ZOTAC #15 - SonKiE wins by


SonKiE comes back from 0-2 in the final

Today the 15th edition of the ZOTAC Warcraft III Cup was played. As always a number of familiar players participated in the event such as srs.SonKiE (darkpaki), 4K.LiiLD.C and hoorai.BrinGeR. You can find the full grid here, we will pick things up from Round 6 (starting map Turtle Rock):

4KLiiLDC [2:0] ies.Sting
Vacuume-tube [2:1] nicker
ieS.Kpect [0:2] PGS.PS.ShADe
darkpaki [2:1] hate-love-anger

Round 7 (starting map Echo Isles)

4KLiiLDC [1:2] Vacuume-tube
PGS.PS.ShADe [0:2] darkpaki

Round 8 (starting map Twisted Meadows)

darkpaki [3:2] Vacuume-tube

Replays of the event can be found here. Congratulations to srs.SonKiE for winning this edition of the ZOTAC cup and 100 euro.

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  1. gogo ncassidy


  3. imo, LiiLD.C was a favorite for this tournament. Nice job by Sonkie!

  4. More evidence that SonKiE is the best US player.

  5. are zotac cups in CET timezone?

  6. Who is Tube?

  7. @ gankutsuouk. Youbetter stay away from shriek xD

  8. N1 Sonkie

  9. imagine being from 4k and losing to a lithuanian guy called vacuume-tube

  10. sorry for double post,but you must have in mind its also orc vs elf...

  11. ZOTAC cup is the new incup?

  12. ZOTAC #16 is yet to be played. Sonkie won ZOTAC #15 :)

  13. @ 2lame4u That flag is ukranian not lithuanian.

  14. t.t reps of this tour not up yet..

  15. It's obvious that this Ukranian trash is maphacking or vent hacking. Randomly beats mass pros in Incup and other cups.

  16. liild is f***ing overrated, cannot u realize

  17. They arent so bad. If a pro loses, does it mean they are hacking? Mb pros can also have bad games? Its ridiculous that some 50% azeroth players come to say that they are mhing since their 'star' american players naerly lost

  18. Retard. a) I'm not American b) If you had any scene knowledge you would have seen this guy perform the same feats in the last two years in Incup, however I've seen him play, I've played him, and he's terrible. He is also a complete no name despite this random results he gets.

  19. *these random results

  20. usa fighting

  21. LillD.C is nothing more than a joke.
    Grubby has to get out of this raft of the medusa before its total sinking..

  22. :P SonkiE > liild.c anytime

  23. LOL Liildc got beat by some no name, correct me if I am wrong, but he wont be able to replace Creo..

  24. No he wont, but you dont get instant pro just because you join 4k

  25. LOOOOL LiilD.C lost to ghost who is a total noob rofl, same goes for nicker.

  26. wow, flame liild.c some more for losing 1:2 to an orc.... pro's don't have perfect records guys, and they're not gonna win every game in the tourneys they play even if they may be the "favorite"... he still plays for 4k and is a pro, and this guy he lost to obviously isn't a total noob either to get to the finals of a tourney like this, lets use our heads now...

  27. WTf im paki and hes british... what a racist name. Douchebag.

    GJ on winning tho :)

  28. ghost ( tube ) is really good, you all got no idea about the real level of these players, ghost is easyly better than many known players, only thing i'm not to sure about if if he hacks or not, if he doesnt hack he's easyly one of the best orcs in europe, and no shame losing to him if you are liil d c

  29. KEWL: hes not british, hes american.

  30. @ bietzche

    you say that like grubby is any good anymore, good joke.

    on another note ive beaten vacuume-tube twice o_o

  31. yeah i think he was top 16 overall last incup season

  32. Come on Rdam, you really think he can just randomly beat these players (as he does in incup) but not do anything 'on the radar' in leagues etc? Get real.

    Btw darkpaki is the (ridiculous) name of a clanbase admin, Sonkie is using it because it's funny.

  33. Good Job SonKiE.

  34. shadow who said he cant beat anyone in leagues? did any clan give this guy a try yet? he's a new player trying to make a name for himself in doing these cups, incup/zotac, thats a normal process for an upcoming player -_-

  35. Vacuume-tube is a very good orc players, he was very close to win Satiini as well who is even better than LiilD.C.

  36. yay sonkie

  37. nice, all 4 races in semi.

  38. 'New'? I think you better take a look at his incup record.

  39. sonkiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Well, that Vacuume-tube orc player still took 2 games away from Sonkie, so that doesn't mean LiiLDC is a bad player, just that this guy is kinda good!

  41. who is vacuume?

  42. Grats to sonkie

  43. It's good to see sonikie's still good somewhere!

  44. Its so fun, that only having 4k tag makes kids think someone is more "pro". What liilDC has ever won? nothing?. Maybe some few single games in leagues, but propably lost more than won in those.

    but gratz sonkie.

  45. liil won dream hack and defending it this year lost to grubby in the grand final...

  46. liildc cant replace creo, but i agree that we should keep in mind even pros make mistakes.

  47. congrats sonkie. I didnt know you were a paki.. :p

  48. i wish sonkie had played liildc but still a very good win against 2 good eurodeads, gogo srs for WC3L! but wait i wanted elfi to play wc3l :(

  49. lmao darkpaki

  50. 'Grats nik :)

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