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An Interview with HolyHuman

A new WCR interview? Rob's reign appears to be over!

JokerZ: Hi there rC-XFi|HolyHuman! For those who don't know you, could you start by giving us a brief outline of your War3 history?

rC-XFi|HolyHuman: Hello there. I started ROC when it first came out. I didnít really play it a whole lot because I was playing soccer most of the time. When TFT came out, I started off as an Undead player, but in the end I took human because I found them easier to play.

JokerZ: Nice =) You already kind of answered my next question, but why did you select Human as your primary race of choice? Have you ever played any race seriously besides Human?

rC-XFi|HolyHuman: I chose human because I felt they had a lot of strategies and I have a lot more fun playing them! In WCG 2003 Regionals I played Undead VS players like faluzure / BigD, but that's the only time I really played another race... Iíll stick to my towers =)

JokerZ: Indeed Human FTW!

rC-XFi|HolyHuman: Hehe, it's a fun race for sure!
HolyHuman.jpg JokerZ: You've recently joined a new clan - redCode. How did you go about joining this clan and are you pleased with your new team?

rC-XFi|HolyHuman: Rhonin contacted me about joining a few weeks ago, I took a lot of things into consideration, but I felt it was time for a change and I'm pleased with the line up we have at present. We haven't tested it yet, but we will see soon enough smiles

JokerZ: Good luck!

JokerZ: After swapping clans alot fairly frequently, you are being regarded by alot of people, as someone who doesn't take his teams seriously. Would you say this is true?

rC-XFi|HolyHuman: Most people will just see me leaving / joining teams but they dont understand things that happen. I do take my teams seriously. I was in ToT since September, I guess swapping teams is true, but I donít think its any of their business if I leave or stay in a team. Itís my personal choice.

JokerZ: Of course. On average, how many hours of Warcraft III do you play daily?

rC-XFi|HolyHuman: Hmm.. I would say 3-5 hours usually. If there is a big tournament of course, it's more. I can't sit down and play for like 3 hours straight like some people do. I need breaks, but if there is a big event, I have to force myself to do as many hours as possible, otherwise I didnít give my best.

JokerZ: Do you believe that there are any imbalances within the game?

rC-XFi|HolyHuman: There will always be imbalance in this game, its how you invent new strategies to counter the imbalance. For example, HU vs UD was and still is, about mass towers. If you don't, you will lose 95% of the time. This new Paladin first, invented by TH000, gives us humans a chance to be the harassers for once. So imbalance will always be here, its how you work around it...

JokerZ: What is your primary method of training? Do you prefer to Ladder, or custom game with clanmates?

rC-XFi|HolyHuman: As a beginner I would say ladder. I probably played 500-1000 ladder games before I even started custom games. Custom games are great because you can practice what YOU want to. So at present, my primary method is CG's, if you want to get on the next level, that's what you have to do.

JokerZ: I see. Nice advice!

JokerZ: Do you listen to music while you play? If so, what is your preference?

rC-XFi|HolyHuman: I rarely listen to music while I play, because I need to concentrate. If I do though, alternative rock or hip hop is always relaxing to listen to.

JokerZ: Do your family and friends fully support you playing Warcraft III, or is sometimes frowned upon?

rC-XFi|HolyHuman: Well Family will always support you, with anything you do. I think they do sometimes think it is a waste of time, but going around the country meeting new friends etc. is priceless, so they do understand. My friends (non-gamers) think that it's cool, but also a bit nerdy, however, they live with it and always ask how I did etc.

JokerZ: Do you have any ambitions / goals for your Warcraft future? Both alone and with your clan.

rC-XFi|HolyHuman: I'd like to go to an international event. Last year I couldn't attend the WCG USA Finals, even though I qualified, so this year, I hope I will perform well and possibly go to the grand finals biggrins . As for the clan: WC3L. I hope we can make it, or at least come close to it. I think we will make NGL 2 as well when that is ready, so I think we shouldn't be taken lightly.

JokerZ: I'm scared already! xD

JokerZ: Besides Warcraft, what else do you do in your free time?

rC-XFi|HolyHuman: I like to hang with friends, go to the movies. Normal stuff like hanging out with my mom ( Hi tresh!). J/K =). I play soccer a bit, just kick about stuff, but still, it's fun.

JokerZ: Okay, some quick fire questions now! Favourite matchup?

rC-XFi|HolyHuman: Human vs Night Elf

JokerZ: Favourite map?

rC-XFi|HolyHuman: Lost Temple

JokerZ: Favourite player?

rC-XFi|HolyHuman: SK.Insomnia

JokerZ: Favourite movie?

rC-XFi|HolyHuman: Running Scared

JokerZ: Favourite food?

rC-XFi|HolyHuman: Shrimp

JokerZ: Pepsi or Coca Cola?

rC-XFi|HolyHuman: Pepsi

JokerZ: Red or blue?

rC-XFi|HolyHuman: Blue

JokerZ: Football or soccer? (I can guess xD)

rC-XFi|HolyHuman: Soccer :P

JokerZ: Thanks alot for giving me the chance to interview you. Good luck with your games and your new team! Any shoutouts?

rC-XFi|HolyHuman: Sure anytime, Shouts to my new mates at rCode, as well as my old team ToT. I wouldn't be as good as I am without you guys. Thanks to the fans and to our sponsors at rCode!

HolyHuman Replay Pack

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  1. I was just thinking its been a while since WCR did an interview. After refreshing I see the picture change from Rob to a mish mash of dark shades.

  2. whoa, i expected it would be more longer but anyway its nice
    gl in ur new team nick :) and np xD

  3. sweet new interview was getting tired of that Rob face :/ this guys on the rise! best of luck
    awesome internview

    tad short dough

  4. HolyHuman is the one, I rememebr customing a lot with him, on the usual B net east custom games. Had much fun(ALWAYS MASSED AIR GRR) glad hes gosu now. haha

  5. A new interview? O_O_O_O_O_O_O =OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Nice job pal

  6. I liked the advice on how many ladder games you should play :D

  7. gogo HolyHuman Fighting!!! ^^

  8. "As for the clan: WC3L. I hope we can make it, or at least come close to it"

    I guess the team failed badly :o

  9. gl at wcg cutey, but the practise methode is personal, I've played atleast 100 times as much ladder than cg's, the only time i play cg is when i know who i'm gonna face on what maps and what date, but for general practise i prefer ladder to find out weaknesses which you can improve during cg's once you find it out. Personally i think cg's are boring also, playing same player 7 times on a row on same maps same mu makes the game pretty boring, variation is important if you wanna keep fun playing the game ;x


  11. What's his name?Where's he from?How old is he?
    where's all that ? ? ?

  12. Nice interview!

    LOL at some of the joke responses.

  13. eh? football or soccer?

  14. nice, i wish wcr would make more short interviews, not only the huge features ( but they are nice too )...

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  19. Good interview. I was entertained.

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  21. OMG is it really!? A new interview!?!?!?!?!?!?!. Awesome haha :).

    I remember playing him in a CAL League match when he randomly picked me out because we both had no showers for a round, so to make up points we played each other for those games. I got my ass handed to me haha, then he played Terrorblade and lost.

    Awesome times :).

  22. haha I remember terrorblade =)

  23. at least now we dont have to see robs pic :)

  24. Heh thanks for the comments. As a headsup my next one will have more details and possibly a better layout than this one and of course, generally more content. The "football or soccer?" thing, that someone was like "WTF?" about, is that remember Americans call American Football "football" and English football "soccer", hence why I had to phrase it that way. Obviously I didn't really need to ask that, as it became apparent in one of the previous questions.

  25. Nick "HolyHopper" Pesu, truly a man of legend!

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  31. Nice JokerZ. Take the crown from Rob.

  32. Holy human is a dick head.

    Saw him in channel on west after losing a game in tournament "because he didnt play human"

    I said hey, because I just watched a tower massing replay of his, your really good how long do you usually play.

    He dropped a few fbombs and alot of other inappropriate words -.-

  33. nice ivew but imo i lit bit longer wouldnt hurt xD

  34. This interview doesn't say his name and his country.

  35. can't expect people to be kind ALL the time :D

    Nice read, just glad the pic of the russian cyka is gone :)

  36. hehe this is the only USA player whom I feel like supporting since his origin is Finnish and it means he has good roots and blood =P

  37. Arizona HolyHuman =) atleast thats where nick said you lived

  38. plus ive seen your myspace

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    GO Paris and Bilbao !

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  44. Decent interview.

    For those idiots, his name is Nick Pesu and he's from the USA. You must be retarded. Read people..... read.

    Good luck Holy in future tourneys.

  45. Rizzle: eh? football or soccer?

    are u an idiot? thats two different sports. GO OUTSIDE OF UR BASEMENT

  46. crap interview btw ; why so short and why so bad questions? :\

  47. @trail0r: well your in luck cos I'm getting member questions for my future interviews too, so if there's something you want asked you go ahead and ask me to pass it on then.

  48. nice.... mate
    and gl....

  49. jokerz nice i-view!! go hh fighting~

  50. who is holyhuman?

  51. Hi I have a room reservation for 3 Adults and 1 Child(Sonkie)

  52. Why is this interview negatively recieved? I thought it was rather nice overall. =D

  53. great read

  54. w0w

    HolyHuman looks like such a nice player

    I wished the interview had more details, nice interview BTW, whoever did it

  55. Wow, holyhuman so bm

  56. whenever he plays and loses he whines, every game I've watched he does this. The only time he doesnt is when he gets absoulutely raped and he knows it.

    And also, this website is turning into crap, its so geared towards american players that aren't really even good. I mean if you're going to interview someone, interview someoen good. I'm nto saying HH isn't good, it's just his games were boring to watch and I wasn't vwery impressed if you compared it to, lets say Spell. ANd Spell wasnt ever the best hu I believe.

  57. @JokerZ-:
    I have some suggestions for your next interview's questions.
    Ask NAME and COUNTRY, please. Expecially for those players who are not so well known as this HolyHuman.

  58. @ Fighting-Spirit - I can agree with that. It can only get better though, I mean, for a first interview, Jokerz did a great job. I can't wait to see the improvements he makes as he fills the WCR archive with good stuffs!

  59. holy im sure you've answered me before, but you did sell your holyhuman account on azeroth to some dota kid right? that kid insists that he's you and claims he's tired of people question him. just curious :D

  60. yes I did sell that account.

  61. I was going to add the whole name, country, acheivements etc. in, but A) sometimes people say "we all know this" and believe it takes up room that can be filled with other content and B) I was worried it would screw up my HTML, cos I didn't do it and once it was done, I was a tad nervous in terms of editing it.

    Rest assured, I will include that in the next interview though, as most people apparently do like that now... -.- xD

    Also, football and soccer are the same sport in the United Kingdom and certain other European areas, for those who are confused. He was from the US though, which is why I had to make "football" , "soccer" instead. This may be strange to some of you - myself included.

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  63. Hey wnxspeeddemon
    Indeed nice interview

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    (he's right below you FYI) ^^

    GL HolyHuman ^.^

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  71. Good job with interview.. but why you didn't asked "something about you", I mean his person in real life ;o

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    lol i thought holyhuman was german for about 2 years now xD

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  80. Yeah, I'm pretty much in agreement with everyone else... This was a pretty cool interview and I liked the replay pack (which i think was the first time anyone gave that out with the interview so that was pretty nice ~ especially the one where you beat pato... I don't like that foo)...


    More questions about the actual game rather than ex clans and favorite colors etc... - altogether though HolyHuman sounds like a pretty regular guy (and the fact that we share the love for soccer always helps xD)

  81. i wanted more quick questions

  82. Nick Pesu has AIDS.

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  89. i played a foots game with you the other day and my computer shut down =[

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  92. Favourite map?

  93. he plays 3-5 hours only ?
    uhm sry but that killed it for me i stopped reading then ... i am no fanatic but i belive 6-8 hours are really what you need to be on top ... if you can eaven more ... at my peak i played like 10 hours of broodwar a day ... and no one could beat me ... but i was no gosu no pro .. it where the times when i was on lan partys and had no internet ... but thats only my oppinion ... GG GL HF dude anyways

  94. ^ Did you just say ten hours a day. Holy crap man take a step outside there is a real world out there besides that of video games. I am sorry not everyone in this world can devote ten hours a day to video games, and I am glad everyone doesn't because the world would be a not so nice place.

  95. nice read but HolyHuman is noob xD

  96. Interesting... good warcraft players are normal... who would of known?

  97. It always seems strange to me to see people call any professional gamer a 'newb.' This one in particular started WCIII when ROC came out. Can you get any farther from a newb than that?
    Even if he was a terrible player (Which he obviously isn't) he wouldn't be a newb..
    I think it's great to have an interviewee who actually reads the comments, and can potentially respond to questions if he's not too offended at these occassional insults people feel the need to throw at him.

  98. Mark Patterson and Nick Pesu need to dota with me again sometime.

  99. Yeah GL HolyHuman. I hate human, but your games have been interesting to watch so far. Best of luck

  100. RIP wcr interviews

  101. "For example, HU vs UD was and still is, about mass towers. If you don't, you will lose 95% of the time."
    omg you dont need almost ever towers to beat an ud...i saw many replays where pro hu player beated ud just with herofocus---i know iam not pro(lvl ~34) but i ve beaten many uds with t2 push (dont even let him teching to dessis) .....

  102. this is retarded

  103. holyhuman retired or something?

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