elfittaja- wins ZOTAC #9 by


The Scourge beats the Horde in the final

Last Saturday the ninth edition of the ZOTAC Warcraft III Cup took place. As always, a large number of familiar players decided to participate, such as elfittaja-, Rotterdam and Paladyn. We will pick things up from Round 6 (starting map Secret Valley):

elfittaja- [2:1] lgR-Monster
Fearzaum [2:0] AkUnA[EFC]
S.o.K.o.L [1:2] ieS.ThomasG
RotterdaM [2:0] PGS.PS.Paladyn

Round 7 (starting map Turtle Rock)

elfittaja- [2:0] Fearzaum
RotterdaM [2:1] ieS.ThomasG

Round 8 (starting map Twisted Meadows)

elfittaja- [3:1] RotterdaM

No replays have been released yet, but they are bound to be released here in the next few days. Congratulations to elfittaja-, who claimed his 100 Euro ($146) prize by beating Rotterdam in the final.

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  1. He also won noobwar!

  2. online tour 4 naps

  3. ud wins vs orc, ud imba too? -.-

  4. elfittaja is just superior to RoTi at the moment ~~

    I saw 2 of the games and he played really clumsily.

  5. some people are just so damn blatantly ignorant (no names). What do you care if it is a tour without worldclass players. Why can't you just congratualate the winner or S T F U. No one on these forums would never do any better than elfittaja-

  6. Cept PaTo & ToD who log onto the forums every once in a while

  7. Oh and LW

  8. Yeah but they aren't flaming on these forums :>

  9. atm orc is the worst race... (i am hu player)

  10. ^word.

  11. wtf can orcs make some forums and go cry to each other in them i get sick of seeing it here. Shot elfi is tearing up, dealing to tdel then winning this.

  12. to all the flamers out here, i would like to see u guys play vs these players.

    if Paladyn, Rotterdam, s.o.k.o.l. and thomasg r noobs to u, u must be 1st place in northrend in about 1 week or sth.

    btw i think 100 is quite good for an online tourney but for progamers this is nearly nothin compared to offline tours with prize money in the region of 10000 .

  13. So basically human is such a difficult race that only people like Sky and ToD do good in onlines? Answer pls... -0-

  14. Actually, it's funny - supposedly UD have an advantage against Humans and Elves, the two races competing for the 'broken' title and their only weaker MU is rare and yet, they seem to perform the worst out of the 4.


  16. Poor rotterdam, he almost won something

  17. so for all ppl who r not aware of rotterdams achievements check :


  18. Very nice! I think it's good that the world class players aren't playing in every competition. It makes it all more versatile, where people like us can relate more to the gameplay of the players.

  19. E100 = $146? what a difference. Only good for euro consumers of american products


    The contenders of this tournament werent that bad, just not worldclass. Since Elfi is not in one of the greatest clans ever, its not weird for him to play this tourney. Well done.

  20. aww poor rotti

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