Grubby snatches Zotac Cup title by


Grubby snatches Zotac title

Last Saturday, Zotac Cup saw the return of a well know player. Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen, who has been busy with his non-gaming related duties, is back and during the weekend he managed to snatch the Zotac Cup #141 title from the Koreans.

For the last few months, Zotac Cup has been an all out battle between Sung Sik "ReMinD" Kim, Hyo Sub "FoCuS" Eom and Dong Hwan "ViOlet" Kim and other top Korean players. But this week a European stood up and took the title. Grubby had quite a rough match against HawK in the round of 8, but he took the two matches afterward very convincingly.

ReMinD 2:0 Kas
overthezero 0:2 FoCuS
Bly 2:1 Padash
HawK 1:2 Grubby

ReMinD 1:2 FoCuS
Bly 0:2 Grubby

FoCuS 1:3 Grubby

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  1. dont you mean that quite had grubby a rough match ? =)

  2. oh noooooooooooo!
    you bastards! without his weekly 100 $ remind certainly has to go to a discount grocery store to buy in!!!

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