ToD Wins IEF by


ToD Wins IEF by WorpeX

The first few rounds of IEF Masters 2007 have already left many players packing their bags, including two allstar undead players BeT.FoV and WE.TeD. The groups for the second stage are set, here are the results! Top 2 in each group advance.

Group Stage
Group A

mouz.ToD 2-0 wNv.TH000
mouz.ToD 2-0 WE.Like
mouz.ToD 1-1 wNv.XiaoT
WE.Like 1-1 wNv.XiaoT
wNv.TH000 0-2 wNv.XiaoT
WE.Like 0-0 wNv.TH000

Group Stage
Group B

WE.Sky 1-0 SK.SoJu
WE.Sky 2-0 MyM]Moon
SK.Lyn 1-1 SK.SoJu
MyM]Moon 2-0 SK.Lyn
MyM]Moon 1-1 SK.SoJu

Semi Finals

wNv.XiaoT 2-0 WE.Sky
mouz.ToD 2-1 MyM]Moon

Consolation Final

MyM]Moon 2-0 WE.Sky

Grand Final

mouz.ToD 2-1 wNv.XiaoT

  1. mouz.ToD - $5,000 USD

  2. wNv.XiaoT - $3,000 USD

  3. MyM]Moon -$2,000 USD

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  1. Don't ask why their are so many Draws, I have no idea.

  2. moon is human now too? wow human imba

  3. group stages were all two matches, points depending on how u did, which is why lyn qualified over grubby.
    "4 games to play
    win 3 points
    tie 1 point
    lose 0 points

    Grubby 1-3-0 = 6
    Lyn 2-1-1 = 7"

  4. Oh, and I can't edit for some reason so sorry for double post, but u are missing a few of the groups.

  5. I am not missing any groups. My IEF Coverage from the SECOND STAGE on, is complete. Read before you post please.

  6. nice for tod after his move.

  7. so they had a time limit for games? thats why there are some draws?

  8. ah ic, nm then, congrats to ToD, I liked his interview after.

  9. Playing dota paid off.

  10. they played only 2 games lolz, anyways GJ tod, he proved his worth in mous.

    my prediction: wc3l season 13 will be even more exciting and intense than season 12, which had teams 2 through 11 differ with like 11 points

  11. wp tod, but tower imba lol

  12. lol group stage, Sky owned Moon, finals, it's the opposite. Congrats ToD.

  13. Rofl @ sky "The best human in the world" losing 2-0 to an orc while Tod cruises through past moon and wins.

    Add that to recent results, it proves ToD is the best human hands down.

  14. I want to see moon vs tod! Wow @ Xiaot taking 2nd place :D wNv HAS got a strong player.

  15. i guess there wont be any replays released, right? :/

  16. Surprising finish for xiaot, congradulations. Sad about TH000 though .

  17. ok wtd uds

  18. Nice to see Xiaot doing well and well done to ToD for placing first.

  19. Replays:

    GG has a full replay pack.

  20. i cant watch the reps even though i added the map folder including all the maps used!
    are there special maps which have adds on them or what did i do wrong?

  21. You can find ALL replays from this tournament

  22. wow, gj tod!

  23. Ehm...Undeads?


    replaypack :)

    to watch the reps u have to create a folder in " /wacraftIII/maps/" called IEF 2007 Master, then u put the standard maps out of your !!Frozen throne!! (not download) folder into the IEF 2007 Master folder and u should be fine :o

  25. lol I'm pretty sure tod towered his base / enemy base every game -.-

  26. @pomanta, Sir you are a god and in fact I was so grateful that I downloaded it as a free user

  27. wow this is so depressing. Not ONE ud. so there are no reps worth watching. god i hate war3 sometimes tt.

  28. Tower man ToD played great. Totally deserved!
    No UD-s make me cry. :(((((((((

  29. moooooooooooooooooooooonnnn :) moon > Sky :Pp

  30. moon played much better than tod... and TH000 deserved 2nd (exceptional play vs fov and ted) to witness spoiled bitches rob the gold.

  31. Awesome for xiaot! I think he should dump the chinanet and join a team with real internet.

  32. mhm, WTB tower fixing patch.

  33. Hopefully new patch nerfs towers! Notice humans lose on maps that are hard to fast expo? such as turtle rock? Can't wait to see how humans do after this patch, if there is one....

  34. I wonder how Tod beat the opposition this time.. wait.. towers right? (and he whines about NE, talks nothing but crap)

  35. no undead among both groups...

  36. Undead cool race

  37. TO wer D efense ^-^

  38. Rokhan; you are new? HU> TR....especially close spawns.


  40. @, you win

  41. Rofl Dan, you're a god.

    Congrats to ToD, nice for him after his move to Mouz. Very impressive play by XiaOt too.

  42. Everybody whining about elf imbalance in the matchup human vs. night elf just download the game ToD vs. Moon on EI and that will tell you all about the balance when human has an expansion and the map is small. Moon didn't make a single mistake, ok 1, he lost a lvl3 DH while ToD lost terrible number of peasents, footies and casters in the early game. Still in the end once human collects 100 army of casters buys scrolls and has 6 mortars....well it's just a goodbye for the elf, n/c.

    Now tell me elf always wins vs. hu XD

  43. I agree, the matchup NE vs HU is definately balanced towards human, and it is also true that the human can make lots of mistakes and still take the game, even when the other player plays it perfectly. I've seen an UD HU match recently where the ud won every battle with 20 less food, killing most of the opponent's units, with a much better micro. However, he got overun by the 2 expand and the mass tanking HU

  44. And on pro level, NE isn't that imbalanced. It's true that they can win without much micro, but if the other player's micro is good enough (so I'm talking about the pro scene) he will most certainly beat the other player.
    Tod is just a big unmannered whiner. He may play well, but he certainly doesn't deserve respect for anything else: it's not because some players beat him that their races are imba.

  45. I'm a little concerned that not a single UD made it through to the second round.

  46. Wow, who is Xiaot? he's good. beating Sky 2-0

  47. If hu is so imba vs elf then tell me why did TH000 use elf vs ToD? Maybe because he thinks that elf has an advantage over human, oh wait it can't be that, it's obviously because he wanted to lose.

  48. TH000 used elf coz he is not so good in mirror, I think. He is great player, with insane micro but his best matchup is hum vs ud, where he uses Paladin first, or MK. To win as big tournament as this u have to be exccellent vs all races. Sad for him, he wasn't so good vs orc.

  49. Not so good in mirror? Beating Sky in hu vs hu, yeah that TH000 dude is pretty bad at mirror.

    People just watch the games and stop bitching, you might be surprised. ToD didn't even use that much towers, Infi did B+T more during the group stages than ToD & Sky during the whole tournament. Yet he still didn't make it even past his group.

  50. ToD doesn't whine much. He does voice his opinions, definitely, and I do think that at times he does have too much of an anti-Night Elf opinion, especially since he's probably the best Elf-killer (asides from Creo :)). Still, I think he's unfairly viewed by the community - I really respect him for speaking out.

    Human vs Elf is fairly balanced. You really can't measure it by games between ToD, Sky, Moon and ReminD because they trade games very often (Although I'd say Moon wins more commonly).

    Disappointing performance by Lyn though - I mean he didn't lose to bad people or anything like it, but still, I think he could have won vs SoJu or pulled off a tie vs Moon. And actually, looking at it - If Lyn 2-0'd Sky, then wouldn't it have been a three way tie between Moon, Sky and Lyn? But I guess then we'd have to play out SoJu and Sky - If Sky won then him and Moon would advance because Moon won vs Lyn, but if SoJu and Sky tied and Lyn won Sky, then that means that Sky, Lyn and Moon each would have won one, tie

  51. tied one, and lost one, meaning that they would have had to play a tiebreaker which means the results were inconclusive? Or have I missed something.

  52. he must be living nice with that 5k on top of his usual salary.

  53. fridg,
    if he doesn't whine alot anymore, he certainly did before, when he was still playing the french tournaments. He was very unmannered towards lesser players and couldn't stand to lose, my low opinion comes only from personal experience. I don't think he has changed that much with time, and when he loses a game, he will find himself excuses every time. Mainly, his behaviour the reason why I find HU overpowered :) (but in the lesser leagues, human certainly is an advantage, you can definately allow yourself to make some more mistakes)

  54. Well I don't know why people keep talking "night elf doesn't need as much micro as other races" as human plays mass casters -> all the units slowed and the only way to save your units is to staff them.

    Mass autocast slowing, mass autocast healing and mass autocast spellsteal takes so much more micro than elf does? O_o

    I think no race needs more micro than the other, a good player can micro with all of the races. And to me human always stands more mistakes than all the other races. If I lose 6 wisps in the beginning with elf, I am most likely to lose the game as soon as tier2 arrives as I've no longer wood. If human loses 6 peasents in the early game, they're not even in a disadvantage yet!

    Human has no reason to whine about elf, all the games played on the top prove it. And wnv.th000 changed to Elf vs. Hum and lost 2-0 to ToD. And if he chooses elf vs. human, can you tell me why does he choose human vs. elf if it's so bad matchup for hum?

  55. REplayS i need replays

  56. Sure, if you go for a fast expo then you can afford to lose some peasants. But then again, at the same time if your enemy loses loads of units then you don't have to power to finish the game earlier because you went FE.

    If human plays no exe i would say they have to pull off a good game with very few mistakes to beat elf. Most humans are going FE these days but elf knows this and can counter accordingly. Don't forget that elf almost always has higher lvl heros in the battles and human normally needs a 20food advantage to get a fair fight. The MU is so much more balanced than ne v orc anyway.

  57. Well, with mass driads or mass talons, there isn't much micro left to do. Of course, this changes with top level players like moon and soju. I agree with the fact that mass caster are a pain in the ass to counter, even if the other player's micro is shit

  58. How do i get the maps? :(

  59. easyest way to dl replay's on future tournament's is to go on and dl them there, tod has proved that he is one again at the top, just look he's game's vs those orc's he towered them in the right moment but i think tower's are so overpowered i mean xiaot did a great thing this tournament and elf is a way harder to beat with orc then vs human. Just look the game's ly vs moon on twisted meadow's he colnd't do vs it. u see moon expo'd he maded hunt's he did harras lyn at begining and later creep lvl 3 dh panda lvl 2 and pumped out dryads and talons no way lyn colnd't winn that. Now ppl will say some stupid comment's about that but 1. look that replay and tell me what cold lyn do???

  60. Improve his grammar, that's for sure =D

  61. All replays are at, to watch them u just need to make a folder called "IEF 2007 Master" inside your maps folder and than copy paste the required maps into it.

  62. Black-Sky

    Watch the game Focus vs. HoT and you see how to counter 3 unit combination and expo heavily with orc.

  63. Focus vs. HoT was in Gnoll Wood, hard to do something like that in TR :0

  64. a human wins a tournament.
    its imbalanced.
    elves won (without moon) twice as many tournaments as humans this year.

  65. Have you actually watched the replays? I just did... With 5-6 times as many elf players, I would rather say that elf winning ONLY twice as much tournaments as humans is NOT such a good argument.

  66. Watch moon vs tod on EI for example. Or even the game Moon won, where Tod actually still had a word to say even after a million mistakes. I don't want to know what would have happened if there weren't so many encounters and tod actually got an expand up.
    After watching those game, I think this tournament was pretty messed up. I like Tod's gameplay versus Xiaot however, so many nice circles :)

  67. I watched the TOD V MOON on EI and its just sad; moon doesnt lose 1 unit for ages its an amazing game, even when hes got 3-5 bears out i think all that TOD had managed to kill was his 2-3 archers. And to ppl that say NE doesnt require micro look at that replay; my jaw was on the floor the whole time at how moon was microing his crap at like 9000km/h.

    Anyways TOD then proceeds to just kill Moons expo with mortar (easy task), TPs every fight until hes at 80 food and then finishes him. It was just sad because moon did several maneuvers to get around 10 peasant kills, he leaves his panda at TODs expo so that tod runs over there, brings in the DH at his main with dryads so TOD runs back up there then he comes back on expo with bear+panda. Tod just a+click and b+t.

  68. and to all, who say NE - ORC is SO imbalanced, how did Lyn 4:0 moon..?
    its just the same thing.. if orc practices he can easily win NE / Hu.. the only race, which doesn't need practice is human.. they are just imba and im pretty sure ToD didn't practice much..

  69. Vinworvi

    They played 3 games, 2-1 for Focus and they ones where Focus won was TM and GW. See the game on GW (2:2 promoted grunts/raiders only) totally beat this tactic which moon used vs. Lyn.

  70. ah sorry, see the game on TM not on GW; on GW he played mass windrider, sorry I am tired mass typo :(

  71. "Anyways TOD then proceeds to just kill Moons expo with mortar (easy task), TPs every fight until hes at 80 food and then finishes him."
    He doesn't TP out because he wants to get 80 pop army, he TPs out because after 1 breath of fire from lvl 5 panda he has two options: use a healing scroll or TP out. He was also probably afraid of moon's heroes getting to level 6 which would have cost him the game.

    And there is so much more going on that I think you don't even understand if you think it was simple or "easy task" how tod won.

  72. Some very nice surrounds in these games. The large army battles with moon were pretty entertaining also. Well played by ToD.

  73. Actually i did "understand" what was going on i was obviously exaggerating, no shit it takes skill and micro just look at his APM, my point was that he didnt have to do anything or try hard really, all he did was defend till get got his "perfect army" while kinda harassing and making towers. And he TPed not scared of BOF but wanted to heal low units if anything, when he TPed a few times the panda had no mana left to cast.

  74. haha no undeads as usual for the last weeks. only proves how undead race suck atm.

  75. How about for this year--call it a new year's resolution--you comment on the merits of the game rather than make a knee-jerk post about imba?

    This is a subtle game. I seriously doubt that the people commenting on these replays have watched them repeatedly and tried to figure out, to the last detail, where the loser went wrong.

    And if it's so easy for ToD to win: why did moon lose? Why haven't other humans, after all this time, risen to Sky and ToD's level?

    You've got a great attitude and I must admit I try to follow that scene of thinking when I am playing the game (instead of blaming imba finding my own mistakes to last detail and perfect them)

    You've got a very good point there and you're right people blindly blame imbalance on many things instead of trying to solve their problem.

    Why haven't other human players risen to the level of ToD and Sky is a good question but I wanna remind you that they're not the only human players having risen to that level: there're more! There're 4 human players on the top right now with relatively high potential to win any offline tournament: Wnv.th000 still counts as a human player as he uses in at least 50% of all games played human and the 3 other races share the remaining 50%, infi has made very good results recently+ToD+Sky of course.

    These human players are mainly close to top, somewhere in top 8 nearly every tournament making 4/8...out of these places orcs and uds usually succeed to sneak 1-2 leaving night elf with 2-3 places. Imo human is the most dominant race with these 4 players on the top right now.

  77. I don't scream imbalance, I say it's not honest that the better player doesn't win a game.
    Why no other player rises to the same level? Because human is the least attractive race, it's simply not "cool". And most players reaching the top aren't really aiming to go for pro gaming, they just want to have fun.
    And when there are only 10% human players, I think it explains why only 1 guy on 10 is HU.

  78. I dont know how you can say ToD has bad micro, heres a couple of points

    1. Human is a micro intensive race.
    2. If you even bothered to watch ToD's replays you would find he has extremely well managed and accurate micro.
    3. ToD's micro is not stale and he is very flexible, this is part genius, part experience and part personality. If you compare his micro with someone like Sky you will find this to be true.

  79. er...not really, As some1 written b4, ToD gets owned pretty bad in early encoutners, then he just camp base and attack wif a perfect army wif 4 heal scrolls. Why and how does Tod win? because in the end theres only 100 food of unit u can build =) thats a thought~

  80. I don't say his micro is bad, but it's far less impressive than others' like Moon and Grubby

  81. EnemyHawk, a few months ago I counted the top-4 (usually the spots that win price money) finishes for every race from major tournaments this year. Night Elf players had over two times more of top-4 finishes than any other race. The rest of the races were equal with Orc having 1 more top-4 finish than Hu & Ud. Yes Hu & Ud were holding the last spot and if you count TH000 as a random player it would make Hu last. Not sure what it looks like right now but it hasn't changed that much. So how is human the most dominant race?

  82. Vol4

    These human players are practically able to counter any race heavily. The pro human players counter Uds like piece of trash, orcs even harder and night elf has a decent chance but it seems like only two players are able to overcome the 4 pro human players atm: Moon/Soju, in the past Creo was too but now he is retired.

  83. "These human players are practically able to counter any race heavily. The pro human players counter Uds like piece of trash, orcs even harder and night elf has a decent chance but it seems like only two players are able to overcome the 4 pro human players atm: Moon/Soju, in the past Creo was too but now he is retired."

    Doesn't make any sense at all, uhm 4 top humans who can stop anyone? Infi didn't make it even past his group stage and TH000 didn't make it past the second group stage. And practically they didn't win anything this year, TH000 didn't win one single bigger tournament and Infi won one where all the best players weren't present. Lets call them top players once they have more titles under their belt.

    "The pro human players counter Uds like piece of trash." How come both TeD & FoV tied with ToD during the group stages & ToD said in an interview after the tournament that he was most scared of losing vs Fov & TeD.

  84. Vol4, maybe you should go through earlier comments?
    With much more NE players, it is normal that NE is the most winning race, the probability is simply bigger. There are only few UD players and even fewer HU ones.

  85. Anyways, summed up all of the major tournament wins for all races from 2007. Might have missed a few though and din't count a couple of euro tourneys. Also some tournaments didn't list the fourth place finisher.
    Out of 28 tournaments Night Elfs won 18 and had 40 top-4 finishes, Human won 5 and had 23 top-4 finishes, Ud won 3 and had 19 top-4 finishes, Orc won 2 and had 24 top-4 finishes.
    So it looks like Night Elf dominated by winning almoust 2 times more tournaments then the rest together and having nearly double the amount of top-4 finishes than any other race.

  86. Well you could add the fact that it is also more probable that the better players are among the elf players, with now and then an exception, so their wins are "normal". When you consider top 4 results, numbers correspond, the bigger the population, the more accurate are statistics.

  87. Vol4 count moon out of the elven victories and human gained way more victories than elf.

    I won't say that the human players weren't good but practically only night elf who seems to counter the human players atm is Moon/Soju sometimes. Remind lost to Sky in several tournaments in row, just like he lost to tod. Also many noteable night elves in many tournaments were eliminated by human players.

    Moon is a great player and maybe the best player out in war3, you can call it "imbalance of the elf" or whatever you wish but just count moon victories and see that it has nothing longer to do with his choice of race: Moon has owned everybody over and over again for nearly 1 year, has any other night elf been able to dominate like that in this year? No.

    So just count Moon out of the finishes and you'll get more realistic picture. In SC2 for example, for 1 year the korean starplayer, Slayer's Boxer was very dominant too and the game is very balanced, maybe because he simply fought in his own class.

  88. EnemyHawk, well I did count Moon out and still leaves the Elfs way above human.

    "Moon has owned everybody over and over again for nearly 1 year, has any other night elf been able to dominate like that in this year? No."

    Creo won pretty much every tournament he entered at one point of the year but he quit after WCG and didn't play in as many tournaments as Moon did.

    psst, SC2 isn't out yet.

  89. dude more NE = more NE wins whats so hard to understand about that vol4 ? lmao

  90. Vol4 just pwned enemyhawk :)

  91. That still doesn't prove anything. They might have the 3 best players in the world and it still wouldn't be because of imba.

  92. Ahahaha :D Of course the name boxer should appear in context with SC, sorry of course I meant SC not Sc2 sry :D I am just so interested in the coming of sc2 that I totally forget :)

    Still doesn't change my point.

  93. bo3 ><

  94. T.T I dont like tod :(

  95. so draw little piggy better watch out for Number 1

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