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Date Races Event Players Map DLs Com Rating
08/28/2010 Orc vs. Orc   Armi[N]vB vs EG.Grubby EchoIsles Download Replay! 2901 13 10
08/05/2010 Random vs. Random   Armi[N]vB vs Axslav EchoIsles Download Replay! 1828 8 10
07/30/2010 Orc vs. Orc   dh]n9ne vs Armi[N]vB MeltingValley Download Replay! 138 1 -
03/26/2010 NightElf vs. Orc   Armi[N]vB vs LaND[OwNu] 12838PlunderIsle2.0.w3x Download Replay! 138 4 -
03/26/2010 Orc vs. NightElf   Armi[N]vB vs LaND[OwNu] SecretValley Download Replay! 154 0 -