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So you like theorycrafting do you? Hmph, well then, how about trying this one on for size!

Hello there, I see that you have returned to enter the world of theorycrafting and what possible solutions can be achieved when you look into the realm of the unexplored. Last week we talked about the Alchemist and how he can be a great addition to the popular Blademaster.

The idea behind the Blademaster and Alchemist strategy was hero focus fire. Using the speed and attack power of both the Blademaster and Alchemist, both heroes are able to take down low HP intelligence heroes quite quickly. One of the victim heroes is the Archmage.

-AM finally catching up on his Playmage Tome subscription-
art by Joshua Keyes aka Raihn
Oh the Archmage, he is so noble! He is the bread and butter of any Human army. However, his low HP and lack of abilities to save him from a raging Alchemist or a Wind Walking Blademaster can make him a weak starting hero versus Orc. Yes, his summons own Orc hard, but how can the Archmage summon any Water Elementals if he has fallen off his horse? Obviously he can't.

Unlike last time, this article is going to focus on a weakness of a hero, rather than strength. All situations aside, when an Archmage tries to stand against a Blademaster early game, the Archmage dies, case closed. The question now is how do we solve that problem?

Coupling my love for the Tavern and a desire to follow a common theme, I found the Dark Ranger. At first you think, "That makes sense, she has summons that Orc can't counter." Then you really think about it and you say, "Wait, she dies just as fast as the Archmage does when a Blademaster is in the equation." A valid point, yet I've only brought up the hero, I haven't gone into her skills.

Has anyone ever tried to focus on a Dark Ranger using Life Drain? I have once. Picture this, I was playing on Twisted Meadows as Undead and I wanted to go harass a Night Elf that I assumed was cross map. Simple enough right? Run over, Coil a few Wisps, whack them a few times, and run away before that Demon Hunter gets back to Mana Burn me. However, the harass didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped.

In the middle of the map my Death Knight ran into a Wisp that was purchasing a Dark Ranger. Not an uncommon Night Elf hero versus Undead, but still, I was taken off guard. I decided that keeping the Dark Ranger from creeping was going to be essential, so I pressed her right then and there. Her life quickly went down, but to my surprise it started going right back up, and mine started to fall. At the end of our little exchange, my Death Knight had to run home to mommy, and the Dark Ranger went off to quickly get level two so she could rack up Skeletons.

Did I win the game? I don't remember, and it's not really important. What is important is that the Dark Ranger owned me hard early game with Life Drain. Yes, I played it stupid, but that doesn’t matter. She wouldn’t die early and she still ended up getting a lot of Skeletons.

Apply the idea of a Dark Ranger with Life Drain to the Human army. During the early game the Blademaster is going to try and take down that pesky Dark Ranger, only to find that she is draining his life and staying alive. Mid game, the Skeletons you have racked up are going to do a great job taking down the Orcs army. Late game when the Orc may dispel your summons, she can be retrained into an effective disabler and damage dealer.

Let us take a look at each of these parts of the game, piece by piece. In the beginning of the game a Tavern build is used to obtain a Dark Ranger at a good time to counter harassment; the earlier the better. On some maps, you may even run into the Blademaster at the Tavern. If that did occur, the Blademaster will most likely try to take down your hero, but to his surprise he wouldn’t be able to. During this time the smartest thing for you to do is creep with Footman and Militia. If your hero doesn’t run into the Blademaster, you can use her as a tank for creeping. Life Drain will allow you to tank, much like Water Elementals do, and not lose any life. Ultimately, your goal in the early game is to get to level two as quickly as possible so you can train Dark Arrow and begin making a force of Skeletons.

Moving into the mid game, you are probably around level three, almost teched to tier two and eagerly awaiting getting your second hero. When using an Archmage, the goal of the Human tier two push is to get another summoning hero, such as the Beastmaster, and push the Orc. This is extremely effective due to Orcs tendency to shy away from getting a Spirit Lodge. Your objective is still the same when starting with a Dark Ranger. One might assume that you would pick up the Archmage second, as his aura would greatly support the Dark Ranger. While this is true, the negatives to getting an Archmage first are still prevalent when getting him second. Adding to the equation that the Blademaster now has Critical Strike and possibly even level two Windwalk, the Archmage is going to have a tough time staying alive. This is why you choose a Beastmaster second. His high HP will prevent the Blademaster from being able to focus down and kill him hero as quickly as he could an Archmage.

When you have selected your Beastmaster and trained Quill Beasts, it is time to get some clarities from your shop. The lack of Brilliance Aura does hurt your heroes’ mana pools, but with the use of clarities you will be able to keep them summoning throughout the game. Think of it as a trade off; you have to buy clarities for them, but your heroes don’t die to focus fire. If you plan to use Life Drain a lot during battle, purchasing a mana potion for your Dark Ranger is going to be a good idea. Once your heroes’ MP is full and their items are bought, you are ready to push the Orc.

I’m not going to go into exactly how you push an Orc and what units you should use. Any Human player should already be knowledgeable about how to do a tier two push. The only difference from this tier two push and the normal Archmage/Beastmaster tier two push is that you have a Dark Ranger. Just make sure that she is getting the final hits on all of the units you are killing so that you have the most skeletons possible. Also make sure that if you are going to use Life Drain that you use it on a unit which is close in order to maximize the damage that is done and the life that is gained.

Assuming that your push does a considerable amount of damage but does not end the game right then and there, you have to start worrying about late game. Again, I’m not going to talk directly about the units involved in late game Human versus Orc, because a Human player should have a good idea of what those units are. I will focus on the two main ways of playing Dark Ranger against Orc late game.

One of those ways is through using Dark Arrow and racking up skeletons. This method assumes that the Orc player has not decided to counter your summons in any form, or only has a few Shamans. If this is the case, your enemy doesn’t have much of a chance. A full army plus skeletons that don’t cost any food, will make quick work of any Orc.

The second way to play Dark Ranger is to retrain her for Silence. If your opponent was smart, he probably set up a Spirit Lodge and started to get anti-caster units. In this case your skeletons aren’t going to be extremely useful. Thus, you can retrain your Dark Ranger to use silence. Why would you want to do this? Because no one likes to be abused by a Blademaster and a Shadowhunter. Silence does a good job and keeping the two heroes from doing a large amount of damage, ultimately keeping your heroes alive.

When using the second method it is up to you whether you want to select Silence at level five or Life Drain. The choice should largely depend on how your opponent is playing, whether or not they are aggressively casting their spells, and whether or not your Dark Ranger is constantly in need of healing.

Overall I feel that this is a solid strategy that should be given a fair chance to shine. Not only is the Dark Ranger a good hero, she is a fun hero to play. I personally get a kick out of watching my enemies units turn into Skeletons. Also, this strategy builds on what already makes Human an awesome race versus Orc, while improving on what makes them weak.

Similar to any strategy, this one has its flaws. I have already mentioned that without an Archmage’s Brilliance Aura, it takes a little more energy to keep your heroes' MP pools full. The lack of Brilliance Aura also makes it harder for you to spam spells for non-adept casters. My advice to solving this problem is to make sure that you upgrade your casters as quickly as possible. Each upgrade greatly improves the caster’s MP regeneration rate, which may even prevent you from needing Brilliance Aura at all. I mentioned during my Optimization Series that having a bunch of priests laying around with full MP all game doesn’t help you.

I hope that Human players can suspend their feelings of love towards the Archmage for a few games to give this strategy a try. I think that its positives outweigh its negatives, making it completely viable. But who am I to say these things? I’m just theorycrafting. Remember now, it’s not real until you use it. Spread the word, spread the strategy and have some fun with something new for a change. Take a break from the Archmage and give him a rest! I mean, gheez, he’s already grumpy as it is.

Rumors of the Dark Ranger smelling bad are all false. Also, contrary to popular belief her name is not Drow. Calling her Drow may evoke the wrath of Tainted Sun, and you really don't want to do that.

  1. Good job. Nice article

  2. I really love the article and the Art

    keep up the good work Raihn and Tainted!!

  3. It's been posted!

    @ Nyra - Thanks man.

    @ eazo - Thanks as always!!

    Everyone check out my tournament in the tournament section!!

  4. Thanks!

  5. That was very nice indeed. I must say Tainted that your two articles have impressed me. I really didn't expect them to be this solid considering the name, but they are surprisingly well constructed, and take consideration of what happens to us lowly mortals in a ladder game. Good Job !

  6. humans are too lame and nooby to use anything else then AM...their aim? to bore us to death...

  7. I am one of the those human players who has longed for something to stand up against a hero some consider to be rigged. and i will give this a really good try especially since i hate the bm with a passion. good article.

  8. @ Raihn - Thanks for working with me on this, great job man.

    @ Hatchepsut - Maybe the name isn't perfect, but I mean, hey, never judge a book by its cover right?

    @ fartcry & Sesh_Garnley - I'm glad to see you get proven wrong fartcry :)

  9. Great Article Tainted!!! Im not a human player, ima orc player and this strat looks deadly to me... I use the combo of blade and alch all the time now. works really good actually. More articles please =D.

  10. Windwalk cancels life drain, doesn't it?

  11. I played some bloodmage + dark ranger vs hums/ud/orcs a bit and its ok but vs orc the drain/siphon mana will get canceled by esnare by good players ._.
    Also I'm not that of a fan of the archmage but his so versatile that even though he sucks at least summons and mana regen help in any situation ^^.
    Oh and I wonder if I cast drain and then invis on my dark ranger what will happen ^^.

  12. That was an awesome picture, best partnership evah!

  13. LOVE raihn's drawing... play mage lol

  14. oh and nice article, silence can be useful for also stopping that pesky shockwave/ stomp too

  15. @ suunraze - Yes, Windwalk does cancel Life Drain. However, because you dictate when the Orc player uses Windwalk, it makes him use it defensively and not offensively. This allows you to prevent him from being able to do much oif any damage with his regular harassing methods.

    @ LordJeril - It will cancel the Life Drain. :( As for canceling Life Drain with Raiders, I'm not sure how many people would do that right away. Regardless, Life Drain is really only used early to prevent the Blademaster from dealing a lot of damage, and to be able to tank creep camps.

    Thanks for commenting you guys, keep 'em coming.

  16. I don't want you to take this the wrong way. But this strat cant work. Life drain is completely useless as is black arrow. Not only are you not going to kill enough units to make enough skellies.(high hp orc units) but as soon as he gets 1 walker and 1 raider your hero has been completely countered. Are you really gonna try and tell people that this is a good substitution for brilliance aura and water elementals? If you knew more about the game maybe this article would be useful, but as is its just a waste of time.

  17. Adding on to what fantasticCow says, your strat is flawed and it wont work. keep this rubbish on a blog, not as 'advice' for people. most orcs do not use blademaster against human. only on rare occasions do people use the blademaster, as chain/wave is needed to take down the priests/sorcs. so, without AM and the water elements, combined with the high hp orc units and 2 feral wolfs, wow, drain life is totally going to save you. as with your other articles, everything you write only appiles to rare situations. your 'advice' is useless, and you obviously dont know much about the game. wake up into reality, then write an article which is not so full of rubbish.

  18. Furthermore, "im not sure how many people will do that right away". (how raiders ensnare cancels life drain) Wow. you even prove to yourself that this strategy is flawed. you think the only thing people do is try and kill your units 24/7 when they take the blademaster? you think people dont creep? you think they will pick blade all the time?

    i hope wcr gets some people to write articles that actually make sence and can be applied to most matches, not some no brainer to write articles just to fill up space.

  19. Loved the article, and I agree many human players tend to whine about imbalance. Simply because they go standard strats vs something that counter that strat.. ok that sounded better in my head.
    Great work ~

  20. I love reading your atricles there so cool, I love theorycrafting lol.

    Anyways thankyou for the quick tips with the drow elf =p

  21. @ FantasticCow - First off, I'm not writing strategy articles. If they were strategy articles they would titled to represent that. I'm theorycrafting because people like to think about different ideas and work them out. If the strategy doesn't work, then it doesn't work. So what? People enjoyed reading it, they tried it out, it didn't work? What's the harm.

    @ BackAndStaying - Again, it's not "advice" it is theorycrafting, as the title says. If you have a problem with the articles I write, write the moderators and tell them you want me to write something else and maybe they will make me. But honestly, it seems that a majority of the people enjoy reading about this stuff.

    My question is, do you REALLY want me to write articles about how Human should play Orc? Why don't you just go watch every audio commentary made for the last year. They are all replicas of the same, "How to beat X race" crap. It's time for a change of pace. If I wrote articles on straight strategy I'd get comments like, "So what? We know how to play our own race..."

    If you want strategies on how to beat each race, go to the strategy forums, they have plenty of information in stickies for you to read.

  22. Again, I'd like to mention, theorycrafting is just that, a theory. If it doesn't work it doesn't work. So what? As for many of the points you made, I'm not even going to bother counter arguing any points as you obviously have your own opinion of me and my articles and I don't see that changing. The majority enjoy the article, you don't, that's okay. If it works for 10 noob players, than awesome; they had a fun time, mission successful.

    But hey, I'll give you a tip -- Don't read my articles.

    I'm not paid for this, I get little perks and it takes a lot of time, so honestly, when people straight disregard the effort I put into these articles and desire more from a free membership, it's a bit annoying. I've made many points throughout all my articles that I can't teach you much of anything. I'm not a pro player and no pro player would write for free for a website. Hell, it's hard enough to get them to do interviews. But that isn't why I can't teach you anything. I can't teach you anything because, like I have said 100 times, this game is what it is. It hasn't changed in a while and there are plenty of strategy articles already. Go read them, I don't need to rehash old crap.

    @ WB.Schweickart - You will die for saying Drow. *Commence wrath giving*

    Thanks to EVERYONE for commenting, regardless of your comment's tone or overall message.

  23. love this series

  24. Nice article, and I really like your Theorycrafting.
    However, in my opinion, people play for the win, and not for changes imo. And, it comes to my mind that this strategy won't work that good. Altho i have never tried it, the DR as a hero doesn't give me confidence somehow. This is just an opinion of me as a human player towards the DR, so don't blame me on that.
    I did think about an other strategy what came to my mind tho, and I'm surely gonna try it out! However, it is not to be 'your enemy' in theorycrafting, but more to show that, imo, there are better options. I don't sweep your idea from the table tho :)
    Anyhow, this was my idea:
    Remember the orc has also got 2 low hp heroes, with 1 being a killer, and 1 a caster. If he nukes your heroes, why not nuke back in a similar way? Why not use MK + Alchemist or something. Those 2 make the living BM nothing but some dead meat in no time, when you got a DoA and some sorceresses with you! Also, the MK and the Alchemist are 2 strong melee heroes, which gives plenty of meatshield. Just don't forget a potion (and maybe of invulnerability too), and it probably works!

  25. I really liked the articles you have written, Tainted Sun and I appreciate your effort towards innovative Ideas.
    I will go and try the DR vs a BM-using Orc right away.

    keep them coming

  26. @ Ijsverkoper - I see your idea being viable. Oh, remember though, that I'm not just theorycrafting for fun, I'm theorycrafting for the win. Obviously though, new ideas don't always work. They have to be tested, practiced, and improved upon. I never mean for any of my articles to be the end all be all for a counter. That's never the case. I hope that they are changed, molded, added too and perfected.

    @ SenatorKane - Hope it works out for you! I'll keep writing if you keep reading, deal?

  27. So.. how about wyverns?
    Skels don't do shit against those ;r
    ranged caster
    IF you have enough that is

    Lifedrain you say? hex!
    focus with bm and re hex! that's not fun : (

  28. i dont say whether i agree with ur article or not. but u got my respect for accepting critics and not deleting negative comments like a lot of audio commentators do (i.e. especially remind_). keep it on!

  29. @ cen.CrEaTiVe - I'm not sure why an Orc go Windriders versus Rifle/Caster. Seems pretty rape to me. Yes, Hex counters the Dark Ranger. I mentioned that in my article and offered the solution of using Silence.

    @ mars2 - remind- is not able to delete comments. The only posts that get deleted are blatant flames. Comments that are just, "This F'n sucks dick," aren't going to be tolerated. Negative comments such as, "I didn't enjoy this piece of crap, it was bad because of A, B, and C," are not deleted.

  30. people talking crap about this article, please don't turn this into a downwhere chat. if u dont like it just dont read it. neways it is a good break from the AM against harassers, not only the BM but other agl heroes like DH cept mana burn can b a pain somethimes. but the downside is that casters are harder to get and will have less mana even with adept training

  31. Tainted Sun's goal is clearly not to train you ppl to be pros here. His articles are for people who just play for fun. Not to say that his strategies can't work, but as some people say, I would have to agree they wouldn't work against skillful players. Just like Eazo, Tainted is bringing variety to people for leisurely enjoyable play, not competitive play. This site isn't necessarily about being pro anyway
    Anyways, GJ Tainted.

  32. @ rt3378 - People can post negative comments as long as they are constructive. I'm not a master at what I do, so I do appriciate when people can be real and tell me exactly what is good and bad. However...

    @ Kaos4 - ...people need to understand exactly what you said Kaos4. If people understand that, and they still have negative things to say, I'm more than happy to hear them out.

    Also, I would just like to point that in my large post above I made a comment directed towards the Audio Department. I wasn't trying to say that I do a better job than them, that they are stale, etc. I was merely trying point out that audio commentaries, which focus on a replay that actually has to exist, rather than articles, such as this one, that can be on ideas that don't exist, are very similar in nature. This is obviously not the fault of the Audio Commentators and I didn't mean to imply that.

    Thanks to everyone who read. :)

  33. there is another solution that cures the bm menace. that is merely realizing that orc is goign to assume you got archy so instead of getting archy you get mk and sb that bm and if he didnt get the bm you can still get archy later for his mana regen in time for tier 2. also sb is perfect for getting straggeling units of the opponents army. i mean an extra spawn has unlimited strength along with archys aura but i think the mk vs orc is better then the summon. especially if you are playing an expierienced orc who ww when you life drain and targets you afterwards during coooldown.

  34. oh and apologies for the somewhat incoherentness of my 2nd comment. i am slightly tired and im using that as my excuse.

  35. Hey Tainted,

    Thank you very much for this article!
    After your last theorycrafting corner (which I enjoyed very much) I specifically proposed you to think about alternatives for humans to the good old AM, so this is just what I needed!
    I am, indeed, losing my AM a lot early game vs blademaster orcs. I somehow tend to see this as a sacrifice that is worth the 170 extra gold and delayed creep when I rush him t2 with water elementals. Nevertheless, it is extremely annoying so I have been considering alternatives myself.

    I will really miss the brilliance aura though. While my heroes can carry clarities and/or manapots, my casters will have less mp, even with upgrades. They can still spam slow/heal but I use invis a lot and that burns mana. Furthermore, if the orc, for any reason is NOT getting a spiritlodge and some kind of dispel, I will punish him greatly for that decision later on with polymorph. At this point, brilliance aura seems neccesary.
    But actually, the biggest advantages of the AM is the option to retrain to blizzard. This can be a gamewinner in the right situation.

  36. Im not a very skilled player and I play this game for mere fun. For me, it is a very big part of the game to think about strategies and unit combos etc. It is not only fun, it is a way to win games. I tried many times to consider some crazy stuff, try it out and get my ass kicked because of it. But I had fun because I was using something I had been considering. Sometimes the crazy stuff just surprise the hell out of your opponent and turns out to be a really good idea. Those wins are the best ones and gives much more satisfaction than those where I copy something I saw Sky do.

    Nice job tainted! I like your writing style btw.

  37. Nice article once again.

    TBH , The DR is also a good choice against UD since she can't be coiled.
    I arrived to this conclusion after a game i lost this morning.
    I made a End Tier1 Mass rifle push on the UD with Tinker and i was unable to get him down.

    Why ? Simple because his Crypt Lord stun was owning my rifle.

    After watching up my replay i arrived to this conclusion ...
    If i had waited for my tier 2 to end and get DR and archmage + ivory tower
    push i would have owned him since , i had almost creeped all the map + silence and drain would have help me prevent him to coil my hero and his units with his lvl 1 DK.

    I guess i lost because he simply harassed and grieved me at the game beginning .

  38. On yeah ...

    FireLord would have also been a good option =)

  39. n1 article. it is only theorycrafting again, but that what it is all about. i think the strategy is viable. the disadvantage is that your push will be weaker when your not upgraded casters run out of mana. 2nd disadvantage is that you did spent time on this article while i WANT AN AuDIO COMMENTARY FAST PLEASE OMG TT

  40. @ pascal3000 - Haha, soon my friend, soon. Remember, I'm trying to get articles out, stay active on the forums, get a story done for my writing thread, run my tournament tomorrow, not to mention hang out with my girlfriend, work my 20 hours a week, go to school and attempt to eat and sleep. ^^

    There will be an audio at some point, patients.

  41. Have you ever took into account that if ur life draining... and the bm windwalks the cool down for life drain is so long so by the time u try to life drain again the bm can windwalk again so basically ur dark ranger will still get raped...

  42. @tainted sun: i think you mean patience not patients, right? im so sad that i cant be at your tourny, not even watching, because i go watching football in my town´s football stadium (hannover 96 ftw). ((i mean the british football, also known as soccer, not the stupid fat mans running after an egg american football"))

  43. just stop writing articles, stop competing at the contest, quit your gf and your job and leave school. than start pumping out mass ac´s and be like phreak.

    just kidding, but for me acarticle, even though i 3 both, espeaccialy from you =D.

  44. Nice article tainted, but WW would make life drain pretty useless. unfortunatly. However, nice article, very interesting read.

  45. BackAndStaying, & other guy- you dont seem to realize the intent of this article. like tainted says, we know exactly how to play our race, but for many people doing the same thing over and over again has become quite boring. i enjoy the article not because it shows me a new perfect way to beat orc, but because it intices me into exploring new ideas. the fun of theorycrafting is in the process. you also need to remember not everyone is playing at the top of the ladder. this strategy could be alot of fun in a game vs a noob. it is very frustrating to me when i see people self richeously bitch and moan the way you do, despite the obvious effort which was put into writing the article, and despite tainted going out on a limb in presenting the article to everyone here. what makes your comments ironic is, in your failure to realize the intent and meaning of this article for what it is, you are actually the one being stupid. i really wish the moderators would ban bitches like you

  46. Bird calm down, they have their opinion and they back it up as best as they can and its not blatant flaming. No reason to ban them.

  47. Nice article..only thing i'd say this that when he does cast life drain wouldn;t ensnare cancel it?

  48. oops didn;t see that the question was answered..sorry for double post..great article ^^

  49. once again gg

  50. @ Eisei - Couldn't have said it better myself.

  51. what if you get silence/life drain and get firelord second for summons. You can silence the BM and life drain it or silence the FS and life drain it and firelord can summon.

  52. good idea man i have used that in the past with my dr goo rush (except with fl silencing and black arrow)

    oh and how about a Beastmaster as a 2nd/3rd hero becaus he has some cool summons too

  53. The fatal flaw of your theory is that you assume that the Orc is going to use BM. However, most Orcs prefer the FS against human, and if they do get the FS you're screwed. The Orc will be able to harass you to death and you'll either lose a few footies or have a significant level disadvantage.

    Moreover, the largest problem for orcs in this matchup is the high damage from the summons combined with slow. Using the DR takes away half the summons, so your damage is not going to be that high and your Sorcs aren't going to be that strong either since you don't have the Brilliance Aura.

    While this is only "theorycrafting", your theory should consider as many factors of a real game as possible, and ignoring the possibility of your opponent choosing FS makes this article pretty much worthless since it deals with a totally artificial situation.

  54. @ Drunken_Jedi - A couple points I would like to make...

    1. Yes, you don't know when they are going to go Blademaster, but the good thing about a Tavern hero is you can make your regular hero, scout their base, see what hero they have when it pops out, cancel your Alter hero and get a Tavern hero. If they choose Farseer, you just stick with the Archmage.

    2. I don't see how the DR takes away summons. The DR is a summon machine. Yeah, you have to work a little harder, but what Human player doesn't creep like mad.

    3. I mentioned in the article that upgrading your casters increases their mana pool and their mana regeneration rate. Contrary to most Human's player's beliefs, Sorcs can cast a lot of slow without the use of Brilliance Aura. When you upgrade them, they replenish their mana fast enough. Sure, you may not be able to auto-cast it all game, but picking and choosing when to use it isn't that hard.

  55. 4. I didn't disregard the negative side to not having the Archmage. I mentioned the negatives to this strategy in the article. I know they are there, and I'm glad that you understand that this is theorycrafting. This is just an idea that I came up with. Does it work? It seems not, even though people seem to enjoy trying it. But that's not the point, the point is whether or not it breeds other ideas or disproves certain ones.

    I never meant to say, "This idea is the shit, it's so awesome and everyone should use it." If after reading the article you say, "That can never work, because of X, Y, and Z," the article isn't a failure. It wasn't written to put forward an idea of pure genius. It was written to test an idea, and it seems as if the idea will not work. The idea may of failed, but the article succeeded in the job it was written for.

  56. @ Drunken_Jedi - Forgot to mention; thanks for your comment and the tone in which it was written. As I've said before, I don't mind negative comments in the least, as long as they have a bit of civility in them. I thank you for that and will continue to look out for your comments.

  57. Great Job can't wait til the next one :D

  58. While I do agree that DR usage in HU vs Orc may not work 100% of the time, there is a lot of promise in DR first in Human mirror

  59. Nice Drow Ranger strat :PPPP

  60. Interesting concept DR for Human and kinda funny artwork there too :), and not that I dont upgrade the casters I should prob do it earlier so I dont need to really rely on the aura

  61. Hehe, I must say that I kinda enjoy this kind of articles, I will certainly try this out for myself some rainy afternoon, but now; in counter to all those of you who say "for the win" I must say:

    Playing for the win or not, I am, and I rly hope every1 that isn't on pro level play for fun. And about strategies like this, strategy is a big part of the game, but it isn't all deciding. If you are a good player and face a bad player, any strategy will work, it's like in real life. If a full grown man battles a 5 y o child it wont matter what "moves" he uses, he will still win. Same here. Myself; I save the cookie-cutters for real matches :)

  62. Keep up the good work Tainted, finally got a membership just so I can give you some kudos. Not to be confused with kodos.

    Some people have complained that the aforementioned strat would not work because windwalk would cancel life drain. I think that buying dust might solve this as life drain would remain during windwalk as long as he is visible. I like the strat, seems to solve tanking creeps early, and getting mass summons with good creeping speed. However, I am going to have to agree with one previous post that DR 2nd during a tier two push is incredible, hit the peon line or a green camp on the way and gg.

  63. I wonder if you are capable of bringing something new for the elves :)
    That would be one hell of a stunt

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