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Gravitas Challenge You

Fancy winning $150? Well, you may be in for some luck, as Gravitas Gaming are hosting a contest, in which any user can challenge a player of their choice from the Gravitas squad and if they beat them in a best of five, then they automatically win the prize money. The matches could be pretty interesting as Gravitas are supposedly going to cover all of them; release replays and provide shoutcasts for them.

Gravitas Gaming would like to announce a new challenge for the Warcraft III community, the Gravitas Gaming Warcraft Challenge. This new challenge will happen every month at starting in January so make sure to send in your challenge and stay tuned for many exciting matches.The challenge will be open to anyone interested in competing against the professionals on Gravitas, and there will be a prize of $150 for beating the player of their choice. The challenger will decide upon the enemy of his choice from the Gravitas Gaming Warcraft III team and they will do battle in a best of 5 format. Below are the details for the challange.

Full details can be found here. Good luck to anyone on WCReplays who may be participating in this.


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  1. this
    granted i obviously cant win, but its cool that they are deciding to start something new, give the pros chances to play their fans
    plus everyone that comments about how bad they do in replays, can have a chanced to get raped

  2. interesting

  3. Poor Frozen. I think he'll get a lot of challenges : /

    HoT will get none : )

  4. Best of 5 not 3 silly Ciel =D

  5. Im almost 100% certain Hot, Xyligan and Rob will be recieving very few contenders, to add on to what Dectilon said.

  6. Who would be so stupid to play against Hot LOL. Unless you wanted to lose. They should raise the money for anyone playing Hot get $300, Xyligan and Rob gets $150, and the rest $50.

  7. i want to see moon ripping these kids apart, preferable on dumb names such as bigpopa and ernestarnold

  8. Sk.HeMaN will smurf them to make the 150$

  9. Grubby is challenging Frozen so he can pay the electricity bill for the month.

  10. Think you forgot Titan Ciel.

  11. i wonder if there will be a fee to participate, kinda left it open there.

  12. this'll be fun to see if any1 can beat them

  13. I would be stupid enough to play vs HoT :D

  14. I think they will also challenge Hot, to play against a player of such calibre :D

  15. hey people this is an opportunity. It doesn't matter if you challenge hot and lose because u don't lose any money anyway. When you challenge him you get an opportunity to beat one of the best european elves and you may learn something very new. You learn the most when you're playing players who are clearly or VERY much better than you, it doesn't matter if you lose you'll still learn something. this is like a training hour with a pro for free instead of a typical training session which costs a lot.

    A great opportunity Gravitas is offering; i am curious to see what happens :)

  16. Surely some average level 40 Orc could challenge Quaix and get a free $150

  17. It's funny how the first thing everyone else seems to think of is "what's the easiest way to get the $150" when the first thing I think of is "it would be a fantastic opportunity to get some tips on your game from a professional".

    The only thing putting me off is the amount of coverage involved for each "challenge", they seem to be looking for a higher calibre of "challenger" (upper league players) - otherwise, I'd probably go for it without hesitation. :)

  18. if they let everyone play they will lose quite a bit of money.

    good idea anyway. i challenged titan already.

  19. hm i can pwn this guys :) :P

  20. wat a wicked idea! def boost the fan base and pump up current one. as said above, many of those looking for the $$ i won't expect to be challenging HoT, but those humble enough to admit they don't stand much of a chance and are willing to give it their best shot to hopefully get a few tips from the pros or to just have this incredible opportunity to play against the pros we watch replays of. would be great. although as said above, im not quite sure they will let just 'anyone' play, probably for the sake of the fans and time itself, their will probably be a benchmark for the applicants.
    will be very interesting though!

  21. Thanks for putting out the mistake I made everyone. :)

  22. Thanks for pointing out the mistakes I made everyone =)

  23. i am going to challenge Rob =p bet i could beat him.

  24. Not one of you kids could beat any of these guys or come close. So, just shut up and stick to east scrubs.

  25. I've already beaten Rob a number of times. i used to practice with him =P. So shut it. lol.

  26. Looks interesting ^^

  27. I agree with 1st post

    Very good idea

  28. That's a very clever marketing gimmick. It sounds like this teams manager is really good.

  29. First thing that popped into my head: what an awesome idea!

  30. This sounds fun :o

  31. Titan won against happy and HoT lately... and XyLigan is in TOP shape.. im pretty sure he's the 3rd best human atm.
    so i think XyLigan, Titan and also Hot and Rob are hard to beat.. but its online and russian / etc. internet isn't too good

  32. Shaddi comment made me laugh :)

  33. think i'm gonna challenge Xyli :D:D:D:D:D

  34. Lucks fun, !

  35. That sounds pretty awesome just to be able to play guys like Xyligan and HoT and win money if you can beat em.

  36. Hmm where's the hatch? I mean I don't think they will give money to the guys who win, im sure there are many hidden talents who will win the "less talented players in gravitas".

  37. yeah, i agree with Oasis...... personally, i think moon or remind are the better elves but theyre not in gravitas, are they?

  38. Uhm no they are not.

  39. Also a good way of finding new talents

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