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Mouz.ToD Interviewed

Yoan "ToD" Merlo who has recently been the centre of attention following his depature from 4Kings to join Mouz has been interviewed by GG Game. In this ToD shares his opinions on DotA, his new team and the upcoming patch. Here's an extract:
    How do you like Mousesports after you joined the team?

    I like the team pretty much, i haven't been in for a long time but i can already feel that the managment is really focused on treating the players really well, and the teamspirit is pretty good so far aswell.

    There are rumors that mouz will recruit another top player in the roster. Any hints? Which race does Mouz need most for now?
    The are rumors we might add someone yeah, nobody said it would only be 1 player though ^^ in my opinion we need an additional Elf

    Many professional players also play DotA for fun. Mouz just adds DotA Squard recently. Do you also play DotA?
    Yeah i do play a lot of DOTA lately, it's a really fun and addictive game, the dota scene is already huge and still growing, there is some highlevel players, some superstars, some most used heroes and strategies, i find all this very interesting and it all takes place on ggclient so it's easy for me to find opponents and make sure it doesnt lag too much.

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  1. Thanks to Orange for the link!

  2. human players are so sure the game is balanced except for elves :D

  3. "lately all race beat each other pretty equally"

    What happened to ToD?

  4. QUOTE:
    haha, hard to say ... lately all race beat each other pretty equally, but some kind of nerf to the Elf trees is the first thing that would come to my mind.

    yea, right. except undead and orcs lose every single game in big tournaments... yea, and trees need nerfing but human towers and water elemental don't. wow, wtf?

    some guy posted this under the interview and i couldnt agree more >_<

  5. ToD plays DotA. Sweet!

  6. Nice interview

  7. ToD plays DotA. Horrible.

  8. Drayich as in SK.Drayich? He's in mouz.dota now?

  9. arrogant nose

  10. #8 Yer, I think.

  11. r3tr0 obviously you havent seen the post by gerila in scene news that lists the tournaments this year, hu/orc/ud all have near the same amount of tourny wins.

  12. I want to see ToD playing dota :P

  13. you dont want to see that,he creeps roshan with militia

  14. coooolo

  15. cruncher; i quoted some other guy i didnt say that, but i agree with him about how its bs and that orc and ud are underpowerd whereas all he thinks is imba is elf trees? the tournament part is unimportant

  16. "you dont want to see that,he creeps roshan with militia"

    GG, You officialy win



    Seriously, this human is top in the world currently in my opinion.
    he wins everything.

    Go with the good stuffs boy.

  18. lol @ 2lame4u

    On topic. It might be because we know so much about progamers, or because the game itself is getting old without a new patch, but the latest interviews haven't been THAT interesting.

  19. nice interview

  20. haha, hard to say ... lately all race beat each other pretty equally, but some kind of nerf to the Elf trees is the first thing that would come to my mind.

    lol @ mentioning trees need a nerf but that towers dont -_-

  21. Was it me or did ToD kinda hinted that management at 4K blows ars? Well, no wonder..

  22. Why not let peasants stay as militia for 10min and not take food during militia time?

    "Nerf elf trees" - Yeah ok, that's the only thing.

    Any comments about TR close spawn? Maybe nerf AoW build time so that it is cancellable with militia TR close spawn, that would be a nice balance.

    I'm sorry but I think that if he wants to speak about balance he should be serious... or just say "it's balanced as is".

  23. ok i wish tod all the best of luck, but his comment concerning balance is just ...

    nothin more to add

  24. Oh man I share your pain, I have been ip banned by Bunny for commenting on the shape of the person who's interview we are all reading right now. I SHARE THEE PAIN DUDE!!
    P.S. No idea who/how unbanned me, but here I am! Bunny <3

  25. shape of the person's nose* that's what I was trying to type. o.O

  26. good call by tod to get out of 4k at the right time; kinda sad that he didnt list grubby when asked who he wanted to join mouz :[

  27. HU's and NE's should not be allowed to comment on whether or not the game is balanced.

  28. whoa, he plays dota!

  29. I like ToD, but I do think he needs to get a balance check at times. Ancients might be a bit too good at times, but if you were to say that, then you would have to nerf Tanks, Towers and Water Elementals. Otherwise Elves would get tower rushed every game because the Ancients wouldn't be able to stop it, or just get Tanked to death because Ancients again, can't stop it.

    Still, good luck to him and Mouz.

  30. He likes tiny and warlock =)

  31. @FOX_McGyver, Chinese night elves pray for close spawn, and since he's in China, I doubt he is enjoying close spawn TR much.

  32. lol he sticks out like a sore thumb in that pick

  33. Ah I love it. Always ToD has an urgent need to put something about elf into his "balancing" list since there's 1 night elf who can win him (nobody else of any race) Moon so night elf must be imbalanced because ToD cannot win Moon in an official offline match.

    And the one who said night elves and human players don't have right to comment balance what makes you think so? Do you think night elves and human players don't know this game at all or they're playing so imba races that they cannot have anything to say about this? I will tell you that being towerrushed by every 2nd orc in the ladder, being burrowrushed like every 5th game against orc such stuff certainly don't talk for statements where night elf is imba. If your enemy gets any single tower up, no matter is he human or orc there's a hard game coming for night elf because this freakin race has no other optional way to beat towers except to mass ancient of wars. It seriously blows guys, try night elf vs. all those towerrushes and such stuff designed just to beat night elf which are just cheese for human. I mean human has a good long game, good units, fast expansion, towers, great basedefense and siege, human cannot be towerrushed while elf can be towerrushed or -siege-abused- like every game. It's kind of frustrating to hear imba whines when you know these tactics and try your best to find counters and still there're many games you lose vs. these rushes.

  34. death of war3!

  35. ToD was infeteced by dota :(((

  36. u mean dota infected by tod :P?

  37. Nice interview and you guys need to chill about his balance comment, it's like your expecting so much from him when you know what kind of player he is

  38. seriously, he's entitled to his opinon, and it's not like he was just crying about nightelf, he was ASKED how he felt about it. and he knows the game much more than anybody else here..

  39. I wounder if the managers on GGC had payed him to talk good about ggc, i mean his like "well chinese internet sucks, but ggc solves if we get good host" And "i really like dota, so much fun! and its all happening at ggc!", or am i the only one who think he talks VERY good for ggc?

    Anyway, nice interview :)

  40. tod so gosu o.o

  41. "Ah I love it. Always ToD has an urgent need to put something about elf into his "balancing" list since there's 1 night elf who can win him (nobody else of any race) Moon so night elf must be imbalanced because ToD cannot win Moon in an official offline match."

    enemyhawk aka peterra88 u dumbf***, moon is not the only one who can beat ToD

  42. Whoever whine about elf and moon in same sentence are wrong, moon is the fifth race for petes sake!

  43. Vikatikki

    Ok maybe I introduced my thing very bad because in tournaments where ToD is on low streak (mean he isn't going to win the tournament) he usually gives a statement after the tournament where he clearly shows his bias and low manner: in these conditions atm most of tournament seem to end up into elf vs. human and there're several tournaments where ToD lost to Moon and ended up second. He lost MOST of bo3's between Moon and himself. He is always whining in every interview about something, in the past he whined about ud (when lucifer dropped him in some tournament in the next interview he said ud needs fixing) and when he won several orcs and grubby wrote into his blog that beating human is a nightmare these days tod answered "try harder and you win easily vs. human with orc". Then mainly when he loses he cuts all the other elves except moon and when he loses in the interview he usually says something about elf imbalance.

    I may explained myself bad but that's how it has been with tod eversince.

  44. "I wounder if the managers on GGC had payed him to talk good about ggc, i mean his like "well chinese internet sucks, but ggc solves if we get good host" And "i really like dota, so much fun! and its all happening at ggc!", or am i the only one who think he talks VERY good for ggc?"

    GGClient is a godsend. It really is an awesome program, especially for Chinese progamers. Okay, they might have asked for him to just put a bit of good word in for them, but at the same time, those comments should be considered sincere because GGClient has done wonders for online gaming.

  45. Hu needs a nerf BIG TIME

  46. Thanks for the interview

  47. fridginators, Yea ofc its really REALLY good, don't get me wrong ggc is awesome :P
    But it really sounded like a comercial when he was like "its so much fun, and its all happening on ggc!" But well, ggc is really good to remove lagg so its cool :)

  48. Never thought Tod would play Dota xD btw

  49. omg enemyhawk stop it with all these longass newb comments, every time I go see what's happening in scene news or gosu replays I just see you writing a book about somebody's comment that NO ONE CARES ABOUT...
    sorry but I couldn't help it anymore >.<

  50. He wants FoV or Zacard most... ouch Grubby--other ex-teammate or other orc player.

  51. My thoughts on the FoV Zacard thing...

    I am under the impression that even though we aren't getting statements like it anywhere, that the management and shape of 4k, with everything else going on in Tod's life, made him leave 4k, very suddenly and seemingly not in the best of stances. Every interview I've seen with grubby he tends to gloss over it and ToD doesn't speak much of it either, so I think it might have been an ugly breakup...

  52. hu takes no skill

    hu players can win relying 100% on strategy, while the other 3 races have to rely on skill

    Tod has extremely poor micro, timing, and multi tasking ability but it doesn't matter because all he has to do is throw up a wall of towers and suddenly none of that matters

    Tod was nothing before he started massing towers, he will always be one of the worst "pro gamers" around... him and sky are nothing but frauds, can't even creep a goblin merchant without losing forty peasants, or maybe they just don't care because they know it won't affect them in the long run

    B + T 4ever

  53. lol i have to sortof agree with you iamverylame but i have seen some really nice moves by tod and sky. I think its pretty uncontestable that tod and sky have amazing micro, to reach that lvl you need fast reflexes and good ability. But i do see some truth in your posts, a lot of the time tod or sky seem like they arent even trying; like loosing "40" militia to goblin lab, they just dont give a fuk cuz doesnt make a difference if they are gonna tower up 3-4 expos anyways and mass tanks. Basically i feel like tod has tried like 20% as hard as grubby has at becoming good at war3.. and has half the heart for it yet with a few towers no prob wcg here i come.. >_> IMO sky is A LOT better than tod.

  54. BurrowUrGhouls

    Merry Christmas to you too. I guess you shouldn't make statements about skills if you don't know my skill at all so here is my advice: don't call me a noob if you don't know any better ok?

    Then just because you don't care doesn't mean other people wouldn't. You can target your hatred to me but you can just scroll around tod's interviews and see how full of himself this guy, how he disgusts a big part of the community with his attitude. There're like 40 interviews of ToD available, practically everything has been called once or more imbalanced by him. See other pros, like grubby, do they whine like that every damn interview? They don't.

    Changing night elf trees, coming from human player, is a joke and cannot be taken seriously by anyone. Night Elf trees are imbalanced vs. both ud and orc but when it comes down to human players they're playing towers/tanks/gryphons every game and then the only way to defend yourself with elf to hinder you from being perfectly raped is to mass these stupid trees all around map to avoid the human a-moving in and just focusing your maintree out and you can call a gg.

  55. enemyhawk, BurrowUrGhouls is right, we don't give a damn about your ramblings on every news of ToD or every replays of him. Everytimes I scroll down, there is a hateful comment of yours waiting. Whats wrong with you, are you frustrated or is it only some kind of superiority complex that leads you to try to elaborate stupid theories on everything?

  56. EnemyHawk, you are completely wrong about humans playing tower/tank/gryphos every match.. that would be just stupid. Also, human playing vs elf needs at least a gold mine more than elf to compete, seems fair to me that he can complain. And why would he talk about buffing O/UD, he is hmn and will talk about what needs to be done to help his race.

    Gogo ToD best player in the world..!!

  57. vOid(sMiTh)

    I am just full of ToD. There're several types of people who simple disgusts me and tod belongs to them. Being a great player is no excuse in this case: ToD is a whiner, has always been, doesn't deserve any respect. Why? Because ToD doesn't have any respect for any other player but himself, he talks down in his interviews every player opposing him, meaning when somebody beats him there must be imba because there's nothing that super-tod couldn't beat which weren't imba.

    It's been like this with ToD eversince and I do mainly make a comparison between pros by their manners and by their respect for other players. ToD is totally opposite to most of other pros: name me another pro who hasn't got any respect for the skill of their opponents? Do they officially whine about imbalance and such stuff? I give my head for that as soon as towers/tanks are nerfed (if they ever will be nerfed) the skill of tod has been sliced to half.

  58. There was a season about a year ago when tod said "for my fans I try to reduce the number of towers I use" and when he did this change he started a long downfall in his skills. The moment when he could recover his skill was when he began using towers again. I've got nothing against hum but I've got everything against ToD. Bnet is full of players like him and I don't miss anyone more of them. Seriously when SC2 comes out I will immediately change just because of the stubborn community of war3.

  59. is there some sorta bad blood with him and grubby now ?

  60. with all respect due to you all, i think you are jealous, or bored to admit that tod is currently the best player in the world along with moon.

    he wins everything currently i mean.

  61. X-ecutionner

    I am very sure about that atm ToD is very much the second best player in the world (by his stats and percents on the top) but he doesn't get my respect for that as long as he fixes his attitude towards other players. when he acts out like the 2nd best player in the world he has my respect but as long as he talks down every opponent he ever faces I won't give any credit for his skill.

  62. BurrowUrGhouls, enemyhawk may be a douche and i may not agree with him, but he's allowed to have an opinion. It's better than your post, which had no merit whatsoever.. damn 2007's spam and think they are top shit. If you dont like what he brings up, maybe you should respond to his points instead of whinging that you cant read anything about harry potter level literature(oh wait, that is a book too). Maybe you should stick to the SK forums, or if you were around back then, the IN clan forums would of been perfect for you my friend.

    Good interview, and i told you guys ages ago, his relationship with grubby isnt the same after he went out with PPG.. :p

  63. Also, i always love when ToD makes comments on balance. He brings up NE trees into the equation, and mentions that all races beat each other quite equally(LOL). Nothing mentioned about Hu nerfs, or towers at all, or UD/ORC buffs.. but thats only natural since he plays HU, and professionally. It's not in his interests to get his race nerfed, and lower his chances of winning tourneys.. nerf towers = less paycheck for ToD. I really hope they Buff UD, because they seem to have the most mannered pros who deserve to win :)

  64. There's a counter to everything. It just depends on how smart the player is. For instance, in America about 80% of warcraft players are mentally retarded or semi-retarded. So, those players will never truly understand warcraft and how dynamic the game really is. All they think about, strategy-wise, is timing, micro, and army composition. And to make up for the mental deficiencies, these people constantly bitch about imbalance just because they suck at the game or they are too stupid to overcome these imbalances.

  65. Enemyhawk,
    the problem is that you are very impartial. There are others players being unmannered, whining ingame if not on interviews, like Rob or Rotterdam, but you seem to talk about ToD as if you knew him irl. Yes he's a whiner, but he's a winner too. Yes he may talk down about his opponents before facing them, but heh, maybe it's a way for him to be more confident. ToD is french (as I am) so he just says what he thinks, and dislikes hypochrisy, ether it suits you or not. But maybe it's the reason, because I readed you before writting xenophobic crap about french pple. I think you should take a breath and travel the world dude. Anyway, as far as I could read on forums, ToD earned respect from most of the community. And if every other players were as much sincere as he is, you wouldn't be writing a full lampoon to him like you do.

  66. WhiteChocolate
    ToD is french

  67. vOid(sMiTh)

    Maybe tod has earned the respect of the community but he will never earn my respect or turn my bad words on him until he changes like he once said he was about to. He is well-aware of his own low-manner, he has told in several interviews that he doesn't always think his actions to the end and simple shouts things out. This is maybe a way of surviving but every single person in this world needs to have some sort of "calm myself" mode. I used to be a big whiner, big time and many people still consider me a whiner in these forums. Still I finally understood that bad manners only make me seem a fool in bnet games and make people hate me for no reason. I stopped bitching about imbalance in bnet games just so and eversince I've controlled myself, I've not been bad mannered in a bnet game since half a year now, I've quitted every single lost game with gg and a smile. I know that people can learn to control themselves if they want but I am sadly sorry that tod won't find this part of himself.

  68. And to my experience, night elves and human players have no ****ing reason to whine in war3 as this game is quite much servant for both races atm. I can agree with the "imba-whines" of rob and rotti because I know they play orc and I know that controlling yourself when you clearly play better and still lose to lesser skilled elves and human players is very hard. I've played about 1000 games with orc in the ladder and I know that there're so many games where I played better and still lost, same implies when I play UD. I think UD/Orc have some sort of right to whine: these races need a serious buff to give them a fair chance vs. "kings of races" elves and human. I won't agree any kind of imbawhines from an elf nor from a human because there's 100% no reason to whine when you play these races.

  69. Shut the f*** up.

  70. No one wants to read your f***ing piece of shit diatribes on wc3 and how much cock you suck on bnet. ur a ***

  71. yeah whats up with grubby now a days? he actaully still gonna stay in 4K? what happened to ToD and Grubby? They arnt freinds no more or what?

  72. WhiteChocolate, stfu you 2007 whinger. If you dont want to read it, dont read it. But yeah, keep telling people who actually make interesting comments to stfu. I'm sure you'll last long here with that dipshit attitude. I hope thats not your general attitude, and you just had a bad day or sometihng. Otherwise, go back to SK forums if you like one line spam comments with bad spelling/punctuation and grammar etc

  73. According to you, I'm almost a 2008 whinger. Btw, wtf is a whinger? Do you just make words up as you go? Or, are you just some cracked out I wanted to use the N-Word so I should probably be banned now?

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