Tasteless and Grubby part ways with EG by


Tasteless and Grubby part ways with EG

Nick "Tasteless" Plott and Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen have both left clan EG this week. Tasteless was supposed to help out with the big move to Korea. However, with recent leagues starting up like NASL, and other western tournaments increasing their prize pool, EG has postponed their move to Korea indefinetly and brought IdrA home. Because of this they have no need for Tasteless anymore. Tasteless's contract with EG ended late last year, so he hasn't been an official part of EG for awhile now. Tasteless will continue casting the GSL, and may come back to EG if they decide to move to Korea sometime - the future is undecided.

Grubby announced today that his contract with EG is up and EG is closing their Warcraft 3 section. Because of this he will no longer be a part of clan EG. Grubby has made no announcments about finding a new team, but many teams will surely want him.

There are no hard feelings between EG and Grubby or Tasteless, both people left the clan under good circumstances and wish each other the best for the future. Grubby flew into Dallas on friday night to compete in the first MLG event of the year. He will be entered in the main bracket and have a long path ahead of him if he wants to make the finals - around 21 best of threes.

EG's SC2 lineup would have been very strong with grubby there when he caught up in skill level, but EG is certainly not lacking in talent as it is.

Clan EG's Starcraft 2 Roster

Greg "IdrA" Fields

Nick "Axslav" Ranish

Geoff "INcontroL" Robinson

Jacob "LzGamer" Winstead

Bryce "Machine" Bates

Cong "StrifeCro" Shu

Benjamin "DeMusliM" Baker

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  1. Demuslim is british.

  2. woops!


  3. It's EG not eG. -.-

  4. make fund for grubby

  5. grubby is hired by steelseries already, he's so baller.

  6. how is axslav doin? how is grubby doin?

  7. axslav is playing very well atm, hes playing toss for clan EG.

    Grubby hasnt been playing long at all, and is already getting to the level of other european toss's. he has BEASTILY micro and will soon be one of the very best

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