HasuObs advances to EPS XVI finals by


HasuObs advances to EPS XVI finals

Dennis "HasuObs" Scheider has advanced to the EPS XVI Grand Finals for tomorrow after defeating Heinrich "SoKoL" Rennert in a very intense best-of-5 match. HasuObs was able to get his revenge from the Intel Friday Night Games match he had lost in the main season against the Orc player. He took the first map on Ancient Isle, but SoKoL kept tying up the match and eventually forced it to the last game.

This series was possibly one of the best this EPS season has seen. These were not the "boring" Undead vs. Orc games the community describes with Blademaster hacking and slashing its way to victory. There were comebacks, tower rushes, Crypt Lord first hero and much more exciting moments that made the match as epic as it was. Both players did very well but in the end, the Undead player is the one who walked away victorious this time.

HasuObs will be facing Dolorian, who managed to pull an upset with his victory against XlorD, in the Grand Finals of the last EPS Germany season at 14:20P CET tomorrow. The match will be streamed live on ESL TV (German commentary). But the third place decider between XlorD and SoKoL will be played first at 11:30 CET.

SoKoL vs. HasuObs
SoKoL < HasuObs (Ancient Isle)
SoKoL > HasuObs (Secret Valley)
SoKoL < HasuObs (Last Refuge)
SoKoL > HasuObs (Echo Isle)
SoKoL < HasuObs (Twisted Meadows)

Unfortunately the replays have not been released yet. They are expected to be released by the end of the day or tomorrow after the event is over.

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  1. did he win the crypt lord game?

  2. he won one of them. The second one was a very nice watch although him making a crucial mistake lost it =x

  3. there is also a livestream for the third place decider by esl-radio (with german commentary aswell)

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