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[TFT 1.26] Audio Commentary #679
By Sasuke

Tyloo.Infi vs WE.Kenshin
Races::Night Elf vs Human
Map::Terenas Stand
Audio Length::n0:1d:34
Pause At::1 minute
Game Speed::1x

Hey there everyone! After a long long time I'm finally back with another audio commentary. I initially planned for the audio to cover one game between Infi and Kenshin only but as I was recording I simply couldn't surpress the urge to record more so I added two of my own games as well. Since I didn't 'prepare' more replays the last 2 games are a bit more of a shoutcast rather then an actual commentary but I hope you will enjoy it none the less! The first game as mentioned before is a Night Elf versus Human game between Infi and Kenshin that covers the usage of the Beastmaster as a first hero by Elf. The second and third game are games I played very recently at a lan in Hannover after not having played Warcraft III for quite a while and I just added them for fun. There will be more content coming soon for both Warcraft III and Starcraft II so stay tuned <3

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  2. Your commentaries are as awesome as always. Thanks for doing it!

  3. Halleluja, The audio commentary section isnt dead after all, it was just a loooong coma

  4. Yay, Sasuke! Yay, Downwhere!

  5. nice audio Susuke! I enjoyed ur victory vs tesla guy! i thought ur going to lose !

  6. I love the innovation - don't see much of the alchemist, not to mention the UD's pretty agressive too. Looking forward to the new content you hinted at;]

  7. gg's, I enjoyed the first one the most.

    I was under the impression that I was the only one who appreciated the power of bears from the Beast Master.

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