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Raptor.TASTYleon Interviewed

SK-Gaming caught up to with the young German player Leon "TASTYleon" Hoge , who has recently impressed with his performances in NGL, to talk about WC3 and his life outside the game. Here's an extract:
    What do you think about the current balance in wc3? Which changes do you want to see in nearest patches?

    I think WC3 is currently well balanced, but it's getting boring if there isn't any patch in the future. Hmm, I can't say which changes I want to see, because I think that every race can beat the other race.

    What you think about the current map-pool and about item-drops?

    I don't like Gnoll Wood, it's hard for humans to play on this map. The item-drops is ok but I miss the mask of death like in RoC :)

    What do you think you need to do to become a pro-gamer?

    Much motivation, much train and good nerves :D And 5-6 months of hard train? :) Well, it is enough if you play regularly.
The full interview can be found here.

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  1. tasty intervew.

  2. lol^

    5-6 months of hard training you say?

    ill start now :)

  3. New blood! Erm... Ger? Wateva. Still better than bad-mannered noobelf :)

  4. LOL 'what do you think about the patch?'
    'the game is balanced, human can beat any race so its cool'

  5. deVall3y: "LOL 'what do you think about the patch?'
    'the game is balanced, human can beat any race so its cool'"

    100% agreed

  6. 'Your favorite book: Don't have anyone.'
    Cant say im surprised :D

  7. Damn these interviews are getting more and more boring. I wish they would ask some more interesting questions, not only "what do you think about balance" bla bla bla. "Do you get hard watching horseporn?" would be a sufficient question.

  8. .... I dont know how great of an interview this was.

  9. You have to keep your train hard for 5-6 months? : (

    That sounds like too much of a bother...

  10. ZzZz boring !

    wcreplays > all other sites interviews

  11. ROFL "i don't like gnoll wood its hard for humans to play on this map" how do you think undead feels about lost temple?

  12. Bad interview

  13. nice inter view but i hate u ppl...OH HUMANS SOOOOOOO IMBALLANCED!! nice it went from the sexond worst race to the second best maybe tied for best w/o a patch

  14. rofl good comment fox_mcgyver!

  15. Blazing)Force, these people here are too stupid to realize that.. logic is beyong them

  16. beyond*

  17. I like his apm.

  18. bad interviue, but he is just 15, so thats is mayby the answer why it is balanced ... all that is good for him =good for all ...

  19. Who?
    The f***..

  20. If u guys suck with playing this game, its not always the imbalance.

    But elfmirrors are still imbalanced, i only got 30% wins with my bnet random acc.

  21. I agree gnoll wood is gay, Secret valley in the solo map pool next patch blizz? cmon.

  22. mmmm, in fact that is true. Every race can beat the other race. So stop saying : Hu can beat every race.

    If you never win against hu, its because you're f***ing bad

  23. Okay let me make 20 towers on each base (5) cross spawn lt and send tanks 14 tanks into your base then make 100 food gyrocopter gryphon knight morts priest after all my tanks have died and wipe you out!

  24. who is this! :O

  25. wonder whats gonna happen to the wc3 pro scene when sc2 comes out :X

  26. Nice interview, however it feels like the longer ones are always with the less known players :/

  27. LOL wtf his real name is Leon Hoge and not Andrey Leonov, omg wcreplays..................

  28. 15 old, who cares about hes favourite band etc XD

  29. How about we just delete all the standard maps from existence and start using new balanced maps =/

  30. ^agreed

  31. he says the exact same thing as tod when it comes to balance. lol

    "I think WC3 is currently well balanced, and every race can beat every race". Noshit sherlock, but thats not what they are asking. UD/ORC winning 1 game in 100 because of pure stupidity on their enemies behalf, or some luck drops or something doesnt make the game 'well balanced'. At least sky is honest about it.. manners = respect. I dont know who this kid even is, but agreeing and saying the same thing about balance as ToD isnt a good thing.

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