NaNiWa wins ZOTAC #16 by


NaNiWa beats hanf in the final

Today the 16th edition of the ZOTAC Warcraft III Cup was played. As always a number of familiar players participated in the event such as last weeks winner srs.SonKiE, mouz.SaSe and 4K.LiiLD.C . You can find the full grid here, we will pick things up from Round 6 (starting map Turtle Rock):

raC.Fav [2:1] srs.sonkie
hoorai.DieSeL [0:2] hoorai.NaNiWa
mouz.Yumiko [0:2] hanf
PGS.PS.Paladyn [2:0] FrizzeR

Round 7 (starting map Echo Isles)

raC.Fav [1:2] hoorai.NaNiWa
hanf [2:1] PGS.PS.Paladyn

Round 8 (starting map Twisted Meadows)

hoorai.NaNiWa [3:2] hanf

Replays of the event can be found here. Congratulations to hoorai.NaNiWa for winning this edition of the ZOTAC cup and 100 euro.

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  1. Awful lota honkies in this.... hahaha, grats naniwa

  2. That Hanf guy was a f***ing timewaster.

  3. Hmm, an undead won a tournament. Cool.

  4. hoorai ftw.

  5. wow not a lot of talent participating in this one.. i mean f***ing naniwa?

  6. i dont think this even counts as a win for UD

  7. *Sarcasm on* Yes, Sonkie, Diesel and Paladyn are definalely worthless players ! I'm sure you could beat them anytime.

  8. its better then having no orc in finals.

  9. Sonkie lost to someone (mirror although). Wtf is yumiko. Undead beats human. Undead wins tournament. Yeah this is a weird tournament ._.

  10. lol D.C. sux!

  11. "gratz" naniwa .. first of all grow up and get some manners..

  12. I think SaSe and Xlord are at least 2 good players who played in this tournament even though they lost early. You can't just say there are no talents in this tournament.

  13. wtf new incup for undeads.

  14. what a hell are u crying for level of this cup? its pretty nice list for known players fighting for only 100 euros. Its just good that professionals like lyn and moon dont come there and steal this candymoney from kids.

  15. ye good gem

  16. yea naniwa get some manners like it matters whether you have them or not! i mean come on naniwa, if you don't have manners, you will have random, retarded nobodies such as felix15 not like you!

  17. Lots of talent in this one - SaSe, Sonkie, D.C, Naniwa, Paladyn and Diesel.

  18. yeah dont mention hanf, he only got to the finals

  19. Anyone able to link the brackets?

  20. Well done to naniwa

  21. how can u call such players like pala,hanf,sase,diesel as talents if they have been in scene since the game came? They have nearly always been on the same level as they are right now.. Better call old skoolers

  22. ew nani won.

  23. wow did they not release game 4 of the finals due to some apparent bad manner by nani? cos really the manner wars make the games much more enjoyable

  24. game 4 - was a savegame

  25. oh ok but damn i still wanna see it

  26. its rep pack 15 ?? and not 16

  27. Hey I see Subversa's name in there :D

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