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Thread: Solo Undead Vs. Siege Tanks

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    I think both Griffer and dbqinsa make some good points, although the harsh tone was quite unnecessary. It seems the clear consensus is the panda is the most versatile and highest damage, so is undoubtedly the best, but it's good to know Tinker and Pit Lord are decent options as well (for example if you went Panda 2nd you could go Tinker or Pit Lord third).
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    There's a lot of emphasis on shades in this thread. And a lot of it's justified. But there hasn't been much acknowledgement that copters can see shades, and they're produced by the same building as tanks. i.e. a lot of the advice regarding shades here *isn't* justified. If the human is copter-savvy your shades will probably only be good for patrolling the map and scouting unclaimed expos. You can't just stealth his base or follow his armies around and expect to get away with it. In fact, even shades on patrol could get sniped heavily if he's playing the same recon game you are. Copters are better at it than shades.

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    Against siege tanks don't be afraid to play agressive, if you use shades to your advantage when you see them make their move, cut off some of their tanks in the back; you should be able to get quite a few of them destroyed befor you need to tp to your main.

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    If OP is still around, I just played a game where I do exactly what I said, it should be much more illustrative. Obviously I could've avoided all this if I stopped his expo but whatever.
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    People seriously asking for justification of why the Panda is better than the PL vs. tanks after playing this game so many years are making me lol
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    Best counter to tanks is getting +5 (number depends on how heavy hes going on the tanks) frenzy ghouls in each base with +1/+2/+3 atk upgrades. The good thing about ghouls is that theyre alot more cheaper than wagons, very mobile (can be used to scout/harras potential new expos), if hes going knights/gyro later ghouls are very good to fight with if you have a couple of fiends aswell, can block/surro tanks, if you get a 2nd crypt you can easily transition into mass gargs. Obviously you arent going to mass ghouls if hes going tank/gryph. Also going ghouls means that you wont have to commit to a panda because DR(/DL) 3rd is often a better choice to make their nuking abit easier to handle. Panda is only really viable if you get it early. If MK is >3 and you buy a panda 3rd youre just gonna lose it 20 times and feed exp, lvl 1 bof doesnt really deal with tanks.

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    if you are going fiend build the start, it is very good to get panda 2nd to push expo

    theres no way to know for sure if hu goes tanks untill you see tri workshops. you dont want to be spending money on wagons and towers untill you know for sure those tanks are coming.

    but to be honest, theres always the easy option of going dk ghouls or cl ghouls to mass hit hu expo while hes trying to expo. if hu went mk instead of am, he pretty much already lost

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