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Fighting Fury

A Featured Interview with 4K.FuRY

by bunny

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Name: Sebastian Pesic
Age: 19
Location: Karlshamn, Sweden
Name: 4K-FuRy, SpeedStar,
Race: Undead
Solo Level: 31
2vs2 Level: 41
Current Rank: 10
Clan: Four Kings
War3 Hero: Death Knight
War3 Unit: Crypt Fiend
                  Frost Wyrm
TFT Map: Gnoll Wood
Bnet Player: 4K.Festis
War3 Site:
Text Smiley: -_-
Color: Orange
Food: Mom's Chicken & Potatoes
Animal: Cat
Music: Trance but likes most
Movie: LOTR Series
            Butterfly Effect
Book: The Alchemist
Song: Rinkadink vs Dj Spenrea
           by Spectral Monkey
          Toshihiko Matsunaga
           by Fly High
Sport: Judo, Tennis, Basketball
Manufacturer: HP
OS: Windows XP
CPU: 3.0 GHz
Memory: 1.0 GB Kingston
Hard Drive: 350 GB
Video: ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
Sound: SB Audigy 2
Headphones: Other
Monitor: 19" Other CRT
Mouse: Logitech MX 510
Mousepad: 4D SteelPad
Keyboard: Logitech Elite
Sebastian "FuRy" Pesic began playing games at the age of six when he received his first Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). He played all sorts of games but his favorite game was ShadowGate, one filled with adventures and quests. As the technology in gaming advanced Sebastian kept up with the latest gaming consoles, getting the Super NES, PlayStation, and so forth. At the age of twelve he received his first computer and mostly played TUROK, his all time favorite childhood game. He remembers finishing the demo at least 50 times because he never got the full version of the game. Sebastian was fascinated by the 3D graphics and enjoyed shooting down the dinosaurs.

It wasn't until Sebastian was introduced to StarCraft that he truly found passion in gaming. He discovered StarCraft from a demo he received through a computer gaming magazine. He decided to test the game out because the demo featured "THE DUKE", a siege tank hero that he thought was so cool. This time around Sebastian bought the full version of the game and continued playing StarCraft/Brood War for over four and a half years. Sebastian was a Terran player and was quite good at StarCraft but he never considered himself "gosu". However, it was through StarCraft that Sebastian found his competitive nature as he began participating in tournaments, only to win a few of them.

When WarCraft III - Reign of Chaos was released, Sebastian decided it was a natural jump from Brood War and wanted to get really good at it so he did not waste any time.

"I was kinda serious in the end of Brood War and I thought that I couldn't really get much better so I decided that I should be one of the best players in WarCraft III as soon as was released, but back then it was just some naive dream.".

Sebastian's nickname in StarCraft/Brood War was "Rage" as he was a big fan of Rage Against the Machine". At some point he decided "FuRy" was cooler and still meant the same thing as Rage, so he made his change. It did not take long before Sebastian realized he was getting good at WarCraft. He mainly played solo and Arranged Team games but did better in 2vs2 AT because he "always had better allies". One of those allies turned out to be Rune "LaWn" Granath.

"That was back in the old days when I was still in the clan 'darkpraetors', we merged with the clan 'lemonride' which LaWn was in , and I asked him for AT. That single AT has evolved in over 3000 games together. We got along great from the start and always had a lot of fun talking to each other."

Sebastian didn't lose sight of his solo game as he worked to achieve rank 19 with an impressive record of 150-19. His highest rank, however, was with Rune as they did extremely well together, climbing the RoC 2vs2 Ladder and holding rank #1 for months. Eventually, they made new names and also jumped to the top, holding both rank #1 and #3 at the same time. From darkpraetors, Sebastian and Rune were recruited by xP,, and continued to dominate the 2vs2 Ladder together until they were finally noticed by Four Kings.

4K.FuRy, 4K.LaWn, and 4K.Myth Sitting high on the top of the ladder, Sebastian was getting closer to reaching his dream of being one of the best players in WarCraft. Just when Sebastian thought things couldn't get any better it turned out that Four Kings was looking for a solid 2on2 team and they happened to be looking at the top of the ladder.

"When we hit the number 1 spot on the RoC 2vs2 Ladder, I got a pm from 4K^KaJ who basically asked me if LaWn and I would be interested in joining 4K. We got invited to the private channel where TillerMaN was and we talked about it. He decided to recruit us and I was totally overwhelmed by joy."

Four Kings was competing in WC3L and added FuRy and LaWn to their 2on2 line-up. Sebastian and Rune quickly learned that there were much better players out there whom they had not faced on ladder, because in the first four to five WC3L clan wars they had lost all their matches. This worried the other members of Four Kings, except from TillerMaN. He laughed it off because he was able to see the potential in his newly recruited team. Sure enough, Sebastian and Rune lived up to the expectations of Four Kings and began winning almost all their games.

During the time that Sebastian has been with Four Kings they have lost a good number of players, but have done very little recruiting to make up for it. This doesn't seem to have affected the clan much because the they are still considered one of the strongest teams in the league. Sebastian goes on to list the players who have left:

"We lost 4K.Free, 4K.Festis 4K.Soviet, 4K.DiDi8, 4K.Bond, 4K.Magic, 4K.Kre-per, 4K.Myth, 4K.TillerMaN, 4K.Junior (inactive), and recruited very few players. This has nevertheless affected 4K in a very good way because we have a very, very solid team, meaning we know each other very well and the team spirit is totally awesome. Other clans recruit and lose players almost constantly while 4K keeps their players. To me, that's really great. I will be in 4K until I stop playing computer games for sure, and I think the others feel the same way."

Raugor and 4K.FuRy
Top 12 - CPL Denmark 2003
4th - Swedish ACON4 2004
2nd - Swedish WCG 2004
1st - Nations Cup 2003
1st - WC3L Season 4
2nd - WC3L Season 5
1st - Dreamhack Winter 2003

In a previous interview Sebastian did with our affiliate, he was asked what his plans for the future were. He replied: "My biggest dream is to move to Korea and play professionally, however I don't know how I can do that.". Well, he has done it! As a member of Four Kings, Sebastian is considered a professional gamer. He is sponsored, and his trips and expenses are all paid for when he attends any WarCraft related events.

"Being a 'pro-gamer' is really great, you get paid for doing the stuff you love, that's very unique and I'm really happy it has turned out this way. You also get the opportunity to travel all around the world and meet cool people for free!"

Sebastian was recently in Paris, France to compete in the WC3L Season 4 Finals where Four Kings placed first. They also visited Cologne, Germany for the WC3L Season 5 Playoffs where they placed second. When Sebastian competes in tournaments, his sponsors - such as Intel, ATI and Alienware - help cover the costs of his travel and hotel. This is a luxury that many players do not have so Sebastian is very thankful for it.

When Sebastian began playing WarCraft III, he decided to try the Night Elf race because the idea of a "living base" fascinated him. It didn't take the Swede long before he found something else that interested him.

"In the start of RoC I played Night Elf, that was even before I started becoming a 'gosu'. Then I decided to test Undead because my Night Elf didn't do so good. I thought they looked the coolest and Death Knight was the coolest hero so I have stayed with Undead since then."

In early Reign of Chaos, Sebastian started off using Fiends and he has always prefered using them over Ghouls. Some players even refer to him as the Fiend Master. Sebastian says, "I am most familiar with them... I have a strong bond with Fiends." Sebastian usually starts off with his favorite hero, the Death Knight, because he likes being able to heal his army or heroes as well as taking advantage of the Unholy "Speed" Aura, hence his other alias
SpeedStar. From there he adds whichever hero is required for him to win the game depending on what his opponent does.

Sebastian does not shy away from using neutral heroes unlike most Undead players who stick mainly to the standard Undead heroes. In patch 1.14 he mostly used the Naga Sea Witch as his second hero, and he has also used the Pit Lord a lot. The use of Fiends and the ability to disable an opponents' heroes through nuking is the main reason why Sebastian still plays Undead today. For that reason he has not tried learning other races but perhaps he will try it in the future.

Four Kings at WC3L Playoffs in Cologne THOUGHTS ON WARCRAFT
Hotkeys and Unit grouping:
Group 1: All heroes and Ghouls/Fiends depending what he goes
Group 2: First Hero (Death Knight) and other units, such as spellcasters/ranged
Group 3: Crypt
Group 4: Altar
Group 5: Graveyard
Group 9: Necropolis

Favorite: Undead vs Night Elf because it offers a lot of different strategies.
Least Favorite: Undead vs Human because Undead is extremely limited strategy-wise in that matchup. Ghouls / Tri-hero / 2-3 Destroyers and the rest Abominations, always. I win very often with that strategy, but it is always micro related. Fiends is not a choice because Humans have Defend, Frost Wyrms die to Dragonhawks, Necromancers are unthinkable because of Priests, same for Banshees, Meat Wagons are not a counter to anything.
Easiest: Undead vs Human because of reasons stated above.
Most Difficult: Undead vs Orc because Orc has a very, very strong ground army, Raiders make it almost impossible to micro, and there are many, many good strategies vs Undead.

Basically I think that the Undead vs Orc is slightly in the Orc's advantage while other matchups are pretty much 50/50, depending on the maps. Overall, I dont really know about all the match-ups because I'm not interested in matchups not having Undead in them. I do know however that Night Elf players think that Human has a slight advantage and that Night Elf players have a slight advantage on Orc. Destroyers are too weak at the moment, Human fast expansion is a problem, and also Orc mass air with or without mass expanding and towering ( hitting and running at your main while he expands ). In 2on2 the Keeper of the Grove's Entangle is too strong and the Far Seer/Keeper combination is extremely abused.

BETA Balance:
Sebastian is not in favor of the new beta patch 1.17 as the game is made even harder to balance with the addition of more neutral heroes. He has only played a total of ten games in beta, but from his observation the Footmen Defend is too strong, the Bloodmage is too good, and the Fire Lord is too overpowered. The Undead player does show interest in the Goblin Alchmist's Acid Bomb mixed with the Orb of Corruption. He believes if Blizzard patches the beta patch then perhaps things will be better than the are now.

Game Preference:
Sebastian has always played solo and 2on2 Arranged Team and does not prefer Random Team or Free for Alls. He started off laddering mostly 2on2 but when the competition became limited his interest shifted to solo. The Four Kings player began laddering solo and did really well. Sebastian enjoys playing both solo and 2on2 equally and could not pick which one he prefers over the other.

Watching Replays:
Watching replays was one of the methods Sebastian used to improve his gaming. In early Reign of Chaos he used to watch a lot of replays from St_GoStop, the player who inspired him to start using Fiends. Replays were good for getting new ideas, tricks, and strategies, but Sebastian also finds them beneficial for analyzing the mistakes he made in the game. However, now the top player no longer relies on watching replays to find strategies, instead he works on developing his own unique style.

Thoughts on APM:
Sebastian's average Actions Per Minute online is 250 and at LANs he averages about 300-400. He believes the more APM a player can control the better. If a player makes 100 "good" decisions in a battle and the other player makes 300 "good" ones, then the latter will win.

The WC3M and Incup are two of Sebastian's favorite tournaments due to the good prizes and the participation of the best players from each gateway. The tournaments are a nice idea but Sebastian doesn't play in them at all, simply because no good players does.

Respected Players:
Four Kings at WC3L Finals in Paris For Undead there are a lot of good players, but I like FoV a lot and MaDFroG because both are very smart users. They come up with great strategies and micro very well. For Orc it's Grubby of course, but also Zacard. Grubby is very flexible and has a god-like micro, while Zacard uses many neat tricks when he plays. For Night Elf Spirit_Moon because he's a very stable player but also my two teammates KaJ and Zeus because both are very innovating, making A LOT of different strategies and using them very well. KaJ did build a Mountain Giant in the WC3L season 4 finals, and that was the only reason why 4K won 5-0. For Human... Showbu is very strong, but also a lot of European players like ToD, FaTC, and SuRviVoR.

Tips and Advice:
Watch replays to pick up new ideas and strategies, but also ladder often so it can be tested. Dedication is the keyword.

Being a professional gamer requires a lot of time spent on playing and practicing, but there are times when the 19-year-old will take his attention away from WarCraft and instead enjoy life.

"I hang out with friends, watch anime, watch movies, go out partying. I love partying, but earlier I had to worry about school and taking my driver's license exam, but now that is solved. I like playing basketball, chess, and I'm about to start tennis. I also trained Judo and played soccer for seven years when I was younger. I have a lot of interests outside of WarCraft III."

Having supportive parents contribute to becoming a successful professional gamer. Most parents do not understand or agree to their child spending excessive time on the computer. The more protective parents won't even allow their kids to travel or play in tournaments. This is sometimes required if you are under contract or have sponsors. Fortunately for Sebastian, his parents do not prevent him from exploring his interests and fulfilling his dreams.

"My family is really, really supportive, which makes things a lot easier and more fun. They really like the fact that I am successful and that I get to travel all around the world, but like all mothers, my mom is worried that I play too much."

Sebastian keeps himself busy playing WarCraft, working out, and hanging out with friends. This doesn't leave him much time for a girlfriend. "If I had a girlfriend I would have to give up sleeping." This may be a bit surprising seeing that the Swede lives in a country full of beautiful women. However, Sebastian admits that he is quite picky and prefers women who are intelligent. He comments that most of the girls in his city are stupid. Aside from that, the timing right now for Sebastian is not in favor of him starting a relationship since he will be in Korea for the next three months. I asked Sebastian if he prefers blondes or brunettes, and his answer was actually neither of the two! He is typically attracted to women with black hair... so who knows, maybe Korea will bring him more than just gaming prosperity.

In less than a month, Sebastian will be on his way to Korea for an adventure of a lifetime. His dream of living in Korea as a professional gamer has finally come true, and Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen and Ivica "Zeus[19]" Markovic will join him. Details regarding how this came about and the players thoughts were introduced in last month's article
4K Goes Korea written by KidArctica.

I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to Sebastian about his upcoming adventure in an audio interview. So to give this article some added flavor, I have included the audio recording of our conversation and also the chat transcript for those who prefer to read along while listening.

Interview Transcript:

bunny: Hi everyone, this is bunny with WCReplays and I'm here with 4K.FuRy and I've asked him to come on here so we can talk about his adventure to Korea. So, before we begin I want to go ahead and let FuRy introduce himself.

FuRy: Hi everyone, my real name is Sebastian, I'm a 19 year old student from Sweden.

bunny: So now that you are planning to go to Korea you won't be a student for the time there, when are you planning to leave and when are you going to be in Korea?

FuRy: I'm not really sure yet, but I would say like in 3-4 weeks after the ENC playoffs.

bunny: So as of right now is it 100% sure that you will be going to Korea?

FuRy: I would say like 99.9% chance because you never know what happens.

bunny: Right, and a lot of news has stirred up about you guys actually losing some players. The original crew that was going to go there was you, Grubby, and Zeus and you were suppose to meet up with FoV, WCB_Rainbow, and was it Moon? So what has happened so far?

FuRy: Yeah, Rainbow and Moon already had contracts which we didn't know of so they couldn't join, but FoV is still in our clan. I think we can manage it with four players as well. I don't think it's going to really affect us.

bunny: How is this living arrangement going to work out? Who will you be living with and how and where, do you know?

FuRy: As of now, I think the current plans are that me, Grubby, Zeus and FoV is going to share a 2 room villa or something. It's like smaller than an apartment and cheaper and then we're gonna play at the internet cafe or so.

bunny: So explain to me what your daily routine will be like, is it just 24/7 playing?

FuRy: I really hope not, Grubby and me.. at least Grubby and me have plans to learn Korean and I really hope that we can do something else like work-out or do some sports also. Maybe explore Korea some, but it will mostly be playing of course... that's our main objective.

bunny: Is this truly going to be a Korean adventure as far as trying out all the Korean food? Are you going to go out and do that or do you plan to eat at the fast food restaurants or McDonalds or have you tried Korean food before?

FuRy: No I have never tried Korean food, but the plans are that we should eat the Korean food since it's not really healthy to eat fast food everyday and you really need to be on top, both mentally and physically to be able to play as good as you can so we will be eating Korean food, hopefully.

bunny: Can you tell me how this all came about? This whole idea, how did this happen for you to even have the opportunity to say, "Yes, I want to go to Korea".

FuRy: I'm not really sure, that might sound weird, but Grubby talked to some person and then somehow got in touch with FoV and some other Korean dudes and.. I don't know.. hrm, yeah I'm not really sure exactly how but I know he asked me like 2 weeks after he had talked with the Koreans he asked me if I was interested. He actually asked the whole 4K squad but the other ones couldn't go.

bunny: So you didn't have to worry about the whole planning of it, it sounds like Grubby did. So Grubby is more of the squad leader when you guys will be in Korea then?

FuRy: Yeah, that's correct, Grubby will be the squad leader.

bunny: Okay, well that's great. I have some questions about how do you think this will affect 4K, being that half of your team is now going to be in Korea you know that there will be lag issues. Do you guys still plan to compete in the WC3L and any other tournaments?

FuRy: Yes, we will do the best we can to also play WC3L probably with US West host, maybe recruit one or two US West host so we don't have to search for them every WC3L game. But of course, our main goal is the Korean leagues. WC3L will not be our primary goal, but we'll try to play that as well.

bunny: So that means now you will be focusing on solo because if you go down there for the Korean league your emphasize is now on solo, how do you feel about that?

FuRy: It doesn't feel really good to not play 2on2 since that is my natural match-up, but lately I've been playing a lot of solo, too. Of course I will miss LaWn also, but I think I'm going to do just fine.

bunny: How will this affect you and LaWn as a 2on2 team, will you not be playing with him as much anymore, especially with the lag, and will you still continue to be his 2on2 partner when you do play in the leagues?

FuRy: No, I would say no, not while I'm in Korea at least, but then when I get back we will be a team again. It's just too hard, you can't ladder with me from Asia and him on Europe and then you don't get the proper practice so it will be better if we don't play when I'm in Korea.

bunny: Oh that sounds so sad, so is this temporarily the end of the FuRy and LaWn team?

FuRy: Yeah, temporarily.

bunny: Will you be doing any 2on2 at all in Korea or are the leagues there strictly solo?

FuRy: That's not for sure yet, it might be a solo league but it's more likely that it is a team league, 2 1on1s and 1 2on2. So I might play 2on2 as well with either Grubby, Zeus, or FoV... that's classified.

bunny: Okay, what about the players you're hoping to meet. There's a lot of great Korean players over there, is there anyone you're looking forward to in meeting or even gaming with?

FuRy: I know a lot of players actually, but especially FoV of course since he's in 4K now. Also bestwolf and wise_gray I've talked a lot with them, also SK.May. So I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. It's going to be a lot of fun I think.

bunny: How long will this adventure last?

FuRy: Well at least for 3 to 4 months and if we do good or so we might get Korean sponsors for living or so, then we might stay even more.

bunny: Since you brought that up, how are you guys planning to afford this? Is this sponsored paid or coming out of your pocket, what's the deal with that?

FuRy: No actually the sponsors pay everything so it's not really an issue for us.

bunny: Okay so that's good, you don't have to save up too much money there. It's just mainly for going out and having fun, right?

FuRy: Yeah food, too.

bunny: Well let me see what else we can talk about, what do you think will happen if you get homesick? Do you think that there might be a possibility that you just may not enjoy it out there and want to come back home?

FuRy: Now that's a hard question actually. Well, I might get homesick but I still think my motivation is much greater than that. Of course maybe somedays I will feel a lot of homesick but that's things you have to sacrifice to gain this opportunity. So I think I'm going to do fine there as well.

bunny: And what exactly are you hoping to gain from this, obviously you will be training quite a bit in solo and you will hopefully become a much better player, but what aspects are you hoping to gain from now until then when you come back to Sweden what will you have hope to accomplish?

FuRy: Yes, you said that I want to become a much better solo player and apart from gaming I hope to have gain some experience in the Korean culture and so on, but yeah that's my main goal I guess, to become much better in solo.

bunny: I read an interview on you awhile back that was done on and they were asking you, it was Tony who was asking you "how long do you plan on gaming and what do you think the future holds", and your reply was you hoped or you dream one day of becoming a pro-gamer in Korea but that's only a dream and it seems like this dream is now coming true, how do you feel about that? And did you ever think this would happen?

FuRy: Yeah, I feel really great about that. I actually didn't realize I said it then I got it pasted on MSN my answer and I got really happy actually because maybe I haven't realized it yet but this is really a dream coming true so I couldn't be happier I guess.

bunny: As far as being a pro-gamer are you guys going to be getting paid for what you do there or is it just more being sponsored for you to become this better player or can you give out that information?

FuRy: I don't really understand the question, can you rephrase it?

bunny: Sure, when you'll be living out there to play are you going to be getting paid to play out there or will the payment really be your cost of living?

FuRy: Ah no, we will get paid to play but I can't say which amount it is.

bunny: Alright, well that's good. Other than that is there anything else you're looking forward to while you're there?

FuRy: Yeah, I have this idea of maybe starting to train Judo again. I trained Judo here for 7 years here in Sweden and I guess that Koreans are much better at it so maybe if I have some spare time I can start in a club or sowhen I learn some Korean language so I can communicate with them.

bunny: That's really great stuff, that's good to hear. How do you think it will be living with Zeus and Grubby? Do you get along really well with those guys and do you think it will be a problem having to see them and talk to them everyday for the next 3 months?

FuRy: We will see what the future holds but I think we're gonna have a lot of fun together and enjoy each other's company so yeah, I don't think there will be any problems. It's just going to be a great environment to live in.

bunny: How do you think this will affect your future plans now? You're not going to be able to... or you have to hold back on school there in Sweden, is this going to have a huge impact on your future plans outside of gaming?

FuRy: No, not at all, maybe in a positive way since this adventure to Korea was like God sent or something. I was not sure what I was going to do this year so I wanted to take a year off and then the Korea issue game up. So it's gonna be a time where I can think about what I want to do for the rest of my life, so it's really, really great.

bunny: Alright, well that's great and I guess when you get back from Korea are you going to just jump back to all those plans or... how long do you think you'll be gaming?

FuRy: I have really no idea. I will have to see that after Korea. I don't think I can give another answer than that.

bunny: Do you think that there might be a small chance that you will fall in love with Korea and want to move and live there forever?

FuRy: Heh, I guess there is a small chance of that happening but it's very small.

bunny: Other than that I have no other questions about Korea, I think you've told me a lot. I do wish you, Grubby, and Zeus luck and I hope you have a great time while you're there and that you do learn something while you're there. Other than that I leave it open to you for any final comments that you have to give.

FuRy: Thank you very much. I just wanted to do a shoutout to all my friends, that's about it... all my friends and everyone who is listening to this audio. So good-bye.

bunny: Bye-bye.
"Shoutout to the whole 4K clan, Zubie, Sase, ToD, Mr.Cygnus, all my Korean friends, all my fans and all the readers of this interview, all my girlfriends, my family, and all who I might have forgotten ( sorry )."

All of 4K-FuRy's replays have been consolidated into one zip file and contains both his solo games and his 2on2 games with LaWn. The games included inside the zip file are listed below.

4K-FuRy (UD) vs 4K.kaj. (NE) on Turtle Rock
4K-FuRy (UD) vs MYM]ySKhYr (UD) on The Two Rivers
4K-FuRy (UD) vs d0bre (NE) on Turtle Rock
TheDoorNextGirl (UD) vs RagingSerenity (HU) on Gnoll Wood

4K-FuRy (UD) & LaWn (OR) vs Chango (OR) & GosuHaube (HU) on Wetlands
4K-FuRy (UD) & LaWn (OR) vs Chango (OR) & GosuHaube (HU) on Twisted Meadows
4K-FuRy (UD) & LaWn (OR) vs CLuB_BiZaRRe (HU) & ippon- (OR) on Lost Temple
4K-FuRy (UD) & LaWn (OR) vs es4x.DeSSoya (OR) & o)xJeroZ(O (HU) on Twisted Meadows
4K-FuRy (UD) & LaWn (OR) vs Lost_Don (Hu) & (OR) on Lost Temple
4K-FuRy (UD) & LaWn (OR) vs Maxxiko (NE) & shape-sS (UD) on Wetlands
4K-FuRy (UD) & ETCETera (UD) vs JB- (OR) & pharaoh (RA-OR) on Avalanche
LaWn: FuRy is a big fat greasy player who is good at eating and to have as an Undead partner in 2on2.
Grubby: When I draw parallels on my own life situation and FuRy's, the amount of things in common are astounding. That's why I think we get along so well and can threaten to murder each other's family or bomb each other's home cities without hard feelings. Sometimes he is a little crazy (e.g. eating rocks) so I sincerely hope he won't one day take it seriously.
Zeus[19]: He's a good guy, sometimes easy to make fun of but a nice guy :)
Myth: Fury... Great 2on2, great 1on1, great Undead, great looks... he has it all. Well mannered player, both off- and online, except when it comes to talking to Zeus. Definitely one of the top 3 Undead players in Europe.
YoanM: I think hes a nice guy, but he fears insects more than me =[ that's a shame! As a player I think he's very good and when he plays at his best level he's surely one of the best Undead players out there. And I hope he won't forget that Mule is watching him! May the power of the lover be with you.
SaSe: Fury AKA FUJI is one of the best Undead's @ Europe and I'm sure that he will do great in Korea!!! He plays very nice, mixes it up, both Fiends and Ghouls, he is the only Undead player I know who does that^^
Mr.Cygnus: Not only is FuRy the man when it comes to Fiend micro, he is also the main man when it comes to RAKING the ladies in from the dance floor. FuRy will always be one of my favorite gaming buddies....even if he does have a weird fetish for pineapples : P
Zubie: FuRy is a nice guy in real life. Actually he is one of the very few players that I look up to, both in gaming and how to act as a professional gamer on the side. I have rarely seen FuRy lose his temper and go "no manner noobie". It is rare to see a very good player be such a nice person on the side. FuRy isn't like most good players who often act very cocky and push other players down.
Wizard: Well, FuRy is a good player and each time we meet in ladder he gets so close to winning where at points he actually has an advantage, but in the end the imbalance of a high level Keeper is too much for him to overcome. I'm sure he has nightmares about the KOTG.
Baschi: FuRy is known to be part of a strong 2vs2 team together with LaWn and has improved his solo skills lately as well. I think he is one of the top 5 Undeads in Europe currently and if he will go to Korea in about a month, he will surely improve even more. Overall, he is a nice guy and I never really had any trouble with him. Good luck to you in Korea :)
KidArctica: I have had the pleasure of meeting Sebastian in person several times, and he has always been very friendly and a genuinely nice person that it is easy and fun to talk to. As a reporter it may sometimes be hard to get some of the Warcraft "stars" in talk, but FuRy is open and helpful. So I am looking forward to seeing him again in Cologne for the ENC finals!
bunny: FuRy is surely the funniest and nicest person I have ever talked to. He's also an amazing Undead player and for a high level player he's so friendly and well-mannered. I always have a great time talking to FuRy and really enjoyed doing this interview with him. It was so much fun to do~ Thanks Sebastian and good luck in Korea!

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