RotterdaM Gets Serious by


RotterdaM Gets Serious!

Warcraft legend and ex-Fnatic icon RotterdaM is the latest addition to the Serious Gaming team. RotterdaM is a widely known and skilled player who intends to use his years worth of Warcraft skills to play a big part with his new role in Serious Gaming.

I was not planning to switch teams but sometimes things go don't exactly how you planned it, after fnatic disbanded I had to think of what I would do. Retire, continue without a team or join a new team. I decided to pick the last option since I'm actually quite motivated at the moment and willing to train a lot in the future for new tournaments after some time where I was quite lazy.

You can read the full story, including RotterdaM's statement here

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  1. he's had some ups and downs... let's see if he can finally break into top3 orc?!

  2. :/
    Rotterdamn is good.

  3. A legend?

  4. A legend's shadow rather...

  5. He is a legend. #2 best orc in Europe.

  6. if he's motivated then i hope we can see some good games

  7. "Warcraft legend" lol he is nawb

  8. He's no legend, and no he will never break top 3 orc, Personaly i think Kiwi might even be better

  9. ppl who laugh about rotterdam bein a warcraft legend just have no knowledge of the scene.

    he plays a very long time and has always been in pro lvl, like inso (mb not that long :D) but still very long time.

    i wish him good luck but the team is not like his old fnatic team :/

  10. Rotterdam's latest bnet smurf looks pretty good.

  11. Welcome to the team KDawg!

  12. "RotterdaM is known throughout the community as a friendly and good natured person."


  13. Rotterdam is a legend. Great FS use, longtime king of orc mirror.

  14. sry for double-post >.<

    @wtfpwnyou: i respect ur opinion about kiwi, but i rly doubt that he is way better then rotterdam. anyways he is quite one of the best orc players in mirror matchup, and was long time imo the best mirror player.

    and for the legend thingi: he is known for a long time and especially for his great usage of farseer. even against nelf he uses fs like no1 else, see the latest ladder replay vs thresh. that makes his playstyle unique and unforgetable.

    i <3 him for bein good mannered and sympatic, so pls dont laugh about players of his calibre, which u will obviously never reach urselfs.

  15. I love how everyone says Rotterdam sucks... Come on, Grubby is an legend but how is he doing now? Yeah. Exactly. Rotterdam as funny_as_hell has been in the scene for quite an while, besides Rotterdam really is good. Maybe he hasn't transitied to the new playing field, or it may be he's just playing bad. Not sure about his manners, never ever been that good, but then again he plays orc lol.

  16. sweet he got a new team. I wish axslav had his commitment.

  17. Of course it is pretty stupid to say that he will never be top 3 orc, since whenever 1 or 2 top orcs retire, he will automatically fall on that spot; so please guys, don't make silly comments like those. Thereby comes that popularity of Warcraft will sink with the arrival of Starcraft, and it will be easier to be on top of something only few people still play.

  18. even fly, focus, lyn, grubby and xiaot retired, he still werent top3 with orc.

  19. gl rotti <3

  20. gl to him and his new team

  21. as for the top three stuff, how many "top orc" players are there anyway? I can think of lyn, grubby, kiwi maybe... oh, and focus. Duck used to be great, but if he still plays, he isn't anymore. That puts him close to the top. Love his far seer usage too.

  22. finding a home is important

  23. Gl to Rotter.

  24. I don't think rotterdam is going to be top 3 orc....cause I really like lyn and xiaot's playing style. But I think rotter will still be a top play and still be in the top pros, GL to him ^^

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