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SK.Reis Interviewed by WorpeX

SK Reis

SK Gamings very own Malystryx has conducted an interview with the mastermind behind the team, SK.Reis. The 6 page interview goes into detail about the mans life, past clans, whats its like to be a manager, SK Gaming, and pretty much everything in between. Here is a little preview:

    Malystryx: Which SK player do you expect to take 2008 by storm from the current line-up and why?

    SK.Reis: Hard to answer that questions ince I actually do not think about 2008 cause since first of all it is important to be successful in 2007. Every player will have the chance to be in the team in 2008 they just have to show that they are willing to play in SK.

The whole interview can be found here

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  1. we all know its REMIND

  2. or lyn ;o

  3. Good interview. Reis seems cool. Especially as he speaks three languages.

  4. insom!

  5. Nice read. Hes a good guy. He just needs to look at me for SK's next ud player!

  6. xlord is a good ud player.

  7. ^ n/c
    good interview

  8. good stuff

  9. Nice interview.
    That GameSports.Soe is cool too xD

  10. a nice guy IMO

  11. I played against Sk.malystryx last night and Seed ^^ yAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on east server ^^ at 2s.

  12. Interesting read. THanks for tha link Worp

  13. Pimp glasses

  14. Lyn's gonna wtf pwn all the elves out there... until they learn his strat and adjust the imba.

  15. reis achieved very much for his teams. imo one of the best wc3 managers atm.

    nice iview and good read.

    yeah and gamesports.soe is just gorgous <3!

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