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The FoV of War

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, This is my first interview for and I have had the opportunity to interview the top UD player 4K.FoV. FoV needs no introduction, however I will go ahead and give you one anyway. He has been a strong player on the Korean scene for a long time. However his recent exploits of beating 4K.Grubby and SK.MaD]Q[FroG in our WC3M tournaments and his impressive win at the ESWC, especially after having lost the first game of the finals, is stuff dreams are made of. FoV is feared and widely regarded as a top UD player. His Crypt Lord and beetle strat made Grubby quite uncomfortable, though today, his interview should make you really comfortable. Thanks to MYM]Poison who was kind enough to act as a translator to make this interview possible!

nOnAmE.: Hi 4K.FoV, can you tell us your name, age, and what attracted you towards gaming?

4K.FoV: Hi~ people of wcr ^^;; my name is DaeHee Cho, I am 21 years of age and I like to have fun in what I do and because gaming is fun, I am a pro-gamer now.

nOnAmE.: You have to be quite innovative to come up with a name like FoV, so can you share with us how did you come up with a name like that?

4K.FoV: ForeVer, my nickname FoV comes from the word ForeVer, it doesn't mean anything I just thought it would look good so I took it and it has stuck with me.

nOnAmE.: Since when have you been playing TFT? What race were you in ROC?

4K.FoV: I have been playing Warcraft 3 since it came out, right from the start I was a Undead player and I continue to play with them.

nOnAmE.: You have stuck with UD for a long time now.. How come you decided to take up this race? What attracted you to it?

4K.FoV: I was chilling and before I started seriously and I was playing with my friends, I saw that none of them were actually playing with Undead, so I decided to pick Undead as my race and I have not looked back since~.

nOnAmE.: Can you share with us something about your groupings?

4K.FoV: Sure, my groups are:
Group 1: First hero + Ghouls
Group 2: Second hero + other units
Group 3: Third hero
Group 4: Crypt
Group 5: Slaughter House
Group 0: Altar

nOnAmE.: You recently finished 1st at ESWC, What was going on in your mind as you played your final opponent, the UD player SK.MaD]Q[FroG?

4K.FoV: First and foremost I would like to clarify that the interview in which I said 'MaDFroG was easy' was wrong-translated, but already a large number of people thought/think that I am arrogant, so if I were to lose in the finals, everyone would be laughing at me, so I decided to put my head down and concentrated more and more to win the final.

NOnAmE.: Could you tell us what happened during WCG? You bowed out of the tournament fast. What exactly happened?

4K.FoV: Hm... In the Quarterfinal stage I had the pleasure of meeting the current top Orc, SK.Zacard, I tried my level best to beat him but I lost the game. However if I get a chance to play him now I will beat him.

nOnAmE.: What sort of preparations do you undergo for any major tournaments?

4K.FoV: I don't undergo any sort of extra preparations for major tournaments, I just practice more and more with my clan-mates.

nOnAmE.: You were rather unheard of before you beat 4K.Grubby and SK.MaD]Q[FroG in WC3M. After that you seem to have cemented your position as a top UD player. What sort of practice do you have with your clan mates?

4K.FoV: Like I said earlier, I did not go through some special practice... I just played and played and I eventually got better. "Game, Game" keep playing.

nOnAmE.: Currently you are part of clan 4Kings [4K]. Can you tell us what do you know about this deal?

4K.FoV: Firstly, Grubby wanted to come to Korea for gaming, and he was on the lookout for a good set of players to form a clan with, so he approached us.

nOnAmE.: What do you feel about your new clan-mates, i.e. Grubby, Zeus and FuRy.

4K.FoV: To tell you the truth I have never actually met them in real life, but it would be fun to meet them, and yes since I have played against all of them in WC3M Tourney I know a bit about all of them.

nOnAmE.: Do you feel Korean leagues are more competitive than foreign leagues like say the WC3L? Or WC3M?

4K.FoV: Well I have not been able to give my absolute 100% in the online WC3M/WC3L matches due to the lag that I play with, however those matches are just as tough, if not tougher than the Korean league matches that I play. Though I have been a WC3M champ, in comparison I have not qualified for any Korean solo league, I still feel that even if I were to play without lag for WC3M/WC3L it would be still as hard as before.

nOnAmE.: Can you tell our readers; with how much lag do you play in WC3M and other foreign tournaments?

4K.FoV: Hm… If the person hosting the game is a good host then I get 0.5 - 1 sec lag. However most of the times I have to play with 1 - 2+ sec worth of lag.

nOnAmE.: Please list your achievements to us.

4K.FoV: Being a part of Fairs pro-team and I have played several league matches, I am also a three time WC3M champion and I am the new ESWC champion.

nOnAmE.: One of the most shocking news of the fortnights was DayFly's decision to retire from pro-gaming... Given the time and effort you have put into the game, do you feel that you could find yourself in that same situation?

There is a huge talk that goes on between MYM]Poison and 4K.FoV. What you hear next may shock you.

4K.FoV: This Warcraft scene in Korea is...well.... (Sigh) all I can say is that I'm ready to make the same decision as DayFly.

A long silence follows.

4K.FoV: Hm... Well yes, DayFly is a year older than me so, yes, if I were Dayfly's age, I would have also made a similar kind of decision.

nOnAmE.: Which players from outside of Korea do you admire?

4K.FoV: From the international scene the names that 1st come to mind are SK.HeMan, SK.FatC, aT-ToD, my clan mate, 4K.Grubby, and SK.MaD]Q[FroG.

nOnAmE.: Have you played 1.17 beta? What are your thoughts on the new changes?

4K.FoV: No, I haven't played 1.17 beta; also I haven't read the 1.17 changes. -_____-

nOnAmE.: Who do you feel are the true representatives of their races?

4K.FoV: Hm. let me think about this I guess they would be
For Human - Swain[FrienZ]
For Orc - SK.Zacard
For Night Elf - Check[FrienZ]
For Undead - Hm... I don't want to answer ;p.

nOnAmE.: What are the strats you use for orc/night elf/hum and UD?

4K.FoV: My favorite unit of choice for most matches is ghouls. So,
Against Human - I make 3 hero + Ghouls + Statues, and I add Destroyers if I need them
Against Night Elf - I stick with the Ghouls + Gargoyles strat.
Against Orc - I use Ghouls + Fiends.
Against Undead [mirror]: I prefer to use Ghouls + Destroyers.

nOnAmE.: Which is the most easiest/hardest difficult match-up for you?

4K.FoV: For me the most difficult matches are the mirror matches, however I find humans to be the hardest. As for the easiest match-ups... I wouldn't say anything is easy in TFT but for me matches against Night Elf and Orc are relatively easier as compared to the other two match-ups.

nOnAmE.: Do you use neutral-heroes? Which is the one you like using the most?

4K.FoV: Well... I don't use neutral heroes -_-;;.

nOnAmE.: Describe an average day in the life of DaeHee Cho.

4K.FoV: Well, my day is not an interesting one, but since you asked my day starts at 11 in the morning, and then proceed to have my lunch, I then work out a bit, and proceed to watching cartoons, then I go and play TFT I have my dinner and I continue playing TFT until I get sleep.

nOnAmE.: Which is your favorite, Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

4K.FoV: I'd rather pick 7-up, neither coke nor Pepsi ^^;;

nOnAmE.: What is your favorite food?

4K.FoV: I prefer rice.

nOnAmE.: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

4K.FoV: Well... If I keep performing well and getting good results I will continue to play TFT, or after a certain period of time I would like to become a team leader or a coach or something to that effect. However if I don't get good results I would be interested in opening/working in a bakery.

nOnAmE.: For how long will you play TFT? Are you waiting for SC: 2 to come?

4K.FoV: I will continue playing Warcraft 3 until TFT goes away from the scene, on the same note I am not waiting for SC: 2.

nOnAmE.: Is this your first interview?

4K.FoV: Nope, I had a few interviews done earlier also, but I don't remember which site were they for -. -;.

nOnAmE.: In your opinion what is the most fascinating thing in life?

4K.FoV: Get to know people so they become good friends, and then getting together with those good friends - that's the most fascinating thing about life.

nOnAmE.: What does it feel to be a pro-gamer in Korea? Do you feel lucky? Or do you have a lot of stress and would like to enjoy life some more?

4K.FoV: In Korea, gamers are distinguished on the basis of SC gamers and non-SC gamers, there is no distinction level on the grounds of Pro/Amateur gamers. Sadly enough non-SC gamers have a lot of stress.

nOnAmE.: What do you study?

4K.FoV: Actually I'm a WC3 gamer and I spend most of my time playing Warcraft 3. I don't study anything at the moment.

nOnAmE.: What is your motto in life?

4K.FoV: My motto in life is 'lets not interfere with other people's lives. Lets have a better life ourselves!'

nOnAmE.: Any shoutouts?

4K.FoV: No shoutouts -_-;;

Thank you 4K.Fov for your time, and we wish you the best of luck with your new clan 4Kings and for the future matches ahead of you.


While FoV cannot give out his replays, we have compiled a little pack with seven of his replays from the WCG Korea Qualifier. In the pack, you can find two games against Justice, two games against Anyppi and his three-game match versus Zacard.

[ Download FoV Replay Pack ]

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  125. SC W3 in mather of skills.... and yeah SC is too damn popular in korea, maybe because its much more fun to watch and battles are more intesense, the sounds everything make SC more intense and a better game than W3 Although W3 is fun, SC will always owned W3 ^^ sorry :P W3 is so easy to play... less things to do... :P Good interview, keep up the good work!

  126. Forev IMO beside beying a gamer (wich he does allright) , he doesn't really have a life ! I wouldn't want a life like that even if I'd b known for winning ESWC. But congrats to him on doing that... beside that... =P nothing more. Sorry. Nice interview nOnAmE. Should change that nick though ;) I suggest Everlive or something , sounds acceptable to me, even nice ;) .

  127. u also use keyboard to get such apms ...

  128. I think that SC is just a more developed game now. The units and strategies are more interesting and everything is balanced. While wc3 is fairly balanced, some units are just never used and there are fewer workable strategies. It took years for sc to become the game it is now. Hopefully, wc3 will become a better game for pro-gamers as more patches come out.

  129. his true representatives for each race all = korean lol..

  130. xillentz obviously u haven't read many interviews.

  131. I didnt noe wc gamers in korea are nt well recognised..

  132. interesting interview

  133. omg korea not recognised for having gosus?!! they have all the gosus you can find there they have tons of skill to whoop ur ass

  134. Well It was a nice interview... and congratulations NonName for your first interview job.... I hope one day became a great a good player.. ... and.. I will like to see a great battle "Invencible Rice VS FoV"... I got so shocked about the battles of RICE... He is the real beast ORC.


  136. nice interview. he is gosu yet he looks funny............

  137. Nice reading, replays are nice too

  138. JuGGaNauT, that's how it is in most cases : D

  139. GG no re (gg won't fit in).

  140. lets buy some cake from this guy

  141. Baker of GG!

  142. All of you scrubs need to shut your mouths. WarCraft II and SC: BW take more skill than War3 period. There is virtually no macro involved in War3 just micro. In War2/BW you have to be constantly doing things, making units pumping peons/scv's, scouting, ect. I was an above avg BW player and pro War2 player so yeah. The skill level between newbies and pros is much greater in War2/BW. You can be a decent War3 player with ease but on games like War2/BW it's much harder.

  143. oh stfu WorldofWARCRAFT. How is WC 2 better than 3. Are you a noob? WC II = mass and build fast = gg. IN wc3 U HAVE TO ACTUALLY DO MANYTHINGs and control HEROES and GAIN EXP, etc. wc 2 is Just like the old commander and conquer. build fast mass something = gg, thats so nooby. And when you speak of macro over micro, u sound dumb. Macro is looking at things largely while micro look at each indiviual unit, and control em. SO WTF is ur point there. U just mad cuss u sux0r at wc3 GL - HF - GG.

  144. Thats my gosu dawg from 4k.

  145. good interview

  146. Chimpster is right btw ;) you should think some more before you start your talking "to talk without thinking is to shoot without aiming"

  147. dude WorldOfWarCraft, are you on crack?

  148. Nice! Good InterView GOGO FOV!

  149. Woah...wc3 is much more demanding that wc2...period..if you dont' think so then you're not playing wc3 properly. the problem w/ the wc3 scene in korea is that the people aren't tired of sc its time they'll all start playing wc3 or wow or perhaps sc will become more like a sport and we will see it in the olympics? (no) I enjoyed the interview and thought that fov was very to the point and a very "real" person. No need for bs in interviews. US president cantidents are doing enought of that for everyone.

  150. I put 2 insane comp on my team vs 1 insane comp and hotkeyed 1,2,3,4. I pressed these as fast as i could and clicked the mouse as fast as possible.. APM was over 900 in a 13 minute game, but I couldn't focus on anything else but doing that.. So TIRESOME.. lol.. (but possible) I have replay if anyone wants

  151. his life is wc3 ;[

  152. Lol...plz dont compare wc3 to wc2 or sc. its different. period. wc3s main points are controlling you units and useing skills wisely and quickly. sc is more building fast and useing strategic placement of your units, i.e. tank placement and defense placement. sc does require micro on a higher level, unfortunatly most of the players on sc as well as wc3 aren't at a higher level and tend to say stupid things like "sc requires no micro". i play wc3 right now but every once in awhile i play sc just for fun.

  153. hmm yeah and .... so Warcraft is my life too ;P

  154. zacard grubby

  155. fov looks like a cow

  156. Interesting.

  157. FoV seems like an intelligent guy. Glad to hear not every pro-gamer is a Grubby-teen :) cheers.

  158. MOOOO~!

  159. Fov looks like a cool guy btw. nice interview

  160. lol fov is 21 he looks like 13, for real. hes so ugly no wonder hes so good at war3 he has no other things in his life!

  161. too bad he didnt play ne and too bad he is goignt o quit when he gets older

  162. use the money u won for a gym membership or a lippo

  163. Man all you guys rippin on him for looking like a cow.... But omfg its so funny. cause he does. =_= im jk hes teh sexay

  164. he says he works out :O

  165. good interview and the replays in the pack :D

  166. Hey lady, u should of ask to have sex with him man. OH YEAH !!

  167. gogo fov, U gotta replace sweet!

  168. i lov it nice interveiws

  169. "sigh" immature little kids just act worse when they are online. What's the need to insult someone just because they aren't good looking? Having no incentive whatsoever to do so you just make yourself look like an idiot. He's just another person that deserves respect like everyone else does, especially after giving a public interview. Not that my post will make any difference, the worst qualities of people are amplified when they are on the internet.

  170. Yah, this is the real player. Many noobs appeared lately on this site...

  171. f***ing hot guy

  172. One hit wonder?

  173. lol zacard still beat fov @ weg

  174. good interview

  175. i think grubby is best orc and spirit_moon is best for NE, dont care what he says...

  176. Reps are kinda boring which are included in the pack, not really worth the watch =/ Fov can pass for a 16-17 yr old.

  177. lol funny says he works out ^^. Also i thought him starting a bakery would be funny. Imagine 4k.fov making yur bread hehe.

  178. he looks like tahseen

  179. so fov's never met grubby tod zeus and fury...? arent tod grubby zeus and fury in korea though?

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