GiveMe5 Episode 5 by


Give Me 5!

Here is the newest episode of GiveMe5. If you’re looking to get caught up quickly on recent happenings in scene news you've come to the right place. In this episode I'll bring you up to speed on:

  • XyLigan winning ZOTAC
  • Grubby's article on Balance
  • DreamHack
  • Roster Changes
  • FFA Masters League
  • The Frozen League

Be sure to check it out and give me some feedback!

Thanks to the Scene News Team as well as my new project coordinators Fridginators and FFA.Smerbeck

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  1. Great work, Shark. Nice compilation.

  2. Yea SHARK made one more episode of giveme5 ;) gogo shark

  3. uh... This was alright... nothing special imo

  4. What is this, and why am I hearing of it for the first time?

  5. SySShark ftw, thanks for doing this :)

  6. it is very good if you miss alot of stuff :)

  7. Thankies, dunno why you stopped making these in the 1st place, great way to update people if they wheren't "into" the scene that much.

  8. Honestly, it is a lot of effort - Previously Shark only had hiimself to do it, and that would take him around 5-6 hours or so. This is because you have to find the stories, find articles and sources, write your small statement, and then rinse and repeat 16 times. Plus, Shark has to do all the audio work with the musical sting etc, so it actually is a lot of effort for something that's only five minutes long. But seeing as myself and Smerbeck are now devoted to the cause, you'll be seeing these fairly often.

    Btw Shark, apparently it's "Hooligan", not "Zai-Li-Gen". According to SeeD anyway.

  9. Great to see it comeback, very nice project!

    However, I think you forgot to mention who actually won Dreamhack?

  10. great work!!!

  11. Very nice sir _b

    Thank You.

  12. Always nice listening to you Sysshark. :)

  13. Right on. I remember you mentioning this in some recent rant ac's and I think it's a pretty cool idea.

    Shark ftw

  14. Why didn't I see this...I log onto this site 500 times a day..

  15. What is it, just an audio? Whats wrong with an article? would that be even more time consuming? even so, i think an article and in-depth write up would be of much more value in the long run.. thanks for listening to my ungrateful banter :p

    thanks anyway for the effort guys :)

  16. I think more people think an Audio is more fun than an Article. I certainly do.

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