolf, SK.Select, SK.Angels, SK.WinNers and me SK.Sweet.

nOnAmE: Can you tell me why SK.Zacard/SK.Skelton aren't mentioned there?

SK.Sweet: It's hard to explain, sorry. But SK.Zacard and SK.Skelton are not part of SK.Asia anymore.

nOnAmE: In all your ladder/LAN experience, you must have come across one player whose strategy has really shocked you... Can you tell us who it was (if you remember the name) and what exactly did he do?

SK.Sweet: Hm... There were many players who shocked me, mainly because my opponents did really crazy strats. But I have never lost to any of them, I beat them all, most of which in five minutes.

nOnAmE: Who do you feel is the most feared player in Korea at the moment?

SK.Sweet: SK.Zacard, normally it is very hard for Undead to beat Orc in this patch, plus we know each other well.

nOnAmE: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the race of your opponent as the screen loads?

SK.Sweet: I consider the map and opponent's race, and then I think about a suitable strat to win.

nOnAmE: Who is your favorite player?

SK.Sweet: My favorite player is DayFly.

nOnAmE: You played some 2v2 games with DayFly in the Korea vs China matches. You guys did only mass Grunts and mass Fiends, and you guys beat all that you played. How was that experience?

SK.Sweet: It was the first time I had played 2v2 with him and we paired up for the first time that day.

nOnAmE: Can you tell us a bit about your pro-gaming life in Korea?

SK.Sweet: Hmm, it is not really good. Recently I have lost the prime league semi- final.

nOnAmE: Can you share with us what sort of pressure TFT players face there?

SK.Sweet: The Warcraft scene in Korea is small and weak compared to the Starcraft scene, we don't get paid enough and on the flip side, the Warcraft scene is not going to get bigger than it currently is.

Sweet, GoStop and FoV at ESWC

nOnAmE: What unit mixes do you like against each race and why?

SK.Sweet: I almost always go three heroes, Ghouls and Statues against the different races, but against Night Elf I prefer to go Ghouls and Gargoyles.

nOnAmE: Which is your favorite neutral hero?

SK.Sweet: My favorite neutral hero is undoubtedly the Pandaren Brewmaster.

nOnAmE: Can you tell us when and how do you decide to expand, attack, or creep?

SK.Sweet: such things are hard to explain in words, in my opinion you must go and keep playing and practicing and then you will know.

nOnAmE: Which units do you consider must-have?

SK.Sweet: Of course, I consider the Ghoul to be a must have.

nOnAmE: Do you feel they need any armor buff?

SK.Sweet: At least +1 armor buff would be very nice. Or they could give the Ghoul an HP buff.

nOnAmE: Which units do you consider useless?

SK.Sweet: Frost Wyrms. Why oh why? Why did you come to the Undead?

nOnAmE: Have you ever used Meat Wagons and Necromancers against Night Elf?

SK.Sweet: yes. I used that combo just once. I won and I consider it to be a lucky win.

nOnAmE: Which race do you feel needs most skill to play?

*After thinking about for a while, SK.Sweet finally answers*

SK.Sweet: I think the Human race needs the most micro. Hence I feel that their race needs to the most skill to play.

nOnAmE: Can you tell us if it wasn't for gaming what else you would have been doing?

SK.Sweet: I think I would have been a normal student if I didn't play this game.

nOnAmE: You were the number one player on Kalimdor and the first level 50 player in the world. How did you go about this and how did it feel to rule the hardest ladder?

SK.Sweet: It was really great. I was number one and also the first level 50. Yes, it felt really good. My hard work had finally paid off.

nOnAmE: Do you feel the Warden is imbalanced? And suppose if the enemy Night Elf player spawns next to you. Then how do you handle it?

SK.Sweet: No. I'd like to get mass Ghouls to harass him. So he would get into trouble and then would not be able to tech fast enough.

nOnAmE: What about maps? Do you think certain maps favor certain races?

SK.Sweet: I think most of ladder maps are balanced.

nOnAmE: Finally, any shoutouts?

SK.Sweet: A big shoutout to my fans who continue to keep supporting me, and many thanks to you guys at WCReplays.

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