Insomnia Officially Retires by


Insomnia Officially Retires

The human legend, Zdravko "SK.Insomnia" Georgiev has now officially retired, confirming the rumours. Insomnia has been playing for SK-Gaming for five years, and has been playing WC3L since its beginning. Insomnia has achieved much through his long career, winning WCG 2003 at the peak of his career. Here's an extract from his blog on SK-Gaming, where he states the main reason to retiring as the game was simply 'getting boring':
    A few months after I came home - in early 2004 I started getting regular salary from SK, money enough for me to live my life the way I wanted. I kept on practicing and attending tournaments and made numerous high place finishes, but slowly tournament after tournament, day after day I was losing my interest in War3, I was getting bored of it. I will be honest with you guys, in the last year - year and a half I mostly played because I had no other source of income.

    Finally exactly 5 years after I joined SK I decided to tell everyone in the team how I felt and that I wanted to quit even tho I still had a running contract. On November 15th 2007 we all gathered in the SK office in Cologne for the upcoming wc3l finals and I used this opportunity to make the announcement. Big shout out goes to Alex, whom most of you know as TheSlasH - the SK Gaming global manager. He understood me and supported me in my decision. Thanks Alex, thanks for the support and the motivation you provided through all these years, thanks for leading the team forward and thanks for always being there when needed. I also want to thank my latest teammates - ReMinD, Soju and Lyn. SK could not have wished for better guys to join and strengthen the team. I have had great respect for all of them, long before they joined SK and was very happy when I heard we were recruiting them to the team. They all have an insane amount of potential. Thank you guys for the great performance at the WC3L playoffs, allowing me to end my career with a great victory.

    I want to apologize to you guys for not putting up the announcement in time. The reason why this happened is simple. We wanted to have this blog up on the page along with the news item, but I just couldn't find the time to write it. Now when my time is not occupied with war3 I've had so many new things entering my life it's crazy. I am doing different kinds of sports 4 times a week now. Yesterday I went snowboarding, had so much fun. I also resumed my university studies and started socializing with my friends a lot more. I am also playing poker online to be able to get some income, but I am not focusing on it nearly as much as I did on games before. All in all life has been great and I certainly don't regret my decision to leave the scene.

    Last but not least I want to thank you guys. Thank you for the great support you provided during all those years, I hope I was able to give something back to you through my games. My advice to you is never to give up on your dreams, no matter what. That is the key to success, that everyone’s looking for.

    Thanks for reading.

The full article can be found here.

WCR would like to wish Insomnia the best of the luck in the future.

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  1. Goodbye Inso, you will be missed!

  2. Great player, Goodbye.

  3. bye dude, u will be missed

  4. Bye Inso t.t

  5. Hes had an amazing career in wc3. GL in the future.

  6. sad sad day for the entire esports environment...we'll miss your skill, your manners and your will to innovate in this game!

    GG Inso.

    Have fun in your sports!

  7. Here goes another great player ..

  8. Touching words from a great warcraft 3 legend!!

    Good luck inso!!!

  9. Ur the man Inso!!!

  10. Cool player, cool nick. gg man <3

  11. We wanted to have this blog up on the page along with the news item, but I just couldn't find the time to write it.

    With all due respect, not having time to write such a short "blog" seems like quite a bad excuse. Come on even I could have written that using his name in like 10 minutes :<

    Anyways, all the best to you Zdravko!

  12. Oh i have so much things in my mind going and going but i just cant explain how bad i feel of his retire good luck Inso you will be forever remembered

  13. damn this sucks

  14. Good luck Insomnia.

  15. A human player I learned basics from :< GL Inso!

  16. Zdravko, thnx for the great games you gave us!!!! Learned very much from you and not only wc3.. but a way of thinking aswell, I thank you alot for this!!!!

  17. really nice blog, once again proving me right for having him as one of overally a good and mannered player.

  18. Bye bye Inso! :(

  19. What a shame! Favorite human =(

  20. gl hf...

  21. Really well written and great for cheering everyone to search for their dreams :()

  22. Inso, the original player I watched replays from back in RoC. You have no idea how much I improved my human from studying your replays. Your ultimately 1 of the best pros out there, very sad to see you go, but fair enough none the less. I wish you well.

  23. farewell inso :/

  24. I hope we meet again someday!

  25. sad day :(

  26. Good Bye Inso and gj.

  27. Bye!
    Thanks for your human basic I learned from :D

  28. 2nd favorite human gone...): sad day


  30. Good luck Inso...nevertheless what we say , everything will far from enough.....

    Insomnia , Heman , MadFrog , Dominator


  31. This signals a very important day for war3, it's on the decline so I hope SC2 is released in good time so we can move on!!

    One of the most legendary war3 players of all time, See ya man.

  32. the guy above me is an idiot. one guy retiring because he is like 25 years old is not the end of warcraft

  33. Goodbye Inso

  34. This is really sad. When i started wc3 , i guess it was 1.04 ROC , Inso was the top3 , maybe top1 player. . .
    I was watching his replays so much , the invisibility on MK with the sorceress , the rifle priest strat , fast exp . .
    So many thing from him.
    SK will never be the same again.
    SK is bullshit without Inso . Just think about it , whenever you say SK , your first association is Insomnia. . .

  35. he has a really cool name...he was oneof the hu's that every one resepected and showed true skill

  36. u noobs need a tissue? stop crying about it u cant quit this game its an addiction. 2 weeks from now insomnia will be playing

  37. awwwwwwww

    he was pretty entertaining to watch
    he had a NICE play style not like ToD's which is boring

    he was a good player, :(

  38. Inso was gdlk

  39. I am also playing poker online to be able to get some income, but I am not focusing on it nearly as much as I did on games before.

    Still, dangerous waters mate.. best of luck in your future.

  40. gg inso...

  41. shte ni libsvash <3

  42. :((((((((((((((((((

  43. Pretty much he said what i suspected for long that Inso stayed in Sk just to leech their money without any real interest in the game.

  44. god dammit!
    i remember back when i first started playing i looked up to inso so much.. especially when he won wcg 2003 against chinahuman.. man they were some good games especially the one on duskwood!
    but hey by the sounds of things he looks like he got his life on track and heading up.. thanks for everything inso dude u will be greatly missed and all the best in the future near and far =]

    peace. ^_^_V

  45. Nooooo! Aww it's a shame... Always enjoyed his games.

  46. Meh.
    The most creative human player in warcraft history.

  47. oh wow, ok now im sad...

  48. wow sad day for war3 :( i miss him already. much respect for inso <3

  49. class act

  50. Inso you and madfrog are the bests we will miss both of u and frog 4ever

  51. really sad, i saw him played on wcg 2005 in singapore, really nice dude.

  52. Goodbye king of invisible Mountain King...
    Gudluk in the future

  53. that's a shame, and a hefty blow to SK. He was an excellent player and will be fondly remembered.

  54. He was a great player, and I like how he was opposed to laming and just massing towers.

  55. lulz, i remember that wcg even though i was kinda noob at that time
    i remember he played someone called china human? anyone knows who was he?
    and why retired pro-gamers always go play poker?

  56. BYE INSOMNIA!! ive always been gay for u *cry*

  57. :)

    He's a legend.

  58. gg Inso :( First replay I ever watched of a pro was an Inso game.

  59. THE BEST !!! f*** hes gone ;/

  60. :"( bye bye Inso.. we will always remember you as a god in this game :D

  61. I think he finally fell asleep

  62. The best human player of all times!!!! Living legend....good luck Insomnia!

  63. Unique player
    I wonder what is his new dream..?! :)

    I hope he will come back with Star Craft II... :]

  64. Damn it...

    Well f*** it starcraft isnt nearly as interesting as warcraft. Swords > guns

  65. thank god insomnia sucked balls, and all of u are F@GS that would suck his cock if u guys had the chance.

    shit player, has no life and i f***ed insomnias sister LOLOL.

  66. And another legend retires...

  67. Good luck in the future Inso - university studies are not that bad after all. Enjoy your new life. Maybe a return to amateur gaming for SC2? ;-) Well, GG Inso! Thanks for all the fun.

  68. GL inso! best hu player and always gave an exciting game :)


  69. This is the queue for wc4.Or let's get the balance issue right. More and more legends retiring. Wc3 is going out the window now, for sure.

    GL inso you're an idol to many great human players.

  70. lgnd....

  71. Wow! Insomnia retired??
    Thats a bummer :(

  72. Probably the most respected and influencial HU player in the games history, and certainly one of the most favoured and respected players in the whole game. May you find joy in whatever path you aspire to after this. Good to see that you are getting back into normal life, and seem to be enjoying it a whole lot more. Money isnt everything, happyness is! :)

    Great player and also a great rolemodel for aspiring pros.

    Also, not really surprising since SK is pretty much Koreans now. No more euro comradarie.. With 4k pretty much dead, the euro war3 scene is pretty much had its day. Sad day indeed for the war3 community. I miss the days of SK, 4k, AT, MTW etc..

  73. warcraft 3 without inso just sucks :(

  74. Will always remember Inso for being a cool guy, was a pleasure to get to meet him in Koln. Good luck to you in the future Zdravko.

  75. Late but nvm. Goodbye my n1 idol (2nd and 3rd are ToD and Sky) from who I've been learning all the time. One of the 3 best humans in the history of war3. Good luck in real life, now ToD and Sky are my only idols.

    YcneX B juBoTa

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