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A Fiend In Need

By DanceOfDarkness


Name: Phil Miraldo
Age: 16
Nationality: Portuguese
Favorite Unit: Statue
Favorite hero: KoTG
Favorite unit to kill?: LEVEL 5+ BEASTMASTER OR FIRELORD!
Favorite food: Rice
Favorite/Most respected players: 4K.Grubby/SK.Zacard/4K.FoV

*before the interview started PhilBoT messages me, "Damn, I'm playing Zacard" *

WCR]Dance: Today we have with us the Australian sensation rS.PhilBoT. As of late, PhilBoT has been dazzling people with his precise micro and his flawless use of Crypt Fiends. However, before we get into the formal interview, I would like to lighten the mood with a little word association. If you don't know how this works, I rS.PhilBoT will say a word or phrase, and you respond with the first thing that comes to your mind.

WCR]Dance: Imbalance

rS.PhilBoT: Spirit_moon

WCR]Dance: Warcraft

rS.PhilBoT: Three

WCR]Dance: Sports

rS.PhilBoT: Soccer

WCR]Dance: Pandaren Brewmaster

rS.PhilBoT: Bullshit

WCR]Dance: WC3L

rS.PhilBoT: Gosu

WCR]Dance: Now that we have lightened the mood a little would you mind introducing yourself?

rS.PhilBoT: Hey hey, my name is Philip Miraldo, I'm 16, I play Undead and I have accounts all over the place. My accomplishments aren't all that spectacular: Australian representative for WCG 2004 and ACON4.

WCR]Dance: I'm sure everyone has noticed that you joined clan rS. What led you to this clan?

rS.PhilBoT: The main reason I joined clan rS was to be united with American gaming a little bit more. The time difference isn't all that much compared to Europe, and it's easy to organize times for clan wars. (Although I hate my clan leader.)

WCR]Dance: Despite hating your clan leader, how does the clan get along? Are you a tightly woven community, or, is it more like a gathering of individuals under one tag?

rS.PhilBoT: Yeah we're pretty much a tighty woven community. Although everyone blows their stack once and a while upon each other, but I guess that's natural.

WCR]Dance: Got any predictions for the WC3L?

rS.PhilBoT: HA! With Zacard barking up my arse, fat chance! My expectations rather than predictions, are rS performing slightly better than all of the newcomers in the league, and hopefully making the top 6 playoffs. I expect 4K to outplay everyone but at the same time, I am expecting the Korean players participating in this league to do well also.

WCR]Dance: Where do you see rS in the future? Do you see any big successes anytime soon?

rS.PhilBoT: With the aid of brilliant sponsors, rS can go in any direction.

WCR]Dance: Seeing that you participate in clan rS which according you, has a bright future, and being the Australian representative for WCG 2004 and ACON4, do you consider yourself to be a pro-gamer? And if not, what steps would you have to take to get there?

rS.PhilBoT: Nah, I don't consider myself a pro-gamer. My perspective of a pro-gamer is someone who makes a living off of the game. To become one myself, I guess I would have to live in Korea.

WCR]Dance: Do you see yourself stepping up to that title anytime soon, or will you let your game stay at a more casual (yet still gosu) style of play?

rS.PhilBoT: Depending on my performance in WC3L... However only time will tell.

WCR]Dance: Are there any tournaments/leagues (besides WC3L) that you are particularly excited/interested about entering in?

rS.PhilBoT: I would've liked to participate in WEG, but on the same token I'm excited to play in WC3L. I'm having so much fun getting all these Europeans raging at each other over my mass towers, haha! I play for those threads rofl!

WCR]Dance: Yes, they seem to think the simple base defense of mass towers is...noobish? Even though you still owned them. However, now that we have some good background info, lets get into your head as a player. Why don't you walk us through your daily schedule.

rS.PhilBoT: My daily routine is generally always the same. I wake up at around 7:00 AM, watch some replays and read some threads until it is time for school. When I get home at about 3:30 pm, I take a shower and all the rest of that. I would start playing about 5:00 pm'ish after homework, and play until about 10:00 pm or 12:00 am, depending on my mood.

WCR]Dance: I'm sure everyone knows you are a Fiend stat user with some variation from game to game. Does doing the same thing ever get boring? Or do you pick up new tricks each time, and somehow find ways to keep it interesting and fresh?

rS.PhilBoT: I want to get a few things cleared up in the gaming community about my style. Tons of people tell me time and time again that my play requires no skill. However, I have released over 50 replays in the last month, and not one fiend replay has gone up featuring the Naga 3rd against a high caliber player, which is my own innovation. My point is people have triend to innovate and failed. I have just decided to stick with what works.

WCR]Dance: So what would you say your basic strategy is as a Fiend user?

rS.PhilBoT: I tend to break down my strategy into three different categories (however I am working on making that a bigger number): rS.PhilBoT
1) Creep/turtle/contain (basically hit and run)
2) Offensive DK harass + Fiend creeping
3) Contain/creep/mass tower
WCR]Dance: What do you find the most useful when training? Do you usually custom with friends/clanmates? Or do you like to ladder for practice games?

rS.PhilBoT: I normally have six to eight people that I would go first to practice with, if I can't arrange anything I simply ladder on Kalimdor. Normally for WC3L matches, I give myself a lot of time to practice and train against my predicted match up and assigned map.

WCR]Dance: Which do you find more important while using Fiends, micro or macro?

rS.PhilBoT: There is very little macro after pressing "U" for upgrade. After this all the macro that is required is building a Ziggurat every 10 population. Micro is the main essence of the strategy I play.

WCR]Dance: Would you mind sharing with us the hotkeys that make your micro so gosu?

rS.PhilBoT: If I gave it all away in one go I'd be releasing my edge on playing Fiends... So. The basics are:
1 = Death Knight-Lich-Naga-Fiends
2 = Obsidian Statues
3 = Destroyers-Abominations
4 = Zeppelin/Acolyte/Goblin Sappers
5 = Necropolis
6 = Crypt
7 = Slaughterhouse
8 = Graveyard
9 = 2nd Crypt-2nd Slaughterhouse-Boneyard
0 = Altar
WCR]Dance: When you play, do you prioritize your micro, like positioning and using Scrolls of Healing and so on?

rS.PhilBoT: I rarely use Healing Scrolls except against the odd game versus Orc, or if I can afford it. Positioning is everything when playing Fiends, and when playing certain maps you have to know the spots where you can fight with an edge.

WCR]Dance: So what is the scariest possible thing to see on the loading screen?

rS.PhilBoT: I shit my pants every day when I see a fat level 59 "lov)shaya" loading on my screen. Other than that probably MyLady or 4K.Grubby, Grubby is only cool on observer list, hahaha.

WCR]Dance: That's understandable, if I ever see those names, well, I can't empathize with you, ill never get to that point. Anyways, how is the gaming scene in Australia? So far you are the only WC player I have noticed from down under?

rS.PhilBoT: The gaming scene in Australia has died after VVoLF became inactive and stopped loving SK.Heman. There is really only me and this Night elf player from Queensland by the name of "mOOn-Glade".

WCR]Dance: I've never seen you complain about lag, amazing since geographically, US.West/Asia are the closest servers, and they are still both pretty darn far away. Would you mind putting each server in order from most-least lag?

rS.PhilBoT: Europe is beyond playable for me, and the time zome is crazy. When I'm awake, they are sleeping. I ping at about 375+ there. US West pings at around 170-180, US East is 210-220, and Asia can be anywhere between 200-250.

WCR]Dance: Not too bad, however I guess I am spoiled with a ping of 31 on east/west. But my computer stinks so it balances out. What do you use for your gaming rig?

rS.PhilBoT: Well, most of my games are played on a laptop I won in January last year for the Blizzard World Invite Australia. It has: 60 gigs, 2.4 processor, Pentium 4, geforce 3. I use a mx300 mouse and a bluemat mouse pad. My headphones are just ordinary Sony ones.

WCR]Dance: With the release of World of Warcraft and some professional gamers retiring, it has been said that WC3 is dying, what is your opinion of this statement?

rS.PhilBoT: The people that have retired from TFT to go and play WoW should not be any reason to be alarmed. WoW is uncompetitive, and would never officially be recognized as a competitive game in tournaments. So I'm not all that worried about TFT dying anytime soon.

WCR]Dance: As promised I have selected questions from the community. First question up is by deadpoo1. "How do you beat chippo as Undead while using Fiends? What is your priority as far as killing units goes?"

*Phil confirms that chippo is Chimaera and Hippogryphs, he has never heard that term before*

rS.PhilBoT: Ha! If it is more than what you can handle, just give it a gambling approach, with some pot luck and hero nukes. There is nothing more fragile than a "heroless" army. But if I suspect a "chippo" combination I would most probably be on the offensive securing early game Webs on Chimaeras and Hippogryphs.

rS.PhilBoT playing WCR]Dance: "Do you have a pregame ritual?" -Merridew

rS.PhilBoT: Normally I think of what I am going to do, crack my knuckles and basically just picture how I want the game to go.

WCR]Dance: "What do you see yourself doing after WC3?"

rS.PhilBoT: Maybe taking up a chess career, or studying.

WCR]Dance: "How do you keep your mouse sensitivity?"

rS.PhilBoT: My mouse sensitivity and scroll are very, very low.

WCR]Dance: "Lefty or Righty?" -Speedygonzo

rS.PhilBoT: Righty.

WCR]Dance: That concludes our interview, do you have any shoutouts you would like to make?

rS.PhilBoT: All of my friends on cheering me on!!

WCR]Dance: Thank you very much for your time, Phil. I have very much enjoyed this interview. Good luck in WC3L. Bye!

rS.PhilBoT: Thank you! See you around!

[ Download rS.PhilBoT's Replay Pack (TFT 1.17) ]

(File Size: 758 KB)

rS.PhilBoT's replay pack includes:

- rS.PhilMiraldO (UD) vs. 4K.ToD (HU) on Turtle Rock
- rS.PhilMiraldO (UD) vs. Home.Sky (HU) on Twisted Meadows
- rS.PhilMiraldO (UD) vs. MyGame (NE) on Turtle Rock
- rS.PhilMiraldO (UD) vs. No.1[RM]soccer (NE) on Turtle Rock
- rS.PhilMiraldO (UD) vs. Rival.ShowTime (NE) on Twisted Meadows
- rS.PhilMiraldO (UD) vs. Shortround- (NE) on Twisted Meadows
- rS.PhilMiraldO (UD) vs. Yoliny_suhO (NE) on Turtle Rock

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  157. Phil's actually nice manners , unlike most players would believe. Well gl on ur WC career Phil =)

  158. Very interesting. However it still doesnt answer my question whether or not UD is the way to go or if I should train with the Elves...

  159. Philbot owns. He has to be one of my fav UD players. UD is by far my most hated race since for some reason all UD players seem like @$$holes to me. Maybe thats why they call it the bad mannered race ey? Philbot is cool and his micro is godly. Just wish they would nerf UD a bit =/

  160. cvxcvxvcxvcxv

  161. spam spam spam

  162. Excelent article.

  163. yeayo finally some replay pakz : ]

  164. Dexton is so gosu

  165. its an interview AC(2099) O_O

  166. PhilBotIsMyIdolforever :))

  167. AUSSIE,AUSSIE. It's nice to see an Australian going somewhere in the gaming world. I mean, he makes poor Aussie players (including myself) realise that there is a chance we can actually go some where.
    Philbot, oi
    Philbot, oi
    Philbot Philbot Philbot, oi oi oi!

  168. Cool guy, although not sure why he doens't play anymore :(

  169. baaaah xD i love that guy
    even if he isnt as good as fov / luci or any of these guys he's still pretty good considering his ping
    too bad he's pretty stuborn when it comes to fiend use :p kinda made him a legend tho


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