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  1. outsider
    Well. Only a handful of guys have beat Pete at Wimbledon and Krajicek is one of em. He won it that year, but no other slams to his name or slam finals if I remember correctly. Mostly a serve and volley player I think . Great serve (one of the best alltime probably), decent but not great forehand/backhand. I think it's interesting. I don't think they can improve his serve much, but tactically I'd like him to go away from the body serve that he tends to overuse.

    I'm getting very excited for Hopman Cup also. #1 is Roger playing again, #2 he's playing with Belinda, #3 she'll be prettied up for the player's ball.
  2. outsider
    Raonic teaming up with Richard Krajicek apparently.
  3. outsider
    US Open hype! Can't wait.
  4. outsider
    Rafa withdraws, and now Tsonga retires 5-2 up against Gulbis. Ugh...
  5. outsider
    No Federer @ the French. Boohoohoohoo :( No Bencic either.

    Will base my watching probably around any matches that look interesting I guess. ESPN doesn't have coverage this year, and I don't get the channel that does. Will be stuck having to use live streams which means I can't game + have the matches on at same time. Pulling for Stan, Thiem, Tsonga, Goffin...maybe even Gasquet. Something kinda bummed me out though...I hit with this guy on Wednesdays and he asked who I'll be cheering for after Roger is gone. I didn't even have an answer. Thiem sort of...but I don't like him as much as I liked Safin or somebody like Ancic. Delpo largely out of the game, and the younger guys I used to be fans of aren't showing signs of progress (Dimitrov + Gulbis. Although Gulbis is a bit older I guess).
  6. outsider
    Some people on TalkTennis raised an interesting point, that the cvac (egg chamber) that Novak uses and the stuff Maria was taking do the same thing, but one is now illegal and the other isn't. I dunno, and I'm probably rambling too much. Would have liked if she got booted from playing Bencic in Melbourne :P Doubt Belinda would beat Serena again, but if she did, the chances against Kerber would be good. (Belinda never dropped a set to Kerber I think)

    On topic of IW though...Am glad Delpo is back. I'm just not sure who my primary rooting interest will be for the tournament. Don't expect him to be as major threat. Maybe Stan I guess. Oh yeah, and Dominic Thiem. I'm on the Thiem bandwagon for now. Dude has a really solid run on clay the past few weeks.
  7. outsider
    Hello. I dunno where to do any draws for the masters events. I know the ATP used to do their own. Covered all the masters + grand slams and top prize was a trip to the year end masters, but that was years back. If you know of one, link it to me cause I might think about it.

    I'm not really sure what I think. She was apparently using the stuff for 10 years, but now all of a sudden it's on the banned list by WADA. It's just hard to think that she's the only one doing this kind of stuff. Pro athletes always looking for an edge. (I follow pro cycling also so I know the lengths some of these people go to).
  8. outsider
    Here's mine. Assuming all my future picks are correct, I think I lose by 1 point. Would be really disappointed if that happened. If dolgo had won 1 match it could have made difference...I also look at some picks like Istomin over Thiem or Querrey to 3rd round that could possibly cost a win. Feel like Murray yelling "WHAT ARE YOU DOING." lol...
  9. outsider
    So I got Fog over Nadal and Lopez over Raonic right. Went with your Chardy over Ferrer suggestion also. I'll probably be top 100 out of 7000 after today, but I was browsing some other brackets and I don't think it's possible for me to win. Dolgo going out in first round really hurt. Should have bet on some of these matches though :D

    My wta bracket tanked since I went yolo with Benic winning. Bummed she lost today.
  10. Ciel
    Yeah, Gasquet - Berdych was a close call for me. I stuck with the Birdman but wouldn't be surprised if Gasquet got through him. Did you see there's an official challenge on the US Open website for 2016 tickets? I'm thinking I might duplicate my Reddit bracket on there too.
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