FoV Wins CEG Changchun by


FoV Wins CEG Changchun

The China E-sports Games have once again returned, this time stopping in Changchun. The tournament has invited many rising Chinese stars, combined with the famous professionals of WE.Sky, mouzWazap.Fly, wNv.xiaOt, MYM]Moon, SK.ReMinD, BeT.SweeT and BeT.FoV.

The top two players qualify from each of the eight groups to the single elimation bracket. In the group stages, all the expected players qualified except MYM]Moon who crashed out of his group, losing out to WE.Like and WE.suhO and mouzWazap.Fly who had one of the toughest groups with WE.Sky and SK.ReMinD.
We will pickup the coverage at the first round of the knock out stage:

Round 1:
BeT.SweeT 2:0 u.s.T_Y
SK.ReMinD 2:1 WE.suhO
Des.My_Star 2:0 Colorful.DT
wNv.xiaOt 1:2 Colorful.JingZe

wNv.Sai 1:2 Colorful.Wulin
WE.Sky 2:0 WE.Like
KEEPSAKE 0:2 LinYu.Kenshin
JZBA xiaoC 0:2 BeT.FoV

Round 2-Quarter Finals:
BeT.SweeT 2:0 SK.ReMinD
Des.My_Star 2:0 Colorful.JingZe

Colorful.Wulin 0:2 WE.Sky
LinYu.Kenshin 0:2 BeT.FoV

Round 3-Semi Finals:
BeT.SweeT 2:0 Des.My_Star
WE.Sky 1:2 BeT.FoV

Grand Final:
BeT.SweeT 0:2 BeT.FoV

Third Place Match:
WE.Sky 2:0 Des.My_Star

Final Standings:
    1. BeT.FoV
    2. BeT.SweeT
    3. WE.Sky

Congratulations to BeT.FoV for winning CEG Changchun and 2700 Euros!

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  1. are there any replays released?

  2. they are on Fov is truly a legend of war3 overcoming sky in the semi finals is no easy task i recommend people check how much fov had to outplay sky to grab a win in those games.

  3. UD FTW!!!! is that the first this year??

  4. EPIC undead mirror final
    fov beats sky again :D gooo fov

  5. First LAN Tournament. WE.TeD won PPS earlier:

    But, that wasn't a proper lan iirc.

  6. Hullo, no, luci won 2 big ones earlier this year

  7. Lack of any top HU/ORC

  8. Lack of any top HU/ORC means UD has a chance.. congrats to FoV though, for beating sky 1:2. That's like winning the tourney in itself already. Congrats to sweet aswell for placing above sky :)

  9. woho unblieve able .... ud race taking first and second place in a torunment!

  10. Sky and Remind were the only ones on FoV and Sweet's level, seemingly Xiaot has started to lose all the time again. Anyway nice achievement by FoV, I seem to recall he beat Sky 2-1 in another tournament earlier in the year aswell but then lost to infi.

  11. I see moon was invited but I can't see him in rounds ._.

  12. Moon was knocked out in the group stages.

  13. FoV is definitely the best UD right now which is why it would have been cool to see Sweet win imo but still awesome job.

  14. Korean Final in Chinese tournament ftw

  15. LMAO goshawk xD

  16. wow a 3 UD semifinal, that's pretty rare

  17. OMFG does this mean that Blizzard might not buff UD in the next patch?? :(

  18. xiaOt just had 1 bad LAN event this doesnt mean hes a bad player. Kids need to realize things like this. Moon was eliminated too so does that mean hes no longer the best? No it doesnt. It means he didnt prepare properly and will next time.

  19. i think xiaot mightbe going inactive, and more as a manager now...could be wrong tho but it does seem he is loosing a lot

    anyways congrat to FOV! but no good orcs so UD shoulda won

  20. Xiaot 1-2 Sonkie
    Xiaot 2-1 Tresh
    Xiaot 0-1 Eric

    hard to say...

  21. Fov smashed sweet so bad in the finals.

  22. fov beats sky 2:1, nice!

  23. No lyn :O

  24. If there is a 3 very pro guys in same group, and if they all lose only one game in groupstage, one of them dont qualify cuz of a single bo1 lose!

    no matter how good shape, if there is hard matchup in hard map, games may be over with just being unlucky.

  25. Fov is pure will, so freakin' strong, congratulations.

  26. If moon and Fly would have made it this tounry would have been very different, not saying fov woulda lost of course b/c fovs by far my favorite player and best ud in world atm

    cant wait to see the fov sky replays

  27. Nice 2 ud for top 3/

  28. FoV has never been out of shape really.

    Him and Luci were equals for a long time. Luci feel off.

  29. WtfpWnYou Moon and Fly both entered, and both didn't make it past the group stage.

  30. WtfpWnYou you dipshit, read the goddamn article, they both entered and choked like you do on the cocks of donkeys you stupid illiterate nazi scumbag!

  31. optical your the idiot, read his post, he knows they both entered, and he clearly stated they both got knocked out in the group stages!

    anyway, well done FoV very impressive, definately the strongest UD in the world

  32. replayssssssssssss

  33. 2 undead>1 human

  34. Fov and Sweet surprised me a lot. Good job. Vs Sky, mystar was looking like an 5 old boy... lol

  35. I must say, UD is IMBA, 3 on 4 players was ud in semi-finals
    (I'm joking, but maybe those hu and elf haters should think about it)
    Everyone can win...

  36. its a really matter of a map pool.Without LT its very hard for Hu vs Ud ,cuz TR is a def win for Undead and if TS/EI is kinda 50/50 , TM is definetely a Undead map

  37. man i have to go to damn

  38. Good Joob FoV!


  40. wow. FoV beat Sky 2:1.


  41. Can anyone who is able to navigate through (i.e., speak chinese) post the direct link to map pack from this event? Thx.. much appreciated.


    where it has the length of game etc.. it says the map file / directory just click it its a link to the map ^^.

  43. white.rhino, are you a f***ing moron or what? or you cant read either you degenerate peice or horses shit. now go back, and read WtfpWnYou's post again, not goshawks you stupid shit eating dickhead

  44. actually he said "If moon and Fly would have made it this tounry would have been very different, not saying fov woulda lost of course b/c fovs by far my favorite player and best ud in world atm"

    meaning if moon and fly hadnt been disqualified (they didnt "MAKE IT") then things wouldve been different. He is not saying they didnt make it to the tourney just that they didnt make it..

    so actually ur wrong optical you "degenerate piece of horses shit".

    lol good insult loser

  45. my god this place is full of dumb f***wits who cant comprehend the english language. Either your a dipshit for your understanding of "making it", or he is for being unable to explain himself, you choose. Personally i think your both batshit dimwits like most of the tards that post in this place, but what can one expect with the place full of 14 years olds who know everything. Even what other people mean. Can you teach me to mind read like you? or is it only a gift you get by being a product of incest?

  46. awesome FOV!

  47. Dude.. I'm watching FoV vs Sky game 2 and man AM I FUCKING pissed at how much towers that guy lays down.....
    I am happy that FoV finally showed him who's oldschool.

  48. FoV is a hope for all ud players. Awesome player and nice person : )

  49. Goodjob FoV.
    Good To see some undead winnin

  50. i nvr saw the replay.. is the replays out ?

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